President Barack Obama: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

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Alexander Lee
who's here in 2018?
Angry Foreigner
Notice how good of an actor Obama is?\n\nYeah. You should be worried.
Anuj Rao
He sushed the President!
Artemis Lisserman
Barack Obama roasted him.
“Sorry I had to cancel a few times” LOL
B Farzady
This was considered risque, like he's really going on that youtube thing? Back then... \n\nThose were good times.
I had to come see this again it made my day, I'm tired of Trump
Brandon Vincent
Be short and fat and smell like Doritos and try to make it in Hollywood.
Chris Ray Gun
That jab at Hangover 3 was awesome.
Corey Gass
Come on all politics aside, that was funny
Courtney Smith
this is the funniest one of all the Between Two Ferns hands down LOL
What a giant slap in the face to EVERY dictatorship on the planet.
Dan LaBrecque
It's things like this that really made Obama a special president. Politics aside and I disagree with a lot he did he was one of the most relatable presidents we ever had. I remember before he even announced running for president and everyone kept asking him he once during a Chicago Bears game had a press conference where he said he was going to dispel all the rumours and answer the question everyone wants to know. He then puts on a Bears hat and says \
Dei H
Delana Trujillo-Johnson
I miss you Obama 😢
Dino Spumoni
Back when we had a president we could be proud of.
LOL hahahahahha the president is a beast!!!!\n\nThis is too funny!!
Dora Maria Sanchez
But zach did get burned, and he's got guts talking like that to the president
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the hangover 3 roast 😂😂😂😂
Eve Elliot
dam the obama side fern so big and healthy! how do I get mine like that
Felipe Trujillo
Gianluca Badejo
Baz is awesome !
God_Kammit [Kam Ford]
He shushed Obama lol love this
Easily the smartest and most sophisticated president the USA has seen since Bill Clinton at least but perhaps as far back as JFK.  I opposed nearly everything he did in office although I recognised his reluctance in some instances to go along with the war pigs' plans.  Next to this Cro-Magnon Trump who I actually supported in his bid despite loathing the orange toad now Obama shines in his wit and articulacy. I never saw this before it was interesting. How I wish more than ever I'd been a fly on the wall in their private meeting in the White House on the changing of the guard.
GravityShift Games
Haha. Brilliant!
What r u doing about North Korea? Hahahahahahahahahahah.... \nWhy did u have the guy that made the \
Gustappy Tony
Obama does not get grilled \n\nObama grills
everytime i watch this i crack up, cant believe it was 4 years ago!
James Fan
It’s a 3 inch horizontal
Jamieson Franklin
Obama smoothly burned the shit out of zach haha i love zach though
“It says I was 7 pounds 800 ounces” I’m dying 😂
Jim Phoneykins
I can't believe Obama did this show. He's gotta be the coolest president...
Jimmy Recard
Love it. Credit to Obama as well.. He connects with everyone he visits. David Letterman was awesome too.
Joey Delaney
Trump would just take offense to the first joke and then spend the rest of the skit rambling about how smart he is.
Im gonna miss Obama, no one with a brain can deny he was our coolest president with half a brain. I think this is probably my favorite episode because Obama wasn't afraid to get dirty with Zack and clap back. Im never actually sure how much of these are/aren't scripted but assuming this is completely off the cuff Obama is a mf beast
Jon Irtif
Jules Woodbury
if obama goes to between two ferns, trump will most certainly go to the eric andre show
K.S So
Who gave u premission to do that? .....Bush....LOL
Karl Lagerfeuer
So Obama is a \
Anybody watching this in 2018 and is missing Barack like me?
Kenneth Vela
I wish the president of Bolivia would have an interview with Zach Galifianakis, I would PAY to see that
Kyle Owen
anyone still re-watching this episode in 2018?
Leon Augustus
which 'country' were you routing for at the Olympics? hilarious
Lt Fuckkyall
Lucas the Lemur
lol great sketch. we miss you obama!
Luka Eremija
Luke Rajan Mathew
I am not going to let Michelle near u.😂😂😂😂.obama is a naturally comedian.
Manu Sharma
Ohhhhhh shit 😂
Mark Perry
Dont care what people say..This was awesome. How many presidents have done this? None. This proves this guy is cool. So shush
Masta Cheese
I’d like to see a buddy cop movie starring Former President Barack Obama and Zach Galifinakis
Michael Nickrent
*mousepad breaks \n“Susan, cancel my interview with the President.”
Nate Free K-9 Help
How did the health care thing. Work out? ? This cracked me up :))
Nick Seychel
i'm 3 inches vertical actually hahaha
Why does this look like cgi???😂😂😂
Pablo Cruise
That’s why 44 is awesome!!!
Parker Passarelli
Rafael Gudiino
Lol imagine when he does this with trump
Regent Djan
What she'll we do about north ikea...?
Robert Vanhorn
Be short and fat and smell like Doritos and try to make it to Hollywood
Ryan A
I really didn’t like obama but I have to say he is a good sport and he is funny
Ryan DeClue
Not an Obama fan, but damnit the man has a sense of humor!
Ryan Flores
I miss you Obama!!!
S Kalam
Some say he is one of the best presidents, some say he is one of the worst.\n\nBut no one can deny, he is one of the coolest.
Their humour work so well together lol
Sam Jakubowski
Obama was not taking no BS during this interview
Samrparker 12
Obama can challenge anyone to a roast battle and he will win!
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Obama has handled the sociopath Zach better than any guest ever, Charlize Theron did very well too. She laughed at Zach the entire way through. The key to being a guest is to hit Zach hard or laugh at him through the entire program.
Make same sex divorce illegal...then see how bad they want it.\nomg
The Truth
3:41\nObama: \
I enjoyed this video, until Barrack opened his mouth.
Trevor Long
It bothers me that no one appreciates 4:11\n\
Ty Kenyon
I love how he looks back to the paper to clerify to himself that Obama is the president.
Umer Mumtaz
Now THIS is how a President acts or sounds like! Not that lying, cheating on his wife, Orange Cancer in Chief!
Vote For Pedro
Obama’s such a likeable guy 😂
Wyatt H
I love it when he just shush's the shhhhhit out of him.
You First
Barrack obama was the most charismatic my lifetime that is..
You don't have to agree with his policies. \n\nBut you can not say that he isn't the coolest president we have ever had.
How it's to be last black president...
don no
lmao that vain in the side of Obama's head gonna burst
iz Zz
I miss Obama man
Looking forward to when Zach has Trump on. \n\nFilmed live at the Federal\nPenitentiary.
joaquim machado
obama feels like 10 years ago.
jordan vandross
Obamas reference to how bad Hangover 3 was had me in tears
Good old days. Miss our president. Now we have an orange conman
3 inch horizontal.
outthe boxkenya
Obama smiles like a naughty kid lol
taz santiago
What should we do about NORTH IKEA?? \n😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
the Schagen
Did he just 'SHH-SHH' the president?🔥😂
On a personal level, it's pretty hard to dislike Obama. The dude is just chill af
all these years later, it strikes me how absolutely funny Obama can be. Trump is a blowhard narcissist and would never do anything like this