Some Roofers Offered This Homeless Guy A Job, And He Soon Showed Them His True Colors

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Some Roofers Offered This Homeless Guy A Job, And He Soon Showed Them His True Colors contact us at:[email protected]

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10 minutes ago • 7 hours ago • 3 weeks ago
When the teacher says you need 1000 words......
The music was an odd choice.
Adam G
am i the only one who thought he was going to be an ex roofer?
Adam York
The music in this video had me waiting for the narrator to announce that John had murdered the roofers and stole their truck.
Alan wolker
amazing history 😍😘
The story In a nutshell is, the roofing guys found a homeless man that they could under pay and use for a couple of days work giving him just enough money to buy another bottle of brandy. Then the roofer is posted it all over the internet for free advertising for their company!
Anne Corey
Very good people's around thank God for those kind people's can give this homeless a change to give them love and kindness thank you for sharing Bless you all.
Anthony Cappucci
Why didn't they just give him a permanent Job, then he wouldn't be homeless.
Austin Browne
You repeat some many details over and over and over it's so irritating
Aynan Kareem
Nice story but da faq is up with the creepy ass music, sounds like there is going to be some murder plot twist to it .
May The Almighty Bless you.
BeAware Now
I'm homeless after waiting for this to end
Bindair Dundat
Both in US or UK if someone is willing to work they will not be homeless.  End of story.
Bird Photographer
To bad he wasn’t a bedridden morbidly obese American. Apparently they give them disability checks and people come by and take care of them.
Blocker Hall
Like listening to to someone scratch their nails down a blackboard,only very slowly,plus it was only a bit of cash💰 in hand,it’s not like it was enough to retire on, imao 👌👍
British Comedy UK
loving this content
Butterfly Effect
The music was a bad choice..........I kept thinking somebody was about to die.
Caden Campos
My dad is a roofer and I work with him on small jobs sometimes
Catchyerselfoff Gibbo
This video could of been shortened to, a bunch of roofers gave a homeless man a days work and paid him for it, end of story, Is this going to be made into a film, I've got a far more interesting story, I went to put a bag of rubbish into my bin, what I discovered when I opened the bin will change your life forever, it will also restore your faith in mankind, you will not believe what I saw, it shocked me so badly I have to receive counsiling and have to visit a physiatrist every week, I also have posted what I saw on Facebook it has been seen by 12 million people worldwide, when I opened the bin to put the bag of rubbish inside I saw that the bin was already full of rubbish so I had no room to put the bag of rubbish in,
The homeless guy was nice and worked hard. Then the roofers gave the homeless guy some extra cash. The end.
Christian Cottey
Matthew 25:35-40 I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger ,and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you cared for me, I was in prison and you visited me. Then shall the righteous answer him, Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you drink? Or naked and needing clothes? Or sick or in prison and visit you? And the King will answer them, ' Truly I say to you, whatever you did not do for the least of these my brothers, you did not for me.\n~Blessings to you ~
Chuck Keough
It's hard to find good workers these days, especially roofers. Roofing ain't no joke, it's hard, tiresome and dangerous. In America it gets so hot in the summer.... on a roof it's murder. I bet in England the wet conditions make it super slippery up there.
I seriously thought this story was going to be about a homeless guy who got hired for work and turned out to be an engineer who was homeless. We do this all the time in America to help out the homeless no big deal.
Corey Gardner
I’m crying 😭
Cory Kraker
Give Jhon a job
Crosswalk Larry
A Burger King meal? Decent! 😉
Dean Jones
Get to the fukn point
Don Williamson
Cash in hand... You can't pay tax if you have no fixed abode.
El Conquistador
I wish I had my 6 minutes back.
F.i.M.S Presents Rc
Nice guys...but is this an advert for empire upvc and roofing? :)
Fire Endo
The hell is with the suspenseful music? Thought shit was about to take a turn.
Fred Cline
Background music suggests the following scenario: The other workers, one by one, began to disappear: one was eventually found in a barrel of tar. Another was found with his head shaved and his scalp covered in roofing nails. The third slipped off a ladder when his foot found the vaseline smeared on the 13th step. John eventually was promoted to foreman as there were soon few other workers on the crew with as much experience or determination as John had.
So he got one days worth of work for 90 bucks and that's supposed to change his life? People pat themselves on the back for the most ridiculous shit.
Honesty Rules
Nice product placement @5:04 #sponsered by
Why the creepy music, was expecting a serial killer or something!
Jae KiDd
Why does London phone #s have so many numbers 🤔📝
Jay Jay
I feel like I’ve just sat through some primary school audio book.
John & Jane Smith
In my experience, “homeless” means shitty luck, and not enough coping skills or support, not shitty work ethic or character. \n\nI knew a successful businessman that ended up homeless due to horrible circumstances. His entire family was killed in a car crash - his wife and two young children, a 3 yr old boy and a new baby girl. He couldn’t cope. He lost his business first. Then his house. Then everything he owned except the clothes on his back. He would frequent a park by my office. I sat and talked with him one day and he told me his story. Heartbreaking as hell, and not the only one I heard. There were many, many heartbreaking stories over the years. Just the strength to stay alive, for some of them, is more strength than most people will ever have to muster in their lifetime. \n\nPeople on the streets are beaten down and broken by life. They’re the ones that slipped through the cracks when they needed us most. We failed them as a society.
John Warner
If you pinch your nose , you can sound like the geezer talking
Johnny Threefour
Honestly thought he was going to murder them
Keelay P
I shared this post at the time what a great story
Based on the music I thought he was going to be a ghost or something lol
Kris Hammer
Nice story but nowadays people want to be kind to others and post it on social media to make themselves go viral.
MGTOW Thread
Men At Home Days are Feb 10 through Feb 14 = no work and no commerce for four days. Feb15 go back to work to improve your life.
What a wonderful story! If I were there and needed roofing, I would know who to call first. Of course there are the naysayers who would damper the story by saying that it is just a good advertisement for the company, a good made up story for business. But I bet he found a new life with the help and kindness of strangers.
Marcus Hanley
WTF??\n\nThe U.K. already understands how national issues require national their national healthcare system. A system reliant upon altruistic Individuals and doctors does not and cannot work.\n\nWhen asked what his greatest accomplishment was, U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, \
Mariano Galarza
Mike Tyson
I thought he was going to turn out to be the Albert Einstein of roofing
Mr. Smith
The whole time I was expecting the homeless guy to kill the workers because of the eerie ass music
Later that evening, John succumbed to alcohol poisoning whilst engaging in inebriated coitus with a Raccoon named Bruce..
Nexington Caldwell
why does it take so long to get to the point long story short
Orchid and Kitties
its not his true colors, it the roofers true colors which was always there. you didn't need to take this long to tell this story.
Paul Thompson
nice bit of marketing/adverisment
Performance R & D LLC
I had met a guy in a broken down jeep Cherokee. I asked if I can help, the young man said it will need to cool down and it would start again. He also said that he wanted to sell the jeep but couldn't because he lives in it. I asked what do you mean. He said he has no ware to live and that he sleeps in the jeep. I ask if he works any ware. He said no. I ask if he was fit to work, and offered him a job with me cleaning up the ground when we were roofing. He told me to meet him off a main road, to pick him up. He worked for me for 3years. in that time I let him sleep and stay in my shop. I helped him pay back money that he owed to get his drivers license back. After 3 years he went his own way. I hope the construction work we did helped.
Phill Huddleston
Some homeless people are like that but others simply do not want to work and only want handouts.
Popcorn Sutton
With that eerie music and the \
God bless them all.
Here’s one way to brighten up your day and someone else’s day, too:\n\nNext time you’re in line at a drive-thru fast food place, when you get to the window to pay for your order, pay for the order of the car behind you, too! I’ve done this quite a number of times and it always makes me feel better if I’m having a rough day! I just ask the cashier that if they ask any questions, to tell them that I hope they have a great day!!! (By the way: Doing it anonymously is the best way!)
Reprogramming Mind
spooky music... is this a mystery?
Ricky Sutphin
Facebook is a narcissist best ego booster. Story way to long. Glad the fella found him some work and some friends.
Rico Suave
My brother works with them, what they did not tell you is that the dude was caught stealing! And by the way this company pays there employees terrible pay!
Riley Peak
Why did this 1 minute story take over 6 minutes?
I thought they would came back the next only to find the homeless dude had finished the entire job by himself instead it sounds like an ad for Empire
Robert Carpenter
I like this story since I have been homeless for much of my life. But I stopped accepting jobs from ppl after on 3 separate occasions I was offered a job for the day and was to be paid at the end of the day only to have the ppl who gave me the job disappear and pay me nothing.
Roller Lala
I kept waiting for the twist.. but there was none.
Scott Brinker
Dude get to the point... How much time of my day do you want for such a simple story...
Scott Kester
I'm not sure why the money they show is US currency, when this story is supposed to be taking place in the UK... they even mention \
Seth Hood
I hired a homeless man to help us with a big job that had to be finished in only 3 days.\nThe homeless man was a hard worker we were very happy,,,,\nUntil the next day we went to the jobsite to find all our tools gone and the homeless man nowhere to be found.\n2 weeks later,,we found the homeless man doing his own job with ALL OUR TOOLS!!! SO,,he hired us to help him finish his job and we worked harder than ever. \nWe now have saved up enough money to buy new tools thanx to this homeless man giving us a job and our tools to complete this job.\nKeep up the good work crooks 😊
Sinnistar - Sen Rufu Studios
I was homeless for 3 years when I was 14 years old to 17. The only way I really survived (and took care of my younger sister) was because of people like that offering me similar jobs. I did roofing, flooring, electrical work, and even some car mechanic work! They were pretty shocked at me being a hard worker and being there quite early and ready whenever they wanted me. Being homeless puts you into such a position where you'll do literally anything, having someone else depending on you furthers that making you have to do just that. I worked hard and was always first to arrive last to leave. Eventually, the man who hired me had me help remodel a house he owned. It was old, and pretty beat up. Naturally, I just figured he was gonna resell it since it was in a great spot with a pond and all. After we finished the remodel, he gave me the house, and a permanent job working for him as long as I wanted to. From there, I worked for the man until he passed away a couple years later. To think that someone with such a heart exists in the world is truly stunning. There are great people out there, they are just far too few to be recognized without stories like this one and mine. Today, the both of us are far better off than we ever would have been were it not for the men who hired me knowing nothing about me during that awful time in our lives.
Spicy Powder
jesus christ with that music i thought he was gonna turn out a serial killer
Stas Volodin
Man gets job, gets paid fairly. The End.
Steve Wilde
the most drawn out story ever.
Think Twice
£50 - £70 for a half day of labouring job is normal pay....
Tita Linda
I agree, it is a nice story. But... a good story would have been if the roofing company would have offered a regular job to John, not just a few hours one morning, and I agree they gave him more money than what he had expected, but.... it was charity. Not happy with the outcome of the story. It 2as a charity that millions of people have done to homeless persons. I saw a man who left himself almost naked, because he gave all his warm clothing to a very cold homeless man. Lets all ge generous, but silently. Lets not make ourselves look like heros for small good actions towards our fellow human being.
Tom H
this story maade me cry good job guys
Hum a smart phone sitting by his drink cup this sounds like a bs story to promote the company what a scam company
Could have been a,2 minute video...more positive feedback needed.\nNice ppl doing human things
Ward Steinbach
Kudos to Empire and these roofers! We need more in the world.
alejandro sandoval
$92 they still under payed him. $120 a day for that work.
Point of the story is that they asked a homeless guy to work for them then underpaid him and bragged on social media how they did a good thing the end
bigdog scarborough
The story is basically advertising for the roofing company
Nice ad for the roofing company.
Good on ya boys. A great gesture. Well done.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 🇦🇺 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🍻🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍💐👍💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐👍👍👍💐👍👍👍👍👍👍
what a waste of 6 minutes
Could have offered him a job, even part time would have been nice, still it was a nice gesture but, c’mon, great worker and ya couldn’t give him any hours, too bad he didn’t live here in the States, we could always use a good laborer for my Company..
This was like listening to a shaggy dog story. No disrespect intended. But nothing remarkable happened. He was paid well and everyone was happy. So what's the big deal?
Anyone notice how many times they mentioned EMPIRE ROOFING, and showed long slow shots of their work vehicles complete with their address, phone numbers etc?\nAnyone else clued on to the fact this is a very clever ADVERTISEMENT? ;)
fukqyou asszhole
He was first on site....lmfao yeah because he slept there idiots.
Can Confirm that The Majority of Homele People are Definitely Down to Work. I was a Homeless Meth&Heroin Addict, and Regardless of If I was Sick or Not(Mostly Not though, Bc I'd get Fronted[That's A Loan for ppl not savvy with Drug Lingo]A Sack for The Day) I'd do odd jobs and Such, then pay them back at the end of the day. Actually got a whole crew of Homeless Homies Along with Me a Couple times to go do work. When you're sick, AND Homeless, Or one or the other, 24/7 is a Hustle. You never stop. People don't give credit to Homeless folks enough.
liemuchbro dude
I wish they would get to the point since we all know what the end is going to be
melanie webster
you guys have big hearts
And then the government got involved... fining the roofing company for not registering a new employee, not co-paying paying social security, not withholding taxes, not paying for worker's compensation, not covering health insurance and then the contractor said \
robert mccully
People are homeless for a many reasons,, mental,drugs or booze, lost their job and so on. I have trained many people that had no skills into self sufficient workers. The hardest part for them is transportation to all the different sites. One small job is nice,, but they should have kept him working from job to job...
thomas brian
damn get to the point, im yawning