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This is how I learnt french in 6 months. This is my story. MY BOOK (covers my method and how I learnt french): Business Email: [email protected]

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AU Sketch
Okaaaaaaayyyy!!!!This is soooooo freakkkkinnnggg awesome and big time INSPIRING.... DEF Gon check out your book. In a year... I better be speaking both Arabic en French or else I am coming for you... Haha... Lol... Just kidding. Thanks man... Thank you so much!!!!
Ada See
Nna ke kwanụ? Are u Igbo cuz u hv an Igbo name?
I speak German as my mother tongue, english, french and a bit russian and japanese\n\nEdit: And im 15
Alexandra Windfeather
Amazing! Kind of thinking of learning french again. I do have to think about it though. I'm from germany and for our graduation we have english and another language, normally french, or spanish, I am leaning towards spanish so I'm not sure.. Also, I'm learning korean so I wont learn all of them at the same time.\nJust to explain\nI am 15 years old and a I said german, k pop is a big thing in germany and I like it a lot, so I started learning it, but you cant take korean for your a level so I do have to learn another language\nAnd yes I am a big fan of languages, I dont think german or watch anything german anymore😂\nBut I'm still bad at english so I am sorry for every mistake I made!\nAnd I know its a lot, for example I always forget '😅\nAnyway, thank you for your amazing videos, you are a big inspiration for me🙂
Anne Gaelle Preumont
Il veut apprendre à parler et il regarde la télé réalité
Anthony Vasseur
You can’t imagine how you became an example for me to study English and make this language a second native language.\nFor real, I can only appreciate how fast you learnt French, and how well you speak it, it’s really impressive.\nKeep up the good work bro, I really hope we’ll met one day (fuck I know it’s impossible) but by the way I will always following you !🔥
Bien joué tu parle bien ! Moi j'ai appris en 1an tu es extraordinaire ! Et je connais CYPRIEN (^.^) je t'ai vu sur sa vidéo
I got my gcses in 6 months and i dont know a word of French😭😭 I feel like this is a sign ima try to learn. Like if you wanna know my progress :)
Très fort mec💪💪
Bravo félicitations à toi
Britanny Murphy
Bravo à toi!! Tu montres que tout est possible! If you learned french in 6 months, you can learn all language as you want!! Très inspirant! 👌🏽Magnifique!
Cassaxndra Dml
Waaaa tu parles vraiment bien français, surtout que c’est une langue compliquée. ❤️
Clara Mdr
Franchement bravo! J'adore l'accent c'est super cool
Cleden Alis
tu es courageux d'apprendre le français et même tu as progresser très rapidement vraiment bravo ! good job man xD
Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola
This is so motivating!!!!😍😍😍😍
CyberSecurity Expert
nc effort
Tu parle super bien français maitenant! félicitations c'est pas une langue facile à apprendre
Dj Try
Tu parle super bien
Dndn Sbsks
Qu est que c est? C est bizarre
The worst part of French is either the double negatives or the verb “system”.
Ejiro Okorodudu
Inspired to another level!
Elayne Chan
Really inspiring! I've been slowly learning Italian, and seeing your journey is really fuelling that motivational fire!
Elyes Thedislikerof
Moi j’parle 5 langue parfectement
Employés d’Epic
Tu parle bien français ( im french )
Equiit Marine
On voit de gros progrès tout au long de la vidéo, mais le français est une langue difficile !😊 bonne continuation ! Bisous de Lyon (France)
Damn... why you have to sell a book and not just help us on YT to learn.... so sad.
Eugene Choi
5:06 c'est qui? J'ai commencé apprendre français aussi et j'ai besoin des suggestions des chaînes françaises sur Youtube
Evan Aksel
Wow this is incredible and amazing,thnx for sharing this video with us
FaZe UraNiuM
félicitation a toi bro c'est incroyable ce que tu fait , juste un énorme respect pour toi !!!! PEACE ;)
This guy knows more in 6 months than me with 4 years of teaching it in school
This is sooo inspiring for me. I also aspiring to learn more languages! I like seeing you progress and I like your idea of 'recording yourself'. That might be good for listening to own accent, etc. Again, thank you thank you :)
If any of you really want to learn a language but don't know where to start. I highly recommend to check out my book that's linked above. It's truly the book I wish I had when I first started to teach myself languages. It explains everything. Where to start, what to expect, all the best resources to use, common mistakes to avoid and it's 10x as motivational as this video :)
Imjus_ TooShy
Wow sa se travail ! C'est vraiment très compliquer d'apprendre le français personne ne le maitrise réelement
been studyng french for 10 years, your already doing better than me, i'm in year 8
Itachibre Uchiha 馬鹿
Franchement c'est pas mal tu as un bon accent ! Après le français est une langue extrêmement compliquée à parler, à comprendre et à écrire surtout ahah
JBL test
Tu parle bien le français
Joe Warren
And I can’t learn Spanish in 4 years
June Wong
加油! I'm learning French now (1st week) @@
Kim Jong-un
I learned English when I came out of the womb
A French approves your French accent 👍
Wow bravo! Je suis content d'être né français parce que je n'aurai pas eu le courage de l'apprendre. J'apprends l'anglais et l'espagnol de mon côté mais le français... Ça doit être extrêmement décourageant avec toutes les irrégularités et bizarreries de la langue. Je salue ton courage !
Tres bien. \nGreetz from Germany
I'm so admirative! Congrats from France ;)
M. Thomas
Hé hé cyprien est connu partout on dirai !! Et sinon bravo
MK Twins
This motivated me to learn French too. Am algerian and I could easily say the majority of Algerians speak French but I dot cuz I don't live their. Whenever I visit people speak in French to me and I've to awkwardly tell them I don't understand. Funny enough my mom is a French teacher. I've just always procrastinated but had it in the back of my head but now I'll do it haha.
Macaque GAMING
Oh mon dieu il a regardé les marseillais il a fait une dépression après
C'est vraiment bien! 😄
Manon Dutreuil
Excellent ! Juste BRAVO 👌✌️💋
Bravo de la France 🇫🇷❗️🎊
Maxime Schmitt
I've been learning French for three months = J'apprends le français depuis trois mois.
Melkidis Melkidis
Bonjour. Si vous voulez apprendre le français vous devez acheter un manuel et commencer à l'apprendre. Il faut travailler chaque jour de votre vie. Sans la discipline on ne peut pas apprendre une langue. Je fais mes études déjà trois mois. Je sais qu'il y a beaucoup de fautes dans mon commentaire, mais je tâche d'écrire un texte en français. Il y a quelques mois je n'ai pas su comment dire \
Metrogypsie !
I’m so impressed with this video. So inspiring too.
Michèle Laroque et CML
Super pour un anglais (Good good very good)
Moi Manon
I'm french !😂😍\nComment ça vas ?\n\nGood Job !
Muffin Smith
Outro song?
Nanook of the North
Si les français pouvaient arrêter de décourager tout ceux qui voudraient apprendre notre langue... Le français a une grammaire beaucoup plus classique (= qu'on retrouve dans beaucoup d'autres langues) que l'anglais et beaucoup moins de phonèmes différents (donc prononciation plus simple). Je ne dis pas que c'est une langue facile mais simplement qu'elle a, comme toutes les langues, des aspects plus simples et d'autres plus compliqués ; à vous entendre, on dirait que seuls des génies peuvent espérer maîtriser le français. \n\nTo the people who would like to study French : don't listen to the ones who say it's too difficult; all you need is motivation. French has a quite common grammar, less different sounds than English and no real accentuations, but the spelling and the conjugations can be tricky. All I'm saying is that each languages has its difficulties and its facilities. Also, the difficulty really depends on your mother tongue and on how far it is from French (eg. Italian speakers will find it easier than English speakers). \n\nI think those advices are suitable for every language you'd like to learn.
Respect .
Niet Cherry
C'est super!! Tous ces progrès ça me motive a apprendre de nouvelles langues :)
Numero 8
Je suis français et je souligne se tres bon travail ! Bravo mec !
Ok wow this was freaking awesome! Just found your channel. Working on my Spanish, like properly. This gives me a lot of hope! New subscriber too :-)
Olivia O
I started off with French and now I’m going to learn other languages. There’s just so much to learn so why limit ourselves. Merci pour cette video ❤️❤️
Les temps en français sont les choses les plus durs à apprendre ! Félicitations ! 🎉
Pierou VLOG
Queen Queenly
Your French is amazing
Rania Ranuch
Nice progress!! Very inspiring :)
Sabrina Aljabarti
Vous êtes très sympa
Sarah C
Je tient juste à dire que j’ai eu mon brevet avec mention bien
Simon CR
BRAVO, six mois seulement, ca n’a pas dû être facile.
The improvement is amazing I wished I filmed my improvement in learning English (i am French btw).My tip to learn any language is to surround yourself with people who speak the language and doesn’t speak your native language so you are forced to learn it.its tought at the beginning but it the fastest and most efficient way to learn any language ;)
Can you speak Igbo?
UNetwork Coin UUU will Moon
I started learning but don't know if that effort is worth it. Nobody speaks french here in Germany. I speak english and german.
Umber Learns Languages
This is so inspirational
Every body saying they want to learn french should be warned french is a really hard language to learn, way harder then english or spanish. Even french people don’t know how to fully speak french perfectly.
Wakies Gaming
Thanks you for this video ; ) \nMaintenant je parle vachement bien français putain 😂
So you’re friend is dutch.\nIn holland you learn Frensh,English and German (spanish)
Thank you for the motivation
Yevandy O
this is super motivating... I have given myself a year to learn French and I'm starting A2 classes at Alliance Francaise next month.. Ill watch your videos anytime I start to get discouraged.
Ziliaaa' Belaïdi
Tu parle vraiment bien Français c'est incroyable je t'adore change pas❤\nI love your accent
Hello everi body i am french and you speek very well french just the accent but in 6 month that incredible 👍👍 I try to speek since 6 years and i dont see my level evolved.\nSorry for a eventualy lack of orthografphy.\nFrench kiss 😂😘
akram vlogs yp
I am just 17 yo and i can speak 4 languages 💪💞🇩🇿
dina klc
omg this is do iconic lmao i took my first french class in grade 6 now i‘m grade 10 and I can barely speak it ahahahah
genji main
The most important expression to know in French is \
Impressionnant. Chapeau bas monsieur.
I went to France for 2 weeks and managed to get by just saying yes and no\nBut having a fluent French speaking person with me helped a little
jooki Giroud
Bravo pour ta détermination !
koke bz
thank you so much, I've always wanted to learn a language, a lot of them actually, but I've always gave up so quickly. but now you inspired me a lot (:
music Styles
Oh lala j'aime trop ta coupe de cheveux ❤ Surtout, continue à faire des chansons et des vidéos en français. Gros bisous de Lyon
rayyan hussein
You learned more French in 6 months than I did in school for 7 years
samuel de lange
Bravo à toi! It also took me about 6 months to learn french, but I was thrown in to public school without any knowledge so it was quite brutal! To anyone doubting their lingual capacities, just go for it!
the king102
This video made me learn French and brought me motivation Thank you !!!😃😀👍
thibaut debise
I'm french and i'm really amazed by your improvement !! good job keep it up , French is quite hard to learn but it is a really great language (btw sorry for my english ahah)
It’s incredible how important motivation is when learning a language. I had french for 5 years in school and you’re speaking better than me.
Никита Дячина
Learned italian in 6 months, that's really possible and not so hard.