Dogs just dont want to bath - Funny dog bathing compilation

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From thumbnail i think the dog just pissed
Half these dogs are being traumatised, not funny
Angry Dergon
Do you not know what 'dont want' means? most of these dogs enjoyed it.
Anna Hudáková
1:14 😂
Antonia Cristou
Τι τραβάνε τα κακομοίρα
Reward your dog after a bath so that they're not as uncomfortable when you call them.
Ashley thorn
Dogs are so cute and funny. Like if you agree
Azula Quaza
2:40 dog sounded like a demon straight outta hell
2:40 , that's not a dog, that's a demon
Benjamin Free
My dog hates water, but he knows that how ever long he fights for...he’s eventually gonna have to do it. So he just kinda hops in there & gets it over with
Betlog Gaming
Doctor: u got 5 minutes and 1 second to live\n\nMe: *Watches this video about doges*
Buttercup YT
Actually some of them just like their bath.
Captain Rex, CT-7567
Someone will read this comment
Cary Dreamer
The dog at 2:50 hates the bath so much he lets the devil possess him/her
Choonient Jimin
Omg the second dog is me on a school morning !😂😂
Chris Ramsey
Flea bags.
Clarissa Spokony
So so so sos so so so so so so so cute
CluelessCreationsASMR Harley
Omg 1:42 HA!!!!!! That’s so adorable.
Conrad Andrew
Do you mean \
CreepyPasta E
Do You wanna have a BATH TIME????
CyBearTron 8-7
4:25 that husky is watching at the other room. 😄😄😄
DD's Bricks
0:25, the dabbing dog.
Anyone still watching this video?
Daniela Bumbaru
Hello everyone hope u have an Gold day
Dank pumkin !
I've seen cats better behaved in water!!!!!!😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Dario Echeverri
2:48 it's me when my mom tried to remove my teeth...
Darkkin Blade
It's Dogs don't want to BATHE
Ellka Polgarova
I love dogs
Frenchie lover
Hahahahahahah that dog hahahaha holding himself to the door and making growing sound ! What!!!!
Glitch Confirmed_2
My dog LOVES baths! 😂🤣
If you let your dog growl at you like that then you shouldn't have a dog in the first place.
Imogen Trethewey
That was funny lets see if we can get this comment to 100 or 200 if we can thank u very very much!!!XD
Isabella Moore
1:10 omg
Izabella Hillhouse
3:31 nope just got a fresh hair cut and I am not getting it wet
J Hoe
I'm getting so anxious when the dogs start showing their teeth to their owners , and looking aggressive
Jaidev Brown
The thumbnail is so funny 😂😂😂
Joshua Dabrowski
Julia Robert
This is very funny 😂
Keith Olsen
Thank god I have a's harder to get him out of water than in it.. =)
Kelly B
Some are sweet and funny, like the Daschunds. But a lot of these dogs need serious training, it's best to get them used to baths and stuff when they're puppies and like a lot of people have said they need to know you're their pack leader :/
Kiki Gacha
lol so funny
Kitty Edits
I admit it actually made me laugh
Kj Ayy
the dog at 2:50 hates baths so much he allows a demon to possess his body
LIl Kaste
3:00 lol 😂
Lady wind
🍯 Hey leute🎩 der👍\n maxi wind Katter kühl👈💃\nSchaut es,an und aboniert es 🍯
Lauren Campbell
Some of these people are very brave. If I had a dog growling and barking at me like that, the last thing I'd be doing is picking it up and putting it in a bathtub, or dragging its dog bed across the floor
Letícia Zancanelli
I love dogs, my live forever. Kk
Lilian Ekpe
I like the barking dogs
Wow. Most of these owners need to learn how to draw the line and discipline their dogs.\n\nNOBODY should accept growling and biting just for giving a bath (unless they really suck at this). I'm obviously not talking about harming the dog, but owners SHOULD be physical and make the dog understand who is in charge when it gets aggressive. Every. Single. Time.\n\nAsserting dominance is necessary dog language. It's not just something Cecar Millan says, it's how dogs work.
Manisha MANON
2:51 is like my dog Milo
Marcos Simoes
2:41 wow cerberus hell dog
Maria L. Rapaglia
nope nope nope--animals HATE taking baths or showers--they completely hate water on their bodies--maybe someone can invent a dry cleaning service for animals! 😍👍
Snarling aggressive dogs are not funny.
Can't believe some dogs growl at their owners.
Mohammad Gautam
0:34, 2:48🆆🅷🅴🅽 🅸 🆆🅰🆂 6.
Moni0345 T
The dogs growling like that at their owners...they run the house and it's not even funny, but dangerous. You train your dog and condition them to do things for you and they will please you and be happy with it. Not growling in my dog knows that.
Mr Music
1:48. \n\nI would never get a dog like that. Such an aggressive reaction.
Mr. Mark
Some of these dog owners have some serious balls
Ms Kym
When the lady was dragging the dog, that was hilarious.
N. A.
Ok with the second dog, how come she didn't realize that he was doing his legs like that in preparation to paddle? He wasn't scared of the water, just preparing to swim in it. \n\nThe dog at 2:38 is hilarious. He was growling and fighting like HELL to not go in that restroom LoL all of them are pretty funny though hahaha
Noiseless Noise
my cats would kill me even if they were dogs XD
Not Kodak
2:40 That dog gotta demon in him 😂😂
Patito Bebe
Del minuto 3.36 esta dibertido 😜😜
Patricia Yonkoski
NO wonder those dogs 🐕🐕🐕🐕\nDon't want a bath !!!\nTHOSE OWNERS AGGRIVATE THE CRAP OUT OF THEM AND TRAMATISE THEM !!! \nWTF !!!
Pricilla Piste
2nd one put me in but you'll get my karate moves
RoyalPuppies AJ
Seriously, i laughed so hard looking at the comment area. How can people get mad at dog owners for this? What, will you say they don't need a bath? I own a dog and you should bathe a dog every time its dirty, if he isnt, then AT LEAST once a month. \nAnother thing, why shouldn't people bathe their dogs in their tubs or showers? You need to get a dog and realize the shit you're writing, sorry\n
Ryan RC
My dog just looks miserable and keeps licking me when I bathe her
Sarah Lillie
omg dog
Shivank Agrawal
Dogs too have some habits similar to human beings. They too don't wanna bath just like few boys 😂😂
State of Peaches
The German shepherd owner one brave soul!!!!
Street is my daddy
God you deserve alot for this
The Dog Show
3:55 is the BEST part.
3:57 He actually seems like he wants to bathe, just in wierd place, lol. BUTBUTBUT/.
Tina p
lmao 🤣🤣🤣
Unicorn98989 AJ
1:13 to 1:22 was SOOOOO FUNNY! HAHAHAHA! the wenner dogs were cute.
Valerie Rojo
1:09 What a scary dog 😨
Violetta pravič
1:50😣😥😢😢😭😭😭😢😭😢not funny
Vuff Dk
Damn.... So many people have absolutly NO idea how to raise a dog...
Wert Gamer
Y. Z.
4:30, the other dog in the next room was just like 'yeah man it sucks to be you lol'
dog park for shower.......\njust have to compromise a little
cherry *
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂awsome too much funny
some of the dogs werent funny at all!\nlike the dog at 1:02 or at 1:48 and 2:42 is even worse! \nits a shame if dogowners doesnt recognize, that there is a huge problem.\nthese dogs, werent just not willing to make that procedure, but they were in attacking mode.\nwhen you see a dog, which behaves like this, you as the owner, have to stop the dog immediatley or it can have a very unfortuneat end. but because owners have no idea of their dogs, they think its funny and than they get bitten!!!!!!!\nif my dog behaves like this, i would immediatly stop him AND i´d show him, whos the stronger. YES, that is nessary, because, if you dont do that, the dog think, now he is the boss, he is the packleader and you can call that mexican guy, because you will have a big problem!
dj night
The second one look like Alvin from the chipmunk
dreamy stone
1:47 that dog is ready to bite the cameraman's face off
five star animals
What was the end?😂🤣😁😜
josephr lalfakawma
my dog would never growl at me in any situation. dog behavior can be change by the owner's attitude
Dogs are so funny 😂❤️
mio chan
Funny af
riley nylon
this is beyond hilarious\
If your dog gets really agressive when it comes to bath time you need to bathe it often and not make it a big deal, and give lots of treats and cuddles after. A dog shouldnt get agressive bc of a bath.
splatoon girl 101 I like splatoon :3
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