Visit Italy - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Italy

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trains in time hahahahahahahahahahah
Guys, don't pick panzerotti in Milan. They're not the authentic panzerotti. If you want to eat the real panzerotti (fried or cookend into the oven) you need to go in Sicily: Messina, Catania, Palermo and many other bigger (and smaller) cities.
Aileen Sengupta
OMG these this is so sweet, this is not shocking at all, this is very very sweet
Al Black
L'Italia è un bel paese da visitare! Non solo Roma, con la sua storia antica, i musei e le partite di calcio, ma Milano con la sua cattedrale, Torino con la sua industria della moda, Venezia con i suoi canali\ne Napoli con le sue innumerevoli pizzerie. La metropolitana è efficiente, e lo sono anche le strade (a condizione che non sia un caldo giorno torrido a luglio). Il Nord è industriale, ma il Sud è più agricolo con i suoi uliveti.\nIl cattolicesimo è una grande cosa in Italia\nperché è molto tollerante verso gli immigrati arrivati \u200b\u200bdi recente, compresi gli africani e gli ebrei.
Alberto Saracino
Actually, Panzerotti is not a milanese speciality. Its origin is apulian. Apulia, the region in the south east of Italy.
Italy is one of the best countries in the world
Andrea B
It's true that everything is relative: when I've been to the US I thought \
Andrea Canton
An American who undestands italians. Amazing.
Andrea Croci
Trains are on time? You probably got the only one which was...
Andrea Piccini
Are Italians loud? Last time I was in a restaurant and some Germans and Americans were so loud that we could barely speak!!!!
Angela Rizzica
Good job, really. This is maybe the first video I see with no kind of prejudice. It's amazing, I can see you love My country. \nOnly a mistake: we don't say \
Asdrubale Girolamo
Ok but panzerotti is plural, just say panzerotto for only one..\nAnd the plural for grandma (nonna) is nonne, not nonnas :)
the Pope is just an idiot
Awesome G
Great video! I have been talking to an Italian man for almost 2months now, and he wanted to marry me. So I thought I should research about Italians and I stumbled on your video and it's educational.. I had observed it, they really love to talk and they are very friendly,caring and warm I must say.. maybe I should really think and consider about marrying this man haha 😂
Italy is my favorite place of the world! I love everything. When I'm there, I feel at home.
I was fortunate to be in Italy for a week and the thing that shocked me was how beautiful Italian women are.
1% people love pope !!!
i find the further south you go the less tourists there are . i visited a friend who was teaching english down in santeramo in colle . We were the only tourists in the town it was brilliant altho we did fly into Barrie and saw some of the tourists but nothing compared to Venice and rome and the people SO LOUD but SO FRIENDLY
CasT Foolish
2:02 \
Celtic Marianne
It's nonni or nonne, not nonnas! Sono italiana, di Torino :)
Daniel Calvi
inter vs juventus isn't a derby
Daniele Chesta
I'm italian, from Veneto. Your description is right.
Denis Dionigi Del Grande
Italian TV is embarassing :(
Doris Moser
i´m italian and the Train ...public Transports in common they are never on time .. Always on delay in my experience
Eduard Krieger
An Italian friend of mine once explained to me, why Italians are so loud when they speak. In Italy it is considered to be impolite if your dialogue partner can't hear you or has to request like every second sentence of yours. It implies that you don't value or respect them. (Just immagine the Godfather cliché) So if Italians talk loudly it's not becaue they're rude, quite opposite, it's because they are polite this way.
Elena Fiscon
And we put pesto ONLY IN THE PASTA!!! Pizza with pesto kills us
Enzo Santilli
VERY IMPORTANT. Please, please, please dear american fellas DO NOT ORDER PIZZA WITH PINEAPPLE. Never. Anywhere. Just don't. Ok?
Dinner at 7 means you better show up at 8... or else you're being rude.
Federico Volpe
In Italy we HAVE spaghetti and meatballs. I'm Italian and i ate them in Naples. They aren't common, especially in Northern Italy, but they exist! Stop saying inaccurate things about Italy because you pretend to know much about it. Remember that Italy isn't only Rome! :)\nP.S. For me Freccia is always late :(
Fili G
it's nonna not nona.. double n :)
Francesco Martella
I am Italian and must say the description is quite realistic
Biggest thing I found about Italy is the North (or industrial triangle) Milan, Genoa and Turin are totally different to the South. Turin had a few skyscrapers and some copycat shopping malls, I thought, I might as well be in Basildon! \nBut then you go to Napoli, Roma and Bologna where it's more like authentic Italy.
Giuseppe Binetti
Ahahaha thanks for all (i'm italian) but a pedestrian never pay for damage a car :) the pedestrian is always right (and protected).
Gladys Oraham
It’s sooooooo beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hermine Simonyan
I dont think americans can be shocked how loud the italians ca be. They are as loud as the italians ;)
Wow... First real video about italy... Good job.
Ivan Lombardo
Ma manco tu babbii con le urla
James Currie
Spaghetti and meatballs was not invented in Italy. It was invented in the United States by Italian immigrants.
Il bello è che la metà della gente che ha guardato questo video è italiana
Does this guy know HE is part of the hordes of tourists he's talking about?
Lil Grin
Luca Parigi
Wow...I'm Italian and I must admit that this video is perfect hehe. Welcome to Italy! :)
What you said about the North and South diff. are the same in the States.
MaT Cecchetti
actually we don't care about the pope :D a lot of people don't give a *** anymore
Marc Van Masten
I m Dutch, I travel a lot in Europe, but I can say, Italy is Italy; fantastic country with amazing people
Marco Carboni
I love how this guy is totally in love with Italy. How can you blame him? :)
Marco Nagler
Porcodd** is another thing that may shock you.
Martena Bella Davide
Finally there's someone who really understood something about Italy. Love your videos :)
Mauro C
I don't speak out loud, I am not really friendly, I am not religious, I hate soccer. And yes, I'm Italian.
Moonlight Bae
I'm Italian, from the south, and this video is so accurate. EVERYTHING IS TRUE. Great job, LIKE! Greetings from Italy and happy new year to everyone!
I live in Italy and I have experienced many things that first shocked, saddened or impressed me. The economy has suffered terribly over the last decade and its effect on the average Joe has been profound. My British manners are looked on with mild amusement and often seen as a sign of weakness. I have yet to experience this great desire to communicate that is mentioned but am willing to admit that when you are on vacation, you are more open to chatting, taking time etc. Finally the assault of the last few governments on the economy have created a \
Mulloway Man
Italians talking LOUD in Italy.... this coming from an American YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! Americans are world renowned for being Loud and loud and self centred!!
Nataloa Concepcion
Americans, when they travel, only talk about food. What about history, architecture, customs, traditions. Very superficial.
Neko no sekai
ma lisciami le mele sudicio
Panino kebab Completo
quando sei un italiano e ti senti un professore che correggere l'alunno ignorante
pizza is only from Napoli!!!
Pas Thomas
if you ask the waiter to combine the spaghetti and meatballs, they will.
The very first thing that will shock you while visiting the Colosseum is how fast your wallet will disappear. \nIf someone approaches you for any reason, even an angel asking for directions with a map at hand, hang on your wallet with both hands.
Rafi Seferian
Its been my dream to visit ITALY ! one day !!!!!
Reno Zed
It's kind of the reality in all Europe to be honest. Except Britain of course, they are not really European.
The very definition of irony is an American talking about how loud another nation is :D
Rui M
No.7 is so true,my landlady in Italy is the same,I'm fat,my friends will suggest me to hit the gym,but my landlady said I look good and I must have a good mother,hahahaha
Sam -_-
As Winston Churchill once said \
Savy Breci
There's snow even in Sicily, you should google and then visit mount Etna, the tallest volcano in Europe.\nGreat video nonetheless :)
Americans talks much louder than Italians, especially American teens ... just spent 10 days there
Selly 84
I'm italian and I live in Italy. \nItaly is not Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice. it is much more. You want the spaghetti with meatballs? You have to go in southern Italy!
Sere M
Spaghetti and meatballs is something you americans invented just like \
Shinigami Sama
Simone De Sanctis
i like foreigners' videos about my country, but you sir are the most polite, smart and enthusiastic I've ever seen. Clear talk, reasoned thoughts, cheerful personality. Best channel I've seen talking about Italy so far, I'll recommend you for sure!
Sol Accursio
Primo piatto is not only pasta, but also rice, soups, gnocchi (dumplings) and similar things....
Steven Lloyd-Jones
Italians friendly, anyone been to Milan? Miserable hostile fuckers! Romans likewise.\n\nSicilians, great people.
Tizia Qualunque
busses on time AHAHAHAH rido male
Tommaso Venanzoni
We don't really love the pope or the church in general TBH AHHAHAHAH
Tommy Dell'Omo
derby inter vs juventus??? 9:02
all italians are friendly!!!!!
Not true that in the South there are less museums. Napoli is full of places to see, museums included.
andrea piro
ahhaha man if you think italians have fashio, you should go to tokyo man XD\nAnyway your video was really funny and very good tips for non italian people ^^
behindtheuniverse blue
chris clarke
Best European country I have ever visited.
claudia mastro
And we don t put pesto in sandwiches.
an american talking about how Italians are 150 years old is outrageous... are you for serious? 300 years ago you were all brits! and now you go to a place with history of 2000+ years and... what? you Americans definitely don't understand Europe... at least this one doesn't.
Firenze not florence\nRoma not rome
I am italian and i have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping this trend of thinking we eat spaghetti and meatballs together. That is disgusting and the truth needs to get out there hahahaha. Just a little remark: it's nonna with a double \
Si è vero hanno scassato con sto spaghetti e poplpette (anni 80)! Ma vogliamo parlare del PARMEZAN????
Inter & Juventus? No it's Inter & Milan
futura marina
As an italian I can say that all the things you talked about are pretty damn accurate! Good job, really. \nAnd as a neapolitan I cant imagine how confusing our way of crossing the road may be. We're simply used to it and learn very early how to manage crazy drivers. Its survival after all 😅
greis ka
I'm italian, I'm laugthing a lot 😂! It's true. For us meatballs with spaghetti are disgusting in the same plate. we use different plates in the same Lunch 😂
As an italian, I can relate with most of these shocks. The ones I can't relate are probably the nonnas being caring but I basically never had a good relationship with mine so I can't fully disagree either (one lives in brazil and too old and mentally unstable due to grandfather's passing, and the other is not too far but mother really hates her and attempts to avoid most contact, so we never meet). \nAlso I don't see this thing about italian being friendly: maybe they're convincing, but friendly? I live about 2-3 hours from rome center and over here, it's almost all about \
Va bene tutto, ma dover specificare che nel nord ci sono i monti e la neve (a dire il vero neanche serve andare al nord), non depone molto a loro favore.\nCapisco che negli Usa la maggioranza degli immigrati erano del sud ma è cmq incomprensibile.\nQuesti non hanno mai visto che le Alpi \
Italy is the most beautiful country in the world... there is story and beauty and art in every corner
You seem so nice! Thanks for the nice words about Italy! :)\nHave a good day, from Italy.
salem witch
finally someone who truly understands the italian culture,thank you.
Remember, most of these points only count if you're white. Italians are also very racist :)
I was in Italy several times and found it impossible not to have a good time or heavenly meal.   What really shocked me was all the buildings, cathedrals, bridges, piazze, homes, town halls, built centuries ago and still in perfect condition.     Two world wars couldn't knock them down.   Shows that when people have pride and values they take are of what they build.    One correction: at 5:26, it's \
stefania bardani
Hi bud! You can find spaghetti and meatballs in Italy... it's a tipical meal in Calabria! :) But meatballs are little! :) and it's hard to find in the restaurants! :) Bye
valerie pvi
LOL ...louder than the americans ?!? 😉\n I love Italy !
the food will shock you. it is that good. Some very ordinary looking restaurants serve GOURMET food its incredible
zero chris
REAL italian food its ONLY in ITALY...THE REST IS SHIT