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Jacques Pépin is perhaps best known for teaching America how to make an omelet. Here, he shares two different techniques for making this perfect egg dish.Please SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed! ___American Masters, THIRTEEN’s award-winning biography series, celebrates our arts and culture. Launched in 1986, the series has set the standard for documentary film profiles, accruing widespread critical acclaim. Awards include 70 Emmy nominations and 28 awards — 10 for Outstanding Non-Fiction Series since 1999 and five for Outstanding Non-Fiction Special — 12 Peabody Awards; three Grammys; an Oscar; two Producers Guild Awards for Outstanding Producer of Non-Fiction Television; and the 2012 IDA Award for Best Continuing Series. American Masters enjoys recognition from film events across the country and international festivals from London to Berlin and Toronto to Melbourne. Other honors include The Christopher Awards and the Chicago International Television Awards as Outstanding Documentary Series, and the Banff Grand Prize and the Television Critics Association Award for Outstanding Movies.

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Adrien C.
If French accent was an art he would be the master of it.
Al gansk
What he says about cooking omelette and it is deceivingly simple yet difficult is so, so true.\n\nI have to laugh when I see people use these big flexible spatculas, and they make it as difficult as splitting an atom to fold the omlette. Here you see the master, using nothing but a fork (with a non-stick pan,,, ohh me ohh my!!) and he makes it look so easy... \n\nJacque Pepin is the man!
Ayd Tube
Excellent technique apart from the fork
Barry Lab
Wowww....no words
Breizh 29292929
Superbe vidéo. Merci Chef.
Chris Schoning
And you just destroyed a non-stick pan.
Now this is how you do it - All these years i`ve spoiled the egg batter with milk or water \u003e( how i got taught) This makes more sense and looks great! Now some sliced tomatoes on the side and buttered baguette!
Ok. I cook the farmhouse type.
If you cannot tell the difference between anodized aluminum and Teflon why are you even watching Jacques Pepin's videos! Learn your basics first.
DJ92 ́ ́
Now you guys try it with some ham and cheese, and you’re in heaven 🙌🏻
He bought?
An omelet is fried egg, sometimes with other stuff chopped up in it. The only way you can really screw it up is to undercook it. Which is what he does here. He's serving raw egg. The folding operation makes scrambled eggs an omelette. Omelets are pretentious nonsense for people who like egg. (In this case, undercooked.)
Dave Thomas
the pinnacle of civilization
David Buzzin
Dirk Diggler
See 🍴, \nNow , this is a Chef' .\nNo stupid swearing & showing off, just plain , understandable food , in which hè enthuses about. \nFantastic, Très bien.
Dragoncool Production
Team creamy
How not to make a omelette
Enrique Rodriguez
i also like mine abit wet lol
Evan Xu
take a shot for every time he says omlete
Glip Abazza
Ruining the frying-pan with a fork + grotesque accent = CLOWN.
Perfect. Just... ehm... nothing. Ok. One of those beautiful pans lasts 10 omelettes. I said it.
Ian Rivlin
He makes it look so damn easy!
Il Fiflouz
et quel accent!! ahah
Ivy Carpenter
I’m cringing watching him scrape the pan with his fork!😬
John Berard
It is so nice to watch a video that respectfully acknowedges different styles of cooking. It is so frustration to see \
John Richards
This guy is the real deal. I apprenticed at a good restaurant where our Spanish grill cook could prepare four classic French omelets simultaneously. Not a spot of brown on any of of them.
John Yves
Woaw! French cuisine is a skilled art ! Well done Monsieur le Chef !
Jupiter Eye
I am about to go to bed... it is late... only now I feel like I need to crack some eggs and make one or two omelets. Why did I watch this at these late hours...?
4:34 RUN MY KNIFE AROUND 😂🤣 but he's actually using a fork
Katerina Ven
The eggs are yellow, the omelets are raw the technique teribel and the pan distroit. (sorry for my English).
I can tell by the sound of the pan that is not a Teflon pan you potatoes
Lance Baker
He doesn't really scrape the Teflon, just drags the fork lightly. Chefs tend not to use plastic or wooden tools to stir.
Lex M
How to ruin a pan with a fork
Loui Eriksson
Rip pan
M. Armand
The first omelet is called: I try to make a french omelet but I suck at cooking
Sorry i dont speak baquette
Ma.Leovine Vinzon
You are so amazing chef Pepin's... I love all your cooking techniques
Max z
Yeah sure, use a metal fork on your non stick teflon pan and scrap it as quickly as possible. Pro.
Merry Christmas
How many of you feel like humans tonight?.....ok ....how many of you feel like animals
Michael Taylor
its 3am and i dont like omelettes... i should go to sleep
Michael Walsh
That man is and always has been a class act.
Midas Report
For years people have clicked and viewed the video millions of times on youtube and PBS comes along...\n\
Monz Gueg
ohlala l'accent pourri....LOL !! a good omelette must be \
Mr B
American master. What is his accent from, Wisconsin?
Nathan Kennedy
Ok an omelette ain't an omelette without any cheese at least in my neck of the woods lol I can listen to this dude talk food all day
This man, literally, cooks an omelette in front of our eyes! Genius!
Nicklaus Books
Pro tip #243: use metal on nonstick pans.
Nikhil B
I am from India and I like my omlette with onions, tomatoes green chillies and little turmeric powder mixed in it.
so this is where that Japanese chef got inspiration from to make the perfect omelette over the rice and cut it into half to make it dribble gooily over the rice,\n oh yes you know what I'm talking about the famous YouTube video about the Japanese chef making that soft colored omelet over rice dish
Patrick Stoneburgh
Why did he season his eggs before they are cooked. Most other chefs say not to do this ?
Peaceful BigFoot
I love him \nAnd the way he says omelette is so funny
Pork Roast
Make sure to get as much as possible of the pans coating mixed into the eggs.
Raym Loves Eggs
Recognize Real
Never thought I’d find so much joy out of someone cooking omelettes
Ricky Houdini
Omelet eu fromage
Rikus RedBlack
Putain l'accent français de dingue 😂
Rod Peterson
A thing of beauty 👍🏻
Ron Park
Ronaldo Roda
Metal fork grating against the metal skillet makes my teeth feel funny. Cringe.
Sam Mact
My favorite! Partially raw egg mixed with delicious aluminum flakes.
With regards to the issue of his using a fork on a nonstick pan, remember Jacques came up at a time when carbon steel pans were the norm. And you could beat on those with impunity.\n\nIf there are concerns doing this with your pans, the technique can be modified to use safer utensils, such as silicone spatulas.
Shiro Tan
Is this the chef that taught us how to dice onyo? (onion)
Steve Parker
WTF I've never seen a chef treat his pan with such disrespect, WTF was he thinking, I know lemme just scrape all the Teflon off and incorporate it into my eggs, has this guy lost his mind, or was Teflon considered a healthy diet back then.
99.9% of this comment section: \nOh my gosh he is using a freaking metal fork on a nonstick pan oh my freak. Just WOW. I can’t even believe it. This must make me the better chef because he obviously doesn’t have any skill at all if he’s using a metal fork smh
Terry Lee
Jacques Pepin is a kind, wise, and knowledgeable soul. I have learned so much from him over the years. I'm sorry about the small-minded comments about the non-stick pan and metal fork, where commenters assume it's Teflon. I have a quite durable ceramic nonstick pan that has no problem with my metal fish-spatula, which I use every morning for eggs. When faced with the cable TV food show desert, where everything is an absurb contest and one learns nothing about cooking, I turn to Mr. Pepin's videos. Thank you!
The Colonel
to me, the french omelette is totally undercooked. It's basically raw egg in the middle.
The Ginger Power Ranger
100% of people who watched this video will never make an omelette
The Original Shakil
I usially hate pretentious chefs as much as i hate being told how food should be eaten. I've just been converted.
2:38 \
Traduttore Traditore
I have been French all my life and I just discovered what a French omelet looks like
V Ling
I sear my omelet...it tastes great.
Willy Wonka
A fork on a pan really
Yoshi Zaki
2:50 i grab the whatt???
Youssef KH
Came from Alex French Guy Cooking video hhhhh :D
I love Pepin - he's The Man - been watching him for nearly 30 years....that being said, his fork on non-stick or anodized aluminum is something the novice cook shouldn't try at home unless you have unlimited access to omelet pans via sponsors.
This is a video about how to ruin your nonstick pan with a metallic fork while making simple omelette sound like some complicated art.
creative789WorldOfTanks wot
R.I.P. teflon pan ;(
dede denver
Interesting that this expert chef is showing us how to make perfect omelets, but everyone is more interested in the pan.
that's undercooked. sorry but that doesn't look appetizing at all
the metal fork on the non stick pan gives it that authentic teflon taste in a classic french omelette.
frank sanders
Sadly, half the comments section is idiocy.\nThe pan is *not* Teflon.\nThe first omelette is *not* overcooked.\nThe second omelette is *not* undercooked.\nAdding salt early is *not* a mistake because that omelette is *not* intended to be a fluffy style.\n\n\nChef Pepin is demonstrating different techniques & notes himself that some variations are based on personal taste.
gigio giaggi
Metal fork, pan, sound......switch video.
hardcore Android
So many “experts” in the comment section.
hmm interesting
He needs to cut some onyo
honest arnie
Merci Maître pour cette info!\n\n- de la Bavière
Jacques Pepin: Technique!\n...scrapes non-stick teflon pan with metal fork
jens jense
Using metal fork in a Teflon pan 😫
The texture of the finished omelette is called \
ma va fancule'.... fork on a metal pan.. oui oui only in france... lol
I like a little onyo in my omelette
Spread it like butter.
scott l
A well respected chef. Remember when chefs didn’t yell?
scuba man
Lol. Metal fork on non stick!? ....oh well
sergio pereira
This video is dedicated for you folks who can't cook a damn thing !
NEVER add salt to eggs until they are almost done!