Modified BMW M5 F10 with Straight Pipes! - Amazing Twin Turbo V8 Sounds!

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In this video you see some modified BMW M5 F10s making some noise through the streets of Monaco! The entire video has been recorded during the Top Marques 2017.Follow me also on:- Facebook:

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93mustang shawn
Smh he smoking a cigarette in the damn car no cool
A.d j.b
Adam Fischer
Wow, a car that sounds cool in a tunnel. Could you make it any easier? \nNot impressed.\nThe douchebag smoking in his M5 is hillarious, what a loser.
Ali Reza
man driving in Monaco streets should be a pain in the ass.
Alonzo Gonzalez
Muslims be like \
Angry 8
Love the M5
Sound like lawnmowers compared to the NA M5 last time.
gotta say, that GT-R at 1:59 sounds amazing too
Caio Henrique
M5 V10 \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e
Casper Gambe
Like the vroooom.
Chris Steele
Gotta love those growls and pops when you shift 😳
Christian Saefong
The hating be real because they wish they could own one, LMFAO keep on hating...
Derogatory Name
Thr s86 sounds better.
Smoking in that car, nice....
I know, the v10 screaming is great, but i like the new m5 sound too. It is a untypical v8 sound, only this v8 sounds like that, completely unique ... like a real M-car.
What happened to Monaco? The cars stayed at the same level, but the drivers...
Fannie Cooper
Are these sticks or automatic I would like my car too sound like that
Got Game
ruining a well built car
00:38 what an idiot...
H2 Loks
2:02 gtr will destroy every car in this video lmao
Kanaken Pur im M5.. Man man .. schade ums Auto !! Solche Leute passen total nicht in dieses Auto , fehl am Platz wie Arsch auf deckel . Look at those People in the M5 .. what a group of kanaks ! Total missplaced in such an M car!!
J0hn Ramb0
My 550 sounds better. Check it out on my page
Joey McQuilkin
What a fukin ricer
Jānis Baumanis
Now find E39M5 sound and that's how it should sound! This doesn't sound good at all...
LAM Channel
much better than shit mercedes v8
0:58 fuuuuuuuuckkkk
Marek Dujnič
1:32 when e39 sounds better F10 is going home probably
NM2255 Car HD Videos
Gotta LOVE the sound of the M5 F10! What do you guys think of it?
Omar De La Cruz
That gtr tho
Pedro drullard
can wait to my tusday 😁
0:38 almost crash
Quinton Nkoane
2:01 that v6
hes from KOSOVO
Realty With Sean Kemp
Lol that guy looks like the biggest douche
Samir Jeseti
bmw f10 550😎😎😎😎😊😊😊💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤
Say No to Autonomous Driving
Dont think that is straight piped but ok
SeaBass Gorka
They don’t take kindly to that kind of thing in Monaco
he smokes in tuned M5.........
Straight Power
BMW fanboiz can hate the comment already but that doesn't sound ANY good
Strictly Come Driving
Loud but sounds like shit.
The Sophy and Shawn ship gan page
the guy doesn't know how to drive his car don't do things you dont know how to do also it doest sound that good
Needs better tires to put the power down, still sick tho.
Toasted Butter
Ferrari eaters
Miss my Turner muffler delete F10 M5 :(
Wilson Guo
sick car
Yagiz Balaban
what is the name of the wheels that have the silver one has on pleeeaaas
Zef Nreaj
albanian on the wheel
doesn't sound like a race car anymore like the E60 M5. All that dumb crackling seems so artificial and forced to impress young enthusiasts and their instagram feeds. \nI guess it's just me. I like race car sounding cars, not loud douchy street toys.
These cars inspire me to this to my 550i
patrice imberdis
bad song for f10 bad engine , the best is m5 e60
sofian senac
don't get me wrong, some turbos sounds good, but for example, the one on this m5 just makes it sounds like a diesel ....\nSupercharger sounds better.
Albanian cunts
Make of the rims of the 1st silver bmw? Cheers!