🇮🇹 The Italian Man Who Went To Malta 🇮🇹 (ORIGINAL ANIMATED VERSION) - 2009

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FAN PAGE: Funny cartoon based on the famous joke about the italian man who went to malta. Entirely made with ms paint!!!Created By:Fry J. ApocalosoDirected By:Fry J. ApocalosoAnimation Director:Fry J. ApocalosoDavide RattiDaniele RattiStoryboard:Fry J. ApocalosoEditing:Fry J. ApocalosoCharacters Design:Fry J. ApocalosoDavide RattiDaniele RattiAnimations & Backgrounds:Davide RattiDaniele RattiVoiced By:Fry J. ApocalosoData - 19 Maggio 2009Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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The original 1 is funny\n
Now, that's a gumba!
Abdiel Lind-Garcia
I like the first one a lot better than this one
Anime Lover
My friend showed me this and I had to watch the whole thing
Arianna Marletta
Mamma mia quanti stereotipi! Non siamo proprio cosi noi italiani ma questo video è divertente hahaha
LOL everyone in the background at 0:50
Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa
Malta and Corsica should be part of Italy
Bambam DabDab
Who's watching in 2017
Bella Steffen
LOL My cousin showed me this a while back and its still funny
Calld It
Dumb copy
Cavin K
This is my childhood video :)
Christopher Jai
Cringy vlogs and stuff
OMG this made me laugh so hard XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
This sucks
Davyd Teather
the desk guys reaction at the end was priceless.
Deville Eldorado
Song name?
Diana Todorowa
I love the drawings but the intonation on the original i just perfect!
Diego Martinez
name of the song in the background???
Dinari Henry
Amo questo video
anyone noticed the godfather in the bigger restaurant eating a horse head (everyone who watched the godfather would know whose horse got this lucky)
Duckaford Gaming
the other one is funny this one is not . thumbs down 
Eduardo Silva Feitosa
This accent is very laugh
The reason why everyone liked the last one is because of the voice. This just sucks.
Filipe de Sá
Today, my english course had this animation to show that we should be cautelous about what we say.\nmister, I'm proud of you.
Flesh-Eating Kitty
hes got the accent all wrong the origanal so much better
This was my \
What is this song?
lol where did ppl come up with this
Ibrahim Al Jammal
Really lame when compared to the original one !
im dyiing
The origional is so much better
I know how that feels, no shits on the bed
John _
This will always be my favorite video on YouTube of all time.
Very funny :D Unfortunately for us (italians) is very difficult to understand the differences of vowels in english, they sound so similar for us, for istance, \
Just a random youtuber
You no understand, I want a 2 piece on my plate.\nYOU BETTER NOT PEE ON THE PLATE!\nYou no understand, I want a fork on the table.\nYOU BETTER NOT *BLEEP* ON THE TABLE!\nYou no understand, I want a sheet on my bed.\nYOU BETTER NOT *BLEEP* ON MY BED!
Lets AnimateIt
l'ho trovato un po offensivo, specialmente visto che sei sardo\n\nI found it offensive, expecially because you're....ehm....you come from Sicilia...lol
Lili The Nerdy Swiftie 13
So funny!!! I'm Italian!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lord Geno
It's been over seven years. Where's The French Man who Went to Malta?
im fucking dead hahahahaha
Matteo Pica
Per tutti gli Italiani che vedranno questo video, non vi fate prendere dalla rabbia, rideteci sopra su ste cazzate, ormai sono cose sentite e risentite da popoli che non offrono o hanno assolutamente niente di meglio.Ogni Nazione con la sua gente ha i suoi pregi e i suoi difetti, tanto alla fine chiunque vive per criticare gli altri finisce col morire nel rinculo.
Mega Sonic
thise verion is ummm well lets say the other one is better
Moe Crunch
Mr. Pixel
the guy at the end
1:08 nice godfather reference!
Nemo Dog
I feel bad for the Italian man now
New Joe 2004
anyone know the song to this its incredible XD
Nick Aiello
When every Italian person comes to America
Nikos Georgopoulos
Niky Waxx
I am Italian and i fucking love this hahahahahah xD
NinjasFan 55092
OMG I just found Mario and luigi eating at a table😯😯😯😯
Nome a Caso
So an italian made an insult to an italian. I am italian too. I said italian 3 times. Jesus resurrected after 3 days. And Alsan from Narnia did, too. Aslan had a lot of hair, just like Gandalf. Gandalf came back with Bilbo and the company after a long time. You know who else is coming back after a long time? ILLUMINATI.
O Gee
Hey, where is that somg from? I see it in a bunch of memes from mexico.
Ogeid 0310
È un offesa verso noi italiani
OpTic - T_Maxx25
Im Maltese and This is funny xD
My dad showed me this 4 years ago and I still Love this vid
It is not Italian accent
Philp Bieber
I live in Malta and it is like this barely anyone understands English
Puven Victor
Vito Corleone eating the horse head at 1:09 though😂😂😂
Quentin NOEL
hey this version is better than the stickman version
The guy I the original has a better accent
whats the song called that plays at the beginning? ive heard it in some memes
I have the stickman version on my channel!
Renzo Colameo
this guy is maltese!! hehehe like me :P
Rocco Dolce
2017 anyone?
2018 any body pls
Salvador Frigola
puede alguien decirme cual es la música de fondo? \nCan someone tell me which is the background music?
Samuele Milan
Se-Young Seo
original is better
Sick Tenser
perchè pizza spaghetti e mafia...? Comunque è il video più divertente del secolo 😂
Simone Dylan
a lot offensive to the italian people
Sit 92
sehr langweilig gemacht
The IceBird909
Man i was wondering why this video disappeared for a while. Im glad its back
That was pretty bad.. sorry
Tino Perfetto
what song is this??
Trissy 05
2018 anyone
Tyler Bjorngaard
So is that French man version coming out soon?
Valor | Fr3ak
What's the song?
Wael Alliliche
the original one il much better 
yes yes sure... we italians just mafia, pizza and pasta... please stop with this stupids prejudice, we don't need it
essam garguom
Big regards to our Italian brothers from Libya 🇱🇾great video, continue please
firstname iskowitz
7 years!
karlijn lucassen
The stick man version is waaaayy better and way funnier
this isn't funny at all.. you just ruined a masterpiss
matteo vitale
I'm italian and i laughed, i don't understand those who feel offended :) 
mickey rat
I love the Larry David music
monic vick
Ah... un italiano che prende per il culo un italiano in inglese? \nMolto regular OuO
sodalover 23
of course everybody likes to piece fork and sheet 😉😉
spangherzz limo
im italian and for me this is very funny XD but the original is beter
the DEFAVLT gamer
Ma che cazzo è sta merda c'è un terrone
this channel is discontinued
02:08 makes me laff so much
Çømƫê đé Łôrëñƺõ
l'inglese translation for the Gallic gentleman's scripts:\n'The fork! The fork! I told you that I would like a damn fork! B¡tch.'\nXD