Are You Comfortable Sir? - The Royal Shave at Truefitt Hill - Mumbai India

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Alan Burke
This guy isnt just good, He is a master of his trade. Dont see masters of any trade much these days. Beautiful thing.
Alan Hays
1) Harry, great video...kudos to the camera-lady\n\n2) I am having a tough time believing this was actually filmed in India as I didn't hear a single honking horn....LOL
Aneesh Vora
*_comfortable sir_* ?? *The golden word* .😁
Angelo Alberto Granata
Tell me what you want, but this barber is 100 times better than Baba. My opinion.
Arnold Palmer
This looks like a very classy establishment but still no escaping the car horns!
B2B Bogey
Can't keep my eyes open...
Billy Smith
I hope ur wife got a little fun in bed that night after standing and filming for 45 mins 😉
Billy Wild
I can still hear those fu——ing horns in the background 😂
Bobbi Floss
What exactly is he shaving ? You have no facial hair ?
Bret McNamara
Love your videos Harry! So relaxing! This might be one of your best ones yet! The only problem is, I should not have watched this over my lunch hour because now I won't be worth a damn the rest of the afternoon! Cheers!
Bret Womble
Does he get a dollar every time he says “comfortable sir?”
Helps to actually have some discernible facial hair when you get a shave, no?
Harry changed the name haha that’s hilarious !
comfortable sir?
Christian Rodriguez
happy Valentine's every1
Jeez how many towels does this guy go through on a busy day?
Crash Override
Definitely one of the more upscale barbershops i have seen in India.
I liked his little sleight of hand advertisement at 10:50
David Hall
Wow! 45 minutes for a shave and massage? He should have let you sleep for the extra 15 minutes. Did you have to pay for the full hour? Or do they charge by the towel?
David Thornton
I think I would fly to India and back in a day for that shave experience. Thanks Harry for another awesome video!
Denis Völker
And on the camera \
Diego Rivera
Hide your girlfriends, hide your wives, Haircut Harry is coming after all of our ladies with that fresh haircut
Dorian Philotheates
Philip II, Alexander the Great’s father, was once asked by a gregarious barber how he wanted his hair cut. “In silence”, Philip replied.
Duke Rando
Great quality mic you got there
Harry: comfortable sir??? \nMe: No\nHarry: very good sir. 👌
Just stumbled upon your channel with this video and must I say that barber is a wizard! I doubt if anyone will ever beat that shave again!
Wow, this man just gave an absolute master class in shaving.
Emanuel Pereira
I'm a barber, and this is one of the best straight razor shaves I have ever seen.
Fitz Wheelock
High-end video - thanks, Harry!
Fleotus Bing
Great video, Harry, really enjoyable; I'll watch this over and over!  The gentleman seems like an outstanding barber!  Thanks so much for the work you do to bring us this unique, quality content 👍
Fredy Ayala
BARBER: What type of cut?\n\nMe: Comfortable sir \n\nBARBER: Say no mas
G Murph
Iv never been so relaxed watching one these videos. That man is part barber part masseuse part wizard.
It's kinda shame we didn't see him cutting hair.\n\nOnly his shaving skill and all around precision in everything he did was on such high level.\n\nWell maybe Harry will carry on with his passion and visit him again one day..
Garrisch Low
00:19 COM 00:58 FOR 01:16 TA 5:30 BLE 9:26 SIR? \n44:45 FINE SIR?
Guilherme Sheldon
Harry's hair is looking like a bike helmet
HairCut Harry
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Is honking in India a way of talking but with just beeps and honks?
Jacob Kelly
I liked the video but why are you getting a shave when you have hardly any hair or stubble on your face?
James Barnett
The hell is he shaving?
James Zenitram
this is quite possibly the best ASMR shave video out there
Jason Minshull
1900 Rupees or $28 USD
Jay Law
Might just be the quietest place in India.
Jeff Krong
This guy wasn't kidding, when he named his barbershop \
Jen C
This man's energy is so relaxed and passionate; So at ease with the cameras, and he cares. Really enjoyed the video, thanks for uploading.
Johan Marais
The man's comfortable, can't u see ffs lolol???
John Smith
honk honk relax
Johny Cage
11:38 smooth move Kalim, smooth move
Juancho Zaragoza
- Comfortable sir?\n- Yes\n- Comfortable sir?\n- Yes\n- Comfortable sir?\n- Yes
Kyle McMahon
Bruh he renamed it, “ are you comfortable sir?” 😂
Always a great day when Harry uploads another video!
Lil Billy
That barber has a lot of technique
Litam Lite
I feel sorry for the cameragirl did she have to record you being shaved for 40 min
M. C
Harry: What is your name?\n\nBarber: Comfortable, Sir
Marshall Smith
y’all are joking about him saying sir over and over again. i like it. here in the american south it’s used every day as a sign of respect to people younger and older than you. it’s an old english thing that indians have kept
Matt Gomez
Great video. Extremely relaxing.
Mike Hawkins
Is that a embalming machine pumping in the back ground
Mouka Faslouka
This video always makes me sleepy. The barber is obviously a pro and knows what he is doing. What I like most about him is that unlike barbers that talk too much, he does not bother his customer with nonsense and too much talk. The most he said was \
Music Amenities
Fantastic video Harry! Loved always!
Nameless User
That’s a true Indian barber
Naresh Kaampaati
Yes iam comfortable
Nathan King
Absolutely brilliant!
Nicholas Cookie Leong
omg, the longest shaving video and crazily most relaxing one. Gonna be 1 of my 30 repeated replays
The MOST SOPHISTICATED shave ever. Ever. Ever!\n\nHarry gets pampered beyond the level of pampering - respect.\n\nHe finally reached the very top - there will be no further shaves after that one. End of journeys.... \n\nPerfection acomplished. 😁
Nikola C
Perfect shave and experiance. How much did it cost?
Paul Rodwell
Are you sure you're comfortable Harry ? Lol
Poop Nation ASMR
That barber is a gentleman.
Rodrigo Albuquerque
Whats your mother's name? Mother! Whats your name? Haircut Harry! Haircut Harry! Haircut Harry!
Sam Oates
30-40 dollar to shave nothing off
Scott Dee
That will be $6800 sir...still comfortable?
Shantanu Deshmukh
Legend has it...he's still comfortable
Siddharth V
Something tells me that the barber wasnt entirely sure whether Harry was comfortable or not
Sss Ppp
He had no semblance of any facial hair in the first place...
Steven Phillips
Listen I know how difficult this is for you. Since no one else has offered I will be glad to fill in as your stunt double. \nGreat videos.
Harry,  was that half as relaxing as it looked?  Wow... I almost fell asleep watching! lol...  Great video!!
Swamp Donkey
2 things:\n1) Maybe the color is off, but dude kinda looks like a corpse until he moves! :-D\n2) It's not much of a stretch to deduce that the barber keeps saying 'Comfortable, sir?' as a question because he's checking to make sure the warmed towel is not too hot for the customer. Not sure why everybody's slagging the barber for doing a great job.
Perhaps it's the lighting, but Harry, you look like a corpse! Regardless, still like the vids
The Artist formally known as Dick Dastardly
I'd bet the barber cried inside when he saw that trendy haircut 😃
The Dude
Clean shaven harry gets shaved lol
Theodore Panaritis
One of the best I've seen and that face massage had so much effort and technique. Great professional!
1:09\n\nman, if I saw that- and I was a cuttlefish- I would have either attacked, or fallen in love with that towel...
Troy Turner
thought he was a mortician until the stiff said yes
Victor Rene
i like the street barbers better.. i miss the honks
Wow! It took 30 full minutes before I heard the first car horn...For a minute there I thought this could not possibly be a shave done in India.. :D\n\nSeriously, excellent presentation. The barber was focused, highly adept and precise. This is a level of luxuriousness and elegance that is World Class. Well done.
Legend has it he walked out of there with his eyes still closed
aaron bensi
This guy is the best l have seen...
antony and my son luke.
This guy was a true professional. Class effort indeed..
baba o'riot
Harry's lady sure is a trooper for standing there and filming for 45 min while he just lays there and chills out. :-)
boyo the boyo
harry big fan here
buya shaka
In Germany this guy would be a Millionaire..
The best shave I got watch by a guy on a street, with a stall, in Surat India. Irony is the worst and most overpriced shave I got was at Truefit and Hill in London!
In a word, awesome! I was sorry to see the relaxing video end.\n\nKalim was the star of the show, but your camera use and editing added to the overall enjoyable nature of things. Keep up the great work!
Firstly you must establish if he is comfortable, once this is done then you can continue establishing his comfortableness
being taken care of by Captain Smiles over here
Harry, you've made it to the big time! And just look at all those truefitt & Hill goodies on the counter, that has to be almost $1,000 worth of product.
Now if that towel is hot enough, the patient is supposed to get red in the face.
Wow... ASMR overload!
He spent almost 20 minutes just getting his customer's face ready to shave.....A master at his profession ....
Service fit for a Maharaja.
What a great Valentine's Day gift!!... Thanks Harry!!😍😍