Mary J. Blige - Each Tear ft. Jay Sean

Music video by Mary J. Blige performing Each Tear. (C) 2010 Geffen Records

Blige Geffen* J. Mary

Actor With A Day Job
Nice song I never heard that before. How did that get by me? LOL
Adaobi E
This song 2018❤️
Adjei Helina
Jay Sean is equally good
Alethia Davis
tears come to my eyes when ever I sing this song
Alex Waweru
Love the song one love
Analene Pierre-Thomas
This song is such a blessing to anyone who can truly relate to its words and message! With each tear.......I will rise!!!!
Anna Charles
People Judge me alot by my pass and never see my presence, Love This Song.
Annhilda Mwangi
I love the song,it has a lot of encouraging words.
Benjamin horn
Very good song it touches me deeply
Bunmi Amara
Where is Jay Sean????
Carla Linton
Carla Linton. Another one of my favorite songs by My Black Hip Hop Soul Sista Mary J. Blige is called Each Tear featuring Jay Sean.
Cassandra & Steven Gutierrez
Beautiful song touches the heart.
Christine P.
such a wonderful song!
Coly Alidou
I love this song.We all need to remeber that we all go though things in life and that we should try to make a goal to rires up and that their are always people to help us get though these things
Controlling boss Lady
mary Pretty is hell in her video. that outfit i will wear i got the kim body
I love this song to my heart!!!
Danijel Ostrogonac
David Richardson
This version should have been released in the States. 10x better. ❤ Mary.
Dee Kamau
Goosebumps and tears for no reason ...everytime I listen to this song , This phenomenal woman Mary
Delphine Miller
Each tear make stronger and wiser. 2017 is going to a better year for me and my family.
Denyse D
wonderful, just wonderful
Diandra Sewell
so touching loving this song
Dianelaine JesusLives
God bless Mary J.
Dorothy Bostic
For the four joys in my mommy.
Dr3àmer yuxi3
no mistake no hrtbrk cn tek away wat am meant 2be # CNT be held dwn
Ebony Cabbagestalk
One of my closest friends had me listen to this song.  This song became one of my mantras to keep pushing during a very challenging time in my life.
Elise Lange
I think you are a very, very beautiful woman inside out! And I would love to meet you one day\u003c3 Keep up the good work
Enrique Lop
The best song ft tiziano ferro \u003c3
Eunita Jaftha
amazing song. love the lyrics
Fatima Le Keur
My friend just told me today that she wanted me to listen to this song. Its the first time I heard it and I love it. I am making it my anthem. I've been listening to it over and over whole day. it just speaks to me.
First Lady Queen
Hector Guzman
Que bonita canción.
Honey Singh
i think Jay Sean is the best singer because his voice touching to heart man salute for you and Jay we love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much and keep it up
House Of Peace Secrets
mary j blige u sure are a true voice from heaven
This song gives me hope to be stronger and make it thru this hardship that I'm struggling with. Thank You Mary J Blige. Once again your music saves me. You are a blessing.
Jah Gal Bity
we use to sing this in my highskul
James Murimi
i can feel t to my soul n 2016
Jeannie Michelle Phillips
No matter what one is going through and how hard we think things could be. Just remember That we can make through anything. Set a Goal, think about what could help you to get there then write them down and take your time with each set to you complete. Not only can you made it happen and you will feel so much better about yourself because it was you that made a different.
John Reid
what a beautiful song
Julet Vier
Kudzie Mzilikazi
i don\
Lacramioara Butnaru
Amazing song. true,they are singing from their hearts, wonderful! !!
Lisa Kinsale
Mary J!!!!!!!!!!!! that voice. .....sigh. ...amazing talent one of the GOAT
Lucretia Bitz
wow❤🌹❤ love this song... However I admire MaryJ for touching my heart once again with this Melody.... Medication to those that are in pain.
Lynte Iggy
hellow who's else 2017/06/10
To my 3 amazing childrenSamuel ,Michael ,&Paige...with all my all!love u most!
Marecki George
Woohoohoo, whooohooohoo,\nWhoohoo, whoohohohohoo\n\nThere's something that I want to say,\nBut I feel I don't know how.\nStill I just can't hold it one more day,\nSo I think I'll let it out.\n\nYou're on my mind more than I may show\nYou're in my heart more than you may know\nAnd the last thing that I want,\nIs for you to fall apart.\nYour future will get clearer,\nI want you to remember.\n\nIn each tear\nThere's a lesson, (there's a lesson)\nMake you wiser than before (wiser)\nMakes you stronger than you know (stronger)\nIn each tear (each tear)\nBrings you closer to your dreams\nNo mistake, no heartbreak\nCan take away what you're meant to be\n\nWe can't change the things,\nThat we done that's in the past.\nBut fighting won't get us anywhere.\nSo if you want, Here's my hand\n\nEvery night there is one thing I do\nI bow my head and pray for you (pray for you)\nAnd the last thing that I want,\nIs for you to fall apart\nYour future will get clearer\nI want you to remember\n\nIn each tear\nThere's a lesson, (there's a lesson)\nMakes you wiser than before (wiser)\nMakes you stronger than you know (stronger)\nIn each tear (each tear)\nBrings you closer to your dreams\nNo mistake, no heartbreak\nCan take away what you're meant to be\n\nYou're much more than the struggle that you go through\nYou're not defined by your pain, so let it go?\nYou' re not a victim, your more like a winner\nAnd you're not in defeat, you're more like a queen\n\nIn each tear\nThere's a lesson,\nMakes you wiser than before\nMakes you stronger than you know (stronger than you know)\nIn each tear (in each tear)\nBrings you closer to your dreams\nNo mistake, no heartbreak\nCan take away what you're meant to be\n\nIn each tear (each tear)\nThere's a lesson, (there's a lesson)\nMakes you wiser than before (wiser)\nMakes you stronger than you know\nIn each tear (Make you so much stronger)\nBrings you closer to your dreams\nNo mistake, no heartbreak\nCan take away what you're meant to be\n\nNo no we can't be held out\nNo no oh noo I I I can't held out\nYou you you can't be held out\nWe we we can't be held out\n\nLove\nIt makes you so much stronger (stronger)\nIt makes you so much wiser (wiser)\nIn each tear (in each tear)\nAnd You so close to your dreams and no dreams\nNo mistake, no heartbreak can't take away you're meant to be
Mathews Lambulira
used to listen to this song when i was doing my undergraduate studies, love it much. It always gave me hope
Mike Mike
Anyone listening to this in 2017??
MissBrens Law
#NoMorePoliceSexualAbuse I Never Stop #ThankingGod 4Every Moment I've Suffered Because I've Learned So Much From Every Tear I've Cried. I Luv #God & #NicePeople
Nicole Ch
Nosiphiwe Ndaba
ITS touch my soul my late husband used to LOVE it so much
Nsofwa Kangwa
My dad loves this one! Thanks Mary \
Pamela Ebelin
I'm watching this in 2017 and this song never gets old!!!..... Very inspiring
Poetress Justice
Mary J. Blige kill't this, she is the QUEEN for real...
Pontsho Percy
each tear makes me to be strong whether we fighting or what am just listen Mary j comfort me n am staying strong n I love my bf
Princeton Royal Carter II
love this beautiful
Renn W
I like this.. Very nice song. Such a beautiful message!☺❤
Roney Ngala
I was like 'Mary J. has a new song'... and it turns out it’s on\nher 2009 album. This diva has countless flavor !
I committed this song to every mother, crying over a child, your labor will never be in vain. You are stronger than the strongest, you are unique, you are our strength, you are beautiful beyond measures. Each tears
Ropafazo sithole
beautiful song
Ryno Scheepers
Dedicated to my Wife :-)
Savanna Nature
This song is aging like fine wine. Always uplifting.
Shan Shan Clarke
listen to this song like everyday and it give me chills over and over again, the message can't get old and neither the song love it 👍👍
Sheran Mcdonald
How have I never heard this song? I love it.
Simon James
Love this song. Lovely message.
Sunshine Jenkins
Beautiful. thank you.,.,. . thank you, thank you for this song.\nthere's a lesson!
Susan Edward 0816021701
each tear there a lesson make wiser and stronger than before make close to your dreams.... that's so true, I'm still listening to this song 2017 ...2017 is going to be a best year to me...
Talia Seays
Just. Hear. This. When. 👀. Was. Look for. One. Of. J Sean. 🎵. That. 👀. Like. And then. 👀. Saw. That. One.
Tashika Lewis
she put on her glasses because she can feel our tears
Tiwari Pramod
Jay sean❤❤🔥
Trizah Terry
I play this song like everyday; much luv Mary j
Tsitsie Lorraine Gwasira
i really know why and how i got here #2017
Tyrun Blackmon
This song really touched me the very first time I heard it at work, I had recently found out my mom had stage 4 cancer and I literally had to go to the bathroom and cry my heart out because she was slowly fading away from me, but my mom was a mother figure to many and I can smile today knowing that she's at peace now!!! RIP TO A WARRIOR OF CHRIST!!!
Vicki Crowell
Just heard this for the first time today, and I think as Mary J Blige just gets better as she gets older. This song is so wonderful on so many levels, It should be shared and appreciated. Love it. Much respect to this woman.
Victor Ebiteh
Willie Alexander
Sing it Mary!!! \
Good to listen to after a breakup.
XxConFuZeXx XcConFuZeZXx
This song remembered me to my childhood :)
Yawer Bhat
Jay sean tears in the ocean
alegna erutuf
this song got me thru a painful moment in my life.\nI used to fall asleep to this every night
amor libatique
Jay sean looks like Ricado Lamas of the UFC
I played this for my bae when she was sad. ^-^\n
betty sanchez
Love it
david atherton
beautiful song
Still here 1 December 2017
kevin b
Makes every tear sting a little less
lekxiohong 8
Beautiful song , pretty woman
ogwang morrish
i feel like listening to this song every there and then
resah binwoo
feeling this song. it's not even old ❤❤💔😢
ritah kutwa
uhuru kenyatta has to listen to this song,good work
sagar singha
Very powerful singers and poetic lyrics and amazing tune! They complement each other very well.
terry wakofula
it's so inspiring
xurguf xurguf
who still listening this song july 2017 ? I love this women 😘😍