The History of Europe: Every Year

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This video shows the borders and populations of each country in Europe, for every year since 400 BC.Vassal states and colonies are not included in the count of a country's population.Sources : 1. Population : - Angus Maddison (2003), Historical Statistic for the World Economy

Al... Athens Bavaria Britain England Europe France Germany Greece Italy Macedonia Napoleon Prussia Roman Empire Rome Scotland geography history

Hmmm…Hungary and East Hungary after 1526 ? Never exist something like that ! Hungary disappeared as an real state until 1918! After\nMohaci, the western part was incorporated into Austria, the central one transformed into a Turkish pashalah, so was a territory of the Ottoman Empire, and where the map shows East Hungary was in fact the autonomous principality of Transylvania inhabited mostly by romanians and occupied by Hungary with 4 -5 hundred years before the disaster at Mohacs! According to statistics, in 1867 in \
It's pretty wild to think how many of our ancestors had to survive wars and disease just to bring you into existence!
Adam Bendewald
Dont blink, you might miss world war 2 lol
Al Wid
Blood, Wars, lots of Dictators and Inquisition, many cases of genocide. Poverty, starvation and mass desieses such as cholera and plague. The whole Story of Europe!
Alejandro González
Buena intención de vídeo, pero hay varios errores, inevitable en un trabajo que abarca mucho y profundiza poco.
Aleksandr Privalov
стыдно должно быть европе, всю свою историю только и делились на более мелкие государства. и только одна Россия росла и росла до внутренний распр, но и потом снова восстанавливалась, и в 2014 надо было Крым отметить, неважно что кто то не принимает это, но это уже часть истории
Alex Tayson
Amadeus Perschau
11:45 Hitler left the game.
Atanas Tumbev
5:19 BULGARIA is the oldest country in Europe and the only one that never changed its name since the beginning!!!
Beat my Kids
Ohh yea yea
Benymm Johanson
Bohemia = Czech Republic Historic the center of Europe.
Buba Reader
Ну, наконец-то! Теперь-то всё ясно стало, хоть кто-то объяснил.Оказывается, Украина - это бывшая Литва и немного Польша, частью Турция. Большинство никогда об этом не слышали. Спасибо автору за насыщенную инфографику.
C0g3Ns - Deniz
7:55 \
Callie :3
7:57 the music times up perfectly with Mongol empire
I love how Germany rebuilds time and time again. What a resilient people.
Charles Zevisionneur
1813 : Napoleon is now permanantly banned from the server
Chicken Wizard89
I like how because of the idiotic neighbors of Macedonia everyone thinks they never where one of the biggest Kingdoms ever and Alexander wanted to unite the whole world in peace.
Count Janus Hassildor
Europe is so lucky the Golden horde didn't get as far to them, the Golden horde was the main force of the Mongols and it was also the one that killed like 9% of all humanity. Imagine what it would have done to the holy Roman empire though? the Mongols left no one alive, so no chance of uprising against them, luckily the great Khan died so they were called back, their lesser forces were already pushing back the Hungarians, and hungry was no push over back then.
Cozy Sims 2
Who else is just looking at the part where they live and nothing else?
Cȗdôn Titētɗōnalßeng
7:55 Mongol Empire: *HI EVERYBODY*
Dacians population growth in 400 years is only 100000 people? :)))) you should research better,specially under Burebista reign when Dacian Kingdom has reached its maximum expansion...Oh...and if they were so few,I was wondering how they have \
Daija Hayden
So here's what I've learnt from this comment section: Ukrainians hate Russians, all Slavs hate Germany and Germans, except for those slavs who think that Germans are slavs, Russian Slavs are not really Slavs but Asian Turks. Finnish people hate Sweden and their hockey team, and Russia's. Italians think that italy was best back when there were no Italians around. Spanish people think that their empire came the closest to ruling the world, British people think that their empire still rules the world. French people don't care about history at all because they're nowhere to be found. Greeks want constantinople back. And everyone, all the way from Iceland to Arabia hates the Turks. The fact that the Turks claim that practically every group of people that has ever managed to fuck over Europe is Turkish might not be helping their case. \n\nWell that about does it. Anyone up for a round of WW3?\nEh who am I kidding, you all are.
Dim K
I stopped watching after few seconds. The kingdom you call \
Dima Surok
How many wars. that's horrible. So much time wasted, smart people, resources. But people do not learn from their mistakes. Let's live in a world in which there is no war. \nКак много войн. это ужас. Так много потеряно времени, умных людей, ресурсов. Но люди не учатся на своих ошибках. Давайте жить в мире в котором нет войны.
Eʟızɑɞҽţ XD
Poland \u003c3
What does nationalism even mean?
Too many errors in this video....
Crazy to think that Italy has more people today than the entire Roman Empire at it’s peak.
Great Russian
Long life Europa. Regardless of how French, English, Germans, Russians, Poles and etc were hostile in the past. Regardless of which regimes were established earlier in our territories, we still have a common culture, which is very different from all other cultures of the World. It is difficult for us to understand someone who does not belong to the European cultural space, therefore any European people are closer to any European people than to any non-European (non-white) people.
Guillem Turon Mallol
Many errors and lack of deep investigation
Hakan Deniz
Ottoman Empire ✊✊
Hangok és Betűk
From 895 HUNGARY 🇭🇺 (more tausend years in Europe)👍👍👍👍
Howard SIX
excellent. fascinating portrayal , enjoyed immensly. more !! Well Done
Everyone here be like looking for their country
So Belgium had never been a separate, independent country before 1830, Finland and Estonia not before 1918, Iceland not before 1945, and Ukraine not until 1991
Jeffery Garris
Only in the last 15 years has Europe been Peaceful and not everyone hating each other
Jorg Schroeder
Finns (400BC - 1100 AD) : Let's stay reeeeal quiet and hope no one sees us\n\nSweden (1150 AD): What's that place across the sea? \n\nFinns: Perkele....
Khey Pard
This is clearly amazing !\nYou get a like from me !
wow the music was timed perfectly for the mongols
Tu mérites bien le nombre de vues!
Watching this was quite epic, great work.
Mairwen 99
Excellent video! Very clear. Only problem is, you have to watch it several times to see what is going on in different parts of Europe.
Margaret Cudmore
You forgot one little village in Gaul that held out against the invaders......
Mark Medja
The presentation is very clear. Allover, it greatly lack on details I know, which give different impression. The author favourites great empires in the view of the modern time manipulations. Also do not show de-facto independent confederal states. \n\nThere were no Germans and no Germany known up to 1456 (Piccolomini). It is Ancient term! Greater Carantania restored after Avars were beaten at the end of the 8th c. From 796-1180 it included lands from lake Como (Italy to Dunabe (Hungary, Serbia). On the other side, you can see state Croatia up to the Drava River, which never existed. Croatia was small enclave on the hinterlands of the Adriatic Sea up to the Turkish raid in 16th c. You can find the name Croatia on the north of the Dinaric Mountain Range in 16th c., after Croats fled from Turks. But north from the Sava River only in 18th c. (Maria Theresa forged map), although the Slavonian state and parlament still existed up to the 19th c.\n\nThere is also inconvenience with population, when the empire is in question. In the Roman, Frankish, Avaric, etc. empires you cannot find only Romans, Franks, Avars, etc. It is logical. All empires expanded on the foreign lands massively with weapon. Military occupation does not mean that occupied population switched their language. In that manner, it is funny to estimate Slavs to 1 mio, for they lived from Hamburg - Adriatic Sea - Constantinople and beyond - Russia (70 % of Europe). Germanization and Hungarization started much lately. Hungarization expanded from a few 10.000 worriers in 10th c. up to 38% population in 1880. Similarly the German language in Austria and Romanian language in Romania.\n\nWith that knowledge, the reality deviate greatly from presentation.
Where is the village of Asterix and Obelix?
Misa & Jeca
Kosovo is Serbia!! \u003c3
Nakith Nakitah
This video shows that Nationalism is absurd.
Nasim Nasim
Humans fighting humans.... wtf
Make Love not Wars
so in the end Yugoslavia couldn't hold it together and fell to a thousand pieces... the part of history that no one cared to teach in school but I wanted to learn the most about right now...
Ocean Dub Z
The Ottomans (the real Islamic state) owned for a big deal. But gotta admitt, the Romans were steadfast.
Ollie Bye
I like the clean look of this one. This is probably one of the better History of Europe videos.
Onur Yaldiz
Kim osmanliyi gormek icin geldi like attin
Osemetal \\m/
1917!!!!!!!! Onko täällä Suomen kansalaisia?
Pedro Emanuel Sousa
Portugal was eating popcorn while watching the rest getting into fights for borders...
Petar Petrunov
Pozzo 17
When an american says that they have a good history like europe...
Reer Reer
I cried at 4:22
Russia: Come over.\nFrance: I can't, I'm at war with the British\nRussia: My parents aren't home.\nFrance: 10:35
It's cool that Poland despaired from a map for 123 years and than completely recovers
Wow one of the best Youtube video's I've ever seen.
Lol Croats having a land before 20. Century is false...I guess catholics did their job well with propaganda and false forging history...
Vive l’Empereur ! 🇫🇷
TaEScar LaD
11:11 Execute Order 66.
Tamás Simon
Poland and Hungary against the world....and win.Happy end
I kind of missed that single Gaul village on the map, invincible to the Roman empire.
Tilda J.
this is just a small thing, but åland was still marked as swedish at the end of the video, it actually belongs to finland
Trazco Traz
Incomplete and partially true, with so many errors.
Uncle Pockets
Notice how the Polish-Hungarian border never changes (except for when there's no Poland and Hungary on the map).\nLove thy neighbour :) Greetings from Poland to my Hungarian brothers! \u003c3
Vyacheslav Potapenko
Crimea is not russian
Zoran Ristov
Balkan: A place where noone likes each other, but everyone hates the turks
bastille99 copa
Great Serbia !!!
beyond infinity
7:55 Russia left the chat.\n\n7:56 The Mongol Empire has joined the chat.
I thought my screen froze, but it was just the roman empire kicking ass for so long.
erdem göktürk
7:58 - 1247\nPortugal ''Hey guys, this corner is pretty sweet imma keep it''\nEurope *Brawling*\r\nSpain ''fine...''\n\n1415\nPortugal ''Guys! we can travel to very far away places and get way more land this way!''\nEurope *Brawling*\nSpain *listens keenly*\n\n1434\nPortugal ''Ok so Africa is half mapped so just gonna go see the other side'' \nEurope ''Wait what?''\n\n1492 \nSpain *Red glowing eyes*\n\n1497\nEngland *Red glowing eyes*\n\n1515\nFrance *Red glowing eyes*\n\n1600\nDutch *Red glowing eyes*\n\n1700 to present\nPortugal ''WTF just happened?''
Если вы обладаете хорошей реакцией то можете заметить как на последних секундах появляется древнейшее государство восточной европпы))
4:22 The term \
7:54 here comes Mongolia
Check out Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of 1650. Mighty mighty.
2014- ... Europe gave up and is being invaded by millions of \
The orchestra conductor had the map in front of him while conducting? ..
peter pham
Imagine all the countless lives lost due to wars famine poverty etc from each change of color
I appreciate the amount of work that went into this, but I don't think we can talk about \
You forget to add one small village, who stubbornly hold out against the invaders of Rome empire!
stpehen #1
10:36 when france had a real ruler
thunder thumbs96
Just looks like pointless squabbling when u put it all together like this
Θοδωρής Παντελαίος
Macedon was a greek city state why it is different... if u don't know history for what reason u make that video and learn those things wrong and in others...
Владимир Сергеевич
Судя по всему, Крым создателями этого ролика признан российским.\nИ это правильно!
Денис Лихошерстов
where is Great Ukraine?
Женек Ершов
Как я не вглядывался в страны и народы но так и не нашел даже во времена Византии Украины...как жаль...значит нам все врут???????
Кирилл Скляров
6:16 Ставь лайк, если ты ждал этого момента.
Кот Петя
9:51 Russia eaten Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Крым сукииииииии
Наталья Николаевна
Армения была всё время. Вместо Грузии был город Лазика. Аланы появились раньше Грузин. Даже Болгария и Абхазия(784) появились раньше Грузии...Даже Польша появилась раньше Грузии...(1008 ). Молдова появилась !!!1332 г. Как появилась - так и простояла до наших дней )))
Николай Андросович
Crimea is Ukraine