My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover

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A272 943B
Dog's looking extra -dead- statuesque today.
Alix Tamilia
“Okay, so now I have some..... cheese, oh no. What is that?” 💀😂
Alyssa Marie
She's so beautiful, make up or no make up she's gorgeous
Ana Chkhapelia
She looks so fucking good without makeup omg😱
those two and liza and david are the best couple on the internet
Anti-Social Meme
Because we're a cat.\n*rawr*
Ashton Silva
“I need to get my eyebrows done or just gone” ... later shaves them off
Avesterblue W
I need some enhanced night vision
Bailey Brianne
Julian knows an awful lot about makeup I'm actually really surprised
Barry B. Benson
I hope Julien stretched before this so he didn’t pull a muscle REEEEACHING for that centaur/contour joke
Cal Bart
Don’t forget to shake your lashes spiritually everyone! 👍🏻
For EnHAncEd night vision
Christina Mata
Knows how to pronounce NYX, knows what a waterline is, knows what contouring is....filthy spy confirmed!
Clare J
“It’s everlasting how bad it is” *Jenna smiles*
Colene Black
If he isn't your person then I don't know anything anymore. You're so quirky and he just loves, accepts, and appreciates it. I love it! Also, this video is hilarious!
Crazykiddo LifeSytle
This is my ball of foam and you can eat it when your done lmao love Julians humor..
Destiny Marie
“its a little bit of foundation” “oh wait im putting this under my eye” LMFOAOAAO
Dollface Jane
Elisa Lara
Eye foundation for night vision \nIt’s concealer julien 😂😂
Ellie Moseley
Voicefriend does my boysover
Emily Dann
Emily S
Emily Tran
Lol I love the deep sighs that Julian did throughout the video
Emma Jean
When you realize Julie ends up eating a beauty blender a year later
Erica The Koala
Essence Dulin
I love how he just gets cut off and he was like \
Instructions unclear. I went blind.
Frances Knight
Me trying to bs a paper lol
Get some Help
Ha Kermit in the beginning
Guliana Tanner
“For my eyebrows I prefer a Sharpie but we were out of Sharpies so I used makeup” 😂
Haley Sullivan
“eye foundation”
Iyla Stoy
What is Julian's obsession with eating blenders
Jazmine Marbles
Jillian Rockley
Why do I relate to Kermit in the intro on a spiritual level?
Joel Eli
hahaha i love how julien laughs at his own jokes the whole time
Jonathan Lol
Kermit should do your voiceover!!!
omg im dying at how cakey her makeup looks. shes gotten better at makeup since this video
Jules G
Julien, is the foam ball vegan? Also I'm allergic to nuts can I still eat it
Kaleb Tsehaye
that dog looks like dobby from harry potter
Kennedy Gerber
Tbh we have the same level of makeup knowledge
Kiya Kemmer
Brb imma eat my ball of foam
Laken Gobel
I think hearing Jenna laughing in the background was the funniest part
Laura Ward
The \
Jenna has the most realistic makeup products. The way they’re all broken and messy 😂
Love One Another
I never knew the word contour originated from the ancient word centaur. #TheMoreYouKnow🌠
Lulu K
I'm a cat...raw 😂
Maisie Cook
“I’m going on tour”
Masa Mirabal
She honestly doesn’t need that much makeup she is pretty with or without it. Also she don’t need fake eyelashes her eyelashes are beautiful
Megan Railton
So now I have some ...\n\n\n\n\nCheese
Morgan Ritter
the end tho \
Nat Costante
Jenna: *shows a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick*\n\nJulian: \
Olivia Daragona
“You can eat the little ball of foam, which is great.... no calories”
You should do my drunk boyfriend does my voice over
Regena George
Jenna when did ur voice get deeper? 😂❤
Roadwork Ahead
Rosa Enloe
“It works when you put it directly in your eye, night-vision ya so”😂😂😂 got this video is great
Rosalie Dear
I'm impressed with how much Julian knows about make-up
Rosaline Souza
I like how jenna's make up products are unperfectly perfect
Ry M
“so we’re using the negative space. this is art people.”
Sam Bond
Ha eye foundation
Sam ShortStuff
“We were out of sharpie, so I used....uh..........make up” 😂😂😂😂
Scarlet Squig
What I have learnt today: you can put i Foundationin your eye to get nightvision
Shóna Forsey
Sounds like a Marina Joyce makeup tutorial
Sienn a
*enhance night vision*
Silent Sarah
Real talk though, Jenna is gorgeous and adorable in all the makeup stages -- including the stage where she's not wearing any!
Jenna is legit so pretty, even without makeup she's fricken gorgeous
Spectra Kow
6:10 now I have some cheese 😂😂😂
Sylvie Manandhar
I don't understand how being early is a good thing because then there's no good comments to read?
This Bitch Got Tea
*This works if you put it DIRECTLY in your eye it give u ENHANCED night vision*\nGlad Jenna told me not to listen to him
Tori Marie
James Charles should have recreated this look instead of one from like 12 years ago. He was so shitty about the other one and was so rude about it.
Tyler and Josh better come back
2016: \
Veronica Markham
I can't stop looking at how cakey her foundation looks. It really sinks into her wrinkles and adds ten years
Victoria Le Wizard.
Juilien at Sephora:\nSephora employee: hi, can I help you? \nJ: Hi, I’m looking for eye foundation. \nSephora Employee: Do you mean eye primer? Eye shadow? \nJ: No, eye foundation. *grabs a concealer* this is eye foundation. \nSephora Employee: concealer? \nJ: OMG STFU, IT’S EYE FOUNDATION, IF YOU SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME I’M GOING TO CONCEAL YOU!!!\n\nOmfg am I on drugs?
Willow Coffee
*uses Jeffree star lipstick*\n\
alexa smithson
“there’s a magnetic force in fake eyelashes and they just bind to the human face”\n\n\nTHE MORE YOU KNOW
Whos watching in 2017?
box'O cereal
burning trash
Jenna I love you but your foundation looks like peanut butter to me
Julian saying 'look how messy I am, so quirkyyyy' killed me BAHAHAHAHAHA roasted
hwr hfgf
Ухты! Помада из Украины! Я из Украины)))
im not creative enough to come up with a name1
I can just imagine jenna trying so hard not to die from laughing😂😂😂😂
indigo 678
she should have a cermet does my voiceover!!
jane haviland
me trying to write an essay on a book i didn’t read
I totally didn't know that this was posted on Thanksgiving and now, exactly a year later, I am watching this video that I have never watched. I AM A FRICKEN PSYCHIC!
kennedy bugg
she is so beautiful and it absolutely kills me.😍
kim leya
she has more subs than Logan and jake pual
lena land
So I put this over all over the place like a blank piece of paper...with a lot of makeup 😂😭 I don't know why it's so funny
move I'm gay
nicole wines
He kind of sounds like Jonah Hill 😂
sadie trash
“We’re gonna draw a little pointy thing at the end cause we are a CAT rawr”😂
savannah ♥️
Julien is me trying to bs through a essay I wasn't prepared for
yeetus kate
Yeah it's eye... Eye Foundation...
0:09 do nott tri too kiyss ur an cermet. Eat will not hellp it graoew