Fred Armisen Tells Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand - CONAN on TBS

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CONAN Highlight: Fred Armisen's very specific brand of comedy will appeal to anyone who's ever removed a wingnut from a cymbal.More CONAN @

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Have you heard about the guitar player who got arrested for fingering a minor?
Adrian Hatledal
Got kind of anxious when i saw the way he held that 2500$+ gibson
Alex Martin
I'm a professional musician and I didn't catch a single one. Welp me...
Alien Nomad
About as funny as a broken string. I hope he's not given up his day job.
Annelie Se.
Lets give a warm *WHOOOOSH* to the salty bottoms people that couldn't and can't understand Fred here nor there with his witty comedy. He's like the antihero of comedy and i love it.
Ant Man
Not even a joke about drummers warming up while guitarists are trying to tune? Lame.
Anthony B
The guy is so weird and i love that about him.
Avisek Ganguly
So where are the musician jokes? 😉
Bigfat joey
Brandon Hanson
I need that Gibson Jumbo in my life
Brian Kessler
His joke has cymbalism.
3:54 Billie-Joe Armstrong, everybody.
Chanel Metal
*you can hold me anytime you want*
Christopher Hendricks
It's called irony people! Musicians are worshiped for being extraordinary and yet here Fred is just making mundane observations. It's especially funny if you play instruments and can relate to the little tedious things like disassembling a drum stand.
Cmoney Productions
the political singer part, is definitely green day
\u003e Video that is clearly labled as jokes only musicians understand \n\u003e Dislike because you're not a musician and don't get the jokes
Daily Drum Lesson
As a drummer I find this hilarious!
Dan Cenow
Jazz players who hide \
Daniel Garcia
It's amazing how far a very mediocre talent can get so far just for being on SNL.
Dante Appling
This guy makes me uncomfortable every time I see him because the first time I saw he was playing a guy with some strange baby fetish. He was wearing a diaper and talking like a toddler while he had two underdressed women clean his apartment. And he did it well enough for me to believe that he wasn’t acting. That he just has this baby roleplaying fetish
Darren Mills
To the people who say its ok because he was trying to be lame... That doesn't make it any more enjoyable
Dirty Dan
Literally wasn’t funny at all... and I’ve been drumming for 2 years now
Divine Kazoo
That Mary had a little lamb juke into jingle bells actually got me goddamn it
Does conan have trump derangement syndrome?
Ed Muzio
I pLaY dRuMs aNd GuiTaR aND ThIS iSn'T funNy
That was probably one of the most expensive joke ive heard. What is that. Zildjian constantinople?
Evan Maines
He’s self-aware. It’s supposed to be lame... lol. So many pissed off people.
because its not funny,\nits funny. Thats the point.
Foot Long
Watching for the 5th time, and I only noticed that he's Mlepnos from B99.
Fred Jeffers
What a waste of time and energy. Dude just isn't that funny here.
Taking the cymbal stand apart leaving the cymbal attached is so true and funny as hell imo.
G. Andaluz
So dry, and so funny, and so many people missed the joke. Damn that was funny!
Ill never get those 4minutes back...
3:51 green day
Hashirama Senju
It's not funny these are just facts
He looks like a younger version of Phil from Flex Tape
Ibitokun Alaka
5% talk about he is so funny and talented. 90% talk about how they are a musician and this jokes weren't funny. 5% were people arguing about it. Wow. Just. Wow.
Imaginary Sora
He is not that funny tbh the comments here are funnier idk if its just me..
Jack Sypher
One of the down sides of observational humor is that if only a few people relate to what you're saying the rest of the audience feels alienated.
K Lu
The entire set was premised on the joke that it was not going to come across as funny
Kien Le
The guy is the joke himself, nothing else.
L Blair
The funniest joke was when he said that drummers are musicians.
Lance Buttercream
@ 0:40 \u003c-- \
I love it! Fred and Conan together ❤️
M.B.G. Music Production
Drummers are so lucky...………….They get to spend all of their time hanging out with musicians!
Mark Lis
Fred Armisen is a joke, and that's no compliment.
Maximilian Foxy
jokes well that wasn't funny at all looks like stupid person just talking and talking
Michaela M
Mid Hunter
This is such a bizarre moment. For the first time in human history, Conan didn't interrupt while someone was performing.
Milton Cabrera
You can break your G string, but you can't break your G string while fingering a minor...
Motorcar Classics
Fred Armisen's humor is always an acquired taste but a respected one.
Mr. Otaku Productions
I loved when he subtly made fun of green day lol
Natalie Kendel
- You're making 3 people happy.\n- That's all I want.\n(LOL!)
Nate Steere
Conan didn't understand but he just let it.... Ride.
I mean, this is troll comedy. People think the jokes are supposed to be the funny part when it's people taking the bait and getting visibly and audibly upset at something as trivial as not understanding where the joke is. These jokes basically need the comment section, and I'm in tears after scrolling down.
That drummer's laugh was faker than Jimmy Fallon's...
Nyonyo Mafirakureva
The look on the fat guy's face.He probably didn't get the jokes and doesn't understand music he was like wtf are these two talking about 😂😂😂
Ongaku Haze
This guy sucks
Phillip Riggins
Proud American
outch this hurt to watch
Quentin McKay
I reeeeally want to punch this man just for being himself. Anybody with me?
Randy JustRandy
Want to shut up a guitar player? Put sheet music in front of him.
Reant Renolla
Watch Jared Dines videos for better laughs
Shahrooz Shadbakht
He should've done the be-bop joke too. Loved that \
Skyy Ward
No licks yet I am very worried\n\nEdit: no licks in this video, reported
Is that Mlepclaynos
comedy is as much about the delivery as the jokes themselves.
Tess Goodman
Conan looks like he's falling asleep at 1:24.
The Truth
The only thing I find annoying is when I drop my pick and it falls into another dimension
The holy Ghost of dog
Fred Armisen is a niche type of comedian; like very specific, narrow niche type
Fred isn't funny in the slightest.
He told a joke with the word politics, without saying Trump. Give the man his award/vegetable.
Titan Of X
“It’s not funny.”\n\nTHATS THE POINT!
Tommy Noble
the joke where he hammers and E and calls it blues and claims blues songs go on a long time proves he played in a little punk band for a year or two and now acts like he kinda knows music...... bob dylan, keith richards and john lennon would have laughed at him , not with him.... but maybe uh...... like ... uh ... . some band nobody knows ........ gets how long and boring the blues are....i guess thats why punk had such a lasting empact and blues songs kinda died out.. hahaha
Tony Redunzo
Nice that drummers and guitar player jokes got some run. Was waiting for the \
Tyler Lyssy
I play instruments... and this dude is not funny.
Uncle Rico
Love the posters that claim they are so smart they get the joke and no one else does.\nWe get it....its just not funny.
Zach Martin
aa bb
alfie simm
Just as awful as stand up for drummers was.
chris sprenger
That stand up special was terrible
Conan is so high on my punch in the face list
knicksTexansFan #1
I'm a musician and all these jokes are horrible in my opinion.
lindush maracas
As a drummer, he should do guitar jokes.
This guy sucks
Two guys are walking down the street. Ones broke... the other is also a musician! WHAA-WHaa-whaa!
Ok folks, here's how the bit works:\nPeople in niche groups like musicians or artists like to pretend they have access to marvelous elite information and can find joy in things the average \
Not hilarious ..but strangely enjoyable.
I hate it when people can't formulate a full thought when trying to deliver a joke. Just finish your sentences!
Fred does a killer Keith Moon impression.
vin cass
excuse me but this PAINFUL
will 45
who here like me is a drummer
bombs away