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Jasper Sawyer is now on Spotify and iTunes. Stream his music wherever you are!ITUNES Link: Daisy Written, arranged and produced by Jasper Sawyer Verse 1: There is a girl so lovely to me She is the reason, I dare to believeLove can be simple Pure and good some time And I Take her heart with me wherever I goShe’s one in a million, she helps me to growThe life that she gives, is something I need to survive And I Pre Chorus: I’d go to sun and backFor her love I’d fight in a thousand wars, to collapse There in her armsChorus: Pretty my baby, I can’t stop calling her daisyShe is my whole world, she is my heart forever my girlHer eyes take me, back to the moment she saved me Conquering my dreamsHonest and true wrote this for youDaisy Verse 2: No empty spaces No empty linesFills them all with one of her smiles She is a temple, meant to be worshiped, adoredAdored Makes me remember something I’ve seen Deep in the fields, in east Tennessee Timeless and perfectBeautiful, charming and true Those daisies remind me of youPre Chorus: I’d go to the sun and backFor her love I’d fight in one million wars, to collapse there in her arms because Chorus: Music Interlude Bridge: I’d go to the sun and back for her loveI’d fight in a thousand wars to collapse there in her armsI’d go to the sun and back for her loveI’d fight in a thousand wars to collapse there in her armsOutro Chorus

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the lady who braid hair so good had this on her video, she helped me find some new music..... i thank her and the artist😚😚
A Fate So Twisted
I love this song! My daughter's name is Daisy!
Just beautiful! Found you via beautycanbraid.
All Things TashaTasha
This song has been on repeat...Absolutely love it!
Analia Cardozo
Beautiful song Jasper 😍 and your voice is just perfect!
Andrea Doll
Heard this song in a few of beauty can braid videos and a couple other youtubers and I needed to find his songs. For a while there weren't any on YouTube then one day boom they're here. I absolutely love this song and keep it on repeat. I have a baby 4 year marriage and feel still to this day every time my love says my name I feel like daisy in this song. He's so charismatic and makes me feel special everyday. And when he talks about me to other people he talks about me like the lyrics in this song. So highly. You can't fake that love. True love ❤️. On repeat for the 100th time.
Anora’s Life
I'm officially a true Fannin I can't help o istening to u
Ashley Brown
When I hear this song I cry and can't stop.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Ayla Moran
My new favorite song 😍❤️
Camile Sanchez
Who else is here from beautycanbraid
Carole Palmer
Who else is obsessed with this song in 2019? Heard the first time. Hearing it forever..
Catherine Frose
stuck in my head LOVE IT!!!
Wow your voice reminds me of Cat Stevens. Sounds good at 1.5 speed. I had it fast by mistake, but I sounds good that way! Discovered your voice on hair video.
Charlotte Blitzblum
Can I use this in one of my video's ? Or content claim?
Chelsea Johnson
This song is so good.....😍😍
Christain Jones
I enjoy this song!! has anyone ever tried running in the rain?
Cierra Goldsboro
this song was playing in a hair tutorial and I had to find it , soooooo beautiful
Daisy Moore
I think I'm in love.... \u003c3
Daisy Robinson
My name is Daisy so I love this song for more than one reason. This song is awesome.
Such a beautiful song!! Jodi (The Brilliant Beauty) brought me here! ❤️
Drea Hardworker
I love dis song it’s beautiful 😍 MD
Eboni Browning
Just stumbled upon this song! Where have I been? So beautiful!!
Erica Ellis
This song made me cry so much, my Mom is in hospital right now and it made me think of her.
Hanna Watkins TV
I just heard this playing on a you tube video and i had to rush over to find out more about the amazing creator/singer.....i love this song so much so meaningful so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.
Jasper... Jasper... Jasper!!! I can't find my words. THIS SONG IS PERFECT. I'm such a huge fan of your music. I love, love love your work. #OnRepeatAndBlasted :)
Janayne Graham
Beatycanbraid play your music all the time I love you music.
Jayne Terera
This is stunning, one of the most beautiful sings I've ever heard!! \u003c3 \u003c3 Thank you
Jazmine Deary
My wedding song next year! So beautiful
Jemimah Murugi
This needs to be my wedding song :)
Jenifer thomas
Doesn't this just trigger good memories for some reason? AMAZING VOICE!!
Jeremy Park
I found this song so late... simply wow ...He truly is amazing!!
Johanna Brolin
me too. ... hair tutorial brought me here
Kaisha Calhoun
@beautycanbraid introduced me to this song LOL
Karen E
Beautiful voice and song!!! Wow. I can see myself walking down the aisle to my husband with this playing softly in the background for our 15 yr vow renewal.
Kimberly Fraizer
I love this song...💜
Kolvin Lewis
Never wanted to change my name before but after hearing this song, call me Daisy 😊.
Lahtifa Maynard
I was watching the hair tutorial and this song catch my attention more than the braids
Laneen Haniah
I want to be loved and appreciated like this. thank you for expressing the sentiment of a man that cherishes a woman who loves him. I will be playing this on my radio show! www.InspiredIntimacy. com
Lela Aldridge
I saw it in a hair vid as well. had to find it
Beautiful! :) Daisy Love \u003c3
Lily Garnett
why am i crying to this song.......... Jasper’s voice is so magical!!
@BeautyCanBraid brought me here! You artistry is beautiful! Continue to create, Sir!
Liz Jk
I love you💕💕💕💕 this song is everything Jasper
My best friend's name is daisy and this really describes her, it always makes me think of her. ❤❤❤
Maggie Gale
all his songs😔💖
Marian Baya Hannah
I love you
Mary Thomas
The simplicity just makes this lyrics/song amazing! he’s gonna sign a record deal!!
Mary-Ana Baker
Damnnnnn! Jasper! Got me wishing my name was Daisy \u003c3
Jus heard this song in (beautycanbraid) YouTube video tutorial bout braiding hair and loved loved loved it!!!!!! Had to find out who sang this beautiful song!!!!
Maurice Hillard
He is so under rated 😒
Maxine Moore-Thomas
What an absolutely beautiful song. 😍😍
Michelle Gomez
#BeautyCanBraid brought me here.... Soo sooooothing
Ms LadyKay3
Beauty can braid brought me here 🖤🖤
Muslim Queens
looooove it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mz Pchez
Who is here because of beautycanbraid ????
This is really soothing. I love it, Jasper
Niamh Howells
This song makes me really happy.😃
Precious Nunes
i just love this song even though it is 2018, it's sooo beautiful
The best song i've ever heard  I love it very much😍 How long have you been listening to Jasper sawyer, comment below ~
Rachel Stevenson
positive love music ❤️
Rajesh Manokaran
Jasper Sawyer is getting recognized. He has great voice and make amazing songs!! II was here years ago.
Roberta Womack
This song has such meaning. I hope to one day be someone's daisy. This is a beautiful song❤
Rose Vanterpool
I Heard This Song For The First Time 3 Minutes Ago And I'm Instantly In Love. My Name's Rose, However My Mom Jokes That She Would've Named Me Daisy Had I Not Been Rose :) Gorgeous Affirmation Of Love.
Sam Jo
Beautiful. I send this sweet vibration over to Toya Wright at this time.
Absolutely looove this song...So soothing and beautiful. Thanks to mybeautycanbraid I got to hear it. ❤
Sandena Shubert
can't wait to find me a man who loves me like a daisy 💯💯💯
Sherilee Harper
We need music like this to be alive in this cold world.  AGREE?
Sipora Kossay
From beautycanbride?
Starla Anderson
Luv your music...Here via Beautycanbraid!
I heard this song and I immediately fell in love❤️
you have a brilliant and gourgous talent
Technical baba
I love daisy flower
Tee T
love this song!! sharing it with my friends now!
Tori Williamson
😍😍😍😍my favorite song😍😍😍😍
Tracie Nichole
Tracy Wishom
What a beautiful song, daisies are my favorite flower
Tracy Wright
Amazingly beautiful song! So heartfelt and sincere!!!!!
Urica Powell
Give thx to beautycanbraid for me listening to this song... Nice song
Vaishnavi Ram
Aw this is so awesome cute ugh well done on spreading happiness and love, Jasper Sawyer ✌
Yamilay Gaynor
It have me crying
Young_married 20
This is a very beautiful song!
christina cameron
Come, come sit down\nLet’s celebrate this love we’ve found\nCause we know, this is real\nI'm about to let you know, I gotta to let you know that\nFrom That Place
daisy childs
my dog loved this song but she died i miss her so much
drae allen
This is my favorite well 1 of them, here because of Beautycanbraid
elci p
Very sensitive young man to write and sing such sensitive songs. Love this song!!!
So Beautiful made me cry.
What a beautiful song. I found this song on a natural hair video (Daisy)....
natural nicky
Oh WOW! This is so beautiful! Love it, love it, love it!
rose king
This is one of the best songs!! would love to see him collab with Ariana someday.
This is for Staci...no offense Daisy!
shun enjoli
Love this one! \nsimply beautiful😍💞👌
as a woman this song is a tearjerker for me. growing up I was always the one that people wouldn't joke , call Ugly and bully, now as an adult woman with a husband that finds me attractive I can imagine this playing in the back of his mind when he sees me. I can imagine him seeing me as something beautiful and worth loving. \n\nall through my childhood I would see people in a relationship kissing each other and think that would never ever happen for me nobody would ever want to date me because I am just so ugly. now to be able to have a husband and hear this song all I can do is cry because I no longer see myself as that ugly little girl nobody liked or wanted to be friends with. \n\nthank you God for proving me wrong and sending me somebody who loves me for me because I never thought this would ever be possible
درصاف Dorsaf
beautiful song i love it so much greeting from algeria ♥ \nDamn the lyrics are just awesome ♥