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Polyglot and linguist Matthew Youlden explains easy steps to learning a new language and debunks popular myths about language learning. Languages have shaped Matthew’s entire life, from learning languages as a child with his twin brother ( to later being Babbel’s Language Ambassador and working as a lecturer. Having already studied over 20 languages, Matthew’s mission is to share his joy of languages. He truly believes that with the right tools and a healthy dose of fun, anyone can easily learn a new language. talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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*Phelipe Nascimento*
I'm brazilian,16 years old, and I just wanna say that speaking another language is the best experience ever, I've been studying english for almost 8 years, I make mistakes for sure, but they exist to tell me that I'm capable of turning it into a different way of learning, now I'm studying korean, it is much harder for sure, but I won't give up, no matter how long it could take.
Abeer zain.아 비어 슈아 이비
I speak English language and Arabic language.
Aleksandr Belenko
wow. I am Ukrainian, didnt expect to hear my native language here
Alexandr Martynov
In Ukrainian it means more like: the more languages you know the better human you are.
Argentarii Homini
Great message and beautiful idea, terrible presentation.
Arie Camhi
He's a genius, but the sound of his saliva drives me crazy :(
Ashwin Rohit
i hate his lip smacking
Camilla Chopinet
My mother tongues are both Italian and Spanish, I speak fluent English and I'm intermediate in German and preparing to study in Germany for a school years so to master that\nNow I'm also learning Portuguese, which is the first language I've started completely both from scratch and on my own\nI'd love to take up Japanese as well, which I've already studied Hiragana and Katakana but after that I don't really know where to start...
Carla Capers
He sounds very dehydrated
Christopher Ellis
I did French at school. Quickly picked up Spanish before travelling to Europe, found that I could read about 90% of Danish newspapers after about three weeks. Third trip to Europe is being planned. Also was able to get a handle on Basque. All of this in my sixties.
these ted x videos are always so quiet, i can't hear them mumbling
Drew Rice
Too bad the audio is so bad you don't know what language he's speaking.
Excellent tips!! By the way I've been already using them to learn Swedish these days.
The more languages you know, the more people you are. \n\n😅😢👏👏👏 Beautiful !
I speak 3 languages fluently (French, English and Swahili. I speak arabic a little bit
Fard & shid
“Look for similarities in your language”\n*Laughs in Cantonese*
Faris Arslan
I liked this video because of given effective suggestion
Game Mations
man i just came here to get a good score in french
Giorgio Cotulo
Give this man a cup of water...
Griffin Ioannis-Querini
I'm currently learning french by watching french tv and listening to french music.
I will not change my phone into Chinese. I once accidentally did it with japanese and Yeah, it did not go well.
Heather Holder
Definitely needed to hear this. I want to learn so many so I can go anywhere and talk with anyone I meet. Working on Japanese first, and already know a little bit, but definitely going to put this advice to work!
Hieu Nguyen
Why is the audio so quiet?
I am S.
The more languages you know, the more HUMAN you are.
Jack Miller
Learning French wish me luck :)
James Burmester
If you know three languages you are tri lingual. If you know two languages, you are bilingual. If you know one language you are American...crash boom.
James Staples V
anyone know a Sumerian group or station?
John Smith
Ironically, I need subtitles in order to know what he is saying.
Josephine M
Es ist so leise ! Nächstes mal machen Sie ein bisschen lauter ! Trotzdem Danke fürs Video!
Kaela Bronan
Kaelei Olson
I only speak English fluently now but I'm learning spanish and I want to become a polyglot
Katherine Roman
I am Ukrainian and I was so surprised when he spoke Ukranian in the end. Huge respect! :) Greetings from Ukraine
in Africa it's standard to speak more than one language.
I'm so glad I watched this video, my previous experience with a TED Talk was more of a product than educational and it's made me wary of clicking on the videos. I'm trying to learn Finnish and while some of these rules are great for languages that are more popular, it's hard to find the resources and media needed to gain experience in that language. I've put a Finnish option on my computer and I follow Finnish tags on social media (namely suomipaskaa lol)but as far as music and video, that's going to be a bit harder to run into. \n\nI appreciate the video and your time immensely, it's given me some things to mull over and think about while on my own polyglot adventure. Hyvää päivää!
Kristina Olejnik
Kyle Kronk
Learn a new language and you may find the love of your life? time to learn Binary
Leia clark
I'm laughing at all the people saying he is too quiet or sounds weird, he speaks just fine and at a perfect volume.
Lilliana Avrora
I'm 12 I can speak 4 languages
30 mins a day for 1 month doesn't allow you to speak a lenguage. Not even close. From my experience, if you want to learn anything properly, shortcuts are useless. To be fluent in a language, you have to be in contact with it for a huge ammount of hours, there's no other way. Only exceptions might be learning languages very similar to the ones you already know.
I speak Arabic natively and English fluently and learning Spanish \n1- أنا اتحدث العربية بطلاقة \n2- I speak English fluently \n3- Estoy aprendiendo español
Matheus Souza
I`m brazilian, i speak english fluently, and monday, i started to study french!
Melissa W.
Audio is so terrible, cannot hear!
Meni Porat
Can you please improve the accuracy of the subtitles?\nThank you.
Very insightful. I've been studying German on and off for about a year, and probably couldn't hold a basic conversation, and if I could then I wouldn't be understandable. My biggest problem is probably keeping things relevant. This really helped, let's see how I'm doing in a month or two!
Moreno Papi
Estoy aprendiendo español y es divertido 😊😊
Shortcut #1 - Look for similarities to your language (help you recognize patterns & understand meaning)\nShortcut #2 - Keep it simple\nShortcut #3 - Keep it relevant to your situation and needs.\nShortcut #4 - Use 30 minutes study time a day or smaller periods more regularly \nShortcut #5 - Listen to Radio, Watch Movies with English subtitles \n\nRule 1) Live the language, own the language\nRule 2) Make plenty of mistakes\nRule 3) Make it fun. Friendly competition is good
This guy needs to smack his lips a little more and drink less water.
I don't really have any of those problems he is talking about and I wasn't planning on watching this to the end... I just enjoyed his way of speaking so much :)
Niki B
Блять...подыхаешь ты что ли там на ходу. Мне пришлось динамики подключить и нифига все равно не слышно. Терь Розетту Стоун заново настраивать на предмет аудио еще, а толку ноль
i like this it's to interesting , for me l'm now learning english and i speak arabic very well and a turkish
Ondrej Hrdy Guitar
I still do not know how to code :(
PTSD - Дневник переводчика
Можно знать 20 языков, только вопрос всегда в том, что считать знанием языка. Привет русскоязычным!)
This is a great talk! I dedicate my channel to talking about languages and language-learning and I love watching talks like this. I don't speak 20 languages but I can converse in four! I agree with what he said and this isn't the first time I've heard this. I've heard the same advice from other successful polyglots, so I can tell you that what he said works for a lot of people. More people need to see this
Phil B
hey they're the guys from babel
Philip Unz SG.
Hello I can combinar two languages al mismo time
Prince of Sahara
i've already did this before and i speak now 6 languages Arabic-english-italian-spanish-french-chinese as i never start with alphabets just try to get words ,most important terms of of use and later try to make a sentences with these words,,listen to music even you don't understand but make yourself understanding try to get any word from the song or you can translate it to your native language until you can sing it and you know it's meaning and here it's very good step ,,also something very important is you must love that thing you are learning whatever it is and you will get it either a language or anyother lesson, without giving it a love you won't get it.
Pyro Sandwich
jesus this guys speech is brutal. its to quiet and it sounds like hes eating peanut butter every time his lips meet
Random Gaming Lover
I speak 3 languages- only fluent in 1 though :D
Rick Ruffin
that guy is special and he is using his unique ability to make a lot of money
Ryan Schafer
Ryu Saint
13:26 Tonight is gonna be- legen!- wait for it- dary! Legendary!
Sarku Roll
My dad lived in Mexico for two years and learned Spanish fluently. He said, if possible, that's the best way to learn any language. Submerge yourself with no choice the same as you did when you were born.
Question to Tedx Talks - why are you posting videos which are TOO SILENT! I have youtube volume up till max and my laptop volume up till max and it's still to silent????? Please work on your videos!!!!!! :)
As an adult you need to make an effort to learn a new language and memory is highly involved but as a child no effort is required. It is as though the child's brain is hard-wired to acquire the native tongue or any other language that is in daily vicinity. Do you remember making an effort to learn English as a child if you are from Britain, or America or Australia for example? The child's brain is different in many respects to the adult brain; more malleable, more plastic. An adult learns a new language, a child acquires language. Look up Steven Pinker on Google or Youtube on the subject.
People who know 4 languages are quadrilingual.\nPeople who know 3 languages are trilingual.\nPeople who know 2 languages are bilingual.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPeople who know only 1 language are American or British.
Siegfried Braun
We tried speaking only the language we're learning and if felt like we're having a great big fight! Uncomfortable silences.
Skiddz just
Someone New
Besides my mother tongue, I have a degree in English, am fluent in Spanish and am currently learning German. I can also understand Portugese and French. I love languages and I soooooo agree on making the mistakes. I tell it to my students all the time.
Soul Burn
Hola! Yo solo puedo hablar en tres idiomas: Espanol, Ingles, y en Italiano. Estoy apenas estudiando Portugues. Me encanto este video. Adios, Arriverderci, Goodbye!
TaMaKii KaNeKi
I really want to learn spanish & japanese for a long time now, but find no way to start correctly. How to? Books, App's, Internet?\nI believe in your tipps, maybe someone can tell me how he learned it from the very begining.\n \nGerman is my mother tongue and I learned english in school a very long time (not in a good way.) Since two years now I watchin' many youtube videos in english and started reading books in it, but I felt that it worked just this good, cause I got the background from school.
The Healer
Who came here because of Angela aka Ella K?
I think I need a hearing aide.
Trey Oleson
please turn the sound of this up.
Hello. I've been to find a partner for English conversation long time. If someone wanna talk to me we can will.
Victor Gutierrez
bilingual here and doing my weekly duolingo German also!
Yomna Mahmoud
when youre a kpop fan and a kdrama fan and are looking for motivation to master korean
Yves M.
I speak 4 languages only because in my country they are compulsory in school.
ama C
15 languages? Still some more to learn, hehe:)
anonymous -
I can speak fluently 4 languages and can't possibly learn anymore, and can't imagine how anyone can realistically claim to speak more than that. In my case it's a continuous challenge to keep all of them at a decent level. Our brain in this regard is like a muscle that needs regular intensive exercise to KEEP each language. It is also like a vessel with a limited capacity shared by languages you speak. Multilingual people would understand what I mean.
I speak Norwegian,Urdu,Hindi, English and I'm learning French right now.
But Japanese's hard in this way. Because Japan language is unique, it is difficult for Japanese to master foreign languages.
βλέπω πως όλοι γράφουν στις μητρικές τους γλώσσες εδώ στα σχόλια οπότε ειπα να συνεισφέρω
I would have watched if I could hear the damn video.
I was impressed that he spoke Ukrainian! I didn't know people even learn it outside Ukraine.
The title is a bit of click bait. It is not about how to learn any language easily, but techniques to make learning more engaging and effective which is not the same thing. As someone involved in languages, I can say that individual aptitude varies greatly and highly influences how much one progresses. Most languages require a considerable commitment to get to an intermediate level of communication.
Matthew Youlden: Why not change your phone to the language you want to learn.\n\nMe: Because I won't be able to put it back
misty m
duolinguo is great. i used it on and off for about a month before going to spain and i could get by AND improve and did not speak english once!!! I do speak fluent french though which I think helped
mylastnamewasbad thisoneisworse
Meine Muttersprache ist Deutsch. Ich würde nicht sagen das ich fließend Englisch spreche, aber ich verstehe das meiste.\nUnd jetzt bin ich gerade dabei Ungarisch zu lernen, was ziemlich schwer ist.\nIch nerve manchmal meine Familie oder meine Freunde wenn ich zu ihnen etwas auf ungarisch sage, weil sie es nicht verstehen. Aber so lerne ich es am schnellsten, weil ich jeden Tag mit der Sprache konfrontiert bin.
i never understood why people strive for perfection learning another language\nthen turn around, and butcher their own.\n\ndoesnt even dawn on them nobody speaks any language perfectly, all the time.
We all can be like him. Some people may have a better ear or be more talented than others, but as he said this is not about perfection, it is about communication. If you put passion and work into a language, soon enough you will learn it.\n\nI wish you a happy language learning!\n\nJe vous souhaite un apprentissage heureux des langues!\n\n¡Os deseo un felíz aprendizaje de idiomas!\n\n祝你语言学习快乐!\n\nEu desejo vocês um aprendizagem de línguas muito legal! Belleza!\n\n(I would write it also in Italian, but I'm not that confident yet, I have just started this week. If you see a mistake in any of these sentences, don't hesitate and tell me!) Why don't you also add more translations of this sentence, it would be really fun!
sherif matt
I speak 4 languages and i'm learning german, i'm a bit affraid of it but i'm gona do my best, this guy is an inspiration for me, I want to be like him and that's why i'm gona do my best to learn german and a lot of languages !
When it comes to languages, some polyglots like Moses McCormick & Steve Kaufmann don't have perfect pronunciation in all the languages they speak. The main focus is to be able to speak and be understood by native speakers.
Respect from Ukrainian 🙏🏻
tania happy
Hello, I am eager to learn english and to practice more conversation. Who wats to learn Russian?!! We can do some exchange
yolanda suciati
So motivational. Thanks for sharing! :)
저는 한국어를 지금 공부합니다. \n정말 재미있습니다. 저는 한국어를 더 알고 싶은 마음 굴뚝같습니다. 저는 조금 한국어를 알겠습니다....
زينب العريمي
My \
مدرسة تعلم تربية الطيور الطبيعية
i speak arabic and english and i m learning turkish if u r interested leave a comment
am i the only one that notices the sound of his mouth smacking?