Just look at those Magnanni Shoes Shine! New Magnanni shoes and polish, ASMR

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Thanks for getting me to 40,000 Subscribers and 9 Million total views. Special thanks to Magnanni Shoes for being my favorite shoes to shine on a daily basis.

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Abraham Glez.Cisneros
yea mens love polishshine shoes made in Mexicali :):):)
Alex Wilson
Humm no London tan on those.. 😎
Alfian Maulana
Good Job.👍
Arthur H
Shine’s on point
Bart?? 11:28
Björn Nordström
Rule #1: Never wear socks that are funnier than you.
Muito bom
Christian Salas
It's a great job you did on the Magnanni Shoes, I like them. Coungratulations for your 40,000 subscribers and 9 million total views.
Connor Morrison
Good job
Craig Bond
Do some Hank Hill voiceovers lol
Craig Sickmiller
Hey love the vids man
Dale Andrews
They, they used to call him Spit Shine Tommy
Dale Miller
Just look at it,I get $2.50 that can't be right jason 🤔
Dennis Grießner
I have not see a shoe shiner for at least 25 years here in germany. The impressive result is a consequence of taking pride in your work and of course a lot of practice.
Don Will
What kind of cloth do you use to buff the shoes ?
Drug Wolker
Eddie Greene
You are an artist. Amazing
Eduardo Batista
Brasil 😎
Eduardo Rivera
Nice editing on the intro! Very Requiem For A Dream-esque
Entertainment 24
The shoe shine brighter then my future 😀😀
Сколько стоит такая чистка?
I love the dedication
Francesc Roig Gallego
tremendus socks, OH !
Ghosts 101
Ed Bassmaster : \
Amazing shine my friend.
The attention to detail. This is a man who loves his job. Way to bring the passion.
Harry Wade
I’m from the uk. Don’t see many shoe shiners from my neck of the woods. There’s a few in London, never had it done would love to after watching your videos. Wether they are as good as you is another thing though. Just out of curiosity what is your pricing for a shoe shine of this Calibre my friend. Please post a price list if possible. It’s of great interest to me. Happy I subbed :)
Ivan Mejia
I really like your videos, greetings from Mexico
James Slusher
Lovely shoes of course...look much too tight for his instep.
Jason M
That was an unusual start.\nWhat happen to the saddle soap?
Jerry Maldonado
Very nice pair of shoes. Did an excellent job Jason !! 👍
Jesus Melendez
En que te basas para elegir grabar a un cliente? Algo en especial?
Joseph Barnes
I guess he had a 350 dollar pair of shoes and gave you 2.50 to make them look better than new. Great job buddy.
Them socks tho lol
Wot no gloves Jason \nYou did this shine unprotected
Kevin T
Nothing shines up nicer than the daily Dick in Shoe!
Can u show arounf the store too
Liz Toledo
I love the spain colers
M. Adil
Do you work better with or without gloves? Just curious.
Marek J. C
How far is your dangeon from this place?
Mass Pyro
40k.... woohoo! Congrats..
Matthew Blakey
Jason you see alotta good shoes, sounds like you like magnanni allot. How’s To boot New York? And what do you buy? I think I saw you in Ferragamo loafers once but I could be mistaken
Mr A Rose
Jason... great shine as usual. Do you know if the Trask Rylan is available in the UK at all? Seen you shine a pair and I want some.
Mr Kelly's Shoe Shine
Amazing job as per usual
Nigel Lovatt
40k subs. Congrats. You must be feeling good!
new shining products?
Rax Lex
Awesome 👏 ✨
Why are such banalities so elevated anymore? The guy is only shining some bump-ugly shoes which are well on their way to being out of fashion. That's all. \
Robin Menard
Is this in a shoe store in a mall? First time I saw one of these videos I thought it was in a airport
Rue Experienced
Man that polish is nasty stuff, not sure you should be handling it all day with bare hands ?
WHAAAAT????\nSnake Plisken???\nI thought you was dead!!!
Sarif Hidayatullah
Shaun Leandro
Don’t you ever grow bored of your vocation?
I just figured it out. It's a MANNEQUIN wearing shoes! That's why the feet never move!
Some guy on the Internet
Congratulations on the 40k! 100k ain't too far.
Stan Halen
7:50 and on... clit diddling practice
Steven Manuel
Yo i just found your channel and i LOVE it man your a pro.
Steven Trosiek
Perfect job of shoe shining. Magnanni shoes are gorgeous. You're a master!
Taha Mehraj
Change the camera angle back to the old one
The Mail
what brand of polishes are those? they look new.
Tony Murcia
Te recomendaría que pusieras la cámara desde arriba como hacías antes, se aprecia todo su trabajo mucho mejor, por lo demás, felicidades.
8:00 minutes in and I realize that maybe I should date a \
Very good, sir!👍
Wee Man
Nice shoes
I think that you should do a \
Yozi Lozano
This is so amazing! I really love your videos and your job, keep doing what you love. 😘
lustrage parfait comme d'habitude.Le laçage du soulier était intéressant avec juste à la fin le rendu avec le pantalon .Pas mal pour ce richelieu.
“Who let her in here?” 😂😂😭😭
lady isn't asmr
brayan gonzalez
The guy doesn’t said a word. His trying to make a conversation. But his ignoring. Why people are so nasty and give a f about everything. What kind of problems can someone have.
Beautiful shoes and a nice shine! Love watching you work your magic.
more vids with female clients
Shoes are decent but those socks 😂😂
heinz abednego
Have you considered a mail service where i can send in my shoes in a shoe box, ill pay for shipping both ways, do you have a website where i can present you my payment as well, i would like you to give my shoes the love it deserves
joshua sharp
shame the shoe doesnt fit right .... get a wider shoe or find a shoe with a better last and get those laces closed up
manuel alejandro copaira
New products? From Chile watching you bro
poorboy sippin40s
Bravo. !\nSuperb.
I was gonna sleep. but just for you, master Dornstar, I will watch this. Twice.
Damn. Those are nice shoes...and big. I wear size 13...never realize how big my shoes / boots are til I see another guy wearing big size shoes/ boots- Great video.
сергей сухарев
judging by the lacing of the shoes they are designed for a lower lift of the foot