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Estaba mejor antes que despues 🤷🏽\u200d♂️
Alex Gabbana
All he asked was to not give him a skin fade
He butchered you. You went in looking great, coming out your hair was destroyed.
Anita Barneycastle
his hair looked better...before.
Damn he looks fly AF with the grey hair. The barber seems like a cool dude.
Askani Dayspring
WHY would you cut off all that glorious hair!!!! Men - please stop shaving your heads!!
AverageJunior, the weirdo that streams.
YOOOO the thumbnail reminds me of baldur from god of war 4
Brendan C
Mr Grey will see you now.
Dude went way too high with the fade. We all make mistakes but the man clearly said he didn't want it high. The bulk at the top of the sides is what bothers me the most. I think that could have been avoided if he hadn't done clipper over comb on them and just thinned them out before going into scissor over comb.
Camille Malm
This guy could be in a Lana del Rey video. He’s gorgeous 😍
Carolyn Brt
That's exactly what he said he did not want! FAIL! The guy looks ten yrs older!!
Cenk Toplar
16:40 How his own style makes the difference because you know yourself better than anyone else.
I don't know what the barber got for that haircut but he should have got life.
Clayton Jennings
This guys head! Something about it. Kinda big or long
D Ishappywithlife
Silver FOX 🦊
The man looks 10 years older with this cut .,the bald in the back doesn’t look good .
Dana White's double chin
So this guy is famous because he obsesses over his beard?
Daniel A.
I think the old man didn't like it
As a 30 year old man who's slowly but surely losing his hair, I envy all the older men I see getting salt and pepper and eventually gray hair. Gray hair is so much cooler than no hair lol
Douglas Villatoro Villatoro
Él ya tenía un buen estilo, ahora tiene otro. Nice!
I think he took it up a little too high. Just my opinion. The client is fiiiiiiine. Lol js.
Edi Kontrola
Eva Sux
That's a sexy af old man...
esta super mal hecho
Forrest Evans
I won't even be mad to go grey if it looks like that.
Super nice barber
Game Jedi
If they make a movie about Charles Manson, this mofo needs to play the starring role!
Giovanny Moreno
15:46 Awkward moment: How is it look? ... All we know, the girl recording, the barber, the guy, you, me, they... that it looks bad on him. 😂🤣
Got memes?
if santa was a hipster
Greg Berzinsky
I have talked about it on other videos, but I just wanted to point out that I have patches of silver and white that are in the middle of dark hair. These areas tend to look like they are cut too short or the overall look can appear to be uneven. Trust me....it's even. I probably should reconsider the fade....but NO....I think that a CREWCUT is next. What do you think?
Halo 4sure
Nice Style cut.. Barber knows he’s stuff. Great Job!
Nice hair cut, Charles Manson
Hello makasini
Getting ready for a new character on Vikings
Hx. Williams
50 year old fucboi actually fucman, bet he still gets more cat than me lol
ItsBridgette Time
Holy gorgeous Batman!!! 😍
Jaguar cichlids Aggressive little guys
Nice job
Jeana Foster
I really felt sorry for him.... His hair was beautiful and when the barber finished I thought wtf.... That was too crazy of a hair cut for that good looking of a guy.... Thank goodness it's just hair and it grows back.... All I can say is wow...
Jeff Chartier
That day Poseidon rolled into a barber shop and exclaimed ..\
Jeffrey Maldonado
This my opinion like a barber, he look very professional but this hair cut don't look right in this man this hair cut is for teenagers no for a grown man, he should star with the number two and staring blended from there, and cut more from the top, and I think the old man go more satisfying with the job, see you guys!🤓🤔😉
Jesús El Lacra
This is the Old Spice version of Santa Claus.
Josue M
Bro this guy sucks at blending. Grabage sheer work and a horrific transition blend.
Justin Voluck
The reality is most of us will not have hair like that at his age.
I wish I had a father like this man
Lidser G-B
Thats awesome. He has great hair & that style is so good & really suits him. Maybe coz it's from the 20s or 30s aswell. It suits the older gent.
Lola Salcedo Domene
Que pena de pelo con lo bien que estaba.
kim jong un haircut that's just parted to the side on top.....terrible. I'd be pissed if I was the client.
Magic Smoke FPV
Crap dude, I'm sorry, I totally thought you were someone else when I saw the thumbnail haha! I was like WTF? for a second, where is the tat on your forehead lol.
Manolo Alatorre
he is an ewok
Mansa Musa
Terrible haircut. His fading skills leave much to be desired.
Mar R
Looks mad sexy great job 😘 Love the barber's tattoos couldn't stop checking them out wow they are spectacular!! 👍☝️❤️
Marek Wójcik
W sumie.......To lubi e takie tatuaże...
Michael Paredes
And this is the last time this old fella went to that barbershop.
I can’t help but think his hair was ruined after that.
Mr No Face
tbh he looked good before the haircut
Mr. Stag
People that chew with mouth open need to be shot.
Savage Daniel Day Lewis
Looks like my Red Dead Redemption 2 character
Pak Man
His hair looked better before the haircut....
Papa Poet
This guy killed ya Style dude....think he created haircuts for north Korea
Peggy Lewis
Works with his hydraulic so high! He does good work. AND I AM SO SICK of clients behaving like they would know better than a seasoned stylist. Also....to the \
Quattro 4
Quinton Hall
Before I joined the Army, I had a full head of long hair..... Then the Army happened... Cut it all off to the skin... Kept it that way for years.. Got out hoping to grow it all back... But the top of my head grown in so god damn thin... No hope left for the styles I want :(
Raghu Seetharaman
This man’s beard makes the ladies weak in the knees.
Rene B.
Dude looks like Zeus came down to earth for a haircut😹🔥
There are some great fades out there...but this sure freakin' ain't one of 'em.
Riley Denning
Y'all saying his hair looked better before are wild. That is a CLEAN cut👍
Roberto Spinosa
I would like to see him without hair wax how looks this hair cut... right back side remained longer than left back side. It was much better before the hair cut
Rosa Vazquez
That is one fine looking man.
Sandeep Yadav
Similar to brad pitt's hairstyle in movie \
Simone Sullivan
i got tired watching it.
Steven Manuel
Mr. Steal Yo Grandma
Almost 3M views!
Tawseef Wani
you looked better before
The Lawn Care Nut
Respect the gray.
Too much sexy in one room, trying to kill a gal.
Treasure Amore
So...nobody is gonna comment on how bad ass Jake the Barber tattoos are?  He's a work of beautiful art.
Wolf Taylor Music
His hair is badass either way.\n\nHe went from cool rugged “Joel the last of us survivor” \n\nTo the leader of a biker gang you don’t wanna mess with. \n\nAll in all his grey hair is dope and the stylist has talent 👍👍👍
Yala rnb
this dude aged like a god bruh
5:35 the moment you realize you look like \
Let me just say, as a master cosmetologist who leans heavily on perfecting variations of men's cuts, this behind the scenes consultation was amazing. \n\nNow, i must finish the video. 😬😌
Damn.. that young man does one hell of a job. Kudos to both of you. I only wish my profession would allow for a full beard. But alas I am only allowed a moustache. I keep it as full and thick as I can though. Where is this young man's shop located?
Barber's tattoo artist must drive a Ferrari by now.
ivan the great
Greg the type of dude to walk in a bar saying this town isnt big for the both of us
Based Zues?
It's like hipster Daniel Plainview: \
The barber liked this cut so much he got the guy tattooed on his neck
robert thaler
the back looks a bit like a poodles butt... some veterinarian overkill there, I can understand if your patient is an urban metrosexual or skinny-jeaned beta male but this guy going in looked more like a man to me. Did he get a milkbone when his cut was finished? Maybe a little blue ribbon?
Si este es barbero yo soy cosmonauta
2:31 TMI bro
steve kastner
I think it is a little high . Drop it an inch on the sides and back
the waffle man
looked better before now you look like a long time manager for a gay bar
tom parkes
Hate when barbers don't listen he didn't want it too high told him a few times
zippity dandy
(1) Mute it, (2) Put on 2x, (3) Play music playlist on another tab, (4) Say thank you
I'm 22 yrs old with a decent goatee and losing my hair. See this god of man definitely envy and a bit jealous but it's amazing to see how beautiful his beard and hair is
Got that Charles Manson look. 😂