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Ablene Nigussie
What is the difference b/n spanish & italian language? I am learning both & confusing that which one is italian & which one is spanish😂😂 Anyone give me a hand.
Alea Rose
When you learn Italian with the help of English speaking person even though you are not English speaking person 😂
Amina Ferhat
It's a beautiful language want to learn
Angel Mejia
As a Mexican learning Zhónggwen, Français, Deutsch und Italiano; This is the easiest language I've fallen in love with. It's like the cousin of Spanish.
Anya Magic-Winx
Thank uuuuu\nIm 11 and im trying to learn italian\nMy favourite show\nWinx club and Pop pixie is italian
Arancio Da
No ITalian language cours live? (like chinese, english, german, etc..)
Bibi Plays
I know how to speak Spanish fluently so I'm catching on pretty quick lol
Brad McNaughton
The first step: You mentioned Lei as formal (You) but isn’t Lei for She?\nSo would Conoscerla be different for a boy?
Davide Murgo
Manca la parte più importante della lingua italiana, il vocabolario delle bestemmie. Scordatevi di venire in Italia Americani del cazzo se prima non imparate le nostre bestemmie made in italy
Domenico Baldini
Grazie mille 😅 I'm Italian but born in Australia so I thought I should catch up on Italian language
trying to teach the British manners, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT
Ebrima Sinera
I from Gambia but now am Italy very nice😍😍😍
El Tercermundista
Italian language is a beautiful language. I want to learn this langage because English is only necessary... Sorry, but English language is boring, I speak Spanish, and I was studying English by my own because I am a self taught person, and Italian is B E A U T I F U L. I have to learn this language
Emma Wood
Me: Learn Italian in 30 minutes... this looks good!\nMe: *takes three hours*
Eugenia Kapitanova
Grazie mille! Love your lessons \u003c3
Flower power 07
All I can do is ciao sono mya
GeographyGuru 32
I already know a bit of Italian, but at my school we learn Italian too. I learnt Italian before the teacher came cos of a book. Ciao! Mi chiamo Oliver! Piacere. Ciao! - Olivio (Oliver).
Gionn Caomhin Morpheagh
One little tip I thought of when practicing numbers in other languages (German, French, Russian, etc) is to use car number-plates while walking along the street. At first I said the numbers individually to myself, then in twos, then threes (where applicable) and finally the whole number (again where applicable). It's remarkable how quickly you can progress to the whole numbers too.\n\nMsG
Giuliano Chiapetto
Programma molto interessante
Grr pamps
There are many components to speaking Italian easily . One place I found which succeeds in merging these is the Hartlyn Language Lessons (look for it on google) without a doubt the best resource i've seen. Check out all the awesome information .
Hannah Lucxk
What do italians do when they can't roll their R??
Hong Nguyen
many thanks
I am that I am
I'm sorry I dont
Isaac & I
Awesome video! And hey does anyone know the actual difference between Italian and Sicilian??? I'm half Sicilian, but I'm only fluent in English, \n But my mother(and her entire side of the family) can all speak Sicilian. They can speak/understand some traditional Italian, but they say some Italians can't understand Sicilian. They say Sicilian is only slang of italian, but I've read from other native speakers that Sicilian is more of a dialect of italian, and other people even claim that Sicilian is it's own separate language. I'm conflicted, because I want to learn Sicilian to be able to speak with my family, but if I learned Sicilian, would I be able to understand and speak Italian with other non-sicilian Italians too? Or should I just learn Italian first? 😓 Guess I'm confused about the actual distinction between the two. Any help is appreciated!
JCMH Solutions
An Italian woman whose name is Consuelo?
James Smith
I'm in love with Consuelo! 😍😙
Jeff Morales
my first spoken language is Spanish then I learned English, now Italian feels like a sub Spanish to me :)
Joe Jacoby
Grazie Mille! Thanks so much for pointing out that trying to speak the language where you're a guest shows respect, and it's never too late to show good manners.
Junior 2
questo è un bel video pubblicato
Karimko :3
Sta di fatto, che se un Italiano vede 'sto video scoppia dal ridere XD
Kemp Kennedy
These are wonderful lessons but....\nI'm just really bad at learning new languages!!!!\nEven if I just remember hello/goodbye/please/thank you/sorry... At least I hope Italians will see I tried :)
Kissi Yak
Thank you so much! You have such a good English!
I want to learn napulitan
Learn Italian with ItalianPod101.com
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Lily Perfors-Barradas
Nice and easy way to learn Italian! I hoop in one week would be able to learn the bases for my trip. Thanks. 😊
Me : Wow Cool\nMe: *becomes Ezio Auditore and keep saying Cazzo 1000th times*
Mariavictoria Ortiz
I have been learning some languages with pod101. But this teacher is the best!! Thank you so much!
Marissa Turner
Ciao! Io Sono Catherine, and my native language is Spanish but I learned English and I want to learn Italian. I have to say that there are a lot of similar words in the Italian Language and Spanish. \n\nGrazie Mille \nThank you very much \nMuchas gracias 😄😄
Mike Hunts
italians are hot
Mind Blow
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover fastest way to learn to speak italian try Tarbetti Amazing Italian Tutor (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my neighbor got amazing success with it.
Mister Denis
i like italian girls. greetings from Kyrgyzstan
Mojo Jim
It's true. Italians always know what to wear.
Mr. Icecream
Thank you, really hope:)
Muhammad Ali
Omg it’s so hard but I don’t know why I love to speak Italian
Olga Morales
The best! I heard a lot of Italian teachers giving their Italian class, but Consuelo go slow and I can get the correct pronunciation. Excellent job.
Omar Al Badawy
Pagli Pagli girl uk tv channel
Prince Chuku
I love this site among others l always learn alots in this site pls l needs to learn Italian verbs
Priscilla Beline
Why there are people that say \
Psycho Dream
Grazie tante..
PunkRockHarry Hood
I speak both English and Spanish, so trying to learn italian is a little easier since it's like a mixture of both of them
Rene Raphemot
Great video!!! Grazie mille.
Rimon Kaur
i learned full video now i am travelling to italy😀😀
Rona Jean
ciao sono rona, piacere di conoscerti😊😊😊bounasera
Roula Kanakaki
Grazie tante
after this video which video should i watch next?
grazie tante. mi chiamo sunil.please do more videos
Sakura Sweet
Non so perché sto guardando questo video😂
Susanne ChavezEscobar
Ciao, sono Susy piacere di conoscerti
Her beauty is unmatched
Thea Sofie Moen
Im 94% Norwegian and 6% Italian❤
Thiago Loureiro
Ciao in my Portuguese language is used to say goodbye instead of HI.
Time To Laugh
Qui hehe it's not even Italian wahahaha now I'm mad hahaha mad mad
Timothy Morant
God heals,o,items,paperweight,flush.
Umar Sadeeq Afridi
Good video for learning italian
interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for how can i speak italian language try Tarbetti Amazing Italian Tutor (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.
Wealth Valentina
you people are very stupid!!!You dislike the video and you are here commenting that it is a good video
ado beflash
aggressive bello
I love italian language awesome me encanta el idioma es increible
alex gaming
Grazie so much to each us Italian I'm learning so mush from you
almasry ali
Grazie mille
blackdiamond 85
molto buono 👌
cai gaviola
I will be flying to Rome, Genoa and La Spezia and this lesson is incredibly helpful! Grazie millie!! 😇
Veramente efficace imparare l'italiano con una vera italiana. Grazie e complimenti.
cinzia tuccio
Why did I click on this video even tho I'm actually italian?
cr7 dei poveri
wow it's strange to be Italian and see a tutorial on how to speak Italian
danu thp
Love Consuelo vids 😘
i speak spanish so this can be hard to learn because i get mixed up but at the same time it makes it easier because sometimes it sounds very similar to spanish
eloisa fantasia
and the Voi when do you use it
finally iii
Thanks teacher ♡
kimberly pineda
I'm white and italian and a bit hispanic but i only know english...
mohsen chenouf
you are very nice teatcher
shes kinda like Monica Belluci Bella
psycho cybernectics
Vettel yells \
samir haki
I\\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover how to speak italian try Tarbetti Amazing Italian Tutor ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got cool results with it.
She's hot.
I love \
vincenzo parisi
Salve, io sono italiano! Chiaramente, sono qui non per un corso per imparare la mia stessa lingua, bensì, a farle i complimenti per come ha strutturato il corso, ossia: semplice, ben specifico, e anche simpatico, dato che vedere un corso noioso come insegnerebbero a scuola, risulterebbe molto più difficile! Sono felice di essere nato in Italia, anche perché adoro la mia lingua, anche se ammetto che è difficile, vista l'enorme quantità di regole che ha, a partire da tutti i tempi verbali: presente, imperfetto, passato remoto, futuro semplice, per non parlare delle forme composte passato prossimo, trapassato prossimo eccetera. I verbi che oltre a finire in are, ere, ire, possono finire anche in arre, orre, urre ma, che rientrano sempre all'interno dei gruppi are, ere, ire. Il/lo/la/i/gli/le con tante regole, preposizioni semplici di a da in con su per tra fra, poi queste si articolano e sono tante! Ci sono ancora tantissime cose da dire. In conclusione, per superare tutto questo che, per una persona non italiana è difficile, un corso così è perfetto! Oltretutto, se uno ama una lingua o il paese in cui la sia parla, può anche essere la lingua più difficile del mondo, diventa più semplice ricordare. Un saluto dall'Italia!
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Grazie mille. 🙏💖🙏