Billy Joel - Scenes From An Italian Restaurant (from Live at Shea Stadium)

In 2008, Billy Joel commemorated the closing of the New York Mets stadium, Shea Stadium, with a legendary two-night concert of his top tracks as well as amazing guest performances. Watch here as Billy and his band perform 'Scenes From An Italian Restaurant' off the 1977 album The Stranger.Lyrics:A bottle of white, a bottle of redPerhaps a bottle of rose insteadWe'll get a table near the streetIn our old familiar placeYou and I-face to faceA bottle of red, a bottle of whiteIt all depends on your appetiteI'll meet you any time you wantIn our Italian Restaurant.Billy Joel's official YouTube channel features music videos, live performances, interviews, TV appearances and more. Best known for his first hit song, 'Piano Man', in 1973, Billy has written and recorded thirty-three Top 40 hits in the United States. He is a six-time Grammy Award winner, a 23-time Grammy nominee and one of the world's best-selling artists of all time, having sold over 150 million records worldwide. Billy Joel is the sixth-best-selling recording artist and the third-best-selling solo artist in the United States.

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Adam B
2:59 When all else fails: glissando time
Alan Helms
Billy you are the man. Always have been. Thank you for the music.
And There Goes Joe.
This song is a movie.
Andy Wright
Went to see him at Wembley when he was on the same bill as Elton John. EJ did his set on his piano with his band, then crossed the stage and did BJ's set on the other piano with BJ's band. Billy had a bit of a sore throat. Of course, Elton was brilliant throughout. Yeah, Billy is good, but not a patch on Elton.
Anthony Papasodero
They must have incorporated footage from both nights of this song Performance into this Video because it shows that his piano starts rotating and then all of a sudden it’s in the same position and then when you see it rotating at the end again there is one split second where you can see the back of his head in the position it was at the start of the song. I know the performance they feature in the Last Play at Shea had him spinning and then he sang most of the song on the opposite side from the start but then I guess on the other night his piano did not rotate at all
His mike's a bit too high
Beatle Stories
Such a beautiful song!
Ben Jordon
We forget what pure genius this man is. Enjoy it kiddies. They're not making anymore of these.
Ben Severance
Proud to be an Italian!!!!
Bradley Bernett
in my opinion, this is the greatest story song of all time.
Brian Penick
I think youtube has a arterial motive for storing posts from those who ,in vein attempt to reason with morons who spend their time to not only listen to artists they do not like but ,further also spend their time to comment beyond  how much they do not like what they have spent so much time on. You Tube will have the most idiotic conversations ever published to make a awesome dysfunctional reality show. Billy Joel fans ,simply stop responding to the obvious posts of those who have way too much time on their hands and just enjoy
Chelsea W
Mets for life
Christopher Prentice
With a full catalogue of great songs, I think this might just be his best. And he (and the band) just sound great live!
Cole Westerman
Danielly Danny
The guy at 1:03 xD
Dave Myers
I love it when he looks back at the band towards the end of the song and nods and smiles. He knows this is a gem and it still makes him feel good. Must be a great feeling to have that many people singing along with a song you wrote.
David Hall
Deena Dunderdale
Billy said in an interview he isn't a good piano player like say Elton John. Oh please you rock man saw him live with Elton in the early 90s thanks for the upload love this
Dodi Sofiandi
Oooh ... ooh.. I like this amazing music concert, Bily Joel it`s my Favorite singer, Thank`s.
Donna Quinn
It doesn't get better than this! Oyster Bay girl.
Eliza Fischer
He sounds even better in this video than the studio version!
Ernesto Alamo
The rockin' Rican on sax.
G. Beatriz Acuña
Si.. primero me gustó esta pieza, es padrísima todo la música, la letra la historia, este es  Billy Joel,
Gitfiddle 7766
Wow he can still bring it. Too bad he's not writing any more. The radio could really use some Billy Joel.
Glenn Twiddle
perhaps the best 'narrative' song of all time !!! Story telling, in the musical genre, at it's absolute peak !!
Global Flyer777
I've seen Billy Joey 8 times in concert. He gets better every time. 
Grace Saren Official
H. Van Doren
Billy Joël & Bruce Springsteen the only living legends of american music. much love from the Netherlands. I hope this legend comes to the Johan Cruijff Arena
Holly Irving
Love, love, love. Rivera is amazing.
J Dog
Truly one of the greatest and most under appreciated artist of our time. This man is a musical ICON!!!!
J Gibb
Best ever \u003c3
Love all you fools who make sad comments about a legend
Jack Rox
1:02 Air Piano
James Field
His best song IMO it has it all :D
Janet Russell
My favorite song but all my songs are favorites Love his music amazing performer
Jeff S
6:06 That look of \
Jeffrey Feinstein
They deliver the song and VIBE quite well. Especially if one had never heard it before. Every performance is unique in its own way. His voice is just 'right for the epic song'. Your seems to be a relatively narrow point of comprehending this amazingly well put together performance. The details of this set-up and all it encompasses might overwhelm you sir. But that's just me, who cares right.
Jesus 4LIFE
But, why the soprano sax? Never top the clarinet part in this great tune! I know who did THE ACTUAL clarinet in the original recording. LOLOL Great tenor sax, just like the original!
Jim Mcsherry
top man top performer.superstar
Brilliant Saxophonist
John Laccohee-Joslin
What a guy, Billy you and I have been good friends for years and man you havevstill got all it takes.\nI am sure I have every album you have made.\nWe are believe it or not the same age, seen the same things in life and both enjoyed the music, but thecsongs belong to you, may you continue to be able to bring in the crowds because those songs will never be forgotten.
John Reed
He has he ever been on the same stage with Elton John and Paul McCartney at the same time. That would be a legends concert
John Rooijakkers
little big hero cheers billy
Jon micheal
Why do they have to show the domesticated men in the crowd all the time?
Jonathan Gardyn
I don't care if you're 13 and you like this song.\nI don't care if you're 12 and you like this song.\nI don't care if you're an embryo and you like this song.\n\nThis is just an amazing song. Period.
Kenneth White
people with dislikes are stupid!
Kevin Girard
Going to see him at The Garden tonight..
That face at 1:34...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! She should stop playing the cymbals or face permanent facial injury!!! She looks RIDICULOUS!!!
Lyn Foster
Can you have a 40-year love affair with someone you've never actually met? Why yes, yes you can.
Any body else get monsters Inc. feels at 2:22?
Marc Schlewing
Anytime I see Mark Rivera in the band, I know I am in for a treat!
Mareeya Erika Balmaceda
amazing music treasure
Martin Allen
May 2017 at Madison square........good rocking that night....I cannot wait. Rock on Billy and his band
Matthias Green
This made me cry
Max Fahler
He likes his office 1.44
Meghann Robinson
this makes me cry
Mike Martinez
I was at this show and bought the 2 movies that go with it. He's the best
Mike Patton
This drummer is grooveless..... please fix it with Liberty and get him back!
I need that mic stand that Billy has there! Anyone know exactly what type and model that one is?
Nch Croy
Something is lacking.... Think it might be that the drummer is a bit flaky... Need the solid beat of Liberty devito...
Nick Levesque
Never the same without liberty devito on drums
Oor wullie
I quite like the bit when Billy joel plays the piano
God, I LOVE hearing the audience sing along to all the words - what a high it must be to be at one of his concerts!
Pat Winters
Could listen to his songs all day, everyday!
Patrick Le Meur
vraiment magnifique !!
Patrick Stidham
I've seen him \
René Wiellersen
Looking forward to Frankfurt September 3th 2016 ..... After 32 years we'll meet again !!!! That's going to be GREAT !!!!
Rick Gross
sounds like a ripoff of the Beatles song Abbey Road I think it was called
Rosa Linhares
Wonderful \nBilly Joel is a great artist for ever\nThe world loves Billy Joel
Ryan Senquiz
I honestly hope Billy Joel never stops touring, what a freaking talent this man is!!! Also I'm only 30!! But damn I thank my dad for raising me on good music.
Shane Moroz
Last year my son told me he liked Billy Joel and wanted to go see him in concert. He's now 13 and he has an sealed envelope pinned up in our kitchen with his name on it. On the last day of school he's going to find tickets inside for July. I can't wait!!!!
he definitely says bime
Steve bielawski
When the sax comes in, pure perfection
Sven Lembrecht
Billy Joel and me...I have always thought it was a matter of trust. I have thought he is an innocent man from Allentown or somewhere similiar. His Music is still Rock and roll to me even though I am married with an uptown girl now. I was on a river of dreams last night as I have heard Billy will come to Germany for 1 show. But then it stings like a stiletto when I saw the Ticket prizes. 343,40€ for a Frontrow ticket. I thought I could go and see Billy Joel live but with the cheapest ticket, 90€ in the back of a column maybe, I know now, its just a fantasy and I am left to be an angry young man in a real bad state of mind.\nI will buy a dvd and take the one who is always a woman to me, to an italian restaurant. Maybe with a piano man... an innocent man who plays for the music and the listeners with honesty and still dreams about beeing a big shot. Weil alle, Künstler und besonders auch Manager und Veranstalter und Agenturen den Hals nicht voll kriegen...
The Rub PR
This makes me sad that I missed his last L.A. show. I'm a HUGE fan but have never seen him live. This song is always AMAZING!
I bet Billy hate it when this song come up, it's so long and he looks worn out singing it.
Thiago Suzuki
Pure Class....
Timothy Lee
that songs got everything
Tommy 1975
Very beautiful but there is one thing missing: Liberty DeVitto! This was his gig and I want him back in the Band. One of my favorite drummers.
Vince Niederman
Best Live Version Of This Song One Of My Top Favorites By Billy Joel Huge Billy Joel Fan At #1!
It as always amazing that two or three chords in that the fans know the song ans start singing\n along
I really Hope the next Billy Joel Tour, He plays the Entire The Stranger album. He would Sell Out shows everywhere he played. Please Billy, Do Us All a Big Favor. You will be Happy You Did This.
bill hause
Love Billy, In Love with Crystal
dan brown
Applausi applausi applausi!!! Da pelle d'oca, Billy, come sempre...Ti voglio bene!!!
electric motley studio
live,so great
greg person
excellent song!!! pure genious!! the stranger in my opinion is one of the best albums ever recorded!! Billy has it all!! money, talent, errr looks? time may not have improved his looks but he sure as hell can still sing just like he ever has!! the best voice in music in my opinion!!
How in all creation did his vocal cords last the song, let alone the distance (career)?
itsdanni c
Always a good entertainer. And when musicians are smiling, and having fun that says it all.
jose javier uroz
Ray Liota on sax.
billy joel is a creep, marrying women his daughter's age
My number 1 song of all time. Saw Billy sing it live in 1984 then again this year 34 years later and still as good!!
robert smith
love this song .......dare I say most artists have their masterpieces Queen -Bohemian Rhapsody .....Elton John- Funeral for a Friend/love lies Bleeding and would all agree this is Billys ?
Billy Joel is now on the top of my list to see live! 
stephen prizeman
Amazing singer song writer....
teresa perez
FINALLY saw Billy perform live at the FedEx Forum in Memphis TN last Friday night!! He broke the FedEx Forum attendance record!  It was PACKED in there!! OMG!!  Best. Night. Ever.  Thank you, Billy and your AMAZING band!!
trev kivela
Notice how he sounds exactly the same (or close enough) live compared to when he is recorded. Modern music just can't compare.