The Barbie Doll Test

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This video program, produced by Modesto Junior College video producer Wes Page, documents an experiment by Professor Sam Pierstorff and his English 101 class. Small children are asked questions about Barbie dolls of different ethnicity.

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8Bit Pistols
Yeah you see it's not the children it the parents. If you put all races of children in one room there gonna play and have so much fun until their parents start telling them \
A girl with sass Savage
Those kids are racists those parents need to teach their kids that different skin color is the same person as you
I'm black and I'm pretty af
Adriana Busani
2:43 but two girls said the black Barbie was the prettiest. 1:05 and 1:16
Alone Darkest
I look like white barbie but ım not blonde I have a black hair but all dolls are a so beautiful my favourite black one because look like special 😍
Honestly all of them could be latinas. So is the Latina black?
Bill000 Jack
0:42 I thought he is gonna say BLACK, WHITE AND BROWN.\nThen he said BLACK, WHITE AND LATINO 🤣😂😀😁😅
Bre's World
I am kinda hurt by this video because I am a black girl and im not bad at all...I keep my grades up and i dont have discipline issues\n..I am actually really beautiful too and to see only one child said the black girl was the prettiest really hurt and to see more than half the children said black girls were bad... but it is ok
Bronwyn Maritz
When she said none of them😭😭😭 my heart♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
The little girl who said none of them just touched my heart I know she is truly a beautiful person
Cassy Rose
I felt heartbroken that most of them said the darker skinned ones were bad, well they are kids. I loved the kid that said none of them were bad❤️👍🏻
Celia Stone
These kids are little. They aren't being racist, they are most likely choosing the one that looks like them. They have no idea you are doing this, so we can't know for sure If there being racist or not. They most likely aren't.
Cindy Kah
Racism is still around damn...
this kind of test isn't reliable at all, there are too many matters that influence the child's desicion making, for exaple a room full of an audience so the kid is trying to pick NOT the doll she really likes most, but the one she thinks she should pick to please the man infront of her or people around her. Do the test without any audience or even an interviewer in the room, lets see what the child picks. I bet skin color doesn't matter at all to them.
Cytlaly Crystal
Sorry that i say that
Danica Kurosaki
What if the manufacturers intentionally make the dark ones ugly
Danielpall Smarason
They like their own skin color. That's not racist. They pick someone who looks like their mother. It's normal.
Dee the art teen
There are two problems with this: \n1. You didn’t ask any black children\n2. Two of the kids choose the black Barbie
Destiny Haller
This is why I loved how my parents raised me! They bought me dolls in all different skin tones and told my that everyone is beautiful because we are made in the image of God! The heart and soul is were there beautiful is❤❤
Elizabeth Reeves
They're kids they don't discriminate it's just their opinions they can't help it if they feel like the blond Barbie was prettier they're just kids!
Technically they we're 2,3,4, and maybe 5. The blond Barbie has her own show and everything. So if course she'd be the prettiest. And their just pre-kids so they don't know better. Everybody DOES see deeper than skin. Its not 1960
Fanta 3000
Omg can people STOP DOING THIS IDIOTIC TEST PLEASE. It doesn't matter if ur skin is black u are still as beutiful as everyone else
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So cute
brah u said at the end that one person picked black as prettiest but more than 1 did
You should follow each question with 'why is she the bad one' or 'why is she the pretty one', to get a deeper understanding.
Gacha_Studio_ Wolfhard
I would have said race doesn't matter it's what under the skin that makes people beautiful 😀
Personally I like the middle toned ones because I don’t know I think it’s unique
Gay Lord
I don’t get it.\nThey're not racist. \nIt’s just dolls lmao.
Hailey McVerry
Um this is set up to be all “ raciest “ kinda thing bc more than 1 child did say the black doll is the prettiest . They ppl just wanted it to be controversial or whatever
Hanna Banana
I'm crying. 😢
Honestly Greg
I was raised in a home that accepted everyone no matter what and being 8 at the time I would have said \
Hwa NaRi
This experiment is absolute garbage. Those kids are no racists, they just chose a stupid doll over another because it's the most common one in stores.\nWhat if they said that the prettier doll was the black one? Would that be fair to the blonde one, or the latina one? Wouldn't that be racist as well? Why have to put those poor children in the position of labeling something pretty or bad anyway? \nI'm Italian, and I grew up with Arabian, Romanian, Latinos and African kids. We used to play together without being able to see any differences. We just couldn't notice it, it was too stupid of a thing for us to even consider it. \nI remember my Nigerian friend's beautiful curly hair with colorful beams, I used to love looking at her mother braiding her hair. I remember playing with my Arabian friend's father, who used to toss us in the air and roughhouse with us while waiting outside for the women to put on their veils. It was a pretty darn normal happy childhood, but one thing we could not understand. Whenever we fought, over a game, a snack or a toy, people used to accuse me, the white kid, of being intolerant and racist. I didn't even understand what they were talking about, I just wanted my toy.\nWhenever we ate together, helped each other out or hug each other, people used to \
I am Potato
Can we copystrike barbie?
Imagine A Cool Name
I don't really agree with this test because kids haven't seen the real world yet. They haven't made many friends and don't know what everyone acts like. What else are they supposed to know when they probably only have family members that look like them. They probably base these desicions off of things they see on TV or hear from there parents. I don't think it's really there very own thoughts that make them choose. Just what they hear from people around them.
Inocenza Red
This test was useless and a waste of time. There are to many variables that were not addressed.\n1: Their choices are going to change depending on whether or not there is an audience.\n2: They may have been raised differently. Maybe they see their mother as beautiful who also is white?\n3: There was not any black children in this experiment. I can guarantee you at least *half* of them would choose the black doll.\n4: I can understand why a child would call the black doll the bad one. They are all six year olds who only watch barbie movies. So in their uneducated minds they will see black the color, not the race. And usually black is a color that is tied in with villains and other bad thing's so they are going to assume, \
It's Meala's Life
Where’s an Asian doll???
Jahmisha Draws
I get all black dolls and your telling me only one of them liked the black doll what a shame 😧😵😱😢😢
Jasmapili Djulu
No there are 2 child who said than the black barbie is the prettiest
Jessica Lee
HOW BOUT DIS ONE??? lmao he's adorable
Joeru Chi Kagamine
Literally 3 children said the black barbie was pretty, and a few of the children are way too young.
I liked the girl who said no one was \
Kawaii Demon
Since it was more white kids it makes sense to pick the one that looks like you to be the prettiest
Kera XXbad
Um..... they don’t know how to count Right but everybody’s gorgeous in there own way
Kitten Miku
They are all beautiful no matter what color you are! What matters is the inside!!
Krysha Simmons
Anybody noticed how tanner kids (Hispanic maybe not trying to asume) picked mexican dolls as bad?
LexieJean Brady
Me as a child: \n\
Lime Limez
Acually 2 kids said the black barbie was the prettiest
Liza Tarooq
When I was little I only had white dolls so if i would have been at their place I would have been quite fascinated to see a black coloured doll. I honestly do not care about skin colour, the heart should be good that's what matters.
Love Pony1
I like all skin tones..... I think they're all pretty
Lynn Bellows
When I was growing up my favorite doll was a Latina Barbie even though I'm not Latina I just found her really beautiful
Lynn Coleman
It was actually like 4 who said the black doll was pretty
why is everyone getting so triggered there just dolls?? like kids are gonna pick who looks closest to them, also they probably had no idea what was going and just said/picked at random
I would pick Latina.
Mariah- Avakin life
What about mixed people. \nIt should be white, Black, and mixed like wtf?😂
Mayowa Babatola
If I was one of the kids I would say they are all pretty and they are all bad . Just because people have different skin tones doesn't mean that they are bad or nice people . People choose to be the way they are .
Mekaylah Hannah
Dude. I’m a black 10 year old girl and it’s just so heart breaking to see because we are people too. And I just wish at least 1 said none were bad. All were pretty. And so forth. Like if you agree
Naima LOL
Rip Black Barbie :'(
Nyanna vlogs Nyanna vlogs
I like all of them to be true.i dont care if its white or black.they are all still pretty no matter what skin color they are
Papa Shulk
I like the white one...\nU FORKING RACIST\nI like the black one...\nOkay..
Paul Monks
I counted at least 3 saying the black doll was prettiest, so you've completely negated your results by saying a completely different result!
White will always be the prettiest.
Purple_Mermaid XD
“Which doll do you like best”: All\n“Which doll is prettiest”: All\n“Which doll is nicest”: All \n“Which doll is bad”: None\nIn my opinion...
Random Gasmask
I actually saw more then 1 kid pick the black Barbie as the prettiest
Roland Giersig
Did you notice how all the children closely watched the face of the interviewing person? I guess they were mostly trying to guess what the right answer was, which is what answer the interviewing person wanted to hear, not what they personally thought was the right answer.\n\nAlso, only 16 children were interviewed which gives an error of about 4, meaning that the 50% who chose the black barbie as bad could have been well within the error bar for equal distribution (33%).\n\nRepeat this test with 100 children in an anonymized setup without direct eye contact and then we'll talk again...
i dont like videos when child picking dolls like this its hutning my heart so much ;(
2:10 \nBAHAHAHHA\nhim: which is prettiest? \nKid: That one (latina)\nHim: which is bad? \nKid: This one (still latina) \nMe: LOL
Sabrina Trinchero
This is saddening but I don't think that will happen in 2018
Sahil Singh
Ohh they haven't seen Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna! Those are the real dolls of this era🙏😎!
She Who Knows All
*This experiment proves nothing more than the fact that advertising and media make an impact. Nothing more.*
Shim M
To be honest I fell like the white Barbie is pretty boring since everyone is so used to that one now I just feel like different types of Barbies would be cooler
This test isn't 100% accurate because the \
Tara Tinsley
On the 2nd round I liked the first girl \n\nNobody is bad
No matter what you pick your gonna seem racist
The Stew Channel
The Toy and Game Adventurer
I think I like all of them personally, I asked my baby 4 year old sister and she said all of them were pretty and none were bad. That’s the good kind of kid. 😊
Wofie Birdie
Wow I black that get me mad 😡
Which doll do u think is baaaad.
Zerelza Princess
What should only one of them be ok???\nBtw i think 2 or 3 people pick the darker painted doll as the prettyest plus that dolls hair was super dirty to be honest i like the medium doll best,
When I was young, I thought that Jasmine and Esmeralda were the prettiest from Disney.
I felt a bullet go through me every time they picked the black doll as the bad one.
Lol the girl who says none of them is too cute.
jennifer Schuller
I'm honestly not trying to be racist but I really like the Latina barbie
jessica thompson
There were actually two kids that chose the black Barbie but what really peaks my interest is why no black children used in this study
kalianste MSP
I think half of them said the black one was bad because they can't really see the eyes that's one thing my little sister doesn't like about the black one
maddiemsp official
All of the dolls (people) are beautiful. No matter what skin color you have, you are absolutely beautiful. Everyone in this word is a beautiful human being. If someone tells you that you aren't, they are truly ugly. On the inside.
mayaandzoey forev YT
Mom:sweetie witch doll\n\n\nBaby:white doll\n\n\n\n\nBlack baby:black doll mommy\n\n\n\nMe:thats just sad
mweze queen and keyna mugoli
No black on won
mynameisnotthatlongitsshort ojo
So people picked white because there white . There al, being races whoever on my picked white cause of there skin color. Brah I pick black
pixi sicks msp
This is the day and year that I was born
It's inherent
that one friend
My teacher: witch doll is bad?\nMe: witch one is bad you have to tell me.
I’m Latina and I was the one who chose the black doll pretty and I’m 10 now
x Little Emily x
Now try it in 2018:\n\n\n\n\n\
your nan
But the thing is, you don’t know their reasoning, and they probably couldn’t even tell you either.
Þórkatla Sigurðardóttir
I will say the black one was the prettyest doll\nAnd the white one was the bad doll
What color were all the children and what background were they all. That's mostly how this works.