Regular Verbs Conjugations in Italian (Present Tense) - Video Lesson (Grammar)

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Greetings from Rome! This our latest video lesson. We took at heart all of your comments and suggestion and began to produce this videos a while ago. After much work and collaboration with our new video dude Sven Ilgner, we came up with this free Italian video lessons for you.Back to basics: first we wanted to address the newbies and give them the tools to conjugate. So here are the conjugation of regular verbs in present tense. Enjoy!If you want to download the exercise that this video mention. Go to:

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004915217755911 Zahid Abbass
Ho notato che egli/ella e essi come pronomi soggetto non si usano più. Mi chiedo quando sia avvenuta la loro scomparsa/dipartita...
Alberto Félix
Mi piace molto imparate nuove parole :3 chi vuoi imparate con me, queste è il mio andiamo a praticare :3
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Asif mehmood\nCapisco la Italian \nPer favore, mandatemi la mia email è Lezioni elementari
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Hi to everyone! Who would like to learn/improve his skill in Italian language?\nSkype: Chinotto-kun
Brennan Demarest
Very good video. I love how you spoke in Italian the entire time yet made it very easy to understand the jist of what you were trying to convey. 
Chiara Vassallo
Well done, good idea and well explained :)
Christelle Ferey
Grazie per questo corso ! La video è fatta molto bene....
Darrin Baker
Italian and spanish both originate from the same source. Ambos italiano y espanol se originaron del idioma misma lo cual es Latin. Likewise french portuguese catalan provencal Romanian all are in the same family. Just as swedish, danish dutch english german norwegian are in the same family. The languages that began as latin dialects are what linguists call romance languages because the romans spoke latin. The second family I included is germanic family. They all have the same route
Dembele Salif
Sei molto bravo
Dr. Zoidberg
Wow... even to someone who does not yet speak Italian, this was incredibly clear. Thank you very much.
Eduardo Gonzalez
Thank you this will help me on my Italian test today appreciate it
Elmi Mohamed Abdirahman
Wow Grazie
Emilio Emilio
Mi piace molto come dai la tua classe. Un abbraccio da Monterrey.
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Molto grazie, segnore. Mi piace molto italiano!
France Saully
Tuu sei perfeto
G Booze
Easier than spanish\nFrench is easier to conjugate too but this is easier
This is the best explanation I could find on youtube! grazie!
Gaetano Barreca
Davvero un'ottima idea per spiegare i verbi. Grazie!
Gilmar Dos Santos
Show de aula! Didática magistral. Parabéns.
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lei abbiamo tue giorna grazie Johnny
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Very clear. Great!!
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grazzzzzzzzie grazzzzzzzzzzzzie for helping me with my italian half yearly!!!!!
Kawtar Meski
Il piacere come faccio a leggere e scrivere poi dare la mano ti prego perché lo so A scrivere e leggere Grazie mi fai sapere ok
Kebba Sisawo
Grazia per questo corso
Khadija Talaa douma
Kineta Chanyale
Kisan Bagul
very nice way to teach..I loved this video.. very nice way to explain the grammar...\nPlease keep posting new videos. .
Leonardo Artist
Linda Chan
You are right, I speak norwegian. And I do not have a big problem with Aweedish
Louis Thomas
Questa lezione e' molto semplice a capire. Bravo!
Lupo Astronomico
Ma a che serve una lezione di Italiano se è ini italiano? Uno che non sa l'Italiano non capisce niente
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Mady Macalouu io sono Maliano
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ciao video bellissimi
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Marcelo Surville
Very similar to Spanish and French, but instead of AR, ER and IR it's ARE, ERE and IRE in italian. Why does every word in Italian ends in a vowel?
Maria Piparo
I really enjoyed your lesson very much, however I am interested in finding the Italian version of a popular Spanish video on conjugation. I believe it is called \
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Moussa Cisse
Grazie Mille PIACERE di Avere le Coniugazione
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hi, everybody i'm nicolas from argentina and i'm going to add everyone how want to inprove english with me or my from english friends group .( what's app 01134023671 ) i seen soon dear friends ☺
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Grazie,corte e bene fatto!bravo!
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Thank you so much my brother
Pamela Dyckhoff
Anche se sono passati più di 25 anni da quando mi sono insegnato la lingua italiana, I could easily understand. My professor (Italiana) used this approach during an ESL masters course...I, of course, was told to not participate! LOL...Great job! Keep up the great work! \u003c3
Paul Sproule
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Psycho Dad
Non capisco. Sono americano.
Rafael Nádasi
why all european languages are basicly same :(( I don't speak Italian, and Iunderstand everithing Gruppo, group, gruppe, csoport....why.....(italian, english, german, my native...) :(
Raghad Jayyousi
Raza Chaudhary
Rohi Ara
But I don't understand I want to understand in English Italian
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Spent 300.00 on a book I was required to buy in school, spent hours trying to figure this out and this guy taught me what I needed in 3mins and 40 secs. BRAVO!
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this helped me ace my quiz! Grazie!
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Molto bene classe,ma io non bravo parlo italiano....
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Thomas G A
No sound
Tina Huston
I'm going to have to review this a million times to memorize it.
Not actually complete. Example: Andare (to go) IO vado, TU vai, LEI/LUI va, NOI andiamo, VOI andate, LORO vanno.
Toure Youssouf
Grazie mille
Why does it surprise me that I can actually understand what he is saying, despite never having even gone remotely in depth Into studying Italian? I suppose it makes sense, as English derives most of itself from French, which mostly derived itself from Italian.
grazie my friend
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Exactly what I wanted! Grazie!
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tu sei very good!
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So nice and simple way of teaching👏👏👏👏👏👏
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Grazie, most of my family are italian and its about time I properly learned to talk to them! xx
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Grazie mille per i brevi e utili lezioni ... Sei da vero bravo
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sono nuovo nel tuo canale
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It is very easy wau to understand italian...I like this video.
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le verbe se repentir
Best teacher ever
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translation is needed
I hate that echoing sound, it really is disturbing
Best 3:40 minutes i've spent learning a language
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Easy to understand. Thank you so much
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thx for video. and by the way, nice intro