Worlds Greatest Head Massage 25 - Baba the Cosmic Barber

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Support Cosmic Barber Baba Sen - Welcome to new channel, Baba Sen! This is the very first video featuring Gavin Free. Please enjoy and subscribe!

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Baba: the last air bender
A Giraffe
Who else was rubbing their head watching this?
Abhishek Singh
Watching this to pay homage to this legend. RIP Baba.
Adam R
2:57 might be my new favorite Baba moment. Not sure how I’ve never noticed that before.
Ahsan Afzal
4:57 when you go to the toilet after someone's already been in there
3:48 Whoops! Looked like that tried to slip away!
Alex Rodriguez
I struggled to feel the ASMR tingle until I saw Gavin get the massage. I finally felt it and it's amazing.
Rip Baba, you have given me a lot of relaxation over the years. You will be dearly missed. \u003c3
Asa Draney
~Gavin no longer screaming~
Banjo Jo
Gav from slow mo guys?
Blaster Jack
There is nothing more relaxing than having a Indian man with Tourette's rub strawberry yoghurt on your face whilst sitting next to the M25.
I was expecting him to squirt something up gavins nose
Caitlin Hughes
So glad Burnie and Gavin helped Baba started making money off the videos he's featured in. He deserves it. Baba is amazing!
Chris Coto
I don't know who this Gavin guy is but Baba is about to put this dude on the map! Baba's gonna make this dude Youtube famous just watch!
Chris Plays Games
I see alot of people commenting on the supposed strangeness or absurdity of Baba's hand motions. As I understand it, it's got to be related to the concept of Chakra, in this case specifically the seventh Chakra, \
Cult Gaming
This'll end up being the most viewed one... I'd put money on it.
Dan Gilbert
It looks so relaxing. I could easily fall asleep listening to Baba give someone a massage
Darren Murray
Baba, you seem like such a sweet guy from the documentary and I hope that one day I shall be able to come visit you with my family. Namaste
Dave S.
LOL this guy's awesome but wouldn't it be halarious if this baba guy was part of the CIA? I mean he's on the lookout for somebody because he always asks \
Dead Girls Don't say no
relax...\n\nrelax...\n\nwhats your name?\n\nKevin...\n\nwhat your mother name?\n\nAnna...\n\nwhat your social security numba?\n\nwhat?!\n\nerr i mean relaxxxx...
Glad he has his own channel, subscribed immediately.\n\nमैं अपने ब्रह्मांडीय ऊर्जा प्रदान करते हैं आप प्यार करते हैं, धन्यवाद
Dustin Layton
it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again
Dylan Harris
how many people are here because rt?
RIP Baba you will be missed.
Fatso Fattee
Nice. Thanks, Baba!!
Under 10,000 sub club.
Fire Bunny
Part of me thinks Gav and Burnie are completely insane for flying 10,000 miles for a 7 minute head rub. However an equal part of me wants to do it myself.
At 2:27 did anyone else hear a young Hodor?
This is oddly satisfying to watch. O.Ob
Why is he always almost out of that cream?
Genius Marc Says
anyone knows the price of the massage?
Graciela Feybi
*still waiting for a new video to come up*
It would be funny if a fan added an \
Is it just me or does Gavin kinda look like Jake Gyllenhaal in this video?
I wanna be a black man
graaaabbbyyyy freeeeeee
Jake Harman
This is what happens when you mix massages with magic mushrooms and all of the weed in the mystery machine
James Cockerham
John Stuart
Wait . . . Is that Gavin from Achievement Hunter? What is he doing here of all places? Lol!
Kadang Senang
Relax..and baba smile...\nAlways got me laugh all the time
Khaled Majluf
god, I want part of the massage to feature wet bread. Gavin would be done in...
The Mick Jagger of scalp massage!
Limp Wibbler
Came here just to understand this. I still don't, but if it works for people continue doing it.
wow, what a spoiler
I'd pay this guy triple to sneak up on me whilst I'm asleep and do it to be then, he'd have to sniff quietly though
just finished up the documentary, and I couldn't stop smiling.
Makaveli Soldier
More please!
Matthew Fowler
I kinda feel bad for Burnie and Gavin putting effort into making him a channel, but he doesnt use it
Meghan Lancaster
Baba Sen seems so at peace and happy with his world and his life. I wish I had the state of mind he has. I hope that if he sees this comment he can know that I wish the best for him and his family and that this channel will do well and open new doors for him.
Melih Durmaz
That confusing moment when you see 2 people from very different parts of youtube together in a video...
Mentat Shakespeare
aspeak yo name\naspeak yo mada name\naspeak yo bank account details
Mike Algiers
Man. Every massage he gives people must be an intense workout. With the intense India heat to his constant deep breathing and blowing down to all the tensed muscles that go into his routine, he must get exhausted after doing a couple of these massages.
Mr. Mantis
I could tell throughout that Gavin was enjoying this a massive amount
My name is so obnoxiously long and there is absolutely nothing you can do about the matter Cx
4:31 Gavin making sure to taste the splooge on his face -.-
Awesome! Baba has a channel now!
Nice Very nice
R.I.P we all loved you
Nicole MacDowell
Yes!! So glad you finally have a channel for your videos!
my head fells so weird from watching this. it's relaxed but tingly at the same time.
Plague Doc
At first I thought this was stupid. But my head and back were tingeling as it was playing.
Quade Smith
the constant honking really takes away from the experience
RJ Foyles
I was so relaxed watching this, but when Baba Sen touched Gavin's ears....boy oh boy did I get warm and tingly!!!
Rach To
love you Baba! Loved the documentary Roosterteeth made with you, you seem like such an amazing man
Randy V
It's been a week already's time for a new video 🤔
Ren Amiyama
I know it works, and I've heard nothing but good things about Baba's methods and that's awesome, but I can't help but laugh at his mannerisms while doing the massage. It's like he can see demons in the air or some shit.
I WOULD JUST BE LAUGHING THE WHOLE TIME\nEDIT: I lied idk man I think it wouldn't mind it.
This is actually the dudes channel. wow cool hi baba!
Glad to see Baba can finally get some income from his videos' popularity.
Sawyer Tang
Sean Molczyk
1:22 Relaxxxx.....BEEEEEPP BEEEEEPP!
Sebastián Naranjo Silva
RIP baba sen, the greatest
Absolutely incredible doc, I really hope Baba puts up videos in future, he's going to make so much dosh off of it
The 239 Life
Gavin from slow mo guys?
The Mystery Man
Why do I feel like the guy giving the massage is slightly Psychotic
RIP Baba, i guess you've become cosmic energy now, may your energy relax people always.
Wow, the full body tingles I got from this video were so incredible, just sitting up afterwards felt weird. Absolutely incredible.
Baba: The Last Hair Bender
Thomas Chapman
If Freddy Mercury was Indian he would look like Baba
Gavin's going places.
He should really monetise these videos
Good to see Baba having the support to create his own channel, I first came across him a while ago when the first videos started to pop up. \nReally enjoyed them, I suffer with PTSD and find the videos calming, the noises of the busy street mixed with the massages help me sleep and and stay asleep. \nAll the best baba in the future and I wish you every success with your channel.
Vulgaris Magistralis
6:05 CHOP! Relax Gavin - wow
Will Taylor
I love how both Burnie's and Gavins Apple watches turn on when they lean forward
It's weird how Gavin stopped looking like Gavin about half-way through that massage. Like, relaxed Gavin is just a guy we've never seen before
Next time, on RT: Burnie and Gav travel to Mars for a 10 second toe rub.
brad wallis
I would consider a trip to India just for this!
What happened to this channel? :(
guy bailey
A channel where the money raised might actually go to Babba, grats. Most people just use him for view numbers...
inventor 03
Relax just gana shop your head of.whait what RELAX I SAID
Baba getting that Rooster Teeth Dollar
jose flores
Gavin and his majestic beard.
mehmet saki
This is not massage, this is art thanks baba
Does he ever catch the fly?
Bit of a shame Burnie's and Saurab's didn't get posted, but they're damn good.
I'm surprised Gavin didn't have them bleep out his mother's name lol
every time baba told gavin to relax i kept thinking back to that one happy hour video from like 2012 where griffon tried to break his back or something and commented on how he doesn't have a bone of stress in his body and that he felt like a wet noodle lol. but seriously, keep up the great work baba! :)
snow fox
Good stuff Baba can't wait till the next upload go in peace my friend.
Honestly I’ll be so scared when he says relaxxxxx whispering all in my ear lmao
wet egg
What would it be like to watch this and play Tunak Tunak Tun in the background
zoe buss
boi looks like shaggy from scooby doo lmaooo love it