Eddie Murphys After They Have Seen Rocky [HD]

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Eddie Impersonates Italians who love rocky, very funny part of the show...Visit my channel for more eddie murphy raw clips.-Follow Me On:

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Adrianna A.
eddie's awesome!!!!!
Alana Thibodeaux
I love Eddie Murphy but why the hell did he wear them tight ass leather outfits
Audie T
I swear when I watch these Eddie Murphy standup shows I am absolutely confused as to how he stopped doing this because you he is such a natural he seriously talks nonstop for like two hours telling hundreds of great jokes
Ben Bernier
Bernie Consalvo
How the times have changed. I love how no one got mad at this joke and it was just comedy. You make a joke about race now a day and the world sets it self on fire. Miss these days
Bobby Bottleservice
I'm actually 100% Italian and I can say this is some shit my brother would say lmaoooo
Italian people ain't like this no more they've been so Americanized
Cardo Richard
Sounds like the whole cast of The Sopranos
Chinzo DaDon
Clint Miller
Eddie is king who's with me?
Corrupt Cop God
The cameraman is laughing. I've never seen that
Daigo Kengo
Daniel Brown
This is gloriously offensive.
Love his italian accent
we are not white, not Arab, not black, not Latino, not Asian, not Native American, we are Italian🇮🇹
LOL  I always loved this routine.  Reminds me of a few cousins from back in the day. 
Eddie your funny ...but what have you done for us lately?
Eggy Noggy
90% of that audience were Italian. If his impression was even a fraction off, they would have booed him clear off the stage. Thats how good this impression was. I was there...
Elijah Bailey
Lmao, when you're both black and Italian😂
Elsie Viola Dupuis
All My Love.. .\n😂😂😂😂😂😂😂\nI'm 5'2\
Essere Vivente
hey paisà ahhahahahahahaahha grande eddie !
Ed just predicted the typical white internet tough guy
Flexington Steele
Raw is the only stand up set that I actually uncontrollably laughed out loud. It's hard to make me laugh and this is up there with some of the best material ever written and performed.
I love Italians
Way before Jersey Shore proved it. Eddie know's what's up.
Gina Andrade
People in the 80s reacting to Rocky is the equivalent of black people reacting to the black panther.
Glen Faulkner
Eddie Murphy is dresses like a jojo's bizarre adventure character
miss real Eddie. happy he's made his Disney money but i yearn for the return of real Eddie and not this quiet sissy we have now. come back to us Eddie!!! we miss you!
Herb Thompson
It's be funnier if blacks actually knew how to fight
Eddie Murphy has got to be one of the best stand up comedians of all time
Very funny stuff. I don't think he could do this material today.
Go rockooooo lol
Jack Joe
It's funny because it's true.
Jack N0rth
Eddie Murphy use to make me laugh so fkn hard! Fkn classic!
James Rae
Jay Hill
This always kills me LMAO
John Elmot
Johnny Que
Just to be clear, Eddie here is impersonating the \
Johnny Walnuts
That accent... spot on!!! \n\nAnd those pants... killing me softly!!! Eddie you sick bastard... love you!
Kevin Cooper
He sounds a bit like Christian Bale in The Fighter
King Killerstripe
I love Eddie Murphy's New York Accent it's so amazing.
Richard Pryor's Italian Mafia joke is funnier.
Koutetsu Jeeg
Italo-Americans....not Italians! Please don't mix it up real Italians and Italo-Americans. Thanks in advance.
Larry Ovah
Le Big Mac
Italians are latins tho
Le Tigidou
Eddie should be cast as a mob boss in a movie!
Leah's Daughter
he's not gonna make it! lol i lost it
Legio XXI Rapax
LOL Eddie maybe don't remember, but Rocky Marciano was italian, so there's some emotional feeling when we look Stallone make Rocky. LOL
Leticia S.
This is perfect! He had me in tears laughing so much.
They should play Rocky in the movie theaters again. The very first Rocky. That be great
Lord Papi Darkwing
Hilarious how the comments section is filled with racist Italians, getting pissed over a joke about Italians being racist. Too funny lol
murphy the only comedian that could get away with dressing like prince. what a rock star. \nthe man was like 21 at the time of this- i mean wtf- what a prodigy.he had a career by 25- that most would kill for an entire lifetime.
Moolie might be one of the funniest racial slurs
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
Swear to God, that \
Melanie Petrarca
Real Italians just shut you up with a bullet, don't even go there Eddy!
Mihai Ristache
i can see Michael Clarke Duncan and Joe Pesci at the candy store
Mike Ridley
There will never be another Eddie Murphy
Mike S
Every time an American piece of entertainment has something about \
Good thing Eddie Murphy grew up in NYC so he could be exposed to all these different types of people that he impersonates.
MrVee24 Matabudul
there's only two people that fight the same. Italians and blacks. Especially street fighting.
He got 1 thing wrong, we Italianos/Italianas don't fight one on one. It'd b 10 Italians v. 1 Stunada!
oh man, I grew up in an italian neighbourhood :D Loved this.
Nicholette Casey
Eddie Sounds like a genuine Bensonhurst Guido.
Nick CA
That was pretty damn funny. Im Italian by the way.
0:41 camera guy laughing his ass off
It's right here alright
Pet Sounds
3:00 he sounds like Robert Deniro buying shit at the movie theather in Taxi Driver!
Romano Benini
Why does he talk about italians ? May be This Is funny for American Italian s description , Not italian .... Italians are different from this stereotype
Tamara Kurth
I love how he uses the word mollies! Italian people are so ridiculously racist, all you can do is make fun of them.
Tee H
Great impersonation of a guido.
Thought Criminal
Italians aren't white! Just like irish are not white! Caucasian is not a race! It was created to boost ww2 enlistment numbers!
As an italian this is sooo relatable, it makes me cry laughin'
He's scary good. I forgot how incredible his performances were. I wish he still did stand-up and not just shitty Disney movies.
He has the Italian walk down perfectly. Reminds me of how Danny Zukko (John Travolta) walked in the Grease movie. lol!! He got some of the Italian things right. No 5'2\
He does the walk so perfectly hahaha (:
For the 1000th time... the people he mocks are not \
bigpoppa 1967
At times....Eddie sound like John Travolta.
If you did not grow up in nyc during the 70s and 80s. A lot of this would seem foreign to you. No. Not all italians are like this. But majority of the ones from bensonhurst, bay ridge, park slope are. Staten Island as well. And for those who dont know, blacks have been getting made fun of in comedy for years. Just sit back and enjoy comedic genius when you see it.
One of the best clips from one of the best stand ups ever (and coming from a guinea here)
Damn! It's still funny!!!!
dale wylie
alright rocko!
emil toutou
He did the Italian walk so great.....greatest comedian ever
One of the most beautifully executed bits in comedy history.
john boboson
Black People after they watch Straight Outta Compton
kalle jularbo
Eddie Murphy was great then. He was really talented. Amazing in 48 hrs, Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop.
phillip perez
Eddie Murphy Raw is probably the best stand up comedy I can recall.
phreek hood
Rocky movies got lots of white dudes k.o'd
So many salty white people in the comments 😂😂
round about midnight
Eddie used to straight kill back in the day!
now imagine if an Italian American were to do the same performance about African Americans
starr shine
He narrates a story as himself, using stereotypes, and his ability to impersonate and audibly depict characters, morphing in and out and back and forth. Takes years of practise to be this funny. He is Comedy Living Legend.
I remember seeing Raw in the theatre. This part made me laugh the most. Some real truth to it.
Eddie and Richard Pryor.... Everyone else is miles behind.