How to Solo over ANY CHORD Using the Pentatonic Scale - Steve Stine Guitar Lesson

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Very helpful lesson, thanks Steve!
I can't thank you enough!
Abraham Dhanyaraj
Now I know , How you became one of the worlds best guitar teacher ! \u003c3
Aditya Prakash
You have sharpened my knowledge in improvising.. thank you
Al S
Steve, I've purchased two of your older lessons (42 days to blazing guitar solos and Music Theory) and this vid is the best I've seen yet regarding visualizing the fretboard. Thank you for sharing!
Alexander Winston
Steve that Chord Pulse app you're using looks like wonderful....but.... apparently no Mac OSX version, only Windows. What a bummer!
Andrew Murguia
OH MY GOSH..... It all makes sense to me now!!! MIND BLOWN!! Thank you so much for this!!
Anim Dala
Loved it❤
Anup Mohandas
Hi Stevie, could you please tell me what software or app you were using in this lesson . thanks, cheers.
Black Eagle
You are the greatest guitar tutor i have incountered so far
Bob Ravenscraft
Mr stine I am quite knowledgeable on scales modes I don't subscribe to channels but I like your manner rock on
Boomboom XP
can i play minor pentatonics in major chord? just curious. TIA steve! your great!
I lost my motivation due to not being able to understand how this works, and I started to thinking to quit, but now I understand how this works thanks to you Steve, thank you for being so awesome!!!
Brett Culton
Thanks Steve, this is the exact lesson l needed
Absolute genius. Well done Steve, major lesson. Won't miss anything from any of your social media channels
Gosh I LOVE how he explains things! ! I learn SO much from watching literally just Steve Stine. THANK YOU for QUALITY videos! !
Christian Raymund Pastor
Now I undertand ..thanks're so amazing instructor .
D&D Pelleting Solutions, LLC Wiggins, MS
Steve, I have really learned a lot from your videos. I am 63 years old, started playing when I was 32 and only played chords until two years ago. As you can guess learning lead licks and soloing has been and continues to be a challenge. I would love to see you focus a lesson or two on E major blues leads and E minor blues licks. It seems to me almost all YouTube teachers focus mostly on A minor. I do appreciate your teaching style and again I have and continue to learn more than I ever imagined I could from you. I love playing and will paly as long as my fingers will move. Thanks.
Dan The Magician
Thank you sir. Very helpful. And how comfortable you teach this to us is also as comfortable as we learn this.
David guitar madman
Great tutorial! Simply fantastic...thanks for simplifying something that I have struggled with...thanks for posting
Defer Mawlong
thnks steve 💓 your teaching
Dr-Ng'umbi Nickson Hassanally
This is one of the most educative pentatonic lesson online! Thank you, greetings from Tanzania.
El Ing. López
Orale! Pretty helpful . . .
Eric Wang
Another great video, Steve! Thank you
Frederick Thompson
Excellent, Steve. You're a terrific teacher. This lesson in particular was a real eye opener for me. Thanks.
Gesamadam Sam
Master now I am find this today I am very happy Thanksgiving once again.
Hail Mogambo
Hi Steve what difference does it make to follow chord progressions like u did here or just play the scale in the key note?
Ian Johnstone
Ok, saw your other videos but this one was the best for me. The third thing you showed just blew my mind!
Jacob Delosreyes
You helped me alot Sir! Thank you so much😊
Jaintia's TV
I love your teaching so much
James Butler
At last - an explanation of using penatonic scales that made sense - a eureka moment for me - cheers
James Campbell
You helped my learning curve a bunch thank you, Steve,
James Kemnitz
I like this guy Steve Stein if I were at beginning guitar switch I'm not I'm at his level and he's most likely at my level I've been playing for 40 years and then 52 now. I still enjoy his videos and I actually because anyone who plays music or whatever instrument and maybe knows that learning never stops. I like how he puts things in a simple manner to where people can understand. if I were younger or if when I were younger I admit someone at was teaching me in this manner I probably would have progressed a lot faster.
Very Informative, thank you for sharing this. A great step to improve my playing.
Jeff Martin
Great lesson.
Jimmi Jams
so awesome!
Joe Rice
Great stuff
John A Rowe
Fantastic lesson Steve! This could be life changing! Can I just ask you if this is the way to find the related minor pentatonic of any given major pentatonic, that is, simply by moving down three frets? For example, if I want to find the minor pentatonic of D major pentatonic it would be B minor... is that correct?
John Kondrk
Absolutely Fantastic Lesson Steve...Always wondered how that worked...supreme tone btw..just awesome thx man
Josh Rodrigues
Wooooowww man this really opened my mind to make my own solos😍❤️
Jrugesh Joshi
Thank you sir, it helped me so much.
Justinium Chronicles
This really help me out! Thanks!
Kaje Ralocse
This is probably the most comprehensive and most useful video on guitar tutorials here in YT, specifically in the topic of soloing using Pentatonic Major Scale.
Ken Mincer
Kenneth LaBree
Wow, opened my eyes so much. Thank you, great video.
Kyle Mapue
Thank you steveee
Larry Couture
I've been confused for ever over how, or if, a minor pentatonic can be played over a major chord. You finally made it clear and understandable. I watch any number of YouTube channels for how to play songs, but I always come back here to actually learn how to play the guitar.
Larry Mondello
Great Lesson, thank you!
Leedog Rottie
Thanks so much Steve! I like the \
Legendary Apple Sauce
What kind of amp head is that?
Marc Turull
Wow, you are a great teacher. I've known the pentatonic shapes for a long time and over the years of playing them I picked up a little of what you shared in this video but I never could put it all together in my mind. The way you explained it opened the whole thing up for me. For where I'm at as a player, this didn't just help, it blew my mind. Thanks so much Steve.
Mark Payton
Superb lesson. Thanks for sharing
Michael Sorebac
Thank you for this video sir, I learned and understand so well.
Michael Waddle
Youre approach to teaching guitar skills not only comes in from left field but crosses home plate a perfect strike! After watching for less than an hour i could see what was going on . actually it opened up my blinders quite a bit. Thanx brother. I dusted off my ol explorer after 20 years and haven't stopped playing since. Music is magic
Mike Flight
Now, this is very good to know. Thank you.
You explained that very well. Very articulately. First time I've understood it. Thank you dude!
Where I get lost is when the chord changes are faster than the example you just used.\nHow do we handle that?\nSay, for example, the song has 2 or 3 chords per measure as opposed to the nice, tidy 1 chord per measure in this video.
Phillip J Knight
I’m just starting out and navigating through YouTube for help and guidance is as one would expect 😳😂. You have the teaching style that I seem to understand. Thanks 🇨🇮
Pierre Lacombe
Thank you for that great teaching!
Prahlad Rai
Graet Lessons
Remlalliana Ralte
Fantastic tutorial... But it would be better if you use a clean guitar for beginner like me.
Rey Barrera
This is great stuff Steve. Been playing about 7 years but never learned music theory and I’m starting now seeing how it’s very important with being original and creating your own stuff
Robin Wilson
Top man
Sa G ar Rae
Since all the chords are in key of C major. Can't we just play all the five pentatonic patterns in key C maj and still be in the chord of C maj , a min , f maj and g maj ? Thanks for your videos.
Sajjad Khan
dude ur video is the best thing to explain this pentatonic thanks alot...
Shawn Collins
As usual...great stuff Steve. You rock man!!
Skitty Wollocks
Thanks Steve . Great lesson . And finally a guitar teacher who actually LOOKS like a rock star . Cool man .
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Sudipta kumar Hazra
Do u have mode lesson??
Suicideduda BSPT
I never look at the scales like that... amazing lesson. The art a good teatcher is the simplicity. Cheers from Portugal, from a subscriber.
Thanks Steve, Can you make a video on how to mix major an minor pentatonic, or how to mix pentatonic with diatonic scales... Or how to solo with modes...?
Does anyone know the setting or tone Steve uses in chordpulse in this video?
This is fantastic! I’m 38 and learning to play. I’ve been practicing the A Minor Pentatonic scale for 3 weeks now. Simply practicing positions 1, 2, and 5; I’m taking it slow making sure I know all the positions well before moving to a different scale. I didn’t realize finding the Major scale was so simple as moving up three frets.\n\nYou are one of the best YouTube instructors out there. You are articulate, speak slowly, and know what you’re talking about. Thanks!
Tony Gostelow
Good day Steve, I follow your videos, and getting to grips with the 5 pentatonic shapes, but now I am confused, do you mean I can use the minor shape and still be playing Major pentatonic, just by starting on the pinky note as opposed to the index finger note.\nRegards\nTony Gostelow
Top 5 Bangladesh
thnx for that lesson im from bangladesh take a love♥
Trex Bisnar
Very helpful. Thanks! :)
Victor Loher
Steve, what a helpful lesson. Thanks so much!
Voice Of Strings
Love it Steve
William Fairbrother
Steve is a fantastic teacher
Zach Smith
Super great lesson!
allen Calibuso
arif senri
This is really helpful. Thanks Steve!
Fantastic tips. 🤘
The last part of the video changed my life thanks Steve
big moe Cosmo
Thanks man...I learned something new....I think...I'll listen to the video again. \
Totally random but is he using a poker chip as a pick?
Thank you! Simple but powerful lesson!
iggy Ferns
Awesome lesson Steve... its nice to see how things fall in place... I always wanted to know how to jam with someone just playing chords.
james white
Nice video easy to understand you break it down very well
jonas xie
very great lesson! thank you
lol lol
Thank you very much. M just a casual player n you taught me what i was wondering all these years.
ono 724
This is probably one of the best lessons I've ever seen. Thank you Steve, you're bar none, the best teacher on Youtube.
rajeem shrestha
super. something i wanted to learn. THANK YOU Steve
sandeep kumar
can we use this technique in any major scale song or minor scale song?
Thanks Steve for this insightful lesson! I don't find the link to the APP you've used for making the chords progression. Could you provide us with the link? many thanks! Nick
Brilliant mate.....I finally get it !!! Apart from the root, would the 5th be the next note to chase ??
tony payne
Love you Steve ! Never change ! Your an inspiration! Thank you!
wget Desa
What strings are your fav and gauge? Slinkys?