10 American Words That Completely Confuse Brits!

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There are some American words that completely confuse us Brits. Sometimes it feels like a different language! So I have collected together 10 Americans that confuse British people the most. Some of them I had never heard before until researching for this video. If you know any other American English words that are confusing or if you are an American who find British words confusing, let me know in the comments below. Recommended English Resources: - *English Grammar In Use - )*affiliate links

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Alexander Ferris
I say signals for indicator
Angus Falconer
What about a Fanny? In most British colonies it means the front of a woman's anatomy. In USA it means their bottom/bum..
2:53 \
Barbara LeMere
Yeah, it can be a little tricky. Wait till you have to explain that you drive on the Parkway and Park in the Driveway.
Bazingarama RL
Let me try to explain \
Bertha Taylor
You turn on your blinker.
Brad Taylor
I’m American and I call it a turning signal.
Brando Lambda
You wouldn’t really ask “Where’s the faucet?” you’d ask “Where’s the sink?” The faucet is the part of the sink where the water comes out
In new England of USA, Boston blinker levers are called \
Carole mclane
Brilliant. I'm American so I would like to make a few comments. Firstly, bangs don't make sense to me either. They don't look good on any girl over the age of 12. However, I could go to a salon and ask \
Coastal Coyote
We use faucet AND tap. Using when you are talking about the water, it is \
In a famous court case a few years ago the accused described how they \
Courtney Moore
Blinkers(flashing)= turn signal...same as indicating a turn...
Cristian Martinez
Idk if it's just the city I live in but I call the \
Dan Age
Coriander and cilantro are not the same... we call the leaves cilantro and the seeds coriander.
Dan Hiteshew
If you turn on all the blinkers, it's your \
Dee Nunez
Fringe is on a coat and bangs are hair
El Duderino
Your accent for faucet is actually very good lol
Ellen M
Some of these are regional in America too. I call blinkers turn signals and sneakers are gym shoes. And usually instead of asking for the faucet we’d ask where the sink is.
Your second pronunciation of \
Faith Rada
To me... Beer is 'On Tap'... but you get water from the faucet.
Aubergine? Wtf
Grace Bystrom
I'm pretty much American but My ancestry also has 68% English
Grandma Shelley Reads
No its Faw sit -Faucet
Honey Lambb
In America and Canada we would say a sweater but the Brits would call it a jumper whereas a jumper in America and Canada is a sleeveless dress which can be worn with a turtleneck sweater underneath or just bare arms such as a tunic. Although I think the Brits are using the word sweater a lot more now instead of a jumper?
Huni Tai
US - Soccer\nUK & World - Football
Watching this video as an American is hilarious
J Shysterr
In America it only takes one kid to be afraid of snakes and the parents sue the board game makers to put the company out of business.
Janice Woods
The word “bangs” for the hair fringe is originally northern English from the 16th century, so it’s not an americanism at all. It comes from a haircut style called “bang-off,” which is a straight cut across the front.
Jason Marchi
Trainers? That would be people who train or teach others.
JkMotze !
Honestly, I don’t say “blinkers” I just say “Turn signals”
John Chase
Station Wagon is a hurse for living people.
Josh Kablack
Being \
Freshman 1st year, sophomore 2nd, Junior 3rd, Senior 4th.\n\nThat counts for high school and college/university. \n\nWe also say things like 10th grade vs grade 10.
Karen Mullen
To Americans 'estate' (usually) means a huge property and a manor house (until someone dies and their 1/2 acre with a hovel on it and everything in it is willed to the grandson and then it is called the estate of...) But real estate is just some bit of land with or without a house on it that you can own. Only rich folks say \
Kathryn Blodgett
You've done very well on your pronunciation. And your explanations. The only thing I would say needs correction is cilantro and coriander. Cilantro is the plant and coriander is the seeds.\nAs far as faucet is concerned, it's pronounced both ways. Just depends what part of the country you're in.
Keegan Smetanko
I use faucet and tap interchangeably and I usually say turn signal but also use blinker and indicator so I guess I'm weird
Lyndon Moore
3:44 Sometimes when I'm cut off in traffic by an inconsiderate driver I think \
Max Romero
American call it a wrench, Brits call it a spanner.
Michael Quintana
soo most people say toilet but i remember when we use to say commode.
My Favorite Planet
I thought bollocks just meant bs\nI didn't know it also meant testicles.
Nathan Price
I'm from new zealand so we tend to use a lot of the american words and I hadn't heard aubergine before
We say elementary school, middle school, and high school. In high school and college its Freshman(first year), Sophomore(second year), Junior(third year), Senior( fourth year).
Nik Burton
coriander is the seed. cilantro is the green leaf.
Nobu Ichida
My Dad was American and Mom English. I’ve been confused all my life
Some older people in America call sneakers \
My favourite British accent is ROAD RAGE\n\n\n\nBRITISH ROAD RAGE IS THE BEST
Rachel Callaghan
Sophomore is based on the fact that, in the second year of high school or college, the arrogant little students think they know everything when, in fact, they don't. Comes from from the Greek sophos wise + mōros foolish.
Ramdas Iyer
In Indian English, ordinary people call a boot or a trunk the Dikky and we call the Fringe or Bangs a \
Rodney Stilwell
No you said faucet right when you thought you said it wrong
Rooja K
Funny Americans say Faucet but they say tap water! We could just say tap and then tap water! LOL
Rory Christel
About Sophomore, that most people don't actually realize: Sophomore is an actual word and not just a term for a student, with a definition that says something about our opinion on 2nd year students.\n\nA sophomore is a person who knows a little bit about a subject, and therefore assumes they know **everything** about that subject. So we literally insult our 2nd year students to remind them that they're dumb and uneducated. The problem is, they're dumb and uneducated so they don't know what the hell sophomore means; this has lead to the actual word sophomore dying out, with only the adjective conjugation (\
Rusty Bear
In America beer comes from a tap and water comes from a faucet.
Ryan Kent
Realtors are members of a national association and you don’t have to be one to sell property. Someone with a license is a real estate agent, so almost the same as in Britain.
Im a amaracin and i haven't ever used the word blinker i call it a turning signal
Sally Lauper
Dude, when you're talking about how to pronounce \
Samantha Murphy-Keller
I’m American and I’ve always pronounced it “Reel-ah-tor” but maybe I’ve been saying it wrong 🤷🏽\u200d♀️ also I’ve always said “Real Estate Agent”, never just “Realtor”, although I’ve heard people say that, I just always thought they forgot the rest of the title.
Sara Makes Art
I read sneakers are called that in American English because when they first became popular, people noted that the soles were so quiet that one could easily sneak up on people in them, or something like that.
Scott Rhodes
If we call it tap, we expect beer to be coming out of it!
Seth Langston
Realtors can also be called real estate agents.
Shawn Johnson
We use the word cilantro for just the leaves of the plant. We say coriander for the seeds. Cilantro is a Spanish word, and is used frequently in Mexican cooking.
Simon Byrd
I don't wear my sneakers to \
Sophie Elaine
I’m from America so I understood everything lol
In America we do call it the Faucet but we also use the phrase “tap water” to refer to water that comes from the Faucet.
Tara Loves Dogs
It’s Faw-sit for Faucet, but we do say that the water is tap water, when he said bangs I was like why is this confusing lol
Cilantro and coriander are the same plant but different. Cilantro is the leaves, coriander is the seeds.
Thomas Mann
Very enjoyable video. Most Americans, at least in my region, refer to \
Tim Moncrief
Though all Americans (Yanks) will say Faucet (Faw Sit or Fa Sit are both correct depending on the state), yet, the water we get from the faucet to drink is called Tap Water. Similar. Realtor, those most Americans mispronounce it with 3 syllables \
Tina Braxton
Turn signals were invented here and first used on cars made here. The original ones did not blink. The blinking turn signals were also invented here, probably seen as an improvement. They were also first used here. I've heard both turn signal (the term I use) and blinker in various parts of the country. Since both devices were invented here, I see no reason why we should adopt a term preferred in Britain.
Tom Nuckols
Believe me, most Americans don’t seem to know what a blinker is also....lol
Trish M
#8 In Canada we call them runners.
Tunisian Man
Station wagon derives from when housewives of the 1950s would drive to the commuter train station to pick up hubby, Wagon meaning it had lots of room for kids and junk for going to the beach or long trips across the USA. You could put the back seat down and sleep there too. Today replaced by minivan. Chutes likely was a marketing issue as snakes are plentiful in the USA and conjure up fear. Mothers are always admonishing children to be alert for snakes instilling irrational fear in their little heads.
Turtle_ Lover97
Why is this guy trying to hide his top row of teeth??
Veritas Est Lux
What's the UK equivalent of a \
Victoria Smith
Have a sneakers. \n\n*you're not you when you're hungry*
What on Earth are Fringe?
William Plaud
4:00 I'm American and I remembered it as Snakes and Ladders!
Winning Grinn
Then you would lose your mind in South Louisiana ...we speak Franglish
XileKamiK Gaming
We use both \
I anticipated \
Use your Blinkers when you turn.
This is hilarious! You say you're confused, but you got everything \
Where I come from we call them tennis shoes not sneakers.
Most Americans say turn signal instead of blinkers.
If you but you 4 corner emergency blinkers on it then there called flashers and not blinkers anymores.
ken ezzell
A tap is a water valve on the outside of the building.
luke strawwalker
Doesn't matter what you call the turn indicators, nobody uses them anymore anyway LOL:) \n\nExcept the idiot in front of you on the freeway that leaves the blinker flashing for 300 miles LOL:) \n\nWhat do yall call the emergency lights on your cars in England?? Here they're called \
mario nine
as a non-native english speaker i’m more used to american english and i sometimes understood both
mesut dalqa
you look like mustafi arsenal defender
Britain: In hospital.\nAmerica: In the hospital.
I have heard us americans use tap and indicators alot
American English varies by region. It's a big country, you know. I completely agree that 'fringe' makes far more sense than 'bangs,' though. I actually got in an argument with my dad about this when I was about seven years old.\n\
skylar mccloud
02:02. Funny story about that. True story too. Remember when in Elementary school they would have fund raisers. Back in the 80's our fund raider candy were either M&Ms or Snickers.\n Anyway I was at church with my fam and my little box of Snickers. There was a guy there with no legs and in a wheel chair. I asked him would he like to buy a box of Snickers\n He replied. \
the brothers
My mother who was born in 1910.. used the word bang for a fringe, and she was English
Both my parents are English but met in the USA at collage, so it goes without saying I had a rude awakening when I started elementary school. I'd say things like \