Al Soussi: The Best Traditional Lebanese Breakfast (Meet Raji Kebbeh)

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Abdel Azaf
بدون شك هذا النوع من الطهاة يكون طبخه لذيذ الله يبارك فيه
Adel Barakat
the fantastic person and delicious foud I used to eat there about 35 years
Arman Cakir
Charles Aznavour runnin the kitchen at its finest, laughs aside food looks amazing, different but similar to Armenian breakfast 🍳
Broger Searcher
cleaner than indian street food...
Looks like someone would tell him about those toxins coming from the Teflon skillet when it's getting real hot like that it's bringing them off the skillet unto the food
Damon Tabron
Fast and efficient this guy
Dante Bregan
Tendrá las manos limpias este sr. ????
Double S
Burnt omelette. Yummy.
is this guy supposed to be cooking at this heat? never seen that before!
Drolldur Meiersheim
Handgloves? Hygiene?? Scruffy grandpar
Dunya Taleb
شوف هذا الانسان ینضرب بیه المثل رجل کبیر بالسن لکنه یعمل بجد وقوه لتوفیر حیاه کریمه لزوجته، هذا الرجل احسن مثال یقال للشباب المتکآیین علی الافرشه ولا یعملون.
Eamonn Sheehan
worst egg cooking ever
Faiçel Berrim
bon appétit pour les clients et bon recette pécuniaire pour le chef de cuisine et bon courage pour les serveurs et bon envie pour nous les navigateurs sans dîner et plus likes pour la chaîne ....dieu à aider tous...
Fatima Ezzahra
I thought \
His shaking hand makes me feel worry and respect in same time.
Hajar Ashraf
ياعمري.. عيوني دمعوا من رعشة ايده.. الله يعطيه الصحة و العافية
Hossein Abbassi
The eggs ask for mercy
There is a little Indian ( or Scottish) guy under the counter that washes that pan out every time he puts it under there.
Irving G.
How does the plastic handles on that pan not melt?!
Jane Eyre
Can you narrate and tell us what it is, etc.?
Josh brannan
I'm hungry after watching that so much so I'm off in my kitchen right now to make some eggs and something else lol
Justice Warrior
Those bowls are beautiful!
Kamil Olej
Nothing special ewerything cook to fast.
Kevin Hullinger
Scrambled eggs over high heat?
Koçak Abdullah
cancer station
Lubomír Otta
Teflon pan on this heat?
Marc Van Masten
Meet and eggs at breakfast? ....
Marcel Joel
*just how I like my eggs. Evaporated*
Mark K
The fire should never be this high for eggs. Protein burns easily and eggs turn brown. Meat and eggs should never be cooked under that extreme of temperatures. Aside from that I love Lebanese food but you just don’t cook eggs like that. This is not Chinese stir fry lol..
Max Beter
*Filthy place. Shithole*
Moscow Love
Fuuuuck, and people go eat this??
Mousa Slimani
رجل نشيط ماشاء الله .....
Muhammad Suhail
I don't know much about Lebanese breakfast, but I reckon this one is one of the best breakfasts....👍🙂😍😋.
Muhammad Uddin
Wow! Turkish people look 90% European.
Nick Coudounellis
Lebanese food is very similar to Greek food
Nick Hersheys
The cook looks so humble, yet commands total respect :)
Paiman Namazi
I'd be waiting 35 minutes for overcooked eggs LOL
Peacock For Sale
Chick peas ,Yogurt and fried almond and chips as topping and semi burned Omelet I guess
Philipp Trapp
Someone get this man a carbon steel wok. Not healthy to be using non-stick at such heat.
As a Chinese, I recently found the middle east civililian life is mysterious and attractive. It's just like a mirror reflecting the scene that you people sailing in mediterranian and running on white stone roof. Somehow it reminds me of my curiosity in childhood to explore the blue sky, the world beyond mountain and the sunshine shedded through my bedroom window. It's another civilization apart from western and eastern.
Rayan Bawab
اطيب فتة من عند مطعم السوسي
Richard Roma
I love my food to smell like gas.
Rickyboyz 100
Should be using cast iron
Rim C
Lot of orders and only 1 burner 🤔🤔
Roberto Sanz
Lebanese food is amazing, respects from Spain
Ur subscriber rate would increase if you always had English subtitles
Saim On
God bless, Grandfather
Sarah Merhi
الله يرحمنا اجمعين
Sri Sm
The dove just too high the oil it might splash on his face
Steve Parker
So what's in the pan, eggs and....?\nCrispy omelette with mixed up whatevers close at hand.
Sun Dok
chef sir should cook in professional carbon steel skillet, the cheap non stick pan he using cant handle the heat of the gas burner. Looking delicious [email protected]
Taliban power power
What kind of food is this , I've never seen this in my life,
The Ghost
واضح عليه حب العمل \nيستاهل احلى لايك
Theconnected Universe
معصب كانه عميخترع البارود !! اضحك يا زلمي
Thelincolnexpress 1865
I have a lot of respect for the elderly cook. He is definitely the boss. You're always better off to do it yourself cuz at least you'll do it right. Just like he does.
This is Galveston
I work at a hospital and I asked a resident if he was Middle Eastern. He answered \
Tim Zeneli
What a horrible food \nFull of fried oil \nAnd filthy kitchen
I am sorry but no thanks. He is cooking it as if he was standing next to the assembly line in a factory, no real effort, no passion, no seasoning...
Valar Margulis
И чё он туда ложит? Черная паста какая то
Vlad Gradinariu
Any of you know what’s in the jar he picks up from underneath the table?
I wonder if that aluminum pan will even make it to lunch,I can hear it screaming!
I'm feeling sorry for those non-stick pans that are just warping like crazy from the flamethrower! Pretty sure there's some chemical transfer going on there.
Yop K
4:37 that butter burnt boy
Youssef Lahbil
عجوز وخفت اليد مشاء الله تحياتي من المغرب
Zach Van Harris JR
No Garlic No Onions?
Looking at this senior gentleman, he brings inspiration, to work till very aged. God bless him.
The second guy is a full time egg dropper.
I'd like to know the ingredients.
Here comes cancer, heating a non-stick pan to this degree can't be good for you.
Health and safety at work nonexistence....
I would have appreciated some texts, explanations, descriptions. The dishes look very nice, but the ingredients are hard to recognize. What‘s the brown stuff that he cooks before the eggs? What‘s the cooked brown stuff that he fills over the yoghurt at the end? What beans are the yellow ones? I would very much have liked to know this. Nonethless. Great video. I‘d love to travel to libanon.\n\nLove from Germany ❤️
الواحد أمنية حياته يعيش في لبنان.. شعب هادئ الطبع صاحب كاريزما جميلة ولغة سهلة ذات ايقاع موسيقي... أحلي أكل حتي الفطار عندهم يسموه ( ترويقه) تقريباً من الروقان .. شعب رايق وأنا مصري بحب الناس الرايقه.. شوف الطباخ اللبناني الكبير في السن ده... قمة في النشاط والنظافة والمهارة ماشاء الله عليه... ربنا يديله الصحة... أعتقد لو أكلت من ايده طبق بيض مقلي هيكون أحلي بيض أكلته في حياتي... تحياتي للشعب اللبناني ... محمد عزت من مصر
fawaz Saleem rajput
Mahshallah looks. Amazing... I really to. Have this dish with my dad.. It's been really long time. I had a breakfast with him.. Almost like 5 years.. Sadly we are separated due to some. Problem... May one day I sit beside him and have this homemade breakfast.. I hope so.. One day
gary jonson
greezy camel jockeys
ice man
if i wasn't Arab yet, i would have wished to be born again an Arab , Salam from Algeria .
ilker sönmez
Pretty underwhelming and sloppily prepared.
jersey arc
Nothings special w/that
jerzy z
dziadek powinien przejść na emerytura o ile ją ma a nie marasić młodym jorg
johan fretzen
I'm white and live in Dearborn MI we have the highest conecentraion of Arabic people in the us right here. And I must say they are great people with a beautiful culture.. Yeah there are some culture shock moments but it's gonna be like that when u have two separate cultures interacting. I must say that if more come to this area from overseas I welcome it for they have been and are good people and I say that from the heart. :)
the gas is free over there??
Nothing against the old man, but that non stick pan is warped the f out, and teflon is probably messing with peoples brain eating off that !
nir766 nir766
maybe will come a day and we will share our Israeli dishes with your dishes and enjoy peace.
This dude's never put that burner on medium in his life.
He acts like he hates his job
saleh Dakhel
الله يعطيه الصحه
tetricon aydın
Very dirty
Was tut er alles rein? Weiß das einer? Rezept plz
I like how those serving the food have hair nets on , and the guy doing the cooking dont . Or even any plastic gloves handling the food ahahahhaha
unwrapping by mimi koteng
Sorry no eggs today, our flamethrower is broken...
wet cake
beans, yogurt, pita crumbles and hot olive oil?
الشبكة العنكبوتية
صحتين وهناء
المريسي المريسي
دايما كبيري السن أيديهم تجي طيبه للأكل
ذو ذو
كثرو من زياراتكم لهذا المكان الجميل .. شكرا على المقاطع وياحبذا لو تكتبون عنوان الفيديو بالعربية (او رفع الفيديو مرتين مرة عنوان عربي ومرة انجليزي)
محمد آل عمرآن آل عمرآن
الله يعطيك الصحه 👐
ملاك الروح ملاك الروح
جوعانه واشتهيت بيض