Child Predator Social Experiment: Would YOUR KID Take Candy From a Stranger?

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A prank and social experiment to show how important it is to educate your kids regarding perfect strangers! Share this video! Subscribe Now for more Pranks, Social Experiments and Fun Videos:

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1 super silly girl
Stranger: do you want candy?\n\n\n\nMe: no.\n\n\n\nStranger: ive got wifi ;)\n\n\nMe: OH HELL YESSSS
Abbigail Rizza Mansat
Lmao I don't even like candy
Aleeyah Bynum
A lady walked up to me and said \
Alien Wolf
A stranger once walked up to me and said “do you want some candy” and I said on a diet but I played it nice asked for his address and # and he gave it to me and said hold I ima go put it in my phone so I can sneak out later and I went to my mom she called the police and I gave them his information they caught him lol that guy was stupid 😂 I’m glad I’m short I’m 11 and he though I was 8 lollll \nNever judge a book by its cover
Amma Ly
I would take the candy...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAND THROW IT IN THE TRASH!!
Ana Barros
No are you guys sleeping
Anas saleh
3:50 hitler?
All my excuses for the lures.\nStranger: Do you want some candy?\nMe: Nope I'm trying to go on a diet.\n\nStranger: Hey do you wanna pet my dog.\nMe: Sorry but I'm allergic.\n\nStranger: Your mom told me to pick you up.\nMe: Oh really\nStranger: Yes\nMe: Ok then what is her name?\nStranger: Oh snap\n\nStranger: Sup broh just wanted to pick you up because your mom was old friends with this famous guy.\nMe: Really?\nStranger: Oh yes \nMe: Then how come she never told me?\nStranger: Um because she forgot?!\nMe: Suuuuuuuuuuuuure\n\nStranger: Hey kid I'm famous and I want you to make a movie with me in the parking lot.\nMe: Why in the parking lot?\nStranger: My studio is closed.\nMe: Well listen I don't care about being famous sooooooo Yeah. \n*I pedal away*\nStranger:Welp
Bella Hayes
Stranger: want some candy?\n\nMe: nah, I'm on a no candy diet and it looks like you need to go on one too
Bob Franklin
😂😂😂 the kids legit say \
Brianna Patel
The kids are like wtf is happening give me the damn candy
Bryce boss35
Jim watches video: MAN THESE PARENTS NEED TO TEACH THIER KIDS ABOUT STRANGERS GIVING THEM CANDY!\n\nJim's kids: Can we go trick-or-treating dad?\n\nJim: No problem, just be back home by 12:30!
Cat Boy Gamer
I am only ten and I would say no and ignore him and just walk to my mom or dad and tell them what happened.. I would be threatened.
One time a person did this and I ran away.
Cayetana Gamer
Stranger: Do you want a Candy?\nMe: No thx...\nStranger: Why not?\nMe: I don't like candy...\n\n\nIn Halloween: \nStranger: Do you want a Candy?\nMe: OMG YES THX YOU SO MUCH!!!
Charlotte Harris
Its good that the guy asked the parents first or we would have seen the cops
Cheese and Quackers
Stranger: want some candy?\nMe: okay\nStranger: *gives*\nMe: *throws candy in garbage*
Cute Hamster
Stranger: You want some candy?\nMe: Sure.\nStranger: Here. *gives Dum Dums*\nMe: Nah, I hate Dum Dums. I rather have potato chips and cola. * Punches stranger in the stomach and pours sand in stranger's eyes. Walks off like a boss and says, \
Daniel Baker
Can you try the trick with unpackaged candy with powder on it.
David Gifford
How this guy isn’t in jail yet mystifies us all.
Deidara's Sidekick
Stranger:Want some candy?\nMe:pulls knife out of nowhere and drops into fighting stance HELL NO!
Dog Days
E Wotton
I accidentally took candy from a stranger once I was 11 and I was in a hotel with my parents and I was in the elevator going to floor 3 and this guy got on he was going to floor 2 and he had a plate with 2 pieces of bread 7 mars bars and 2 Cadbury dairy milks he was also holding about five water bottles (the hotel sold all of the food he was holding) he dropped one of the water bottles and I picked it up and handed it to him he and he thank me then the elevator arrived at floor two and right before he got of he asked me if I wanted to have one of the chocolate bars Me: “Are you sure?” Stranger: “Yeah” Me:ok thank you then he left the elevator and I went up to floor 3 \n\nI would just like to say that would never follow him anywhere, and there are security cameras all over the hotel including the lift hall and rooms and there where people in the hall at the time.
Enkhmandakh Jargal
I would be like you get away from me and yell to my parents😂
Enony Muz
this rarely happens in my country because we are 3rd world country with poverties and no halloween. I guess everything has it sides.
FNH Fortnite haters
Stranger: want ice cream me:no stranger: then what you want. Me:ice cream stranger:here the ice cream. Me: no I want... Stranger:you want what? Me:I want ice cream stranger: go get it me:you get it stranger:OK here me:no I want ice cream stranger: no what me:what stranger:I'm leaving bye me:bye
FaDe_ Viper
These kids are freakin dumb
*Me* (SLAPS CANDY CANE OUTTA STRANGES HAND* BOI! YOU *BEEP* *BEEP* ect...\nOr in other words I don’t need candy.
Galaxy Skyz
well i’m a kid myself if someone offered me candy i would just take the candy open it and break it into peices and then i would spit on them and throw the candy to them
Girl of Many Oddities
Plot twist: *one of those “parents” he’s asking is actually a stranger!*
if this happened to me:\n\nStranger:Do you want some candy?\n\nme: yes...\n\nStranger: but you d-\n\nme: yes but I have learnt karate so if you kidnap me I WILL punch you in the nose so don't mess with me\n\nEdit: OMG thx 4 likes
Greysonator Vlogs
The only thing that will get kids in cars these days is free wifi
Hank DeVries
5:14 \
And yet at Christmas times the parents sit their kids on Santa's lap and he bounces them up and down.
Its Lyz
No way, they took candy from a stranger 20 feet away from their parents.
James Guy
My parents used to tell me if a stranger comes up to you and offers you candy and ask you to get into the back of his car. . . . . Then Go ! !
Janelle Arriaga
GUY: You want some Candy 🍭?\n\n\nMe: ** Playing on phone You know you you realize that I can call 911 on my phone right???\n\n\nGUY: **Walks away QUICKLY
Jason Buntin
Am a kid and I would run I'd freak-out run and be screaming mommy daddy stanger is try to give me candy 😬😬😨😨😭😭😧😧😦😦
Jessica Rk900
2013: do you want some candy?\nMe: yes\n:come in my car\nMe: sure\n \n2018: hey you want some candy?\n\nMe: no thanks\n\n: I got WiFi and fortnite \n\nMe: LET ME IN
Stranger: Hey kid you want some candy?\n\nMe: Nah fam I'm allergic to tartaric acid.\n\nStranger: Well I have a dog in my van, wanna pet him?\n\nMe: No thanks I'm a cat person.\n\nStranger: I also have free WiFi in the van!\n\nMe: I'm good I have unlimited data.\n\nStranger: WHAT DO YOU WANT THEN???\n\nMe: A Xiaomi black shark, A club penguin membership, and tickets to see Yo Gabba Gabba on ice.
KGB Comrade
Lol\nSo what i learned today\nWhite people have to learn from only youtube videos\nKids maybe so dumb to get candy from some stranger\nThis video has 13 million views just for some single life lesson\nWTF
Kaitlyn Bradshaw
If a stranger gave me candy I would say “Nah, I can buy my own candy”
Karlie D
Once I was walking with my friend to the library for a quiz on Friday and this lady came up to us and said would you like to donate your socks to me when she had perfectly good socks and clothes on my friend said no thanks and we ran away 😂😂🖤true story
Kate The Furry
*Jesus I wish the people in my country were friendly, loyal, helpful and nice...*
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KoolAid Man
It doesn’t work with kids with *BRACES*
Kornelija Mauricaitė
Stranger:Want some candy?\nMe:*takes candy*\nMe:*smaches candy in a street*\nMe:No thanks
Leon Alex
== I don't really think there's any effect.....
Life am I right
But I’ve taken candy from strangers ALOT. \n\n\n\n\n\n\nYou know, Halloween
Lil Pyro
I would not take the candy,however I would take free wifi😂🤣
Littlebossmsn Reeves
I would so \n\nStranger: Hello\nMe: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii\nStranger:Want this milk flavour lolly \nMe:Yah\nStranger:come with me \nMe:ok\nStranger:*points at van* \nMe:*jumps in van*\nTO BE COUNTIUED
Llama 4life
Stranger: u want some candy?\nMe: no\nStranger: u sure \nMe: yes\nStranger: what do u want?\nMe: Saiki. K 😍😍\nStranger: ok come get it out my car\nMe: so u have my bae in your car?\nStranger: (in thoughts) oh shiii-\nMe: exactly. Now you either go get my bae, or leave me alone.\nStranger: come with me so we can get him \nMe: nah I'm gonna surprise him\nStranger (in thought) I'm sure not gonna look for this guy. \nMe: GO GET MY BAE\nStranger: ok \n*Stranger leaves*\nPlot twist\nOk Mom I got dad to leave now can I watch anime?\nMom: ok but stop kissing the screen 😑 or u won't watch that weird Saiki show thing
Lps Maddie
Well my mom knows i will not and i know i will not
Lucid dreams ღ
if a stranger tried to give me candy I would say *nope yall need Jesus.*
Im alright i never go outside..
Maddie McIntyre
Want some candy? \nYes \nWould you take candy from strangers?\nNo \nWould you want some candy? \nYes \n😂
Marco Petit
Hey man tose kids were all for it!!!
Master Raisin
Meghan Hinojosa
If you agree that you should not take a candy from a stranger give a like
Mrs. Hotdog
Stranger: hi \nMe : hi... \nStranger: want candy \nMe : no \nStranger: u sure\nMe : yes... \nStranger: what do you want then \nMe: i want a iPhone \nStranger: i have it in this van \nMe: ok \nStranger: come \nMe : ok \nMe * kicks in nuts * \nMe : * runs * \n\n My mommy told me to that if a stranger go up to me 👿 YEAH
NKAREs Rotana
Him:You want candy? *holds out lolliepop.*\nKid: *reaches for lollipop.* \nHim: *pulls lolliepop away* oh but you don't take candy from strangers right?\nKid:Nuhh *shakes head.*\nHim:But we're not strangers because we've been talking for a few minutes right? *holds out lolliepop.*\nKid: *nods while reaching out for lolliepop.*\nHim:But I'm a stranger. *pulls back lolliepop.*\nMe:Do you wanna kidnap this kid or what??!
Natalia Colvin
What I would do:\nStranger: Hey want some candy?\nMe: Sure\nStranger: *Gives candy*\nMe: *Holds out knife and stabs candy*
Nope Paul
Random stranger: you want some candy?\nKids: yes\n*2 hours later*\n*insert kids hanged up on a wall with there eyeballs falling out and blood everywhere and there heart taken out with dramatic music
:do you want some candy?\n:do you like prison?
Paris Gacha
*DaNg iT bO*
Patrick Hepner
Hi stranger
Do u want candy\n\nYes\n\nBut I am a stranger u don't take candy from stranger \n\nNoooo\n\nBut u want some \n\nYes\n\nWhy\n\nBecause I am hungry
Race10 ftw
I would just eat it...
Random Emo Trash
*stranger* Hey kid, want some candy? It is in my van.\n*me* no\n*stranger* I also have monopoly bucks\n*me* *jumps in van*
Random Fury Boiz
Just a reminder kids never take candy from strangers it will give you cavities 🙂
Riley Taylor
Hey kids, hop in my van for v-bucks
Rjh TTC Fan
Of some one that gave me candy i will say nope
Roblox girl panda world 123
The kids are so cute
When I was a kid, I used to offer candy to adults, and then scold them for exploiting me ..........(I was born in Soviet Russia).
Spaceworm .works
I would take it then throw the candy away because PEPPERMINT PATTIES FOR THE WIN!!!
Stefanie Robinson
No no kids u know better
Well Im Focused on magic 😂😂
Titanium Alloy
Pedo:come into the back of my van i got candy.\n\nKid:stfu \n\nStranger: i also got free wifi\n\nKid: YEA BOI
Stranger:want some candy?\nMe:ok\nStranger:*grins*\nMe:*throws the candy in his face\nMe:get a life
How do I fit more than twelve kids in my van
Vian Matti
If they were weird like that I would definitely not take it Especially if they ask do you take candy from strangers
Wîld Fìrë
You watch Luxurypranks too
angιe and вrι'ѕ ѕlιмe cнannel
blah blah
hollie.a _official
all the parents just laughed \nmy parents would be up there smacking my ass 😂😂
idk what to name my channel lol
Stranger things
iiMagical Mermaidx
its me millie
I took candy from strangers before.\n\n\n\n\nat halloween.
jimin, you got no jams
Stranger: Hey you know not to take candy from stranger right?\nKid: Ya\nStranger: Do u want some? \nKid: Ya
lil' peep 994
You\nAre\nProbably\nWondering\nWho\nThe\nBest\nPerson\nIn\nThe\nWorld\nIs\n\nRead the top 2 words
*ლ(• ㅅ •)ლ*
mika chu
Once I was 4(And dumb) I was playing on the slide. A person comes up to me and told me to get in the bus. I thought I was smart and FRICKIN KICKED HIM IN THE BALLS... *Turns out there was a field trip and the man was the principal SOOO*\n\n\n\n\n*WE CAN ALL SAY IM NOT HIS FAVORITE ANYMORE!*
What Would Happen If A Stranger Offered Me Candy\n\n\nStranger:Would you like some candy?\nMe:Yeah sure whatever\nMy Friend:Deanna don’t take that!\nMe:Shut it Izz I have a plan\nMy Friend: *runs off*\nMe: *takes candy*\nStranger:*grins*\nMe: *runs off and throws candy away*\nThat’s what I would do\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*likes own comment*
pixster123 channel
Play fontna
richmondfannonstop 4life
I took candy from strangers before\n\n\n\n\n\nHalloween
spicymeme -
What to do \n(These are ideas, don’t actually do it cause kidnappers might outsmart you)\n-Plot twist and say “Hey adult, want candy”\n-Speak a different language if you can\n-say “foot” and run away\n-sing a song to them: “NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP-“\n-whisper to them “let’s make a deal, if I take your van, you keep your candy.”\n-jump to the nearest trash can and they won’t come back\n-keep annoying them by saying “OMG I FOUND ‘MY’ HIDDEN BROTHER OMGOMG”\n-grab a book and start reading to the kidnapper\n-yawn and lay down on the spot, then say, can you pass me a candy?\n-start jumping and pretend you’re excited, AND YELL “OMG YASS MY DREAM COEM TRUE, GET CANDY FROM A ‘TOTALLY’ NOT A STRANGER, walk away then lol\n-grab out 100x more candy and say “wanna trade?”\n-casually order an ice cream\n-if u got data, grab your phone and order a candy on amazon (you can pretend you are too, but make it look realistic)\n-You can say “I will take ya’ candy if you sing me an original song”\n-take a selfie with him “Say ChEeSe”
zombie shadow360
If some one offered me ice cream and If it's vanilla ice cream ya need help but if it's choclate nope y'all peeps I'm going srry but it's choclate
アデックス Adetex
I prefer salami or salt lol