How to avoid making a bad first impression in Italy!

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Hello beautiful people!Do you know what 'brutta figura' means?You'll find it out in this video alongside with learning some tips on how to avoid making a bad first impression in Italy or even how to positively impress your italian friends!Subscribe so you won't miss any future video!- - - - - - - - - - - INSTAGRAM ]

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Alo Aloto
Hmm thanks for the info I'll always keep in mind 😜😜and by the way it may be rude to ask but can u upload an vid about Wat an Italian likes
Anna De Clemente
Ciao! Ti seguo da poco, e non commento mai, ma volevo proprio dirti che sei bravissima a parlare inglese! Io sto cercando di migliorarmi, e ho iniziato a seguirti proprio per questo (sia per la pronuncia, sia per il listening), e inoltre sembri molto simpatica. Continua così :)
Cameron C
I’m in love with you lol
In South Africa you should never say \
Christopher Thorkon
Thanks for the advice. But in terms of clothes, I can't afford to change my entire wardrobe simply because Italians don't like bright colors. Some of us are not that wealthy. I have perfectly good shirts and I cannot afford to simply throw them away because they are not the \
Claudia Hadad
Little tip, in America we don’t say freaking every time we want to put énfasis on our sentences, it’s rude.
Cliff Carr
Thank you for the video, it was more than excellent! I Subscribed.
Saying ciao to Italians instead of bello definitely makes the, happier!
Darren Walsh
No wine with pizza? I think we failed on that tip on our first visit to Rome. Love your videos!
David Wells
Thank you for all your tips. My wife and I will be visiting Rome soon. I am learning a lot of good information from you.\nMaybe we will bump into you there hahaha. 👍😀
Extrema Thule
Se c'è una cosa che mi manda letteralmente in bestia è quando qualcuno di questi fresconi mi saluta con un \
Fleur Eldin
I really like your videos!! You’re always so enthusiastic! 😁😁
Giovanna Marra
Grazie mille for the tips! I loved your channel!
I would love to go to Venice and Rome. The reasons i want to go to Venice are :\n1: Beautiful Colour-full buildings\n2: Only use boats\n3: Cute apartments \n4: Loads of water\nWhy i want to go to Rome\n1: To get pickpockets sent to jail\n2: Coliseum\n3: The best food\n4: Tall buildings\n5: Holiday homes \n6: Beach 🏖 🏝 \nBut i can’t because im not even a teen\nMaybe i might go to Poland 🇵🇱 and if i like it my family will buy a home there.\nBecause my mums side of the family is polish and my dads Irish ☘️\nIn POLAND 🇵🇱 LOADS OF SNOW ⛄️ ❄️
Inderjeet Ajimal
I love your vlogs!
It's Elissa, not Alyssa
YES THANK YOU, when I see my fellow native English speakers screaming things like MAMMA MIA, CIAO BELLA, and whatever other stereotypical phrase they can think of, I cringe so hard 😭
Hell yea, finally someone saying it, I hate so much when people, after they find out I'm italian, they start saying \
Nice video :) But, No one says Mamma mia? I know a lot of italians (that live in Italiy), and they say \
Jack Vergados
I had wine with pizza in Rome, nbd. I don't care if that is \
Janna White
Can I get tomato/ vegetable juice with my pizza? :-)
Joe Jacoby
Thanks for great tips. I know Americans are particularly bad (which is why we're often called \
Kailey Russo
I’m Italian
Kay Lavender
I have certainly been in Italy and heard both Caio Bella and mama Mia both in Florence and Rome
Killua Zoldyck
A volte in alcune pizzerie la pizza la tagliano, anche se molto spesso è tagliata malissimo...
Kristof Verschueren
Nice video from a very beautiful girl, grtz from Belgium
Lien Bijs
If I like to drink wine and I like to eat pizza too I'll go for it. I won't change my habbits as long I am sure I am not offensive or bothering anybody. I don't think that I care about my impressions on holiday if people themself are so narrowminded to judge people about their food and drink combinations.
Lorenzo De Filippo
Ci sono italiani che ordinano il vino quando prendono la pizza e con una certa superbia disprezzano che ordina una banale birra o peggio, una bibita. 🤣
I absolutely LOVED your video! Keep on putting out good content haha! I subscribed too! I hope to see more videos soon. Anyways, keep up the good work!!! ☺
MJ's Liberian Diana
I'm Greek and I truly understand your struggle! We love you guys. Love Respect and Greetings❤👍✌😍😘
Maddie Bartley
Love your channel!! I’m American, and I’m planning a trip to Italy in the fall. (Yay!!) So much good info!
Manuela Monacelli
I can tell from your accent when speaking English that you are not from Naples. Please, if you are not from Naples, don't talk about pizza.
Maria João Primo
In Portugal, the bread at the table is always accompanied with butter and sometimes olive oil.\nDifferent traditions... I think people who ask for that are not trying to be rude :)
people actually jump in the fountains? LOL animals
Mary C.
Your videos are very informative. My husband travels to Italy often for work, and sadly we have seen all the examples you have given.
Michael C
When I went to Rome the big sports stadium everybody rants and raves about looked like it was falling apart. Wasn't impressed. Lasagna was solid though.
Michael D.
Very honest and entertaining. Sometimes funny. Thanks for the heads up about the pizza. For those who complain about the “freaking tourist” comment, we’ll ... she was just saying what others are too squeamish to say. Some tourists are dumbasses.
Minda Kahn
Bottom line puppy from someone educated in Florence, Italy and Lugano, Switzerland. \nYou’re young and condescending. Period.
If you eat bread and oil at home, why not in a restaurant? Who cares what people think. Besides why would I pay for bruschetta? I prefer the free bread and oil incuded with the meal.
Natalie Summers
Totally tried to order butter and olive oil with bread ...... like it’s weird NOT to where I’m from ! Oops 🤦🏽\u200d♀️
Non capisco questa cosa del non condividere la pizza, io lo faccio con i miei amici :/
Nice video. let's hope the English soccer fans don't make a \
Rafael Di Furia
Hey great vid!\n\nHaha when it comes to pizza, I've found some place do slice a pizza for you (and it seems almost more common if they think you're a foreigner) but most places don't.. \n Where I live, there's a Naples style pizzeria.. on their website when you want to order delivery, they have a section for special requests and at the top of the list is \
Rissie Haworth
I love your channel so much!! I am going to Florence and Rome for a school trip in November and I know a majority of the students will want to do this stuff but I WON’T LET THEM!
Your videos are cool and interesting. Please make one about scholarships and job opportunities in Italy
Romano Benini
Brava , these rules are really basic , but the most of foreigners don't know and don't respect these tips in Italy . Most of the tourist are a little bit weird and uneducated....
Russell Hogben
I remember on one particularly scotching day in Florence stopping at a small cafe and slowly ordering a glass of mineral water. After listening to me struggle through the phrase replied in broad American English, “Will that be with bubbles or without?” 😳
Stephen Thorp
Do Italians still almost everything with a knife and fork? When I was there a person I knew could masterfully peel and eat a banana with a knife and fork. He was also pretty good with peaches and most other fruit.
Tamara Gorman
You are beyond rude and its quite concerning actually. My husband is in the US military and we will be moving to italy soon. I was so excited! Until I saw your videos. I feel like I'll be judged for what I wear? Because I'm american and I am not about to change my whole wardrobe because the Italians wont like it. That's a bit ridiculous. I'll be looked at funny because I wear what people in MY country wear? Wow. I'm guessing italians are not humble. You mention \
Tim Summers
Is it OK to order an espresso after eating a pizza for lunch? Is it OK to put ketchup on your pizza? What about mayonnaise? Going to Italy next month for five weeks and would appreciate some advice. Also, you say that pizza and wine is a no-no but pizza and beer is fine. I'm really confused now. Is pizza and limoncello an acceptable combination?
She rather under-plays the fountain thing - jump into a fountain in Rome and you'll find yourself attracting the active attention of the local police. And from everything I've heard, getting tangled up in the Italian criminal justice system is something you really, really want to avoid...
Will Neverforgets
The food sharing in a restaurant is soooo Spanish!!! Really no butter or olive on your bread? Wow! Ok Bruschetta then! I completely agree with you in the basics of a language!! It always helps. Love your country! Good video I used those little fountains a lot!!! They are very practical.
Zack Sal
Excellent tips....and oops, i will stop combining pizza & wine. so wine is only with pasta?
Zdena H
A me succede normalmente una cosa opposta, quando sono in Italia, viene presupposto che io non capisca l’italiano... ho ormai sentito delle cose molto interessanti. E poi la faccia di quelle persone quando mi giro e rispondo in italiano.... 😜
aaditya telang
Sorry to say but you did
gabriel telles
damn it, I ordered wine with pizza last time I've been in Italy lol
We have pre-sliced pizza for sale where I work, but I have customers who ask me to cut it up further for them! I'm thinking \
ioan pena
Ciao bella is catcalling in Italy !!! Italians do not speak english ...
rose hh
I have to comment something because I couldn't bear what you say. Seriously, what's wrong with the tourists? I think \
🥀 CuteDragon🥀
Ciao Buongiorno! 🤗