Man Comes To Adopt Pit Bull At Shelter, But She Refused To Let Go Of Her Best Friend

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One day a man walked into the Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco to look for a dog to adopt. He quickly fell in love with a three-year-old pit bull named Merrill. When it was time to pick her up, the shelter ran into a bit of a problem. Merrill wouldn't leave her best friend behind.The volunteers at Rocket Dog Rescue dedicate their time to save unwanted and abused dogs from overcrowded shelters. Their mission is to stop dogs from getting euthanized. They regularly rescue dogs that don't have the best luck getting adopted. In 2014, the rescue took in a sick pit bull and an older Chihuahua. The two pups wouldn't leave each other's side.Merrill and her eight-year-old Chihuahua friend Taco were brought to Rocket Dog Rescue together. The volunteers knew nothing about the dog's owner, but they did know that the two dogs were best friends. They were together all the time, and if they ever got separated, they would cry. Soon enough, the shelter truly understood how deep their bond went.For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] =============================Subscribe To Our Second Channel ►

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It's going to be heartbreaking when one dog passes. I hope the family adds another addition before that happens.
A. Lubiano
Taco has 4 teeth, awe makes him much cuter in my eyes.
A. V.
Beautiful friends forever. 🤗 💕
Adelia Goncalves
Love is pure and unconditional. Nothing else matters does it, if they can't be together. That should teach us all a lesson, stick close and appreciate your best friend traitors.
Andrea Velarde
That is such a cute/ amazing story!!💖😘😻
ArceusGaming Lord2018
So cute friendship 😭*crys*
Ashlyne Watson
Who cut the onions in the comments
Baltazar Perez
Britney Zanoni
can we get another one of these i bout cryeddddddddddddd.
Candy Le Noir
Little Taco died last month. May 6 2018.
As much I love and admire their friendship I can't help but to worry about what would happen to the big dog if taco passes. Such a beautiful story but can't ignore what's about to happen. 🙁🙁
Carol K
If Only dogs could talk..
Carol Nash
That's friendship!! She's not leaving her PAL, nope, No-way.
Carol Rompca
They are one special family that understood that dogs can love too and also get a broken heart they did an amszing thing for these two sweet bonded buddies this is a wonderful outcome for both of them Thank you to the Family with a heart
Chris Kappler
I'm is an 8 year old Chihuahua considered old? They live until they are like 18-20 sometimes!
Christine Jones
Thank you for understanding their have a very kind heart to take them both.....🙏
Cianuro Kisses
What a cute story 😭
Aw. Best Friends. So Cute.
Compete LeBron
😭😭what a story. We simply don't deserve these Angels
Connie Taliaferro
Much love to those that adopted them ❤❤❤❤❤❤😚
57secs; Taco - that's some tongue you got there.
Dan the man
Who names a dog taco and barrel
Wonderful story! I added two shelter pets to my home, not together initially but decided my first pet needed a playmate - i was amazed at how well they got alone. In a short time, they could not be separated and when one passed the other cried daily. His vet recommended a mild tranquilizer until my dog could cope with the loss; Pets grieve just like people.
Deanna Jolly
One of my favorite photos in the world is little Taco tucked under Meryl
Denise's Orchid Paradise sweet!
Doonwati Singh
This is so touching omg, these dogs have so much love. Many humans should learn from them!\nI had two lovely birds who I thought shared the most love because they were always preening, and kissing. Unfortunately one died, and the other started screaming nonstop. Two days later I rushed and bought another bird, and the screaming stopped immediately. I was lucky to have gotten a new bird that bonded so quickly, and so well; the love that they're sharing is truly amazing. Thank God! Animals have so much love to share with one another, including us.
Fiona P
I think this proves, not all Pit Bulls are bad dogs. In almost all the cases of Pit Bulls being dangerous, it's the owners fault ( you know like lack of discipline, lack of proper socialisation, lack of even simple exercise and play time ect) 🐾
The first man did a very good and selfless choice by not taking Merrill alone.
Fuck ur feelings
I would have scooped them both up in a NY minute.
Genaro Sanchez
Generic Name
Make a rule that says if dogs have friends you have to buy both
Griffin Mathers
I don't know much about dogs, but I know cats are very into pairing off (look at research done at Hemingway House). I always strongly encourage adopting two siblings, or two who have formed a bond, everyone will be happier! Especially these young ones who were probably separated from siblings.
Helen Folk
Awww omg i would take both dogs home 😊
How could 1,500 \
Iverson Brown
TACOOO!!😩❤️ this is so cute
Ivy Vines
If we all cared about each other the way that these two dogs do the world would be an amazing place.
Jeff Maylor
And to continue the tear jerker ... Merrill went to school to learn heart surgery and was able to fix little Taco's failing heart. Merrill slaughtered a cat and performed a heart transplant. The End.
Jose Robles
Wow if that's not friendship then someone tell me what it is.
Josh & Judy Baker
So precious. God bless the family that took these two angels in. 🙏🏻
Julie Willcox
Dogs are better than humans by far they give you true love and don't judge you that was nice may they have many many happy yrs together thank you for sharing this video
Kathy Shelton
I have a \
Kevina Brown
I wish us humans could be like those two pups everyday love you all anyway
Krishel Francis
My Dad had 2 dogs when he passed. The oldest (Irish setter) died of grief a week l8r after losing my Dad; the younger dobbie died 2 wks l8r of grief after losing them both. The loyalty of dogs 😍
Kurt Cumming
To the ROCKET DOG rescuers - I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! This is heartwarming to see two completely different yet beautiful breeds have a bond most humans don't have for each other. They don't discriminate, just love. Poor little Tacho, I'm so glad he is doing a lot better and Merrill is such an amazing big sister for him. 💕
Kurt Sherrick
When I was born my dad raised Dobermans but we had a Beagle that was much older than our Male Doberman. They loved each other and it was hard to find a time they weren't together. The Beagle died from just being old and had a long life. The male Doberman looked constantly for his friend. He wouldn't eat or drink or sleep. Every noise in the house he would go look for his buddy. He died from a heart attack constantly upset and looking for his friend two weeks later. They are buried next to each other. I know in my heart they are playing in green pastures in Heaven waiting to be reunited with us. It just wouldn't be Heaven without our loyal companions with us. God made dogs the perfect companions for us and to love us no matter what humans do to us. We always have simething besides Jesus we know for sure loves us.
Lana Lorenzen
Those who give videos like this a \
Laurel Girard
What a great pair of pups! Thank you for adopting the two of them! You made two lives better at one time🐶🌺❤️
LeQueen Enchantresse
Beautiful ✨😫
Lil S
Awww I love it, this is so cute...
Lisa Johnson
Merrill and Taco have their own Facebook page and Instagram account, lots of photos and updates of them living happily together. Sadly, Taco passed away last month... due to his previously untreated health issues he wasn’t expected to live 1 more year but lived 3 more years with his new family and Merrill.
Margie Cieslinski
Pit Bull puppies are the sweetest dogs. Omg this clip is so cute! It’s the stupid jerks that make PB’s vicious & that’s why they are shunned. 🙁🐶🙁
Maritza Franco
Awesome people that understood these adorable buddies are BONDED buds forever....
Marshall John
I'm truly at a loss as to why someone would give this video a thumbs down.
Martha Urquilla
Beautiful story. No matter the size they love e/other, so glad they were kept together. 👍
Michael Chambless
This a great video with a powerful message from nature to the world. A story of compassion and love. We should all take the time to reflect on the message it brings to us. The people that adopted the pair are blessed .
Michael Kory
We don’t deserve dogs 😭😭😭😭
Mike Becket
Don't tell me dogs don't have emotions and feelings\nIn some cases more so then their supposed owners \nWonderful heart warming episode
My Experience
This world has so many beautiful stories. I just cant believe.
And then there are people who dislikes this!!!!!!!?????????????
Oluwisayi G
Taco's not a dog, just a loud cat. And every home needs a cat and dog.
Patricia Kelly
I'm so glad they weren't separated. Poor Taco. Hope he lives a long life with his buddy. X
I loved the picture where Taco was peeking out from Merrill’s belly. I know they will be best friends for the rest of their lives.
Paula Power
Beautiful story, but kind of sad, too. What a wonderful family, taking in both dogs. Well done to them for stepping up. By the way, 8 years is not old for a Chihuahua - they generally live to around 16, and there are Chihuahuas that live into their 20's!
Poop Gillardfs
Omg I didn't know that there was a video on YouTube of our dogs! We are the family that adopted them!
Ryan RC
0:00 It looks like the dogs head is decapitated lol
Shannon Cunningham
And there you have it. Proven fact that you can't separate TRUE LOVE.❤💛💙💚💖
Shiahian Reeves
Its going to be a sad, traumatizing day when poor little taco passes.😢
Farm animals such as cows and pigs experience the same exact suffering. They cry the same way, they just want to be loved the same way, they need affection and want their suffering to end the same way this beautiful dog does. A pig, for instance, is JUST as intelligent as a dog and some studies claim they are twice as smart. Cows, even chickens are far more intelligent than thought and are sentient beings capable of suffering and innately need to be nurtured. We live in a form of disconnect from our food. We don't have to slaughter the animals ourself which makes it easy to not think about what had to happen for that 10 minute mouth satisfaction of bacon. We morally find it wrong to eat a dog but not a pig or cow? If you heard the cries of these animals who miss their mom or who are tired of neglect and torture, or if you went to a rescue sanctuary for these types of animals and spent time with them then you'd see they aren't very different than dogs. They want to cuddle and love you!! I understand we once needed meat to survive, but we  do not anymore!! Infact, we are learning more and more of how many diseases and illnesses are connected to the dairy and meat industry. A plant based diet is proven to be the healthiest. Please don't take my word for it. Do the research!! And as far as factory farming goes, discover the numbers, details and truths of these unnecessary slayings. We have to be open minded to change and new perspectives in order to evolve into our best selves. On top of it all, our planet is suffering from these acts. The social constructs and ideologies that we have learned through society that some animals such as dogs and cats are worthy of our compassion and others are commodities makes no sense. With love, I urge you to question everything, even if it makes you uncomfortable. The world is changing. We do not need to kill an innocent animal anymore to survive and thrive! Peace and love on your journey 💕🐄
Spock vs Khan
Great story!!! Dogs need each other, too. I am blessed to have 7( 4 are blind) rescue dogs and an 18 year old cat. These are my dogs: Precious, Zu Zu, Hemmy, Scooby, Zoey aka \
Stephanie Mcpherson
Dogs have feelings too. They are capable of love
Stephany Diaz
Steve Summer
Had the same thing happen to my wife. She went to a shelter in Hawaii, and when she picked a kitten up, his brother went into carrier with him. Wife took both.
Tamora P
Together for ever!!! Beautiful story!!
Teysa Karlov
Taco is the most precious thing in Chihuahua land.
For a short time, but BEFORE one of the dogs dies, they need to get a third dog, otherwise the dog left alone is going to suffer worse than imaginable separation and grief. Also, I hope they leave the deceased dog woth the other for a while so they can see that it's passed. It helps for any animal to comprehend death and the finality of it
Merrill: Yo quiero Taco bell
Toto Tita
God bless this family nice story happy ending
Walkin Bonita
I wouldn't give up my best friend either.
William Dixon
Amazing story, truly amazing, I'm afraid the end game is not good for the pitt bull though. Chihuahua's often die of heart problems mostly because they are inner bread. We had one live 12 years and die of heart problems. Our other Chihuahua dies at 16 with Kidney problems due to a bad choice in food, ( we think ) That was my dog. Chihuahua's are lap dogs, no question about that. We're older and whey we like them. We have our last one (Good Lord Willing) only because my wife developed breast cancer 10 years ago and needed something to take care of after losing her job. We now have Ms. Pearl.
William Harvey
Thankyou for keeping Meryl and taco together.god bless use.
Wilson RAMOS
OMGGGGGGGGGGGG GOD BLESS Merrill and Taco...awwww I love the TACO name too :-)
Dogs can have really strong bonds And you would be a demon if you were to separate them. It’s just like guinea pigs. Get two. It’s illegal in some countries like Switzerland, to adopt only one.
beryl bishop
Beautiful I'm in tears
c cc
awww this is heart warming
g g
I wish I had a best friend like that
hey boy
If I go then she go too
initialB 240
great story. love these things.
i have a pit bull and a chihuahua.\nthe chihuahua is the boss.
jamie george
That IS the single greatest story I’ve heard about two amazing dogs that absolutely love one another thank you so much for sharing their story I’m so happy for them and there family. All animals have feelings just like us take the time to see who they are and you’ll be surprised.
karine nalt
Some people have the biggest heart ever. Thank you 😍🌹
Mans best friend, by far.
mike johnson
I would've taken them both without question, nice ending I almost stopped watching when I started hearing all the bad news.
Good for them not separating the dogs. When my pit pup was in school she became friends with the Chihuahua her class lol
Brilliant photo of them in the car. Taco looks like a baby kangaroo peeking from his mum's pouch. Bless.
sarah jeon
It kinda made me cry😢😢😢😢
Everyone adopt old dogs with best friends or ill 🥊 you in the dink
Pit bulls and their breeders should be phased out of existence. Nothing but killing machines. BEWARE!
Dogs are wonderful souls! 💙💜