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The King has a secret nobody should know. What can it be?The King's SecretA Santali folktaleThere once lived a king who had a son with the ears of an ox. The king was ashamed of him,and kept the princehidden away in a secluded roomin the palace. Soon the time camefor the prince's head-shavingceremony.The king calledthe royal barber from another kingdom and the ceremony was heldin secret. When it was finished, the king summoned the barber to his personal chamber and warned him. "Never tell anyone about the prince's ears.If you do, I will throw you into the dungeon!"The barber promised not to say a word about it to anyone.But alas, he was very bad at keeping secrets. Days passed and his stomachbegan to swell."I must tell someone or else my stomachwill explode!"thought the barber. Just then a splendid idea crossed his mind. He walked up to an old tree and quickly whispered the secret to it. His stomach immediately shrank backto its normal size, and he felt much better."The tree will definitelykeep the king's secret safe," said the barber to himself.A few days later a drummer came in search of some good wood to make a new drum.He stopped in frontof the same treethe barber had whisperedhis secret to."This is exactly whatI’m looking for!"he thought to himself,looking at the tree.He soon made himself a new drumand went to the palace to sing in front of the king.The guard at the gate was happy to see him. "Sing somethingto please the king.He's in a bad mood today,"said the guard.Suddenly the drum began to singon its own.“I have a secretno one should hear.The king's son hasox's ears!”The guard quicklygrabbed the drumand shouted at the drummer,"Nobody can revealthe king's secret!Run away beforesomeone catches you!"But it was too late.The king had heard the song and ordered the drummerto be brought in.The poor drummerwas dragged into court."Throw him in the dungeon!"thundered the king."But he didn’t do it,”said the guard.“It was his drum, Your Majesty.""Then throw the drumin the dungeon too.And punish all thosewho heard my secret!"roared the king. He was so angry that his mustache quivered.The guard boldlystepped forward."Then you'd better throwyour whole kingdominto the dungeon, Your Majesty,because we all knowyour secret."The king was stunned.He looked at his mosttrusted minister."Is this true?" he asked."Yes, Your Majesty.We never said anythingbecause we didn't wantto upset you"replied the minister.The king felt ashamed.He realised whata cruel father he had beento keep his son hidden awayfor so many years.The next day,the king declared a holiday.He held a special parade and proudly took his son around the kingdom. Everyone cheered and wavedat the young princein spite of his ox’s ears.The guard ledthe procession,followed by the drummer,who played his new drum.Illustration : Emanuele ScanzianiMusic : Ladislav Brozman & Riccardo CarlottaAnimation: BookBoxFREE Apps for iPads & iPhones:

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