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5 Of the Cringiest videos ever on American Idol! Same say these could be the worst, some say they could be the best? We just think they're cringy.... let us know in the comments below...Find us on Facebook ▶︎

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Adam Ferello
1.45 \
Douglas is not well and I hope he got some help ASAP after this
Alaina Brewer
The second guy wasn't that bad actually....
Angelchild Cosplay
The second guy was pretty good.
April Smith
When Douglas sang was that water or vodka in his water bottle lol
Arám Ch
- is there anything I can do to improve? \n- leave.\n\nDisgusting. Am I the only one who feels bad for these people? \nWhy do judges have to be so sharp and sarcastic when expressing their disapproval ? Ffs if you wanna express your disapproval do it gently because people have feelings and dignity!
Ashleigh Dee-Ann
“Is there anything I can do to improve?”\n“Leave.”
Ashley Miranda
Was the first woman really 24?!😭😭😭
Austin Sharp
“You sing like a three year old girl, you dress like the toy Jackson, you’ve got a beard. The whole thing was just too weird.” \nDead 💀😂🤣
Baltasar Bocero
The blonde boy with long hair can actually sing
Bhavika Sicka
Sometimes I feel like judges are a bit too harsh. I mean, it takes a lot to just show up for an audition. Some people suck at stuff, yeah, sure, but they're passionate, and maybe passion should be given SOME credit. I feel like one of these contestants was on the spectrum, and for people like this, it's often challenging enough as it is.
Blackwolf's Legacy
Douglas Guy=WAKANDAaAaAhHhH~~~~~~~\nSeriously *TF* was he doing looked like he wanted to be Black Panther but ended up being the suit washer
BluCassRed Bay-B.
Every bad contestant ever: \
Do they not have any real family and friends that genuinely told them the truth before they let them look like a fool on live television?
Charles Brown
Except for the first and last, I feel like with some actual training they could be pretty good
I have to agree with #1. That is the toe-curlingest thing I have ever seen. :-D
It makes me sad to see that these \
Jesse Holloway has a unique voice 😬but he needs water
Evan Demers
I love those people who say stuff like \
Evin Spire
This is why I'd never try out... Because I'd save my embarrassment 😭
The black dude always encourages them even though they’re trash😂😂
Hamilton Trash
But...but...she has a degree in vocal performance!!!
Hazel Levesque
Ok, the judges aren't being fair. These people really think they sound good. They've put in the effort and showed up for this. The judges need to help them out when they realize they sound bad, not bash them and humiliate them even more. The first woman just sounded like she was yelling. The second guy did have a good voice, but all his notes were focused in the nasal area making it sound terrible. One fix and he could be good. The third has a head voice range but sounds like he had lack of control of it. The fourth one could use some practice to make his notes less airy. It also didn't seem like a good acapella audition piece. The fifth guy was literally yelling, breathing in excessively, and had no rhythm. There are different ways to tell them these things without crushing them. Help them improve instead of bring them down. They finished their auditions proud, and now they are confused why you made fun of them with no way of fixing it.
‘You’re saying I’m on national tv making a fool of myself’....YEP!!
Its Lexi
Why did I actually like the second one?? 😂😂
It’s Cold In Here
“I love how he touches young kids all around this world”
JJ's Stikbot Videos
does awful and offpitch singing \n\nlooks at judges like \
Jon Dunmore
0:19 -- Why?\n2:05 -- A wormhole opened up to the '70s and this dude drove through in his Camaro.\n4:08 -- Took way too long to get ready this morning.\n6:33 -- Just wants to be a singer to avoid telling his parents he's gay.\n12:02 -- After the massacre, his neighbors will say, \
Julia L
@3:43 poor guy...... \
Kay Kapone
Ok, they're really DON'T HAVE TO LAUGH AND BE MEAN!!!!!
Kimmy_ Puff
The first 30 seconds \
Leah Jenkins
Leia Jaydde
Derek wasnt that bad tbh
Leo M
They're gonna take you to a safe place 😂
Lesley K Luscombe
Douglas is a bit special. No, not autism. Some form of intellectual mental handicap.
Linda Kloss
What happens to kids who are repeatedly told how great they are when they aren't. It's child abuse.
Lisa Plambeck
Simon, you are an absolute SAVAGE. I think you and Gordon Ramsey would get along fantastic.
Livvy LaaLaa
I thought the third one was a woman with a beard at first 😬
Madre Gonzalez
The second guy wasn’t even that bad tbh
Marie E
*..................okay I didn't understand a word of that lmfao Simon*
Chris Brown and The Eagles actually has a very decent voice if he does not try too hard and relaxes. That combo is on par with Fergie and Jesus. Also on par with Usher, P Diddy and Rick Astley.
Mia Varghese
5:56 when u tryna reach the word count
I feel bad for the guy that was inspired by MJ cuz when he said he wanted to inspire people and Simon just said “no” I feel like at that moment everything he wanted to do in life was just crushed in one moment. I understand that he obviously wasn’t good but the judges could of said he wasn’t good at singing or something cuz saying that “you’re not gonna inspire people” was just too much
Naomi Yonas
“What the bloody hell was that”
Nat Marie
'Top 5 cringiest auditions' more like 'Top 5 Simon Cowell burns' 😭😂
Natalie Farnsworth
People always say Simon is mean, but the other judges will allow bad people to keep singing so they can laugh, but Simon won't let people make a fool of themselves for his entertainment. I never really realized that until this video.
Native Wombat
I feel bad... the second kid had potential but he’s kind of an idiot. If he had a good vocal teacher that was honest with him he’d be alright.
Niro Max
2.5k people are really nonsensies who have disliked this video
Olly Ocelot
The third guy was so nice and excited i feel bad for him!
11:00 My God, the boy is having an asthma attack
Pixelate -
2:15 “I just like how he touches kids”\n\nHoney I know who took the kids!!
Red Dae
Guy #2 could be fairly good with vocal coaching...
Rhys James
It is mean and it is bullying but the contestants know what they’re getting themselves in for when you’re going to see SIMON COWELL. If you don’t wanna be embarrassed then maybe don’t go see the most critical judge in tv history
0:20 - 0:35\nWhen the teacher sets u homework for the next day...
I don't know what their problem is, some of them were quite talented
Shelley Magnussen
People who are tone deaf, because they're tone deaf, they can't hear that they are. If they listened to themselves on video or audio, they'd never show up at these auditions. They think they sound like someone famous.
Sun Rider
Yes the singing is terrible but it’s the way they take criticism from the judges is cringeworthy, their attitudes suck and some can be disrespectful!!!\nI still love this show and it’s probably because of Simon lol
She has a degree in vocal performance😫
Lol I can’t. The Latoya Jackson comment made me pause the video to laugh lmfaooooo I need an inhaler! Can’t breathe!!!
The Bodycam Channel
The first singer made my dog bark.
The Catmother
You have to have a low IQ to believe this is real. But you also need to have a low IQ to watch this show, so 🤷🏿\u200d♀️
Tonisha Chadwick
Virginia Soards
Wetness Everdeen
“Jessie you just murdered three songs😂”
Wolf Playz
Douglas just stop dude you look like a hippy.
Yazzy yazz
Whyyyyy whyyyyyy WHYYYYYYY
Yugiplays Mutou
The first woman sounded like me in the shower
Douglas was the funniest one,lol...
I feel so bad for freddie mercury and david bowie.
I feel bad. Douglas may legitimately be on the autism scale.
christi crenshaw
The sad thing is they truly believe they can sing
cole Recksiedler
The sad thing is that these people always have to audition for the producers of the show first, and during that time the producers often encourage them to really exaggerate certain tendencies of their voice and such, just to get some laughs and make the show more entertaining. The second guy for example was likely told \
degrees don't buy talent
drive careful,cos Im walkin
some of these are not real..performers/ make sure they have entertaining rejects as its all part of the show...the guy doin voice warm ups was clearly a stooge...took it too far
simon's facial expressions relate to me on an emotional level
They stopped showing bad auditions many years ago because the way the judges treat them is bullying. Laughing at them, criticizing the way Simon does, it's just wrong. No, they don't have talent but there is no need to bully them like that. If fact there was never a need to air the segments. Fox only aired the segments for the drama. I'm glad they stopped doing it. We don't know how it affected them after the auditions and especially after the show aired and then there's these videos that constantly get put on social media. Do y'all want them to commit suicide? Do y'all want them to go on a shooting rampage? Just stop. It's not funny. It's mean spirited, period. I didn't click on this to see the video and won't...I clicked on it to make a point. I saw the auditions many years ago when they first aired on Fox. Leave these people alone. smh. I hate bullies!!
kool aid tokio
I feel bad for the black kid like my guy went to roasten like tf
musical fetty
Simon :“you just murdered Three songs in a row ”\nJessie: eehh..\nSimon : “four”\n😂😂😂
nicola Reay
I hope Douglas got back to the asylum ok
nunyabizz #leftshark #rightshark
I almost died from these voices from laughter i mean why just why i dont know why
It's very unrespectful the way they laugh at the people who audition.
quite peachy
0:22 when the teacher starts handing out homework
shrungus seal
Simon: douglas\n\ndouglas: WOahhOoo\n\nsimon: DOUGLAS!\n\nDouglas: LIVING On a PRayeR!!!!!
sophia martin
Simon Cowell is the Gordon Ramsay of singing.
toe toe
He said to Derek “ you don’t sound like the eagles but you sounded like an eagle”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Actually, I don’t think second guy was that bad.
xandur heck
the person at 7:00 had a panic attack bc of the exaggerated looks they were making and then they made fun of him for leaving
How did Douglas even make it in he sounds like me after running the mile and having hick ups