🔥 WAIT FOR IT.. I CAN DO THIS.. THIS IS DOPE!! (Epic Fail/Win) #36 🔥

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I needed this right now!!! 🙌🙌🙌
Achilleas Antoniou
song at 5:53?
Adam Wonder
she looked like a hooker from the future lmao
Alan Peterson
Damn! I guess Elephant's are smarter than I thought.
Alex Estrada
Anton Chigurh
8:20 congrats to 4th place.
Ashley Conlon
1:07 this guy needs to go on America's got talent.
I think the last chicks skirt could be a bit shorter
Banjo Silvers
8:09 is me when its my bday :)
Bebbel Kojak
where is the Thumbnail lady \u003e.\u003c
Booty GAwD
13:45 NOT enough water... go find some open water n THROTTLE it 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Cat Simson
The bloke in the blue T-shirt loved his voice :)
Chris White
ColdFlameKing TV
Cristina fultz
Wow, that awesome voice .
Cynthia B
@14:26 I would love to wear that jean skirt shopping at the mall..
Dane Carpenter
The dog at 7:34 was eaten by that gator. Got tired of it's crap.
Daniel Ulate
Chocolate furniture!? 😧 that’s awesome! 👏
chocolate one is real talent
Donell Giorgio
2:26 I like big butts and I cannot lie!
Eden Grabner
The chocolate though.. THATS SUM SKILLZ
Get that man a recording contract!!! 1:15
Foreverknight Gaming
Click bait thumbnail, I will never watch one of your videos again.
Freddy is Ready
Wow...that dude has an awesome voice
George MacDonald
wow, that is awesome prostitute boots...
Gez Tec
That guy singing was awesome
1:06 wow ❤ that voice got me in tears, so beautiful!
Heru- deshet
And the winner is...CPR dog!
Hinata Ann Michaca
Wtf happened @ 8:22 i lost.... i don't get it....
I'm Cheech
That man with the blue shirt singing has a God given incredible and powerful voice!!! I would definitely pay money to hear THAT man sing... That small clip blew away every modern singer today.\nGod bless that man because God BLESSED that man.
Indrid Cold
The boots at 14:25 can not be used by an American woman. They would crush the boots. Those girls are very hefty.
Iraq Lobsta!! 45
7:34 Croc ate the dog about 5-6 months ago. Sorry :-(
The dog was finally eaten by the crocodile. RIP.
1:40 has an awesome voice
Jeremy Stone
damn bigboi can sing....
Question: \
That guy sing was great.\nWhen you can sing with out computers.your a Awesome singer.
2:26 Elephant loves booty :)
Johnny Johnny
We all came for the thumbnail Don’t lie
Junior J
Damn. Fat Albert can sing.\n*_hey hey hey_*
Kasey Hernandez
😱😱👏👏👍👍😍😘🌠🌟🌠🌠🌠 Big Talent is correct!!!!???!!!... 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 That guy's voice was freaking wonderful, beautiful, amazing, out of this world, and etc...etc.... I mean truly I could go on forever about this guy's voice!!!!... I 💜 it really talented and I would love to see much more videos with him singing 🎶🎶🎵🎼🎹 so if anyone knows where I can find him please let me know!!!... Thank you ☮✌
Kris Dahlgren
Sure it's cute when the elephant does it. But when I do it the state requires me to introduce myself to the new neighbors...
Larry Schroeder
The gal balancing on the ball\nIs a bad ass,love it.
Leon William
fat guy is dope
Who else came here for that girls jugs in the thumbnail?
Mario M.
amazing dog
Marlon Read
1:08 BLOWN AWAY!!!!!
Maurice B
That brotha with the blue shirt has pipes wow!!
Max Erlebeach
3:47 Jesus Christ, now everyone just think im watching damn thai porn 😂😂
Sing ON, big blue! Man, that's an impressive set of pipes.
Midnight Gambler
5:39, seen it before, but, DAMN! ....10:40, this chick is bad ass....Video boot girl, love the skirt...A LOT!
Mike Mathias
11:25 BRO.
2:38 - Yes, I'll admit it. I was REALLY hoping the baby elephant was going to grab her top, and pull it off. lol
Mikhael comedian
1:27 goosebumps
Odis Hutchinson
At 10:36, I love her
The elephant is like i smell nuts all over this woman!
Paul H
A Big Thumbs down for not including \
Pilypas Kriauciunas
4:49 epic
Raby Baby
1:08 big man has a powerful voice....beautiful!
Raccoon Willie™
1:36 ...you know that whole room smelled like ass and sweat
Robert Patterson
My comment is late ., who the f? Is big boy blue t- shirt? He’s not even standing w a mic. In his hand. But he is belting that song out. 👍😎🎤🎤🎤🎼🎼🎼
Roy H
The \
Royalty Gaming
4:40 Es Kidd Keo :v
that asian boot girl needs to eat
Satan mit den geilen Barthaaren
4:04 ........look at her calfs, wow
Sheldon Cooper
Screw the singer. Id rather agree with the elephant
Sinead Campbell
Oh my god! That guys voice is amazing. Definitely prefer his version. Please tell me he's going to record that.
Smedly Dumpsterjuice
Singer was awesome. Had l have such voice, I'd do the same.\n\nWhat was that jetski from hell?
SoCal Code 3
We all know why we clicked on this video.
The Inner Circle
holy sh*t the Asian chick was hot 😋
The Rc Hunter
The other Guy
The crock eat that dog at 7:35 last month.
Titus Cato
Good clip , 95% new clips I haven't seen. Thanks 🖖🏽 \nI love me a flexi girl, balancing on a ball.\nAnd that dude had an amazing voice, hope he drops some weight.\nSo he doesn't go to an early grave. 🍌🍉🍇🍏
Tom Van Gool
the big guy, amazing voice
Tow Doctor
7:40 that dog's luck eventually ran out. it was on the news.
Trish Kidwell
1:50 beautiful voice!
3:44 what it sounds like when she finds out you lied about just the tip...
Viki Demos
Man in blue shirt can sing for me anytime. Great voice..
Willam L
great job for just standing there and recording that man falling in the last clip and not helping
Yobro Getfly
the guy is so lucky 3:58
alex phoenix
I did not know you could do that with chocolate
amadeus santos santana
Awesome voice. God bless! Sing for our great God.
Big black guy has an amazing voice
3:44 when someone puts their feet on my dash
WOW that guy has a fantastic voice 1:35
freedom fighter
Damn love these new clips
1:11 beautiful
hoochy master
11:12 epic camel toe :D
2:53 Dayum what a phat booty.
ken smith
That elephant knows whats up!
raymond crenshaw
For the girl with the video boots sweetheart I just want to tell you if you want people to pay more attention to the boots you need to put more clothes on girl cuz I don't know about anybody else but I really wasn't paying attention to the boots
Big guy singing made my eyes water...
sean thomas
Everyone keep going on bout this guy singing. My favourite was the elephant. Damn! She was a fine looking creature
steve garces
Incredible voice that dude! AMAZING..someone please recognize and bring him to his potential. Wow
I would really love to date the woman with the video boots (gorgeous, probably intelligent & best of all, no visible piercings or tattoos!). Oh, and did I say gorgeous? :-)
william Arnold
Great voice. Wow. But what about that chocolate table and phonograph!!! I'm drooling.
That guys voice was amazing and I wish i was that elephant.
Евгений Кузнецов
1:30 amazing & beautiful!)))singing has a God,powerful voice