Billy Joel - New York State Of Mind (from Live at Shea Stadium) ft. Tony Bennett

In 2008, Billy Joel commemorated the closing of the New York Mets stadium, Shea Stadium, with a legendary two-night concert of his top tracks as well as amazing guest performances. Watch here as Billy and his band perform with Tony Bennett on a special version of 'New York State of Mind' off the 1976 album Turnstiles.Lyrics:Some folks like to get awayTake a holiday from the neighborhoodHop a flight to Miami BeachOr to HollywoodBut I'm taking a GreyhoundOn the Hudson River LineI'm in a New York state of mindI've seen all the movie starsIn their fancy cars and their limousinesBeen high in the Rockies under the evergreensBut I know what I'm needingAnd I don't want to waste more timeI'm in a New York state of mindBilly Joel's official YouTube channel features music videos, live performances, interviews, TV appearances and more. Best known for his first hit song, 'Piano Man', in 1973, Billy has written and recorded thirty-three Top 40 hits in the United States. He is a six-time Grammy Award winner, a 23-time Grammy nominee and one of the world's best-selling artists of all time, having sold over 150 million records worldwide. Billy Joel is the sixth-best-selling recording artist and the third-best-selling solo artist in the United States.

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Always listen to this song with the wife when we go ass-to-mouth.
I love Billy bailing the song out at the end at 6:17 lol. I think Tony Bennett improvised that part and the band had to improvise as well!
!Thanks So Much My Friend, Great Quality Sharing!
Al Pakaporn
legends!! :)
Alex Chenault
Take the A Train at 3:56
Ana Vitoria
Anthony Beasley
Tony Bennett is to cool for the times we live in :)
Aussie Pie
Not enough thumbs up to explain how good this is.
BN MacPherson
Tony Bennet has an amazing voice for his 82 years here!
Ben DeLong
Kudos to the saxophonist for being able to keep his cool and still nail that solo while standing next to Tony Bennett.
Bernadette Moloney
For such a big city, people just seem to love it and treat it as a small town 😘
I'm taking a greyhound down the Hudson River line I'm in a New York State of mind .....don't have any reasons I left them all behind I'm in a New York State mind
Boss Man
Tony jamming at 80
Bradley Bernex
For what reason do people dislike this video? Why so much hate for a beautiful song.
CHILLS!!!!\nNew York ALWAYS has the best songs!!
Billys voice deepened a bit over the years, but still sounds just as good!
Dan Stevens
I wonder if Billy Joel ever sang with Sinatra or Bing Crosby. That would be EPIC!
Danny Mercer
Wow the saxophonist just had the highlight of his career. Did you see him mime after that solo?! So happy.
Deb K
Billy Joel with Tony B Rockin at 90...Wow
Devonte Hill
And he's taking the Greyhound....
Dodi Sofiandi
The legend in New York City, so beatiful.
Douglas Williams
I need to get the Blu Ray of this concert.
E Jomamma
Wow, to have been there, would have been so fabulous! Remarkable talent, to say the least! Go Billy!!!! lol ;-)
Edgar Garcia
Some folks like to get away, \nTake a holiday from the neighborhood\nHop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood\nBut I'm takin' a Greyhound on the Hudson River line\nI'm in a New York state of mind\n\nI've seen all the movie stars in their fancy cars and their limousines\nBeen high in the Rockys under the evergreens\nI know what I'm needin', and I don't want to waste more time\nI'm in a New York state of mind\n\nIt was so easy livin' day by day\nOut of touch with the rhythym and blues\nBut now I need a little give and take\nThe New York Times, the Daily News\n\nIt comes down to reality, and it's fine with me cause I've let it slide\nI don't care if it's Chinatown or on Riverside\nI don't have any reasons\nI left them all behind \nI'm in a New York state of mind\nOh yeah\n\nIt was so easy living day by day\nOut of touch with the rhythym and blues\nBut now I need a little give and take\nThe New York Times, the Daily News\nWho, oh, oh whoa who\n\nIt comes down to reality, and it's fine with me cause I've let it slide\nI don't care if it's Chinatown or on Riverside\nI don't have any reasons\nI left them all behind\nI'm in a New York state of mind\n\nI'm just taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River line\nCause I'm in a, I'm in a New York state of mind
Erick Watson
Tony's big note at 330 and the sax player reaction at 432...great stuff!
Funkky Monkey
One dose not simpily hate Billy Joel, one must come from the darkest reaches of hell, to achive such a heanous feat
The saxophonist was playing TO Tony. Must have been a highlight in his life.
Gerardo Martinez
Glenn Locquiao
Beautiful duet! Legend singer... True music!❤️
Guilherme Alle
Talk about true music...only black belts on stage!
Guys I don't if it's because I'm flunking my exams or not but I just cried during that saxophone solo and I don't know if that's a good thing
Jack Adams
Billy Joel, still one of my favourite performers of all time.
Jacob Elyachar
Seven years later and this collaboration still gives me chills! #music legends at their finest! +Billy Joel & #tonybennett rock!
Jennie f
He can play man he can play the keys *
Jim Rodgers
I get goosebumps when Mr. Bennett walks on stage and starts to sing. EVERY TIME and I've watched this many many times. It being at big Shea is part and parcel to that. The sound they produced for this concert was impeccable.
Joao Aurelio
Brilliant, god i felt it! And i just thought about Joe Cocker having died. So much blues in these, two legends
Joey V
YES I'm ALWAYS in a New York state of mind...
John Buffaloe
What an incredible combination of artists.  Joel can write sing and perform and Bennett can interpret anything well written with his own unique voice and style.  Amazing.
Jonathan Gardyn
4:32 Rivera's having a fangirl moment right there...
Joseph H
It takes a super star like Billy Joel to realize you can bring on another top talent and rather than lose the spotlight, it actually shines brighter on both of you.
Joseph L
3:40 - \
Juan Pablo Rojas W.
Two legends together with the most awesome song from Billy. Soooo Goood!!!!
Jubert Ong
This kind of Music and Artists are timeless,classic,ageless, never gets old!!!!
Kimberly Jones
I love them both and have all of their albums Ton'y's and Billy Joel
Kyle Banashek
Lance Mealer
Mark Rivera is just LOSING it! Tony must be one of his favorites.
Laurence Crisp
Almost expected Sinatra to pop up and join in.
I still call it Shea. What a send off. Classy, timeless, New York.
Lyn Foster
These musicians and singers and that fabulous song are treasures. We are SO lucky to be alive with this kind of talent on the planet at the same time as us, aren't we?
Marie Joy
Billy puts on one-hell-uv-a-show.
Matthew Ray
Tony is 82 YEARS OLD here. Insane.
tony bennett is one of a rare breed! old school all the way
The first \
Neema Wamai
They don't make music like this anymore...Wow
Paolo Onesa
music to my ears
Paul Jenkins
Man, this gave me the chills!
Great performance! That save at the end with the band!
This is fantastic a gift to us !
Riccardo Angeli
Ogni volta che lo rivedo mi piace di più ....livello altissimo !!!!!!
Rodrick Colbert
The Great Tony Bennett... a national treasure.
Roy Mezzapelle
WOW! Just...WOW! Doesn't get any better than that, folks!
SRV. 123
One of my favorites of Billy's.
Sam Souza
im 64 years young and know what billys SINGING ABOUT HUDSON RIVER LINE NYC to West Point
Sam Swinnerton
3:35 this man is 80 years old in this video please explain how.
Well, this is not Nas NY State of mind??
Stephanie M
Man this NEVER gets old! Billy and Tony are legends! and Tony is from Astoria like me :)
Steven M. Smith
Mark Rivera @4:30,'It's f**king Tony Bennett..' 😎💯
Stuart Ward
The sax player at 4:31 screaming to the bass player, \
It's almost ridiculous. Talk about putting on 'a show'. Maybe they could have got the space shuttle to do a flyover?
The Stuport
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR TONY BENNETT.....August 3, 2016.....90 years young and those pipes are STILL GOLD
Thomas Norman
Billy Joel has a wonderful smile
Threnody Coronach
Billy Joel can not only write some wonderful lyrics, but he can sing them like they belong to his soul - and even better, play the hell out of the piano to accompany himself. He's brilliantly talented.
Timothy Draycott
This is the best thing ever
Uber R
Here is an idea, alternate this version of this song with New York New York from Frank Sinatra at Times Square for the New Year Celebration. How many people like this idea?
Wesley Rester
That sax player totally had a fanboy moment.
Zachary Schultz
Yes Tony sing!!
Anyone else hear the saxophone \
Music tastes are subjective. We don't all hear it in the same way. What can inspire some, can annoy others, so we can't all be expected to like the same things....That said, the (so far) 31 people who clicked the \
I simply can't watch this without getting emotional. Good grief, two giants at their peaks singing a classic tune backed by a perfect band...geez, it doesn't get better. If it does I may not be able to take it.
angel sailema
Good song
New York City is the capitol of Earth.
Billy Joel is a treasure....
Billy Joel, Tony Bennett and Will Ferrell on the sax
deez il
I think Tony was impressed with the crowd and decided to switch his output to full.
LOL so funny how Billy was watching to see what Tony would do next to see if he could follow him hahaha
gonz velaz
Amazing stadium!, and three great genius, Tony, Billy and Mark Rivera!...
hilda busciglio
idolos sobretodo tony bennett que canta a los 92 años
Billy Joel and Tony Bennett, the NYC voices
Well, I treasure Sir Elton John even higher than I do Billy Joel (when it comes to artistry only!), but THIS is a true masterpiece - cannot stop listening...
lainey ruocco
We love you , Billy......
metal shadow
Got my first name after Mr. Bennett......Always happy about that...
What a song! What a duo! Enjoying Mr. Tonny Bennett and Billy Joel is a gift of life
I love the sax player - THAT WAS AWESOME, TONY BENNETT! I agree with him! When he just popped out from off stage, I knew the song was about to turn into something epic!
rob poynter
I just can't get enough of this... Tony has a sparkle in his eyes
Love the staccato singing style Billy Joel employees after Tony Bennet comes on stage. This rendition of New York State of Mind is one of my favorites.
Incredible and dont you love all the young ones in the audience loving it :)