They Found This At a Yard Sale For $1 What Happened Next Is Amazing

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Amazing For $1 Next Is Amazing They Found This They Found This At a Yard Sale For $1 What Happened Next Is Amazing This At a Yard Sale What Happened What Happened Next Is Amazing Yard Sale They Found

Ann-marie H
Found this by accident but just wanted to say thanks for sharing this story, in a world where by most NOT ALL ! Ppl would have just swiped it up for the dollar an then go onto make huge profit from it no doubt ! but it is so heartwarming that this guy who knew nothing of this family was so kind as to point out discreetly ( by taking her to one side into her garage) what she held in her possession ,so go that guy ! Lol. Nice to see that there are some real genuine & good hearted people out there who would rather just be an honest good guy where she could of easily just got taken for a ride by so some so called dealer just out to make a buck! Don't get me wrong a person could have taken it for said price to then discover what they had but I just wonder if then sold how many people would have gone back as a meaningful gesture to say split the profit? Just my opinion so plz no hate guys , I'm just trying to say how refreshing it is to find good honest people in this sometimes selfish world we live in today ,so go him lol as they say WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND .I believe anyways ,so here's hoping his good turn comes back on him sometime in the future seven fold, once agin lovely article thanks for posting ,✌🏼️&💜from little ol me in Wales in the u.k ,have a great weekend guys x
Anthony Gill
As a British person I have no interest in baseball and this explanation of what a \
Anubis Smite
You talk to much
Arun Sahasrabuddhe
This story / video could have been completed in 5 seconds
Bert Lambert
Jackie Robertson. .thank me later
Brett Boedeker
cut out 80% of the commentary and it might be watchable
Brian Morrison
Not buying the bat and enjoying the find yourself defeats the entire concept of capitalism... its like going to the manager at goodwill and saying here, this is a real monet and its only maked 3.00, please remove it from the store and auction it at christies...
Bruce Van Camp
Get to the point
Cal 99ers
I always found it funny in the Spiderman movie when Peter Parker's Aunt said at her garage sale that she gave away all his old comics. When I was a teen my brother allowed his friend to take all my Jack Kirby DC comics as a payment for a debt he owed him. He told me 30 years later
Christopher Turner
The bat belonged to Jackie Robinson save you 5 min
Chuck Gates
Baseball hall of fame
Critter Cosner
I had to shave the beard that grew in while waiting for the narrator to get to THE POINT.
Cyclestorm 300
Baseball is always been overhyped boring game
David M
bla bla bla
David Schmidt
Attention narrator, \n\n\n Although you make it PAINFULLY obvious you love to hear yourself speak, you are incredibly verbose and constantly veer off-track. Tell the story, and follow the 3 rules of public speaking: Be Brief, Be entertaining, Be Seated.
Derek Thompson
People who attend yard sales regularly have a mental problem its called \
Dwight Turner
While watching this video, I discovered I had lung cancer, went through chemotherapy, and was pronounced cancer free. Then, when the video finished, I realized the whole damn story is fake.
Edward Wolski
Fake story...
Elisapeta Ludlow
HOW MUCH IT WORTHY! [email protected]😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲.
Ewan Petrie
Still don't know how much the bat is worth 🤔
Fernando Chavez
What a great footnote on two ball players who just wanted to play the game. Good on you for your honesty. A lesser human would have grabbed the bat and ran. 👍
Frances Elaine Thurston
Get to the point!
Gerald Cornwell
American Baseball is played in England. We call it Rounders and it is played by GIRLS.
Gung Ho DK
It takes this dude an AGE to tell this story... It's a good story, but I almost fell asleep because of the dull story telling.
Howard Vanderwall
The S's in Des Moines are silent.
Hubert Cumberdale
Would they have got away with opening a white history museum?
Hursey Family
How much was it worth
I.M. Grimripperroo
What a fantastic discovery to add in memory of a great American and a boyhood idol ...
JB Avalon
Yard sale is the only thing to do in Iowa.
Jack Frost
Wow! That guy is the most honest customer I have never had the pleasure of meeting. One in a billion if that.
Jan Nordström
John Ferreira
Ms. McKensie hopefully will donate to Cooperstown HOF with this story, so it can be cherished by others for a lifetime! Well done!
John Flinn
That is integrity at its best. Appreciation is the new currency.
John Hill
Geeze...drag out a short story into a long one
John Hoare
This guy could drag out calling your name for 2 days 😂😂
John g.
Could u talk more nonsense. Ugg
Jonnerz K
30 second story dragged out to six minutes.
Judy G.
Stupid drawling voice. Why take so long to get to the point? Jackie Robinson bat. Sellers relative had been a pro ball player. Perhaps they forgot to mention the bat was valuable when it was left behind. Antique dealer hunch. Rubbed pencil into an area, brought out signature. Probably was a practice bat.
Just Passinthru
I can't watch this to the end of the video's sooooo strung out and boring.
K Rank
Never heard of him.
Kevin Watson
Give you $3 for it !
Larry Frehse
And another brit/aussie commentator describing something that happened in Des Moines, Iowa! He can't even say Des Moines right.
Lonnie Moore
Holy Crappolla, this guy's lips flap like a bedsheet in a hurricane! His motto: Why use 3 words, when 13 will do?
Mark Bloom
So if a old worn out baseball bat has babe Ruth’s name on it then I have his bat ? Ya probably not , that’s why he never said what it’s worth, it just can’t be proven authentic!!
Martin Peake
Talk to much, get to the point😴😴
Mick Bradford
What I don’t understand is why almost 200 people gave this a thumbs down?
Mike Baxter
robot voice sucks the big one ... could not watch
Mike Bird
i'll give you 25 cents for it???
Mike Poggione
why not just buy it for the 50 cents see was going to sell it for dummy
Mr. Punishsausage
blah blah blah blah GET TO THE POINT !!!
What a long drawn out video....was a one minute deal.
Nathan Hassall
*thanks for explaining what a yardsale is you internet parasite*
Nicholas James
Great conscience and lack of greed by person who could have purchased bat for $1.
No use for lazy people None.
Honest people like this man are becoming fewer and fewer. People today would have just bought it and walked off laughing at how badly they Screwed these people. I myself get a kick out of showing the seller items like this and telling them the worth. Made a LOT of good, faithful friends that way
P. Butler
What about Irish Americans in the Game?
Peach Basket
Holy crap that was a long winded story that could have been summed up in three sentences.
Pedro Meza
Thank you, your for posting.a very good informative video.
Philbyd 123
Interesting stuff: thanks
Plutonium x
What a load of nonsense
Rau Kenneth
Does YouTube pay by the hour? I miss the days when videos were two or three minutes. The internet was great at first because there were no advertisements and people got to the point and didn’t drag everything out which made it much better than television. But those advantages,have sure been pissed away.
The most amazing thing is she used the bat to pleasure herself when her husband was away on business .
Richard Johnson
Never said what it's worth!
Rob Z
Ron Black
I liked the story and the narrative.
Ronnie Bishop
On and on
Smug Smugly
This is a story about nothing
Stephanie Murray
The short version, dealer finds valuable baseball bat at yard sale and tells the owner. Owner happy.
Stéphen Bach
I wonder how much the bat is worth? I have a baseball with all the signatures of the 1953, 54, and 55 Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie Robinson's name is there.
T West
Please try a little harder to drag out your presentation, I only had to trim my fingernails twice during this one!
Todd Olson
If Pawn Stars is still in business, take it to them and they'll have it authenticated, they then will talk you down to $.50 for it's badly worn and the name... Well... it's hard to tell, etc. etc.
Tuten Vanman
Its a bat used in a childs game.
Vladimir Trump
Never heard of him.
Total fake made up story
Awful narration.
I would have said a dam thing and bought it.
bag o' toe tags
This is how I view videos now; I mute the sound and move the cursor to the right until I get to the choice part, unmute to hear what the item is then re-mute and go to the end. Some people are so long winded they cannot get to the point and just want to hear themselves talk as though everybody is interested in what they have to say. Please excuse my long windedness.
billy the dead
Bravo a good news story
david owens
WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much information. By at least several hundred words........
edward toner
It's history lesson not a \
Nice to see an honest guy.
etienne nel
overuse of the word \
frank franks
That story was a home run not a foul ball. I guess the yard sale was a strike out. Why did the golfer wear two suits............he had a hole in one.
garrett kleven
So is it going to a museum?
This video could have been half the length. It's too verbose and long winded. Geez.
johnny Sic
She should have given it to a museum. At least the gentleman who discovered it was righteous.
I am getting tired of this style of video. It almost needed an intermission.
leslie perkins
charity executive wonder where she got her unwanted items from
michael jonn
Idiot !!! why didn't you just buy it for a dollar????
nora durias
what happened next? nothing
rick mack
It's name was Lucille
sasquatch1 ****
De mone
stephan leman
Get it right you opinionated bloke.He first played for Montreal Royals
and its worth ????
use a real person fer cris sake.
Three things: 1.) As opposed to several people's replies, I liked the way you told the story in your video. 6:00 is certainly not too long to tell such a story, adding fact upon fact, just like an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW segment. What fun is there in just saying \
Every kid in town had one of those.
tree Climbing
Jackie Robinson—1st Black American to play in the Major Leagues. And a tremendous player.
i find something like this, it's going to christie's