American Pie Don McLean Full Length 1989 Video from Original 1971 72 Song

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Classics like this bring me back to a time when life seemed less complicated.....and more fun!
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From back in the time when the world was different place ...
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Pure Classic
Alun Wall
this song was number one in the uk the year i first came to spain on holiday... i am still here and still lstening to this great song.
Arsh Ibrahim
American pie the song is amazing but the movie american pie was shit.
Barbara Dziudziel
utwór mojej młodości! nie było wtedy kompów, internetu, słuchało sie z uchem przytknietym do głośnika radia!!! :)))
I remember 12/02/1966 arrived in VN age 17 still. Retired from Marine Corp 12/31/2004
I guess I had a version of the song that didnt sound exactly right cuz this is the only version I've ever heard every other version is ever so slightly different
Bobby Padgett
This song is why in my 36 years of driving, I have owned 7 Chevrolets (75 Monza, 88 Beretta, 95 Camaro, 80 LUV, 76 K-5 Blazer, 09 Silverado, 16 Camaro). Love Shack explains my two Chryslers (90 LeBaron, 06 PTCruiser).
Cliedo Cladidahopper
my ole get i.e. high moment loved smoking the i.e. joint lol
Damascus Steele
This song still has deep meaning today at the end of 2018....
This song was about the Vietnam war
Dan Na
Bitchin song.... this vid wasn't taken from a actual movie , or was it ? Anyone know ?
Darth Musturd
Music didn’t die until ‘83
Dave C
When diversity wasn't a strength, men were men, women were not feminists and full of tattoos.
Delta Bravo
Listen to that wow and flutter! Such nostalgia...
Dr m
Amazing lyrics
Francisco Duran
Esta música te hace revivir tantos recuerdos, los amigos, los hermanos, a mis padres y en el año 2000 la interpreto Hernaldo Zuñiga titulandola siglo 20 y claro en español y nada que ver con la letra pero con este ritmo se te mueven los pies saludos desde México lindo y querido
Gary Smith
2018 2019
George Foltz
I remember back in the day going into the Selkirk, NY GE plant a little boy rode out in front of my 18 wheeler about 40' in front of me. I stood up on the brake pedal and avoided him. This was the song on the radio, I can never hear it without thinking of him. I was only going about 25mph and it scared the living S--t out of me. He never knew how lucky he was/is.
Harun Hamulu
[Intro]\nA long, long time ago\nI can still remember how that music used to make me smile\nAnd I knew if I had my chance\nThat I could make those people dance\nAnd maybe they'd be happy for a while\n\nBut February made me shiver\nWith every paper I'd deliver\nBad news on the doorstep\nI couldn't take one more step\n\nI can't remember if I cried\nWhen I read about his widowed bride\nBut something touched me deep inside\nThe day the music died\n\n[Chorus:]\nSo bye, bye, Miss American Pie\nDrove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry\nAnd them good ole boys were drinking whiskey 'n rye\nSingin' this'll be the day that I die\nThis'll be the day that I die\n\n[Verse 1]\nDid you write the book of love\nAnd do you have faith in God above\nIf the Bible tells you so?\nNow do you believe in rock and roll?\nCan music save your mortal soul?\nAnd can you teach me how to dance real slow?\n\nWell, I know that you're in love with him\n'Cause I saw you dancin' in the gym\nYou both kicked off your shoes\nMan, I dig those rhythm and blues\n\nI was a lonely teenage broncin' buck\nWith a pink carnation and a pickup truck\nBut I knew I was out of luck\nThe day the music died\n\n[Chorus:]\nI started singing bye, bye, Miss American Pie\nDrove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry\nThem good ole boys were drinking whiskey 'n rye\nSingin' this'll be the day that I die\nThis'll be the day that I die\n\n[Verse 2]\nNow for ten years we've been on our own\nAnd moss grows fat on a rollin' stone\nBut that's not how it used to be\nWhen the jester sang for the king and queen\nIn a coat he borrowed from James Dean\nAnd a voice that came from you and me\n\nOh, and while the king was looking down\nThe jester stole his thorny crown\nThe courtroom was adjourned\nNo verdict was returned\n\nAnd while Lenin read a book on Marx\nThe quartet practiced in the park\nAnd we sang dirges in the dark\nThe day the music died\n\n[Chorus:]\nWe were singing bye, bye, Miss American Pie\nDrove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry\nThem good ole boys were drinking whiskey 'n rye\nSingin' this'll be the day that I die\nThis'll be the day that I die\n\n[Verse 3]\nHelter skelter in a summer swelter\nThe birds flew off with a fallout shelter\nEight miles high and falling fast\nIt landed foul on the grass\nThe players tried for a forward pass\nWith the jester on the sidelines in a cast\n\nNow the halftime air was sweet perfume\nWhile the sergeants played a marching tune\nWe all got up to dance\nOh, but we never got the chance\n\n'Cause the players tried to take the field\nThe marching band refused to yield\nDo you recall what was revealed\nThe day the music died?\n\n[Chorus:]\nWe started singing bye, bye, Miss American Pie\nDrove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry\nThem good ole boys were drinking whiskey 'n rye\nAnd singin' this'll be the day that I die\nThis'll be the day that I die\n\n[Verse 4]\nOh, and there we were all in one place\nA generation lost in space\nWith no time left to start again\nSo come on, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick\nJack Flash sat on a candlestick\n'Cause fire is the devil's only friend\n\nOh, and as I watched him on the stage\nMy hands were clenched in fists of rage\nNo angel born in Hell\nCould break that Satan's spell\n\nAnd as the flames climbed high into the night\nTo light the sacrificial rite\nI saw Satan laughing with delight\nThe day the music died\n\n[Chorus:]\nHe was singing bye, bye, Miss American Pie\nDrove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry\nThem good ole boys were drinking whiskey 'n rye\nAnd singin' this'll be the day that I die\nThis'll be the day that I die\n\n[Outro]\nI met a girl who sang the blues\nAnd I asked her for some happy news\nBut she just smiled and turned away\nI went down to the sacred store\nWhere I'd heard the music years before\nBut the man there said the music wouldn't play\n\nAnd in the streets, the children screamed\nThe lovers cried and the poets dreamed\nBut not a word was spoken\nThe church bells all were broken\n\nAnd the three men I admire most\nThe Father, Son and the Holy Ghost\nThey caught the last train for the coast\nThe day the music died\n\n[Chorus:]\nAnd they were singing bye, bye, Miss American Pie\nDrove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry\nAnd them good ole boys were drinking whiskey 'n rye\nSingin' this'll be the day that I die\nThis'll be the day that I die\n\n[Chorus:]\nThey were singing bye, bye, Miss American Pie\nDrove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry\nThem good ole boys were drinking whiskey 'n rye\nAnd singin' this'll be the day that I die
James Mac777
American Pie by Don McLean is such a good song, where it is from a period of the American dream that is full of hope in the post Second World War when the Great Depression ended. Those who know something about that era cannot help to feel something great is happening even though they cannot name exactly what the greatness is.
Jay-QUEL- inn
Taylor swift time warped and is in the convertible
Jim Kasprzak
This is a brilliantly composed video. It also does an excellent job of capturing the two-decade recycle of pop culture. Late 80s/early 90s meets late 60s/early 70s.
Joe Cupello
What movie is this video of?
John F
This song makes me sad for the culture that has been lost. I can only imagine how those in England must feel now that they have been taken over by third world savages.
John Merritt
yes I recall walking down in Ft Washington P.A and when I opened my eyes I see this girl she was the dream of America, tall blonde with blues eyes that all I got is a memory.....
John O
the moment america lost her innocence
Jon Tourville
A song that I built my childhood around. Nostalgia
Jonathan Pinckney
The song about the death of an age.
Joseph Lance
Wow does this bring back memories, was doing hot knives when someone put this 45 on , great times in the 70s, that decade was when music , rock in general was at its peak
Joshua Plotkin
RIP Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens. your music will live forever
Karen Shoaff
Love this song. The song refers to the plane crash that killed rock and roll performers Jiles Perry Richardson Jr. (The Big Bopper), Buddy Holly, and Ritchie Valens in 1959.
Kathleen Gooch
This was playing when my dad got killed Rip 🙏
Kevin Bergin
This song reminds me so much of high school.
Kevin Hazel
my my this here anakin guy---oh wrong song.
Kevin Smith
Kirk Pearson
i love this song
Lisa Warburton
you eva picked up a base guitar? the last one i did weighed a F'in ton :-)
I sung this in my mid twenties with all my buddies in a place in Cornwall, Harling Bay, England when we were on our summer holidays. We were all young bucks and we sung this with all our hearts ,, its a wonderful song . Memories.. this is such a classic .. :) xx
3:05 is that Tom Hanks?
Check out this Parody of American Pie\nWe threw away the Judaeo Christian values and principles that make people free and nations great. We can not stop this insanity until we restore them!\[email protected]\u200b
Mario Saldana
Check out Mary Lou by the Creative Force, amazing
Imagine the great music they would’ve made, as a great era of music was right around the corner. (60s-70s)
Max Hollow Way
Tyson Fury brought me here 💪💪
Mc Devious
Way cool.
Michelle Allison
Mike Hatch
Great classic American song.... loved it for nearly 5 decades and now it has kind of become my son and i’s song. We have made up some quirky lyrics and just laugh outloud when we sing it.... this song has brought me great joy for a long time......
Mikepeter Gumball
That is not the original length of 12 mins long
Mr. Tater
I remember my first cousin taking me for a ride in his convertible 60's something corvette. we got up to over 70 in a 35 speed zone.That was the day I fell in love with corvettes, this song was playing in that ride. He made me promise not to tell his Aunt Ada we went that fast, never told her .: )
Mystery Man
The music lives...when I play this video. Keep the music saves the soul.
Nanzirou Formukong
Nice song
Nathaniel Stringer
Used 2 get high 2 this song @ BOCES & Bible camp & burnt my regular high school diploma like the guy in this video
mmmm... pie
Norell polk
for the period 1959 to 1970 the entire decade when music changed when the music changed
Pablo Rivas
i speak spanish i from el salvador but that song is very special for me because that song was fovorite of my friend, he died!!! remember a my friend :( i don't speak english only basic, sorry for mistake in the words!!!
Paul Caldwell
We sang dirges in the dark. A dirge. A lament for the dead. Isn't the day the music died the day Buddy Holly died?
Peter Balac
I remember this song well I was 15 years old youse'd to push bike to work on a farm in all weather's, a boxer dog from a pub I passed used to wait for me stealth like and attack me every morning it certainly woke me up I was never late the damn thing would chase me for hundreds of yrds.Nearly lost my transistor radio on more than one occasion, I purchased a Francis Barnet motorcycle with a villiers 9E engine it was converted to a trials bike it was the dog's nads 👌ride it there push it home bloody thing always packed up 15 no licence no police silly boy. Dinner time in the hay barn having lunch I would listen to this masterpiece dreaming of owning a Chevy pick up i had two a stepside and a later c10 I think, still got the pictures and memories life was simple then for a young lad full of dreams but at least some of them came true .
Petunia Wigglebottom
Sad, but beautiful. Loved this song from the first time I heard it.
Phil Silvers
There's MUCH more to this epic song than most people think.
Phil'O's Garage
Cigarettes, pop and candy... The world was a very different place back then.
Pink Jackson
I love the song and video
Randy Stone
Good old days yes it was
Ray Whittington
Great video! This is just grand that you had this VHS video from 89. Thanks for this upload! One of my all time favorites starting at 13. This is the first time I ever saw this video. Another time travel experience thanks to vids like this.
Robert Hobbs
Certainly a timeless classic !
Robert Northrup
I graduated from Central High school in 1960. Watching this reminded me of what we have lost. Most of all we have lost freedom and innocence.
Robert Young
24 thumbs down, who are these people.
Singing this in unison in the third grade in '72 drove our teacher insane %)
Stompie Joe
RIP Ritchie, Buddy and Big Bopper
It died somewhere around 1993 when the shit grunge \
Does anyone know who directed this video???
Tractors 101
That old tandem axle dump truck near the end is a very nice truck. Looks like an old White or Autocar, maybe a Diamond T or Rio truck.
aaah tex
bubba pacha
The video looks like it would make a good movie. Heck acyually maybe\
Join life. Put away your iPhones.
darryl harris
dennis russell
Memories, if only I could live through the 70 s again.bliss....
gunnar jauch
I'll never forget the moment when I heard this epic song for the first time.\nAs a young Swiss architect I was working in the US, for a prestigious firm commissioned with the extension of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. I woke up on this sunny '71 summer morning, in my tiny apartment on New Haven's Orange Street, to the magical tune coming from my radio alarm clock.\nThe catchy refrain, the unusual length and the metaphorical content immediately got me mesmerised.\nStill getting goosebumps on hearing it nowadays, reminding me of a saner and better America without an orange madman up front...
ahh nostalgia. I remember sitting in the back seat drinking juice and hearing this song on the radio on a long road trip when mom & dad still loved each other. Life was perfect. Flash forward 30 years, mom and dad separated, i don't have time to take road trips, and I have to deal with real life. Enjoy childhood while it lasts kids, you can't go back. At most you can listen to old songs and hold on to the memories. damm i miss those days.
john moore
7th grade... SoCal..... walking home through the orange groves....
Yeah the music died August 18, 1969...\nGot my greeting..\n\nFrom there my life died.. R.I.P. my brothers who came home in body bag..
kevin roberts
Best song ever with worst video ever great combo
larry siers
may be the greatest song ever written
michael gichia
the song makes me feel like i've been to the states in the 70s,yet am 40 yrs old and have lived in kenya all my life.
An epic! Right up there with Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, and Jackson Browne The Loadout/Stay.
wow, thanks you didnt know there was video made for it.
Tyson fury brought me here
riccardo estavans
The quartet practiced in the park. The pre Beatles playing at Butlins park 1959.
richard young
This song is very poignant to everybody. It Deals with LIFE. Listen closely don't try to interpret. The song is just about LIFE. I have lived a life full of life and love and have grandbabies that I love to death. I hope they will ,one day, listen tom it and remember their PAWPAW.
Wow awesome
southern hate
ohhh if only they new how much worse music got
bye bye miss american pie 😭
same school as red dawn