Daddy Takes Care of Baby - What Crazy Things Happens?

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ALFIYAHTheJakAngells AlfiyahhNurKhasanah
Jhaaa durasi 01:17Mnt meledak baloNya😂
Abhi Lasha
Aimee Torgersen
People lighten up with the vacuum video. It’s not abusive and calling it that angers those of us who were abused. I’d much rather have been chased by a vacuum than the other crap done to me
Akhi howlader
Amo Dopezt
When it is 1:00 am and u see 1:15 what will be ur reaction
Andrea Perez
Angel _Gamer
Anime Freak
I have nothing to say about this it's too cute and crayyyy
AntiSiyon Türkiye
Austen Newberry
1:15 im going to hell for laughing, who else?
Aya Ahmad
Bbg Hailey
1:15 scared the shi* out of me!!!
BooyaGamers- We are the Booya Club!
8:57 I died laughing XD
Camara Campbell
This made me laugh more than a Try Not To Laugh Challenge
Camila garcia
8:54 😏
Crsytal The cat wolf
Daniel W
4:34 My dad told me that he did this to me as well when I was little and that I would run away in terror 😂😂😂
Dream Princess!!
Awwww!! Sooo cute!! 😍
Dîpped In Hôney .
That Thumbnail Was Everything 💗
Edward O'Brien
Go ahead torture the poor kid with the vacuum cleaner. How mean can you be?
Elaine Aisyah
0:28 aweee that is so adorable 😍😍😍😍
Erza Midnight
Fathers are the best
2:50 Wish life could be that simple again 😂
This is such a wholesome video. lol but it could have just been called \
Fun and Fails
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Gamer HHB
0:36 please never do it again, because the girl learns that, and she do that without you and she can hurt to herself with this she can call down from the carpet
1:17 in the video, so sad, why dad why!!
Golden Panda
thanks for everything dad
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
That poor kid being chased by a vacuum cleaner. Terrible.
Heidy Carvajal
It’s so funny
Jacquita Diatta
I‘m too young to have one of these monsters :(
Jaqueline Bortolin
Touro touro olé!!!
Jaziel Lara
These people have no sense of humor ( commenters ), i am dissapointed
Jibrael Qureshi
How nicely they manage with their kids.......... One like for the babie's fathers
Jimmy Lalhriatpuia
Cheers lmao
Juliana K
1:11 scared all the angels out of me😑😥😢poor ting
I love this video
Kitty Trainer
So cute
Klaudia Wojakowska
The vacuum one KILLED ME
0:24 : The cat : Please help me .
Lina Khasueva
1:43 😂
Macarena Garrido
9:25 haaaaa
Maddy's World
*ThEsE kIdS aRe GoInG pLaCeS!*
Maha natulu
babies are really amazing and so cute too.......😍😍😍😍
Mahfooz Khan
Masha Allah
MatchMaker Amethyst
4:37-4:41 that baby sure can crawl; fast.
Naima Boulg
هههههه عسل
Nataniela Hernandez
3:11 I thought that the little triangle above the little girls head was her little ponytail but no it was a piece of wood 😂😂
4:00 the baby reminds me of my cousin😂
Panda Melody
Ok but 1:33 was a whole *mood*
2:08 Now that’s multitasking!
Princess chocolatiina
8:55 tom and jerry 🐱🐱🐱🐀🐀\n👇
Ranmini Wij
That vacuum cleaner was brutal 😒
Relaxing White Noise HD
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Rosalie Newhouse
Some of the clips were really cute, but I turned off when someone thought it was funny to terrorise a crawling baby with the vacuum cleaner.
Sabine Welch
All the comments:\n5%= How much baby laughs cure depression and how cute the baby's were.\n20%= How much the parents need to be educated on being parents.\n75%= How much the dad at 1:16 scared everyone half to death when the balloon popped.
Sally Fox
The terror the infant experienced upon realizing the vacuum cleaner (4:40) was following/chasing  the infant demonstrated how parents are unable to empathize and need psychological help, and training related to maternal/paternal child health care. Other in stances of child/infant abuse are  prevalent in the video
Sallyz Aslim
I love babies wish to have one though am too young but I love they're stubborn makes me happy fill my day with joy😘
Sharon Tzur
Scaring a baby with vacuum cleaner is NOT funny. It's sadistic
Shelly Reynolds
This was fun, but a few of these parents need some sense beat into them.
TChamp Always Tries
0:16 A’s you can see here is the rare running baby🤣
These father's love their kids and was doing nothing to harm them stop trying to make a big deal out of nothing damn
Teana Kissova
My heart dropped when the balloon popped and baby fell 😂
yes, let's teach our baby to jump off the couch head first! 0:32
The end of the f***ing world
1:15 Casi me da un paro cardiaco :v
Twinkly Justrine
V. Chelle
1 like = support for cancer awareness month❤
Vimbainashe Tiramisu
4:35 the vacuum one got me crying. baby was running for her life screaming mommy.
1:15 is the funniest
Wax Clin
I am afraid to raise a child,cause when they get annoyed and I will be annoyed somehow why and then I might shout at them
Wofie Birdie
1:16 and more lol 😂 I’m just mean 9:16 and more
Never leave babies without supervision...that also applies with dads
1:14 im dying AHAHAHA
You Outta Know
Kids have a love hate relationship with vacuum cleaners yeah at first they are scared but it's like my kids favorite thing I turn it on they chase it. This has been going on for years.
Yumeko Chan
8:51 *Watch out! You have opened the refrigerator*....*You have attracted two babies....*
Zeenat Ahmed
Same my baby
[] OMG []
Omg, that balloon scared me :(
ava caroline
1:16 i’m going to hell for laughing😭
Sometimes daddy's are so rough. Poor baby in the green ballon
chris georgallis
I see great dads!!! 👍
lol, epic :)
fortnite BG
bro, its 10.24 PM and im watching this\nim 13
gem stone
1:08 oh nooooo XD is it bad I'm laughing and at the same time like oh nooo lol
This is why every kid needs their father in their life, so they can turn out to be just as crazy and fun as pops.
nvm just a A.R.M.Y watching weird videos
1:15 i feel so bad for the baby 💔😂😂😂😂
sacdiya luula
shadow pride87
When the balloon pop its really scared me 😨
shiny sonal
1:10 I can hear baby's cry
Vacuum cleaner was cruel.
I fail to see the fun in most of these. Especially the one with the vacuum and the scared baby. That is outright abusive.
the human god
Baby's like stealing my food as well
wakar al faruq
Volume up, Jumpscare at 1:14
wanna crevecoeur
I can never understand why people dislike these videos. Really??? These parents love and care for their kids. So what are you disliking????🤔
yves provencher
Somebody's going to grow up to be a gymnast.
Чимин Пак
1:12мжалко ребёнка
نرمين السيد
مين عربى هنا
Omg the balloon rlly scare me. Is the baby ok