Gladiator (2000) Cast: Then and Now ★ 2018

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38 - ДШБ
ебаать Максимус ужастный и хуже бывает
He look like he eat a whole cow!!!
Taking into consideration that this particular film started shooting in 1999 Connie Nielsen looks fabulous.
Alex Eastwood
This is what happens when you spend all that gladiator money on fast food.
Amber Marchand
Maximus now has a glutious maximus.
AnNam Viet Nam
Gladiator my favorit movies,,,
Andy Rycroft bait cunts. Inbreds.
Arlene Tilson
Russell Crowe.. wth happened???
Brad Griffin
Russell is just growing a beard and fattening for his next movie 😉
Carmen Aguilar aguilsr
Se les quita todo lo sexy 😃😎🙂
Celina Sibrian
Que le pasó a Rusel Crowe nicse parece, le cayó mal la fama
Aging is a disease in Hollywood. Somehow no one is immune. How can we stop this?!!! They are super human beings this should not happen!! 🙄
Everybody is looking good except for Russell! He looks like an old man.
Danie, Wilna Brits
Ralph muller is one of the best. Still looking vey good.
David Kent
Russell Crowe's next movie has the working title 'Flabbylater\
Debbie Mcmahon
Deborah Dias
Até o cara que morreu tá melhor que Russel Crowe rs
Deusdene Feitosa
o Russell Jesus que de horror nossa que feio
Digger Red Flint
From gladiator to fatiator
Dilshod 97.77
Esteban Aguilar
Que hermosa y elegante Connie Nielsen
Evan Ery
Russell ... I love you!!! ....
Flor Becerra
Guaoooo🙄los cambios han sido muy notorios😎él cambio que más me sorprendido es el de RUSSELL CROWE a cambiado mucho buueno saludos⚘🇵🇪...!!!
Frank Life
Connie Nielsen gran figa👍🏻
Gabriela Zayas
They all look great, just 20 years older, they all have aged gracefully exception made of Russell Crowe that looks older than the great Derek Jacobi.
H2013 Nunyabusiness
Russell Crowe’s body is what taking it easy and enjoying life is all about
Russell is already 3 times Maximus!!!!!!!! ha ha ha
Hernan Diaz Gonzales
Que se afeite esa barba...carajo mas parece a santa claus...como malogro mis recuerdos de esa pelicula...
Icleia Santos
A lei da gravidade é pra todos, admiro muito esses famosos que segue o curso natural da lei de Deus, não se enchem de Botox...plásticas...essas coisas...forçando uma juventude artificial que em muitos casos dão errado e só faz deformar a pessoa. Enfim...o negocio é se cuidar pra envelhecer com saúde. 😉
Inis Vicente
Joaquin Phoenix continua muito lindo e gostoso
Dang. Someone knows how to photo shop. Besides, who really cares? Get a real job.
Jim Beshears
I always wonder what the people that put out these passive aggressive shaming videos shaming videos look like in their mom's basement behind the keyboard.
Jose Shepherd
Russel is a charmer when he smiles. xxx
Josh Thompson
Russell Crowe looks like he's aged 30 years.
José Maria Silva
Russell Crowe = Santa Claus
Juan Agreda Villareal
Click bait
Julio Cesar Vidal
Pienso que Russel crow tiene una vida fantástica
Justin Benefiel
Joaquin Phoenix who play commodus and then he gonna role joker next.
Knowledge Seeker
Russell seems retired 😊 Joaquin was a CUTE KID in the Movie Space Camp 👍
Kung Lao
My name is Flabiator
Lizard of Oz
Fattimus Maximus
Louis Mastrangelo
Maximus says it all!!!!!! Russ, drop the donuts for God's sake man.
Loyd Cachin
Connie... nothing has changed her beauty cute....
Lynne Stephenson
Clickbate - that picture of RC's gut is not him and doesn't appear among the pics of him on the slide show!
Mar Sola
El.gladiador como que subió un poquito de peso,
Marion Avellaneda
Connie siempre bella!
Martin Riggs
Russel Crowe disappoints me as well another great actor gone fat
Mickharry Harris
Connie looks great as for Russ two much cake ol mate ,and what are ya bringing me for Xmas ?
Nacira23 English
Each age has its charme .
Ndiaye Nogaye
Longue vie Russel on t'aime tu sera toujours le meilleur
Nicklas Brady
Connie Nielson I'll still hit that wit no rubber
Noemi Barboza
Joaquim Phoenix continua lindo.😍
worst clickbait ive seen in a while
Don't touch to my Gladiator! 😊
Paul H
Russell Crowe retired, he doesn't want to do anymore acting
Paula Hussaney
Is that Russel crow's daddy?
Pee Sutatang
oh no
R Hugh Sirius Ph.D.
Ralf Moeller is the man. Crowe is now Fat-to-the Maximus.
Reiner Unsinn
Russell Crowe prepares for a role as Karl Marx.
Roger Guerrero
You guys use old pictures not all of them are 2018
Roomelodia R Silva
O que o poder do Glúten não é capaz de fazer com o ser humano.
Ruth Matthews
Can't turn the clock back
Gladiator fake photoshop..... DESLIKE!!!
Sasha Pusica
Jesus Christ ....!! Russel looks like Karl Marx !!:) Wtf
Simona Gabriela Rad
Russel daca te gandesti ca in viata de zi cu zi nu conteaza um arati , te inseli!!! Si inca amarnic....trezeste te sau te a imbatat succesul din Gladiator? Nu dormi pe lauri esti un actor deci oameni te iubesc, dar trebuie sa te iubesti si tu pe tine, asadar in urmatoarele poze sprer sa vad un domn putin mai slab, iar urmatorul film,,tradarea lui Vlad tepes,, filmat in totalitate in Romania toate cele bune eu personal te iubesc asa cum esti....
Socio Rivera
A todos se los cae todo cn el tiempo
Stephen Rodenbough
Russell Crowe could now be cast as Santa Claus!
I only came here to give you a dislike for that cruel thumbnail. Shame on you.......
Sweet Home
34 years always 6 pack I will kill my self look like shet bag! 👍👍
So Gladiator 2 is going to have Santa Claus??
Tina Brunet
I dont believe this some yes but not all russell crow no
Tony Carolina
Russell Crowe is so handsome..very hot olderman.
Vanesa Mendrz
Que paso ???? Tan bello y me re enamoro en gladiador no lo creo ja ja guauuu paso el tiempo por encima de el😩😩😩😩
Werner Reiner
Russell could be chosen for the main role in The Nutty Professor remake ( if it was remake ).
William Thurston
Where is Oliver Reed?
Xerxes 450
Russel Crowe loves roman food....
Youtuber Trump
What no pics of Richard Harris then and now!\n😂😂😂😂😂😂
alan wisdom
The lesson is never stay away from gym more than 4 days !
Juba hasnt aged a single day
Great film, the opening battle between the Roman Army and the Barbarians is a great display.
canal terra plus
estaos todos um caco de pele.
christian st martin
Are you not McDonald's entertained!!!
Connie Nielson barely aged!
fgwegwegweg wgwegwe
connie nielsen is way hotter at older :)
Russel Crow is probably having a baby give the tranny creature a break,lol.
k Pogg
hah these suckers are aging even though they arent allowed to, this makes my ego feel good
lorde nid
My age in 2000 was 16 years
Russell Crowe has gone from a good looking man to El Blimpo
potatoe zombie
russell crowe looks like pablo escobar
raymond cancel
Joaguin a Puerto Rican Actor!Lo!
Russel Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix.... WTF...!?
vfr foxtrott
Oh mince alors.
victoria martorana
Oh¡ dio de si¡
zaki bechoua
Connie get more beauty
Андрей Владимирович
Настоящие профессиональные гладиаторы ели каши из зерна с большим содержанием крахмала. И поэтому часто были жирными) Слой жира даже им помогал, он был некоторой защитой от травм, так как нормальных доспехов у них не было. Так что можно снимать продолжение, где Максимусу понравилось быть гладиатором, и он стал этим заниматься уже не волею злой судьбы, а как профессионал. )
Олег Игнатьев
For someone, he is Maximus, and for me there will always be Hando! 88!
Улыкбек Кошметов
Отлично сыграно
алексей попов
рассел кроу на пиво подсел ?