Andrea Bocelli and son Matteo team up in "Sí"

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Matteo make sure you read your dad's biography , I know you will catch up to him in time , both of you are wonderful men.
Allison MacArthur
How beautiful!! Mateo is a younger (darker haired) version of his father.. and willing to learn from him :)
Ann Binks
They are both handsome faces and beautiful singing voice x
Annette Ljungberg
Matteo seems so gentle and are so both of them ❤️
Daniela Rigutini
🤗😍😘😘😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍 emozione e che soddisfazione.....bravo Andrea famiglia meravigliosa.....👍👏😘😍🤗👌
David S.
Son looks Indian.
Debbie Newton
Great interview with the Andrea and Matteo, love to hear them! Hosts need a bit of practice or something, ha.
Dolphin Dream
I've loved Andrea Bocelli since I first heard him, many years ago; he has always been a handsome man, in addition to being a glorious vocalist. His son Matteo is also incredibly handsome, and seems to have a beautiful voice as well. I hope he can somehow retain a sense of proportion and humility in his life, because it can't be easy with this level of fame, wealth, & physical attractiveness! Would love to see Andrea live in concert before I'm gone.
Elke Kleber
What a handsome beautiful young man Mateo has become and Andrea is so proud of him. You can see and feel the great and deep love and respect between father and son. Two wonderful people and gifted singers♥️♥️♥️
Gail Swineford
Such a wonderful blend of two great voices ... two generations of marvelous sound! Matteo is \
Galvishburg -Seattle
Something extraordinary happen in the world of the music worldwide !
Hermi Wasmayer
Ist so wunderschön , Vater mit seinem Sohn. Lieber Andrea deine Stimme ist ein Traum. Aber auch ihr beide zusammen eure Stimme zu hören und wundervoll. \nWeiter so Bitte. Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß und Erfolg. \nHerzliche grüße von mir aus Österreich
Jacqueline Nemorin
Please sing the duet song WE WILL MEET ONCE AGAIN.....
Jannie Hofmann
Hoe mooi kan het zijn , om samen met je vader te mogen zingen ! Dat is toch genieten! Ik hoop dat ze dit nog heel lang kunnen doen!♡bedankt grv jannie hofmann,schagen, nl,
JohnPaul Dixon
' Fall On Me ' is an incredibly beautiful duet between the two. I must order the cd. Matteo seems accomplished as a vocalist already and can only improve even more with time, and guidance from his father. I've no doubt he'll quickly build as devoted a fan base as his father has. He's also a real stud-muffin.
Jonathan Brown
Andrea has a special gift. His voice has a resonance others don't have and a unique character
Kay Mckean
Matteo is so humble!! ♡
Kerrie Louise
Can't wait for matteo to release his own album. Amazing voice. Amazing duet
God gave us our own gifts! They're both so unique and wonderful! The love of God shines through them
Leonie Ladner
So much love between father and son.
Lindsay Cooper
Always loved Andrea's voice so rich and warm like the Tuscan sun. Would love to see him live in a concert one day. All the best to his gorgeous son...
Great! That was the best idea to start off by saying “We saw in the video..”
Lucia Garcia
Marianne Amy
Well done, it must be nerve wracking doing interviews let alone in another language! Fair play!
Marija Vidmar
Nick Neff
I've been listening to Andrea since the early 90's, this song was so powerful I can't describe it to anyone.
Ronald Foster
the marketing and the publicity will not be a problem for the Bocelli Family, appearing every where with is father will not be a problem! great voice but it's sound like is own father...
Roseann Schoenfeld
Matteo has a beautiful voice like his Dad I love how they look at each other. with such love for each other. I wish my children's Dad\nlook at my children that way. I feel sorry for him because he's missing out of knowing two great human being's.
Ryan Grella
Personally speaking, I like Mateo's voice the way it is, it will only grow stronger, but he doesn't have to be a carbon copy of his father.
Sally Ann Redwood
I hope his other son does not feel left out!
Samuel Stephen
Being such an enormous fan of Andrea Bocelli for many years, i was delighted to hear his new album and was even more delighted to hear that his beautiful duet with his son Matteo and is an aspiring singer. Too lovely voices in one place.
Sorin-Vasile Gherghinciu
' \
Susana Pizarro
Virginia Moss
Whoa! Such a handsome man Mateo is! That alone will take him far, but his voice is similar to his father's. It just needs training, which he is pursuing. His future is so bright.
anna Last
Matteo is so handsome, he deserves his own mirror. But he seems to be a good soul deep down. They dearly love each other. And he plays the piano too, just like daddy! (what else can one hope for in one's love time?) Very fortunate to have such good sons.
Andrea is so down to earth person. He isn’t boastful, he keeps his feet on the ground. His son is so handsome. I truly love their song x
bambams mom
Absolutely beautiful love them both ❤️❤️
edson diaz
Mateo 😍😍😍
elvira jakab
maria sagesser
the Lady wo Steaks has a horrible accent!!!!!
marie sia
Andrea does not sugar coat! 😂
salaam chakal
Matteo looks handsome
you can see what a loving dad he is but also strict and so respectful of the profession, he keeps emphasizing the importance of a good singing technique above all. unlike today's singers who just scream notes out trying to be loud and gain attention, butchering songs. singing is an art!
zero chris
سكواد عراقي