Linkin Park - One Step Closer - Easy Rock Guitar Lessons

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Adhokshaj Acharya
8:24 he doesn't have a musical soul...😒😐
Aitor Navarro
This is nu metal not a rock song
Andy Baranek
Ariel McAlister
Can you do a tutorial for The Red by Chevelle please? :)
Arpan Dey
what was that at 2:39
Bailey Scott
Not as good as argon khoff
Bartholemew Kennith Charelzz IV
6:37 E(6) 5th fret A(5) 5th fret D(4) 7th fret
Beatrix Ducz
2:37 theres a picture 
+martyzsongs you the shirtless guy in your old band picture u fit in @ 2:39?
Almost 1 million congrats marty
Collin Schofield
I got the band pic
Connor Sperling
Cristian moreira
Thank you so much
Danisha Gohil
RIP Chester 😢😭
Danroh Manalo
And what is the last part of tutorial?
Darth Jarp
The intro is with armonics
Derp AlHerp
2:39 is a picture of his old band in black and white
Gustavo Ronconi
Hello old as you walk ?\nLook 'm looking for people to teach how to play the theme:\n' ' Don't drag me down - social distortion ' ' .\nI see that your videos are good quality and have a good way of teaching .\nCould you upload a video of how to play this theme in electric ? I would greatly appreciate it.\nI love this topic since I heard on the classic game of PlaystationX - Dave Mirra BMX .\nA big greeting from Argentina.
HJ Productions
My old band xD
Nice pic of your old band lol
James Miguel
Do more linking park songs
Jeffrey Potter
Dude, you are such a great instructor
Jesus Christ
RIP Chester
Guitar lesson for noobs xD
Just use tabs people
John Duprez
had to give it a like as soon as i saw the Tenacious D shirt!!!!! And this is a really good tutorial, i should be rockin in no time
Jordan Moorman
Oh dang man, I took lessons from you at your home back in Vista, like.. 14 years ago, haha. glad to see you are doing so well!
Just A dude
Could you consider a tutorial on rip and tear by mick Gordon?
Kurt Cobain
Shut up when I'm talking to you
KwonSoo Kim
what effect do you use? Dist + OD?
Kylie L Cust
Yes, I did just see a flash of a band anyway!
Laughing Jack
just say drop c# xD
Lucas Martin
Marty you're awesome!!! you da man
Luka Proo
Dont watch this its very wrong
M.D. Bl.
02:39 I spend like 20 minutes trying to pause one that.
Love this track this guy is
Manny guitar
Please do FAINT lesson plz
Mark Anthony
i thought my eyes just tricked me. . .but, yeah! i really saw a picture (\
Mark Antony Santos
Merdock Parker
Did anyone else see the image at 2:39??????? O.o
Mr E
I Love your Lessons Marty !!! 👍
Music First Friends Last
I saw the image and I stopped it at the right time on my 4th try.... Your old band is so weird!
Nicky Tirlea
You forgot the breakdown, and you're playin the chorus a slight bit wrong
Noah Rymenams
Marty, do you have your own band? or is the guitar lessons it?
Olik Maharg
Tabs for the last part?
Pedro Bleasby
enjoyed the trailer and what you do
Perry Tirotta
Marty, you are an awesome teacher!! Do you have any lessons in lower registers like \
Hello everyone, what channel is that(clean or distortion) and also can I use other brand of guitar effects for that sound (line 6 stompbox is expensive)   (sorry for my question , I'm just a beginner in electric guitars)
Prince Byron Alfonso
too much explaination
Chorus is played wrong
Rated Punk
more Linkin Park plz
Renaissance Man
Wait I thought that Linkin Park like Korn used 7 string guitars, no?
Rodrigo Zambeli
It's missing one part...
Samuel lee Vallongo
Great demo I like the second option u showed sounds better in octaves thx
Sgt Bl4de
dude plz make this, the red jumpsuit apparatus where are the heroes tab and tutorial
I love you so much marty
Shattered Black
You should do a guitar tutorial for scattered by green day
Sid Black
How do U make your guitar sound so hard? (Im a beginner)
Sijan Sthapit
Is it a Gibson SG Special or SG standard guys? I want to own one of them!!!
thanks helped a lot
Sourav Ghosh
Did anyone else notice a weird image flash for a millisecond there near 2:38??? I've been trying to get the video to pause at the image but have failed so far. But it flashes everytime.
Stanton Cullum
This sounds so cool definitely have to try it
Steven Houben
Can i play it in normal e drop?
Street Drummer
I have that same exact guitar. They're awesome!
Ted Taylor
Marty is the best I learnt from
Im confused do you need the stomp box he mentioned it the beginning to have that exact sound
Tomas Michek
3:27 like a cockatoo. :D
TotalLunatic 47
Rest In Peace chester bennington Rest In Peace Linkin Park
Tripp Holland
can you do a guitar lesson on dont stay by linkin park AND/OR QWERTY by linkin park please? the first song i learned on the guitar was iron man by black sabbath and i thought it was hard, then i lerned this one and i thought it was hard with the harmonic but i laerned it, and now its like the easiest thing to play so i learned one step closer , faint , from the inside, guilty all the same, papercut , no more sorrow , given up and bleed it out, and what i did was i played those song as fast as i could so i could improve my playing speed so i could keep up with fast songs, so now i want a challenge like QWERTY or dont stay ny linkin park.
Uthaman Roschke
U should do swichfoot songs \n
Please sir make a video tutoral of linkin park somwhere i belong
Varunprasad Athi
Wait Marty Schwartz?
Vincent Coraza
and nice tutorial :)
Vladimir Iliev
this cover sucks if you really wanna know how to play that song watch astatlpvids
Vrishank Vashistha
Like if you saw the snap of Marty's old band between 2:39 and 2:40 :D xD
Yung Rennie
you remind me of Angel Batista from Dexter ;)
 did anyone else catch that picture he snuck in around 2:38 2:44 weird he would do\n that
could you do Helena by my chemical romance
can you do some Sevendust please?
dennis segall
Dude I feel like every song I wanna learn you got a lesson for it you rock dude and make learning the guitar easy and fun... One day if I ever get good enough I'm gonna return the favor to others just like you
this is too hard i wanna die
ethano rawlinsino
I have no idea how to tune to that
iRa Hippo
Lol look at Marty's old band
jason Mad
Nice bro it helps me to learn it easily
jm argarin
Hey marty! Can you do a My Generation by Limp Bizkit Guitar tutorial please?
linkin krap
2:39 scared the shit out of me
Could you please make a playlist for beginner electric guitars
mike hussey
Your t shirt kicks arse.
moc nemachruj hraješ to blbě hned na začátku
pontus thotnberg
haha nice picture @2.39
look really carefully at 2:39
RIP Chester :(
umang punk
Guilty all the same and Until its gone\nany time soon???
utkarsh singh
hey marty,\ni m planning to buy my first electric guitar.....plz suggest one
Metallica subliminal messaging? Why?