Fred Armisen Tells Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand - CONAN on TBS

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CONAN Highlight: Fred Armisen's very specific brand of comedy will appeal to anyone who's ever removed a wingnut from a cymbal.More CONAN @

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This is such a great moment, Alexa play the night of September 21st
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Have you heard about the guitar player who got arrested for fingering a minor?
Adam 3
oh hey, I can play the guitar, too...yea? show us then...-plays Wonderwall-
Adek Aik
people be like \
Adrian Hatledal
Got kind of anxious when i saw the way he held that 2500$+ gibson
Alex Martin
I'm a professional musician and I didn't catch a single one. Welp me...
Alien Nomad
About as funny as a broken string. I hope he's not given up his day job.
Annelie Se.
Lets give a warm *WHOOOOSH* to the salty bottoms people that couldn't and can't understand Fred here nor there with his witty comedy. He's like the antihero of comedy and i love it.
Ant Man
Not even a joke about drummers warming up while guitarists are trying to tune? Lame.
Conan finally got the trending money.
Art Boman
Musicians should write songs about colin kaep getting hired by nike to spit on america so he could go full time into cryin and sckn dix
Bigfat joey
The people that don’t think this is funny are the same people that think Adam Sandler’s “Funny People” is hilarious.
Blues or Folk John
Brandon Hanson
I need that Gibson Jumbo in my life
Brendan Calina
Brenden French
1:55 PAINFULLY accurate
Brian Kessler
His joke has cymbalism.
Cholesterol isn't all bad.
original af
Christopher Hendricks
It's called irony people! Musicians are worshiped for being extraordinary and yet here Fred is just making mundane observations. It's especially funny if you play instruments and can relate to the little tedious things like disassembling a drum stand.
Christopher Miller
I believe that is a Gibson EJ-5 jumbo like Elvis Presley played???
Daily Drum Lesson
As a drummer I find this hilarious!
Darren Mills
To the people who say its ok because he was trying to be lame... That doesn't make it any more enjoyable
David Rivera
I play drums and guitar. These weren’t funny
Dragon Energy
The funny part starts at 4:32
Does conan have trump derangement syndrome?
Yes suspended ninths all the way ✊🏻. Gotta love those crazy jazz chords.
ET 1520
Norm MacDonald-\
Ed Muzio
I pLaY dRuMs aNd GuiTaR aND ThIS iSn'T funNy
El Guapo Ben
The bit where he acts out the decomposition of a fox in fast motion is one of the funniest things ive ever seen rofl
That was probably one of the most expensive joke ive heard. What is that. Zildjian constantinople?
Evan Maines
He’s self-aware. It’s supposed to be lame... lol. So many pissed off people.
Fire Fox
1k people who disliked, did not get these jokes.
G. Andaluz
So dry, and so funny, and so many people missed the joke. Damn that was funny!
1:06 - I feel you buddy. We've all been pretending to laugh at Armisen for years.
Graphic .J
Drummer #142,037 checking in
The last several years have produced a vast wasteland of \
as opposed to his usual MO, which is telling jokes only fred armisen would understand.
3:51 green day
Hashirama Senju
It's not funny these are just facts
Izham Roslan
*World smallest violin*
Jord San
He looked just like barrack obama
Joshua Hsu
Political Band? Thinks of Rise Against
4:09 When Conan has to come in with a fake laugh to not be rude.
Justin Garcia
Armisen is an ultra troll in this, love how he deconstructs jokes and joke expectations with his weird meta satire on the culture of people who take themselves so seriously
K Lu
The entire set was premised on the joke that it was not going to come across as funny
Lance Buttercream
@ 0:40 \u003c-- \
Larry Sizemore
I can't believe I watched someone on Conan's show who is less funny than he was. A rare first...
that's a sweet guitar :)
Lexi Browning
1 2 5 over any minor song you don’t know. If you can catch a musician doing that, it’s the funniest thing. Just look at their face. They won’t look anyone in the eye.
I love it! Fred and Conan together ❤️
I’m a drummer and this wasn’t that funny
Mark Marsh
ON WHAT PLANET is Fred Armisen funny? .... There's no evidence on Earth WHATSOEVER.
Marlon Farrugia
why does Conan shout so much
Matthew Cooper
I'm a drummer and his netflix special just made me cringe hard. It was just like one huge Jared Dines video, but pretentious stand up instead.
Mid Hunter
This is such a bizarre moment. For the first time in human history, Conan didn't interrupt while someone was performing.
Conan knows about suspended 9ths!!!
Motorcar Classics
Fred Armisen's humor is always an acquired taste but a respected one.
Natalie Kendel
- You're making 3 people happy.\n- That's all I want.\n(LOL!)
That drummer's laugh was faker than Jimmy Fallon's...
Noah Patterson
Why is everyone all the sudden trying to make Fred funny? He’s not!
Nyonyo Mafirakureva
The look on the fat guy's face.He probably didn't get the jokes and doesn't understand music he was like wtf are these two talking about 😂😂😂
Phillip Guetterman
The special was actually about half musician jokes. Honestly not recommended
Randy JustRandy
Want to shut up a guitar player? Put sheet music in front of him.
Reant Renolla
Watch Jared Dines videos for better laughs
Richy Rich
Why is everyone pretending this is funny?
Sam Smith
I’m a drummer and this was so true but not so funny😭
Sean Feeney
This is actually sad. I'm a musician myself and I cannot believe the kind of dry and completely unfunny jokes that came out of him. You can't justify it by him being 'niche' like that helps the fact that his jokes are unoriginal and literally barely laughed at by anyone with a good sense of humor. \n\nThis was the cringiest 4 minutes I've ever had to watch. People had to fake laugh like their lives depended on it. Their guitarist didn't even try. Don't defend this overpaid comedian, plus SNL has been out of jokes for a while.
Shanika Patterson
Smh seriously the things people do. Lol lol lol some people seriously try and do to much.
Shawn Melnick
It's all true
Is that Mlepclaynos
The Revolution Will Not Be Youtubed
I hated how Portlandia ended. I need closure damnit!
The holy Ghost of dog
Fred Armisen is a niche type of comedian; like very specific, narrow niche type
Time.Arq I Taller RT
Nice Gibson...🎸
Titan Of X
“It’s not funny.”\n\nTHATS THE POINT!
Tyler Lyssy
I play instruments... and this dude is not funny.
Uncle Rico
Love the posters that claim they are so smart they get the joke and no one else does.\nWe get it....its just not funny.
Venus S
I love Fred Armisen. He is the model Gen-Xer.
William Olivas
Classic Armisen, so much talent, but absolutely no humor. I'm a drummer and a guitar player so I was expecting so much, but didn't laugh once
alfie simm
Just as awful as stand up for drummers was.
i love my friends and appreciate the effort but it drives me insane when they help out with my cymbal stands
*I now this is unpopular but Fred Armisen seems like some kind of creeper. Something about this guy is just off!*
none of these jokes require any musical experience or knowledge\nalso none of these jokes are funny
I'm a musician, and even I didn't find it very funny. Idk. He's just kind of making statements about instruments. Not really jokes.
Haha, we now know how Tom Morello feels.
Conan is so high on my punch in the face list
knicksTexansFan #1
I'm a musician and all these jokes are horrible in my opinion.
lindush maracas
As a drummer, he should do guitar jokes.
Ok folks, here's how the bit works:\nPeople in niche groups like musicians or artists like to pretend they have access to marvelous elite information and can find joy in things the average \
Not hilarious ..but strangely enjoyable.
I hate it when people can't formulate a full thought when trying to deliver a joke. Just finish your sentences!
tom quigley
Never quite got this guy until just now. I will give him respect for not mentioning; \
I'm a drummer, this was not funny at all. Except from the fact he knew he wasn't funny.