Top 10 Quentin Tarantino Kills

In Honour of the upcoming Hateful 8

Quentin Tarantino (Film Director)

Andrea Belluardo
Andy Lib
I still don't know who killed nice guy eddie cabot? Was it mr pink?
Anthony Buda
Anthony Countee
best ever
Antonio Ragazze
was für ein Schwachsinn In den Scenen ist so viel Blödsinn, das man sie gar nicht zu ende schauen will
Average Commenter
2:40 that's not a Nazi, just a German
Banana Nice Cream
Tarantino, master of the cinematic cliché!\nDid the guy ever produce a proper movie?
Ben Lesch
Interestingly, this movie is a manifestation of the Jewish holiday Purim and Megillat Esther. Here is a short paper I wrote on the subject: \n\n\n Both works, though fictitious, express a true sentiment. They espouse the Jews’ burning desire for justice in the absence of God. In each story, a hostile government uproots the Jews from their homes, Jews are threatened with genocide, and Jews have become targeted strangers in their own land. God does not come and enact the final redemption of the Jewish people in either tale, nor is God even mentioned. Rather, the Jews realize the necessity of effecting their own justice and ultimately slaughter the enemy who sought to slaughter them. A young Jewish woman serves as the protagonist in both stories, the main agent in subverting the foes and saving the Jews. In order to achieve the Jews’ salvation, both Esther and Shoshana hide their Jewish identities and ingratiate themselves with Persian aristocracy and the Nazi high command, respectively. Megillat Esther culminates with the Jews overcoming their oppressors, killing seventy-five thousand people in a single day. In Inglorious Basterds, Tarantino re-imagines the end of WWII with two and half hours of viciously killing Nazis, finalized by the immolation of the entire Nazi elite. In essence, both works fetishize the overcoming of the enemies of the Jews; the brutality used to accomplish this is comical. Parallels certainly exist between the scene depicting Hitler and Goebbels being gunned down by a member of the Basterds and the moment when Achashverosh condemns Haman to be hung. Both are intensely satisfying moments of justice, manifestations of Jewish laughter in the face of thousands of years of regimes that sought to murder them. Likewise, any Jew who strolls past the Arch of Titus in Rome must quietly snicker to himself, laughing at the Roman ruler who created a monument to celebrate the defeat of the Jews when, as history attests, it was the Jews who survived while Rome burned to the ground. Tarantino imbues this laughter into his film, with Shoshanna maniacally laughing while rows of Nazi movie-goers face gruesome deaths. In Megillat Esther, the Jewish community of Persia revels in a day of feasting and merrymaking the day after they slaughter seventy-five thousand enemies. The Jews institute Purim as the official holiday of vengeful laughter, a day in which Jews celebrate their continued survival and rejoicing is ritually obligated.
Awe man I shot Marvin in the face
Bongo Cat
furgot the third brittle bro
Boniwan Kenobi
It wasnt a \
Brian Jackson
Eli roth had some of lucille before negan gave her the pretty necklace
srsly this is the best moment ever lool 3:54
Nothing is more patriotic than mowing down nazi swine 💯%!\nOther than smashing a nazi pig skull with a Louisville Slugger.
Candi Soda
9:21 I don't get how the guy in blue gets shot..\n\nGrandpa points gun at person on floor\nGuy in suit points gun at grandpa\nNo one points a gun at guy in blue.. but he still falls down?
Cavalio Thorson mean KB Vol. 2
Cevahir Ileri
I love you, Tarantinoo.
Quentin Tarantino is the man.
Cheredoff Peter
Killing german commander was actually the most stupid one showing blind stupidity of his killer.
Călin Neamțiu
Sick jewish minds
David James
Tarantino......ya just gotta love his films !
Der Sanitäter 1914
Stopped watching when I saw: Nazi Commander\n\nI forgot that for nearly every US American every German back then was a Nazi
Derro Farm
Go ahead Jew,make my day
Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street
Elpo Llito
You should have seen Death Proof before making this video
Erazm Czeczotka
Ernest Sherman
Erricckk Romero
Tarantino is obsessed with violence and blood
FujianXiamen Guo
This is ONLY A JEW's FANTASY.... Germany and the Germans will pay back for what Jews had done. The same goes for the Russians, too. They will have their revenge on what Jews did to Russia and the Russians.
Georg II
Number 7 is by no means a \
Gregory Gremlov
Jude Gestank.
Humberto Lima
DjanGo, DjanGo, DjanGo, DjanGo, DjanGo, DjanGo...
I need a Kill Bill vol.3!!!
Jan Mol
Inglorious Bastard movie is so beside reality. Tipical american made...meaning no style or respect for the oppositie site.\nThe allies won because of their overwhelming power but the best soldiers were the Germans.\nHistory will repeat itself.....soon.
Jay Pak
Jew fantasies lol
John Doe
Jewish expressions of their \
6:52 sound !
Joseph Edward B.
That Jamie fox scene was gay
6:46 OSCAR!!!!
Für alle die deutsch können: \nEs ist so was von abscheulich wie hier mit einem Soldaten, in erster Linie mit einem Menschen in umgegangen wir! Die Szene ist abscheulich.😤😱😠😠
Logan Is daddy
That baseball bat scene damn😂😂😂
Number one's caption is wrong, Mr Pink survives so it shouldn't be everyone.\nIn the script of the movie he is never referenced to as being killed.
2:35 He deserved this Medal 100% to be brave and cool like this in this situation with this bearjudscum
After one short video I already know that (((Tarantino))) is one of the biggest producers of Jewish propaganda.
Matt Parkes
Maximillian Osaben
You include scenes with multiple deaths, but not the basement bar scene from Inglourious Basterds?
Me 86
3:01 I love this scene, when the German Soldier unafraid from that gay Jewish.
Quentin Tarantino is responsible for some of the most gruesome movie kills since John Carpenter's \
Mermaid Von Starfish
Most of his films are well scripted and directed, some are masterpieces, i respect him for that, but they stopped being \
Milan Giordani
Négrophile et suceur de juifs.
Morgan Freeman
Oh man, i shot marvin in the face
Music Matt 76
3:16 Bear Grylls ??
Nick Campbell
Great portrayal of american war crimes.
Ochirkhuyag Zolbaatar
Kill Bill Volume 3 ? (7:25)
Oliver Cloezoff
2:37 \nWe Pissin' are pants yet?
Peter Szabo
kurva anyád te kúpfaszú niggerbuzi tarantinogeci
Play That Funky Music Robot
You forgot the scene where Ordell kills Beaumont in Jackie Brown
jew fighting in WWII and killin nazi... Yeaaah, that will make them better than they really are... What next? Jews winning WWII?
Retro Mammoth
bill and marvin should be the top 2
Inglorious Basterds - the most shity movie ever.
9:23 3-shots 4-deats?
Salty Henry
0:48 Mass genocides against the Aryans (1945, colourised)
Still dont know who killed Niceguyeddie...
Son of the twelfth legion
Haha, the face of Jewish vengeance :D\nI guess when you have no real heroes or acts of grand heroism, you make up movies like inglorious bastards.
Sorry Not Sorry
Every one of them. I love every one of Quentin Tarantino's movies. Great post!!
Resesrv Dogs Best
i love every Quentin Tarantino movie, he is the best
Tenzin Kunsang
I just saw two or three of his movies.. Django Unchained was so sad and strong movie.. He is a brilliant director..
Tesla Death Ray
Switch no. 1 and 2. She killed Bill by breaking his heart. If you can think of a better example of symbolism in film id like to hear it. The genius of the 5 point palm is not only is it inherently badass, but it gives Bill a solemn, non-gory death, and allows them to have a tender moment AFTER she has already killed him.
The Rocket Radio Show
One long demonstration of what the tribe has planned for whites.
Tarantino is a legend !
VOHA Media
Instagram: aaronyoung555
Vetal Vel
2:45 But the German was not afraid of the Jews
Wes N'Zoth
02:47 Thomas Eichorst XD
Marvin was only number 4.....
Xx Zz
Ya Ri
Tarantino on ohut jätkä.
alex zippo
Fuckin Propaganda !
alexandre soares de santana
Tarantino forever.👁👁
Tarantino has 100% mental issues .
Are you still supposed to be a bad ass if your enemies are incompetent? That one dude couldn't even hold his own gun.
darius bekker
Marvin should have been number one
Few truly insane people get to make movies.
dylan storm trooper der
I missed the part when fritz haber gassed the Syrian children :)-lmfaao
i can never watch inglorious bastard, i hate who kills germans in that way
hail Davis
Vincent vega dies.......?
il meglio del cinema
I am sorry, i couldn't resist
jojo mojo
Nothing more satisfying than watching nazis burn, and screaming of agony from their melting flesh! glorious!!!
QT has some bizzarre fetishism over violence.
The thing that always gets me about #7 is that he actually WASN'T a Nazi commander... just a German soldier. He won his medal for actual bravery. What I love about that scene is that it shows just how sadistic the supposed \
Nazi or no Nazi, killing a POW is never acceptable.
oh marvin he never stood a chance
Tarantino is a sick dude making garbage movies for jew producers with a sinister plan. This is not about entertainment only
v. v.
hollywood crap.
Deathproof\n Last scene