(K-Pop) BLACKPINK - ‘뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU)(Reaction Video)

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A Kuro
Im glad that man on that shirt notice the symbolic on this MV. Lot of people just want to see an actress/actor on who they are, but when they make a mistake, everyone put their phone like a gun.
Aigoo Imnida
I love your reaction! You guys are one of those reactor who got that meaning behind the guns pointing at jisoo (the girl with the pink wig) I hope you react to some more of their songs/mv (whistle, boombayah, stay, playing with fire & as if its your last) they are from korea btw
AleX 99
Please react to Killa Fonic -DVNS ( Romanian rap )
Aleksandra M
Highlighted comment\nLoco, Hwasa (MAMAMOO) - Don't (Above Live) please. the artists were on a show to do with the making of the song and its just won a bunch of awards. it sounds really good and loco is under a hiphop label
Amanda Eriksson
You're the first reaction I've seen (and trust me, I've watched like, an embarrassing amount of reactions to this mv xd) that actually picked up on the symbolism during the falling scene! good job, guys
Amanda Miller
Plz react to more Black Pink and Big Bang cause they are some of the best.. Big Bang are considered the Kings of Kpop..
Amys Musicbox
You need to react to Katie- remember! She's a solo artist and the song is all in English
Andrea Aier
React to their other videos too. Whistle, Boombayah, Playing with fire, As if it's your last.
Asel Abdolla
Please react to Ninety one- E.Yeah.
Astrid Cruz Garcia
I love ur reaction, and can u please react to Bts- Mic Drop Remix Steve aoki and dean- I’m not sorry and zico, dean & crush- Bermuda Triangle and jay park- me like yah pls 💜😅 Ik it’s a LOT but plssss
Atok Gaming
React too another song blackpink - whistle ...its lit bruhhhh
BLINK GreenTeaAddict
Balzas Gigliuzz
British -Dark Polo Gang🔥
Blackpink & Army Bishes
Blinky DownUnder
ITS KPOP & Love your reaction! They’ve just dropped their Dance Practice video to this & their choreography is LIT! If you wanna check out more of their music may I suggest you check out their cover to Miguels Sure Thing first...You’ll get to hear them singing & rapping live and for sure you’ll be surprised😉
Bobby Shmurda
Bruh plz react to Tedua Medaglia d’oro. A lot of Italians wants it
Brittany Gidley
OMG my girls BlackPink. Lisa is my bias she’s the first one who raps. She’s full Thai not even Korean. She’s the strongest dancer as you can tell and if you watch her other videos like her street dance with focus cam on her you’ll see. She slays me😍💜 she’s the main rapper
Brooke Craft
Rosè which is the one in the red at the end is from Australia. Jennie which was on the tank is from New Zealand. Lisa the rapper at the beginning is from Thailand. And Jisoo the one with the black umbrella and the fire is Korean.
When you call a fennec fox ''a familiar type of dog'' hahahaha
Celeste Jacquet
That’s a fennec fox 🤦🏽\u200d♀️
Lololol its a Fennec fox not a dog, they live in deserts
Christina Nguyen
you should react to blackpink ddu du ddu du inkigayo ! It’s their live performance you will love it! thanks for reacting, great reaction!
Corrupted Cross
The animal you thought was a dog; is actually a Fennec Fox.
Dale Worme
ummmmmm...thats a fox a fennec fox
3 if then know English lol. \nRed hair-rose is from Australia\nBrown hair- Jennie is from New Zealand \nBlondish hair- Lisa is from Thailand \nBlack hair-jisoo is from korea. She understand English but doesn’t speak it.\nYou should definitely react to their other songs like boombayah, whistle, so hot
Effy S
React to more kpop videos!!!
El Tallarin
React to red velvet bad boy
Elyl Calum
Please react to \
Evana Grace
Please react to Agust D 'Agust D' MV 🔥 it's firee
Blackpink is so lit that it has just become stupid how fire they are
Galaxy octoling_agent 8
The “dog” is a fox a snow fox(or ice fox....i think)so it’s a fox cuz of the big ears
Hans Lundgren
Yo bruh go and react to some danish rap!! MOLO - STILEN ER LAGT / SKEJSEN / BØLGEN\nSIVAS - LANG HISTORIE KORT / COLOMBIANA
Harriet Smith
More blackpink reaction boombayah, whistle, playing with fire and. Their bbhmm dance
Hunter zone
That's a fox lol
Hyunsuk Moelyadi
You react the right agency of kpop\nYG entertaiment bring 🔥in kpop
Iliana iliana
Its was a desssert fox!
Iloveyousomuch Lalisa
pls.react to other songs of blackpink and their cover of sure thing by miguel..thank you!😊
I’m always jungshook _
The one wearing the shirt has some beautiful white ass teeth 😂💓
you can react to their other hits like \
Jake M
A lot of Kpop companies invest in their artist's MV especially YG entertainment. They also hire famous choreographers like Parris Groehbel and Kyle Hanagami to do the choreo. These are one of the factors why BlackPink always slay.
Jasmine Miller
The video is nicely done. However, I'm. not impressed by the musicality of the song. Nothing I haven't heard before. K pop is not that original. Can't help but hear the rip off from other genres (musically speaking) and everyone is falling for it.
Jay Ma
U need to react to BTS MIC DROP Remix Ver MV🔥❤
Jenny Baek
Thank you so much for reacting to and enjoying Blackpink! I couldn't agree more with you on the standard of music (videos) now, there's just no effort. Which is why I appreciate K-Pop so much. Yes you were right, this falls under K-Pop and I'm telling you, there's just so much more 🔥 I recommend checking out:\nBigbang - Bang Bang Bang\nBTS - Mic Drop
KPOP equals Life and death
U like this song u should react to red velvet bad boy
Please react to joke by RM and Agust D by Agust d and airplane by jhope they are 3 rappers from bts a Kpop boy band and react to fake love by bts there choreography is really good.
Kevin Bibimu
Please react to BTS MIC DROP !!!!
Kimberly McCulloch
I've never seen your videos before now and I have to say I really enjoyed it. You noticed stuff you were supposed to like the girl falling and then they had phone guns, their choreography, their singing, etc. I've been binge watching reactions to this song and y'all's is my favorite so far!
Lalisa Oppa's wife
Welcome to kpop! Most kpop or k-hip hop MV's have really high production value. You should definitely check out more BlackPink and kpop in general. You guys had great observations. Thank you 🙏🏽
Lee TyTruck
I couldn’t get through the video I got to 2:30 and started laughing. It’s a fox
Lucy Lucy
I really liked this reaction!!! React to more blackpink :)
Thank you for the genuine reaction 💖💖💖💖💖
Meime Dy
Why can't more nonkpop fan pay more attention to mv like them. i seen so many black pink dududu reaction and not a lot pay close attention to the part when JISOO fell n the camera turn to her. Like a lot pretend to be into kpop but don't put the time n effort to understand the song and visually. Like some just clout chaser using kpop.
Minyoung Ali
YG entertainment 🔥
Moin Guermassi
Oh trapassato💖💖💖💖💖💖💜🤘🤘
Ya know, there are lots of times when someone who isn't a huge Kpop stan reacts to a group I like and I'm constantly like \
Movies Sample
do some good work dude you must be needed
My name is Aminé
Check out Blackpink “Whistle” or their “so hot (remix)” performance
Namjoon's Brain
Well their seniors *Bigbang* of the same company used *MILITARY TANKS* for their previous *BANG BANG BANG* music video which was back at *2014* . .
Natalie Oh
Best reactors ever. Love love them. I’ve watched this at least 20x. More kpop please.
Oh Lola!
It's a fox, not a dog  lol
Oolong Tae
Please react to Their song Whistle and Playing With Fire!! And react to BTS Mic Drop
Portgas D. MinHee
Welcome to KPOP
Richard Haynes
Please react to https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=II0ZL3CLQls\n🎥 Jay Park & Ugly Duck '우리가 빠지면 Party가 아니지 Ain't No Party ...\n And you guys so cool that's why I subscribe to you guys 💯💯💟
Riku 45 Yagami
React to BTS Fake love😆😆😆😆or mic drop they both fire
Pls. react to BTS-Mic drop! its good 😊
Shing Hye
blackpink, BTS, and many other kpop are 🔥🔥🔥 their talent, effort, creativity and teamwork, they are damn serious in every single details in their singing, stage perfomance, mv shooting, fans meeting, vocal, and choreography, outfits, color coordinaiton, check the kpop musics and mV even 10 years back, you should be able to see their best quality since many years back...they keep improving and inspiring us . 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Siena May
Lisa (girl who rapped in pink first) is from Thailand, Rose is from Australia (red hair and was on the chandelier swing), Jennie grew up in New Zealand but is from South Korea (rapped on the tank) and jisoo is from South Korea. They all speak English really good other than jisoo cuz she’s not really confident in her English.
Starry Dynamo
omg u drinking Bombay straight.... damnnn boiii thumbs up.. i can never do that..
TAE is my Bae BITCH
Thanks so much for reaching to Blackpink! Check out their other songs Forever Young and Really and See U Later
Tae Aaliyah
BRUH A FOREIGN DOG 😂😂😂 that kills me
Tennis Lover
THANK YOU for appreciating and truly paying attention to the video/song, because thats what we like to watch on youtube. Too many people are talking through the videos and missing parts or focusing on the wrong things!! Love the video! Thanks!
Twins Mommy
Man! I love Black Pink...but guess what? They did a Japanese version of this song and the RAP parts are in freaking ENGLISH!!! You need to listen!!
I think its also cool to notice that all the members are from somewhere different:\n● Jisoo (black hair and pink wig)- Korea\n●Jennie (holding the freaky looking dog)- Korean born but lived in New Zealand for a lot of her life.\n●Rosé (red hair)- Australian \n●Lisa (first girl to rap)- Thailand
Xxtina realasshit
baby Taesthetics
React to RM Joke and AgustD- Agust D they're from bts and they're really fast and good rappers
beatrice carta
React to Jake la furia \
react to bts
dre aming
react to their other songs like Forever young, Really and See u later its part of their mini album theirs lyric videos on youtube
I cant believe you only have 3k views on this. other Blackpink reactions have hundreds of thousands. Solid reaction. I really enjoy it when someone new to kpop reacts to their first kpop music video. Always gold!
evil kitty
Every time someone says the fennec fox is a dog I scream😂😂😂
kayla. naomi
You'd love lisas rap in boombayah
kiko sayuri
Thank you for reacting to bp . If you like their choreography , u can watch their dance practice . It's so dope . Their dance is choreographed by Kyle . PLEASE react to their other songs like Bombayah / Playingwith fire / whistle / as it it is your last. The aesthetics are amazing ! They belong to one of korea's big 3 entertainment agencies. Ur reaction video is the best so far . Both of you noticed the great aesthetics in th MV (it took em five days to finish it ) ! They practice their choreographies for weeks! Thank you again you guys are the best !!!👍👍
maria teresa
please react the dance practise og dududu
ms. nikki
Asians are perfectionist when it comes to their craft. They put 100% on everything - the props, the outfits, the choreography. You can see all the effort they put in in every KPop music video and it's good to see that you guys appreciate it. Most people just watch and be like \
raghad raghad
Please reaction to bts blood sweat and tears 🔥🌚
simplistic tae
That is not a dog, It's a *fennic fox*
It's a fennec fox lol
ultim8 bae
Yes my queens. New sub here
xSDries bts
React BTS
I wish more American artists had videos like this. I like the effort and hard work kpop idols puts into their Music Videos. It's so cool.
React bts \
😂😂 그것은 fennec 여우입니다, 개가 없습니다