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Smart and clever animals that are intelligent and some rather talented! Some are funny, some cute! A good variety too. Bear, fox, hamster, monkey, cat, dog, birds, squirrel, etc. Great watch! And be sure to check out my channel for more awesome compilationsTop Comments:" animals

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Baby and crawling dog is hilarious
I've seen humans dumber than some of these animals.
Adriana Galli
How Sad to see the bear with its trumpet. Not to be include in the compilation, terrible video
Amanda Verlezza
That bear was most likely abused
Angela Falsetta
THIS? This is TOO smart! Smarter than most people...and hearts and souls huger and more VAST than any human!!!! Amazing! do people realize what they take from this world...What they cuase apin and distress to? What they destroy?? For God's SAKE!!!
Athanasia Giagtzidou
B Humphries
It pisses me off to see wild animals made into pets or circus acts. You've basically ruined their lives! Humans are absolutely horrible sometimes!
Banana buttons
Seeing an animal perform silly stunts for human entertainment makes me give massive down thumbs. I'm not talking about pets that happen to do silly stuff as that is fine and cute but that bear is suffering and the monkey in the nappy too.
Bat-Erdene Altankhuyag
Crows are only birds that can use tools to solve a problem.
Big Iron
the one with the bear... not funny
That hamster figured out how to get out he deserves to be free
Blake Jones
I can't believe we're still doing this to bears in this day and age. Bears are not domesticated and thusly not suitable as pets. no matter how well the animal seems treated; this is cruel!
BlueFoxl Vlog
How does the chair hold the bear
Braxton Buff
The Hulu hoop bear was sad, it looked like he was a circus bear based of the “tricks” he did.
4:54 *C O W A B U N G A D O O D*
That me when i want soda 3:33
That poor bear 😔
Cardboard Operator
the inner 10 year old in me wanted to pull that chair from under that bear just to see how it would react.... yep it would eat me
Carol Gauvin
Teamwork makes the dream work! Like when the cat 🐈 opened the door for the dog 🐕
Chris Ecko
I'm suddenly seeing an abundance of animal cruelty comments....
Yes, the trained bear is sad, but where can I buy that chair? It held up that bear with no problem! Absolutely amazing!
David Capes
Can you make your intro a little louder, I don't think I'm quite deaf yet
Dazai Osamu
Aw you forgot the cow. Grrr eat video, love the cays and the horses. The goat and bears were funny too. Lol
Dogmanstudios HF19
The fox 😂
Amazing how much common sense animals have..I love them
Ethan Henderson
The monkey is Jack from the Pirates movies. I'm surprised he's cleaned up so well.
Faith Almazan
The beluga was so gangster.
Febreze Bleach
2:54 that beat isn’t supposed to do that, poor bear.
Every time you see a bear doing un-bear like things, and there are eastern European sounding guys in the video, you should think animal cruelty
You know when a raccoon is traveling by telephone wire there is something on the other side he wants bad.
That monkey wanted his juice NOW.
Jim Kalt
That baby is so amazing that that dog can crawl. Wow did he do that
Jock Knew
You can only train a bear to stand on two feet through torture, it’s not a natural position for them
Jodi Young
That poor bear!!! 😱
Joe Josa
The most amazing thing is that vending machine giving change.
Jp Pharand
3:30 me everytime something is stuck in the machine
Justin Thomas
4:37 the humble beginnings of Sly Cooper.
Katelyn Rhodes
poor bear
Kevin Singh
I swear some of these animals are smarter than half the people I know...
Kris Young
The raccoons are always great to watch. It makes me want a pet raccoon!!!
Landrit Salami
That bear eds up killing that guy
That bear
The dancing bear made me sick! These \
Man of Tennessee
These animals are smarter than Any democrat voter
That monkey has a major addiction to high fructose corn syrup
Meinung 3000
If all people knew how wise animals are and that they can feel the same way we do, many people would have more respect for them. The hamster impressed me a lot. Wow ! with ravening and crowing, we already know that they are highly intelligent ♥
Mesbahul Karim
At 2:58 I need the plastic chair
Michelle Green
May b a person was in that bear suit.
Mike K
Guy found dead because cat opened door to murderer
Moos P.
6:10 horse can't count, it just scratches the ground till be lets go of the holster.
Mr. GasMask5
The second one was extremely clever for a bird
the bear was probably trained to stand like that with some hot device under his paws
If that horse would have pulled a beer out of that fridge 😂😂😂😂😂
That monkey though, \
Nightmare Returns
3:19 The monkey is adorable.
Olivia Gruss
I miss my hamsters 😭
Ork Trukk Drivah
Datt fox, catching a lemming deep in the snow....
Pam Miner
The most interesting Thing I've ever seen was with lab rats.\nThey were trying to find out how helpful rats could be.\n2 rats were put in space where one rat was free to eat a small amount of food or free the other rat, who was in a small box that kept 1 rat in but the the other rat could open.\nIn Every case, The rat outside would help the rat in the trap get out before he/she ate any food, The rats didn't know each other, but even so they Always helped free the trapped rat first.\nI would give them a better score that humans would get because a lot of people would eat the food first. So rats are more concerned with freeing the distressed rat, and so many people have lost compassion.
Professor Time
Spot on.\nAnimals are smarter than 98% of the people I know.
Purpl3 Grape
3:00 STRONGEST plastic chair in the world.
Raymond Rogers
How does the sledding bird not get a mention?
Rhiannn :3
holy crap did the crow just use the side of that container to bend the wire into a hook? I'm shook. Now that is a smart birb. \n\nThe stalk at the start too, very impressive.
Robert Goldthorp
Sendor Clegane
one day animal kingdom beats human
Shelle Evans
this is awful, awful, awful.
Sleepy Hippo
Fun and cute until the bear.....breaks my heart
Space Panda99
Aww bears are sooooo cute I know they are very dangerous but I've always wanted to hug one I guess only in my dreams!😭
Stephanie Murray
Most of these animals are way cleverer than my neighbours kids !!
why aren't there any humans on this video, oh right it's because they aren't very clever or witty.
Tanja Burgdorf
Ok ab den bären war das überhaupt nicht mehr lustig....der kleine affe hat mir genauso leid getan
Terri Hester
Poor little guy. He's reminds me of Honey Boo Boo. All jacked up on Mountain Dew and Pixie Sticks
The Heartless Hero 2077
3:19 that monkey is smarter than 90% of my coworkers.......\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nShould I be worried?
The Hungry Orphan
When the narrator said he needed complete quiet and the fox looked over.. I was just expecting the fox to say \
Thomas Marshall
downvoted the moment I saw the bear. Punting the rest of the video.
Tim Lewis
Man, humans can be cruel.
Toon Deth
That's definitely a bear costume😤 psh!
Walter White
Crows are so smart, owns this list lol
Wendell Sims
They were all so smart....\n It's a shame the way we treat them sometimes....\n🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮
a. Noniem
So sad to see the bear, bloody disgraceful!
antionette wardell
I don' t like people who use bears as circus clowns.
4:44 ya very clever till it hits an exposed part of the wires, and goes flying.
Geez..smarter than most ppl
card hutt
the counting horse is fake, watch him pull his finger away from the horse when he wants it to stop.
cheese chisel
2:53 obviously a sasquatch wearing a bear costume
chris Klein
So much on evolution , so little on survival instincts, holding them back to human low standards, they're so beautuful, give them credit as creatures, creeps, sellfish hogs.
4:16 - drinks out of a bottle easier than trump
dino pup
3:0 Wtf...I hope the bear kills that man some day....
jan bijak
nice video :) but 5:35 and 6:05 wtf, animals just do that ….
5:45 nöw i can Qvitt ^ ^
nancy sexton
The bears really upset me..didn't even like seeing them in the circus when I was a kid. Demeaning to the animal..maybe they were in a sanctuary and being saved from the circus. Let's hope so!
sheryl napier
That bear should eat that man!
Do not support bears doing tricks! They are too often treated badly in order to perform. Please remove that part.
valerie rodriguez
The bear part just made me sad. : ( i wonder how much he was beat in order to learn the tricks, all for a crappy little snack.
The cat and the doorbell. Awesome 👏 Next dog I get will wipe it’s feet. Better get a lot of treats ready.
I don't understand how people can train their animals to do any of this. I wouldn't have the patience to even try
Павел Рожков
some of these animals are treated better than me
Юрий Коваленко
ܡܥܡܕ x
@5:29 the dog is being sarcastic of how the baby moves