Top 10 AMAZING ANIMAL ATTACKS Compilation (Reaction Video)

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A Guy Named Haze
Stingray tastes like chicken
Adolfo Leon
Have yall react to The Protector last fight scene if not, react to it
Akash Farouk
This man really just said 'iss no 911'
Anime Tev
React to wwe omg moments
Asif Mohammed
Black Gold
React to silent bob - grazie vita
Broken Child
Eatable 😂😂😂😂😂
Carlo De luca
I m italian
Cash Quest
This MF said a bird.... Nvm
Chris Deleon
Damn that goat and eagle
Chronic GLO
Condor Gaming
Those are female lions.. Male Lions dont hunt
Craig Jones
why can't you eat eagle leh? lol
React to Vale Lambo - Over Fai
Quellz lookin like a healthy in shape ass old man😂😂
That was the best best best reaction that I have seen so far 👊
Dmitry Toytonov
literally wild shit going on
Eduardo Berroa
Y'all should go to the zoo one day.
Elena Barbierato
Y'LL R WELL funny lmfao😂😂😂😂😂
You do you zebras beat up lions too right they kick lions jaws and breaks them so that the lion can't eat and starves to death
Fadumo Ahmed
lmao I love y'all. This is the funniest shit
Fayh Daisy
You guys should react to top greatest fight in anime! You guys absolutely will love it
Finesse _god
bIrD iS a MaMmAl ???
Gabriel Cuen
Y’all high as shiet 😂😂
Grieg Lunar
We need more of these yall too funny😂😂😂
HM 03
Reaction pliiiz MNG malamo l 25
Hahahaha Lol
What state yall from
HezzyDa Goat
React to Nicki Minaj x 6ix9ine FEFE
Hirsyle Ngodi
Fefe - 6ix9ine ft. Nicki Minaj reaction Please Please
Hunter Damphier
I don’t eat these but frog legs I hear they good
J D A Gaming Community
I've been here since 0:00
Jahniyah Perkins
16:24 27:17 😂💀
Janih Patton
Y’all need to react to more animal videos this Jawn too funny! 😂😂😂😂
Jonathan _Reyes
Skinny the type of dude to say WOW that's a King Cobra the most dangerous snake in the world and then go touch it😅
Joshua Brannan
React to medium fries by YNW Melly! 💯
Juan Abarca
React to quadeca \
Julia Caruso
look up on Google broie cheese on escargos like the bug with cheese and you put it in onion soup yo its fire its really good its like squids but have a salty taste
that was a leopard not a cheetah lmao
Kavonna Green
36 minutes into the video they really having some stupid moment s
Kemara Harrington
A bird aint a mammal they dont give live birth😂😂😂😂
King Sincere
Yoooo quellz high asf😂😂 @LVskinny
Pig tails pig ears crab legs. Crocodile
Pimptobi fast lane New song just came out yesterday
Lil Cruise
Skinny man shout to these animals lol
Lil Grab
I literally fell in love with quellz😂😂
Marell Thompson
Y’all need to react to that new Sauce Walka They Hurt🌊🌊🌊🔥🔥🔥
Max Jhon
Dumbass niggas 😂😂
N o x 3 y
react to accidents
NickiMinaj StoleMyWig
React to FEFE
Niko HD
Omar Iqbal
There are spiders that can eat birds to bird eating spider
Paulo Losi
Owls and eagles it could go on both ways!😅. I’ve seen some owls killed some eagles!
Psinixe Official
The reason owls have such flat head is so that they can pick up sound better. There's how it knows where the lemming is... the owl has some incredibly good hearing.\n\nAlso, there are crocodiles that live in the ocean; they're called \
Rap Salé
Reaction \nDacter-r probléme
Sara Mónica Silva
So funny!!! Kiss from Portugal !
Sauce Sauce
See Animal fight
Sea W333d
A bird is born from an egg not actually straight out the mom like mamals so it is not a mammal😂😂
Shana Hollins
Yall need to watch jack hanna hes a zoo keeper to see for yall self he will tell ya everything that you need to know 100%.
lvskinny vs Hippopatamases
Tessa Hollingsworth
This is amazing 😂😂
brandon morales
A bird ain't a mamal, that was not a cheetah, an eagle is not faster than a cheetah
can y’all react to tsu surf freestyles on bars on i95?? best freestyle of the year
hi im Broook
31:00 ayo ayo ayo ayo ayo ayo ayo ayo ayo ayo wait.
keegan nipe
They are so uneducated it's not even funny
maya m
Do Fefe - 6ix9ine ft Nicki minaj
oklahoma southern
O my word, yall funny, deer stew, Liam fries, snake, rabbit, alligator, wiled hog, Liam, etc. lol
omer diallo
Man i laughed my ass off best video ever
pablo aguayo
shabree Jones
Y'all killing me😂😂😂
sljfaslje lanfosaeo
heyyy reaction They said - binz... pls
timbo santana ssr
I've eaten octopus before and that shit was good