Andrea Bocelli, Ariana Grande - E Più Ti Penso

Presenting E Più Ti Penso, Andrea’s spellbinding duet with Ariana Grande, from his brand new album Cinema.Pre order on Amazon:

Bocelli e più ti penso ariana grande live e più ti penso cover e più ti penso il volo e più ti penso live e più ti penso ly... e più ti penso testo penso

A Maz
They both sound like beautiful instruments. Andrea is like a cello. Ariana is like a violin. This was beautiful. I wish she tapped into this side of herself more.
Hermosa adaptación de \
Alejandro M. Tellez
No solo bella sino talentosa ya para cuando alguien hace dueto con Bocelli es que algo hace bien
Alessia Simeone
I always come back to this masterpiece 😍
Angell Cherubb
Ariana grande é uma excelente cantora posso dizer que é na atualidade umas das melhores artista do mundo meu deus que bela voz ....
Ann Le {Anneorshine}
SWOONING!!! Andrea Bocelli is a legend amongst male vocalists. I would love to see him perform live. Ariana's voice is incredibly rich and warm as well. Love this.
Anna&bea Twinis
Vore Che to faccia piu canzoni Italiani
Antonio Pagano
La tua voce è bellissima!!!!!!! Ancora più bella in ITALIANO!!!!!!!! Ti amooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sei la mia cantante preferitaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊😊😁😘😘😘😙😚😜😍😍😍✌
Arianna Vitale
Ariana dovrebbe parlare sempre italiano...amo la sua voce
lyrics:\n\nE più ti penso\nThe more I think of you\nE più mi manchi\nThe more I miss you\n\nTi vedo coi miei occhi stanchi\nI see you with my tired eyes\nAnch'io vorrei star lì con te\nI would like to stay with you as well\nStringo il cuscino sei qui vicino\nI hold the pillow tight you are here close to me\nE notte fonda e sei lontano\nIt's the middle of the night and you are far away\n\nHo il vuoto intorno senza te\nEmptiness is around me without you\nIl sole più non c’è\nThere is no more sunshine\nSono triste e sconsolato come non sonn stato mai\nI feel sad and sorrowful like I have never been before\n\nSenza te\nWithout you\nSenza te\nWithout you\n\nE se per caso non potessi rivederti\nAnd If I could not see you again\nIo so già che farei\nI already know what I would do\nNon vivrei\nI would not live\n\nE più ti penso\nThe more I think of you\nE più mi manchi\nThe more I miss you\n\nSon poca cosa senza te\nI am nothing without you\nMi sento un pesce che\nI feel like a fish\nNon ha l'acqua per nuotare\nDoes not have the water to swim in\nRespirare senza te\nTo breath without you\n\nSenza te\nWithout you\nSenza te\nWithout you\n\nE se per caso non potessi rivederti\nAnd if I could not see you again\nIo so già che farei morirei\nI already know what I would do\nMorirei\nI would die\n\nNote: this was taken from the official lyrics video
Aurora P
Fa uno strano effetto sentire Ariana cantare italiano
Beatriz Duarte
Estou chorando e assistindo,a Ari é tão maravilhosa 😘👯😍❤🇧🇷
Bianca Nicole
I know every word of this song and idek Italian, that’s how much I listen to it😍♥️
it's crazy how ari has collaborated with a vocal legend like Bocelli, and at the same time has collaborated with artists like Nicki Minaj and other pop acts.... that's versatility at its finest and her voice is amazing.
Carol Thecat
anianna Grande I am a 62 year old blind man who thought he had a heart of stone until my ears were graced by your beautiful voice.\nI know that the angels in heaven will curse God if he gives you a very long life for they will envy us mortals for being able to have you here on earth for they will want you back in their heavenly choir for it will seem very flat to God while you're away from heaven here on earth.\nThank you again with all of my heart.
Cassy Kawaii
France love you italia ❤️🇫🇷🇮🇹
Chiara Valeria Nobili
Sembra italiana dalla pronuncia 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 quanto la amo
Ciis Santos
Só eu que achei incrível esse dueto?😍😍😍
Clio Tofani
💗Bellissima! Sembra la canzone di una fiaba della Disney ( non so perché 😅)💗💗💗💗💗
I wonder what Disney movies this gonna be on
Daniela Stoica
Questa canzone la dedico alla mia bisnonna che qualche giorno fa è diventata una stellina su nel cielo ❤️
Dearly Beloved
English Lyrics:\nThe more I think of you\nthe more I miss you;\nI see you with my tired eyes...\n \nI'd like to be\nthere with you too;\nI hold the pillow,\nyou're here near me...\n \nIt's the middle of the night\nAnd you're far away...\nThe emptiness surrounds me,\nthere's not a sun anymore...\n \nI'm sad and hopeless\nas I've never been\nwithout you, without you...\n \nAnd if, by chance,\nI never saw you again,\nI already know what I'd do –\nI wouldn't live...\n \nAnd the more I think of you\nthe more I miss you...\n \nI'm nothing much without you,\nI feel like a fish deprived\nof water to swim in,\nbreathing without you,\nwithout you, without you...\n \nAnd if, by chance,\nI never saw you again,\nI already know what I'd do –\nI would die...\n
Elena Smile
chi è italiano e sta guardando questo video?
Eleonora Dovara
Appena ho visto la copertina del video e il nome della canzone ho detto tipo:\u003c\u003cCosa? ci deve essere stato un equivoco!\u003e\u003e e invece no!
Emmanuel Mensah
Bocelli had the ability to collaborate with anyone regardless of style and both voices sound amazing God bless you Andrea and ariana
Francesca Horse
Ariana grande 😍😍😍😍😍
Francesco Busco
ari puoi cantare un altra canzone in italiano
Francisco Tripodi
GM Senior
like chi lo guarda nel 2018😂
Gabby- TheMineFriends
I saw this in my recommendations a few months ago, now I've finally clicked on the link and listened to this. And I have to say, I wasn't expecting Ariana to sing in Italian! Her voice is so fluid and beautiful, like water through a ravine, it would be a treat to hear her sing in this genre more. But I think, from past statements she's made, she's quite happy with her style at the moment. Andrea, thanks for another beautiful piece! I love your duets and your voice, it is so powerful. I hope one day to see you live in concert. \nWell, I just wanted to say another thing. Lately I've been watching a lot of Whitney Houston's videos and lamenting over her death and the fact that she will never sing again. And when I watched this, I worried that Ariana may go in the same tracks. Probably not drugs, as she left Mac Miller and Pete Davidson BECAUSE they were addicted to drugs - but from a broken heart. I'm afraid she might fade like Whitney did: burn so brightly, so beautifully, and by doing so, burn out too quickly. I hope I am completely wrong. But Ariana's struggle with mental health should not be ignored. She should have all the support people can give her. I know I'd need it. And Whitney did, too, but she didn't seem to get it :(
Giacomo Casati
chi è italiano mi metta like
Gioia La Grifondoro
And the more I think of you, the more I miss you\nI see you with my tired eyes\nAlso I would like to, stay there with you\nI tighten the pillow, you're close\n\nAnd in the middle of the night and you are far away\nYou have the emptiness around without you\n\nThe sun no longer exists\nI am sad and disconsolate\nAs never been never\nWithout you\nWithout you\n\nAnd if by chance I could not see you again\nI already know that I would not live\nAnd the more I think of you, the more I miss you\nI'm a little thing without you\nI feel like a fish\n\nIt does not have water to swim\nBreathe without you\nWithout you\nWithout you\nAnd if by chance I could not see you again\nI already know what I'd do, I'd die
Giole Sabatelli
Giuli Gomez Official
This song is so beautiful ,i love you together❤😍😍😍😍like if you like it❤❤❤
Giuseppe Pellegrini
Stupendo duetto musicale tra A. Bocelli ed Ariana Grande. Bocelli già lo conoscevamo, ma per me Ariana Grande è stata una straordinaria sorpresa.
Gloria Basile
Ariana you are really smart with Italian, you are my favorite singer I love this song and I repeat I love this song.\nThank you for doing this on purpose for your Italian fans\nI love you😘😘😍😍😍❤❤
Greg Wilson
The 11,000 people that thumb down this video need to go troll somewhere else this was beautiful
Gundars Rošans
It is wery nice beautiful song!Thank you,Ariana and Andrea!!!
Hooman Duh
2018 anyone? :)
Johan Sunnberg
Mi piacere Andre and Arianna very beautiful 👍😁👌👑❤️😘
Joshua San Diego
some people came for bocelli, some for grande. I came for both. and they sound amazing together. anyone else relate?
Ken Wickens
I don't think that this song would sound as good in English
Kyle Schepis
They are a great combo her voice shines beautifully during the whole thing.
Lappone Cirino
Ti adoro Arianna grande!!!!!
Laura Salvatore
Lei dovrebbe cantare più in italiano e celebrare la sua cultura di più. Dicono di lei è messicano e credo che lei ha bisogno di correggere questo da cantare più in italiano e che mostra più della sua eredità per il mondo
Laurena Matcheu
Ma cè un africano che sta ascoltando questa bellissima canzone come me?😍😍😍💕 andrea Bocelli c'est une légende je t'aime championnnn❤❤💕💕💕😊
Lelly Kelly
I love this song and Ariana has a perfect italian accent\n\nAdoro questa canzone e ariana ha un accento italiano perfetto\n💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Loredana Tolino
Ariana è bravissima,bellissima e canta benissimo in italiano
Lorenzo rossi
Ma era proprio necessario massacrare il capolavoro di Morricone con questo pezzo stucchevole e banale?
Louise De Zeeuw
3 years later and I still love it like so much ♡
Luciana Littizzetto
Minha alma não aguenta de tanta emoção! Eles arrasaram,acho que tem uma lágrima no meu olho. ❤️
Luke Sohnly
The Italian language is so beautiful
Makayla Moore
She sounds like a Disney princess 😍
Malcolm Maharaj Maharaj
The Italian language is the most romantic language
Malik Roberts
Ariana beautifully embracing her Italian heritage🇮🇹
Mara Stevie
This gives me a disney vibe
Marcy Begay
Wow! Beautiful Beautiful beautiful music by the two. Wow! Love Andre.
Mario Stizza
chi lo sta guardando nel 2018??
Martina Galloro
Ma è logico c’è Ariana canti in italiano lei ha origini siciliane e Abruzzesi quindi era italiana
I have no idea what’s being said but I am in literal tears 😭 Ariana you beautiful angel
Michaela U.
Ti amo Ariana Grande . I love you ariana grande
Michelle Schulz
I'm crying. that's so beautiful
Official_Ashley _13
How did I just discover this? It brought me to tears. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. 😭😭 Love them both. 🙏🏼😭
Osnapitzari Moon
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 La mia ragazza italiana
Il bello di capire tutto, che grande voce il nostro Bocelli...
Piperita Patty
Bocelli* Morricone= best of Italy
REX 09
E troppo bella e una principessa menomale che è di origine siciliana abruzzese
Rainbow Care
Beautiful song 2018
Rex Cluff
This is really good. Ariana has a very nice voice. I wish she would do more classical singing and leave the pop stuff alone.
Riley Sutton
This is probably the only time I have ever heard Ariana sing in Italian. All her songs are in English.
Sara Sofia Juarez Martinez
Ho 18 anni e continuo a pensare che Andrea Bocelli sia il migliore. ❤
Savitar HR
Dopo Manchester questa canzone mi colpisce dritto al cuore.
Silva Ponce
Esto es una leyenda Andrea Bocelli y Ariana en grande
Stana Dodic
Io sono italiana ariana sei fantastica
Tall Random Guy
E più ti penso, e più mi manchi\nTi vedo coi miei occhi stanchi\nAnche io vorrei, star lì con te\nStringo il cuscino, sei qui vicino\n\nE notte fonda e sei lontano\nHai il vuoto intorno senza te\n\nIl sole più non c'è\nSono triste e sconsolato\nCome non sonn stato mai\nSenza te\nSenza te\n\nE se per caso non potessi rivederti\nIo so già che farei non vivrei\nE più ti penso, e più mi manchi\nSon poca cosa senza te\nMi sento un pesce che\n\nNon ha l'acqua per nuotare\nRespirare senza te\nSenza te\nSenza te\nE se per caso non potessi rivederti\nIo so già che farei, morirei
Ter Iphik
Ariana sounds like a Disney princess. It's beautiful
Thiago Orlando
Que voz Ariana 😍😍😍😍
Zot Tv
This is where Ariana grande should do all her singing in this is where her strong voice should be not what she is doing now. So mad
¿Por qué no había escuchado esto?
anastasia marie
animals animals
Che strana voce quella di Ariana in questa musica e anche in italiano
anis jerbi
canta meglio in italiano.
anna 507
Like chi l'ascolta nel 2018
ariana grandevovo Butera
Ariana Grande ti voglio tanto bene 💖💖💖💖🇮🇹
I just watched the first half of this video in my Italian class today, and I didn't want it to stop! Unfortunately, someone had to present their project and had to click away from this masterpiece.
jack the seeds
Ariana grande canta italiano?WUT?che mi sono perso ahahhahah
josh wade
Amore a distanza per studio... America Italia.... Questa canzone non solo collega una persona che vive in Italia (penso) e una in America... Ma dice per tutti i 4:29 cose che provo.. Diamine Bocelli non ti smentisci mai tu
liliana valerica manolache
È bellissimo sentire ariana grande cantare in italiano ed è troppo bellissima la canzone la adooooroooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
lydia li
How could I have just found this song.
i speak spanish so i kinda understand this
shinny 8
I don't understand any word but it's beautiful 😂
teti nera
Ma solo a me la voce di ariana sembra la voce di una principessa disney😍😍😍
user name 36613
Ti amo ariana sei il mio idolo❤️ per voi?
I love this song, it's absolutely beautiful but I cant help but hear \
I honestly dont understand a word, but its beautiful 💜
Ñb Bæ
Beautiful just beautiful!
ǝʌɹǝsǝp noʎ ̇plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ
How Ariana says \