mr. marbles 10th birthday

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AbbyGirl 8
10:30 made my heart melt. he's a good guy 😍
Alex Al
Once a year, on the day of his birthday, the spirit os Marbles returns to his body to spend 24 hours with his family, then returns to the spirit healm to attend his deity duties.
Ambs Pattie
I literally pray that Marbles is some mutant and never dies. I can't think of anything worse that could happen to Jenna. I'm sending her love into the future hoping it will exponentially grow before she even gets close to having to deal with it. I know this is all about his birthday and it's happy but I just feel like you can tell how much her world revolves around him and she loves him. I feel like you could also tell she is worried and this birthday was bittersweet. To many more Marbles!
Amy McDonald
This is the most wholesome video I’ve ever seen why am I crying
Aniah Gillespie
I started to cry, it’s so sad seeing animal get old when they have such a big spot in your heart and have been with you for so long. Marbles so cute❤️
Asc 216
I got *real* emotional when he thanked marbles for taking care of Jenna
Bella Jessop
Honestly Jenna & Julian have the sweetest hearts
Bethany Dugger
I love how much they care about their dogs. When Jenna felt the pavement before putting Marbles down, it made my heart happy.
Camaryn Vallot
Not gonna lie. At 10:31 i may have paused the video to cry. It was so sweet. Im so happy you guys cherish your little buddies. My 14 year old Chihuahua died last month so im happy to see little marbles so loved.
That banana shirt makes Marbles look like he’s now a retiree.
Charli Jones
Feel like Kermit because I’m crying UNCONTROLLABLY.
Chasing Monday
I cried when Julien whispered \
Cheyanne Grace
I’m literally crying so hard omg what julien whispered to marbles I’m emotional
Chloe Watts
I've tried to write this comment so many times in so many different ways, but every time, it doesn't come out right/ could convey the wrong message. The gist of it is, though, that I admire you both so much for the love that you have for your dogs. I know the whole \
Corrupt Pastels
Coweta Band
Why does this have dislikes!?
Creepergirl_ 13
He didnt drive them nuts he drove them bananas. I know bad joke but still funny
Csenge Gall
Inside he's thinking why are you only celebrating his birthday every 7 years...
DamBeaver !
4:39 baby shark doo doo doo doo
Dani Montano
he missed the chance of saying that marbles drives the ladies bananas though!
Emilia Basille
Fat tears were rolling by the end of this video, when they started singing happy birthday. God, I COULD HARDLY TAKE IT.
FrugleBugle Oogle
Marbles looks so adorable in his birthday cake hat. \u003c3 I love Marbles so much. He's so cute, and sweet. \u003c3
Gabi Marie
When Julien stopped singing happy birthday and it was just Jenna and Marbles I started cryingggg
Gatcha _ Lps
Who else cried when Jenna sang the last line of Happy Birthday to Marble? Ok just me, so sweet. Happy Birthday, Marble.
Hannah Marie
OKAY, I Googled it, and the store is still open, they just moved!!\n(Please like so Julian will see)\nFrom one Gemini to another, Happy Birthday Marbles!!
Haylee L
who the hell thought it was okay to cut onions in my room
Hold my tea I’m busy screeching
If they ever break up, Love isn’t real
I don't even know why I'm here
Marbles is the cutest I can't 😭😭😭
The banana suit would very well suit a doggified BEYYYYN.
Ian Lynch
In that Hawaiian Shirt he looks like he just retired to Florida so he could sit on a porch and shout at mosquitoes.
IsisMarie Fox
lmfaoooo “hi rat “
Ivyandterry Rebel
Kermit is such a middle child 😂
James DIY
*Disclaimer: You may drown in cuteness. Viewer discretion is advised.*
James Gilmore
My Labrador sadly passed away September 2017 at the age of twelve he died peacefully and we buried him under a tree next to his' sister that had passed eight years previously. Losing a pet can be the most heartbreaking event (at least for me) I hope marbles has the most wonderfull life, I couldn't imagine Jenna without him. Long live Mr Marbles. \u003c3
Jenna Barrett
Jessie o
Lol sis I cried like a baby
Jesson Del Angel
Happy birthday marble 😘😊
Kaley Zeller
“im so caught up with mar-ble, i didnt see what’s goin on, but now heS TEN.”
Kathryn Herzog
marbles is becoming a silver fox
Katie Weinhold
Am I the only one who feels old because they remember Jenna’s adoption video from forever ago?
Kayla Lease
Omg i know I'm so late to this video but when Julien said thank you for taking care of Jenna for so many years I started balling that's so amazing and I hope kids look up someday to having an amazing and supportive relationship and family with someone that lets them to everything their heart desires. Happy late birthday Marbles! You're so far beyond loved. \u003c3
Kite Corbin
He didn't drive the ladies nuts. He drove them . . . bananas.
Lillian Lunt
My dogs birthday is three days after Kermit's
Lillian Samms
Julien really didn't have to whisper that to Marbles bc i was fine up until that point and now I'm in TEARS
Lucas Doyle-Dimou
i thought this said marbles 100th birthday and honestly i didnt question it
Maddie Bee
Kermit go. It’s not your birthday
Maddy Weewoo
Marbles comes to life when he isn’t around the other two tbh
Madonna Julio
So precious 💯❤️🐾🐾🐾 You're fabulous parents! I adore your beautiful furry babies! Awesome videos! We have two 12 year old pugs & we're just like you. Our furry babies are our love's of our life. You understand completely! Love to Marble, Kermit & Peaches 😘❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇🐾🐾🐾🐾 PS. My husband's name is Kermit & that's how I found your videos. 👌❤️🐾🐾🐾😁🎉🤗
Markoos Guerrero
Julien singing to marbles is the sweetest thing ever and it doesn’t help because of what he said to marbles when they were alone
Mary Fleenor
Julien saying thank you to Marbles for taking care of Jenna legit made me cry 😭
Maureen M
First video I’ve watched on this channel and I genuinely wanna thank you for being amazing humans not only toward eachother but for treating these dogs like people ..... I wanna cry lmao
Mena M
Marbles birthday has me crying and then kermits birthday has my crying but of laughter instead, when Julien thanks him for taking care of Jenna made me tear up but when they are singing happy birthday I sat there silent crying at the simplicity and happiness of everything in that moment. 10 Years man, thank you for your soul little one.
The grin on Marbles face when he got back in the car was adorable.
Moz L
I started crying when you said thank u for taking care of Jenna for so many years
My Dog Is Bae
The thumbnail already has me dying
*I just want to say thank you for taking care of Jenna for so many years* Oh my heart!!!!
Nicole Tate
He is just too damn cute
Nyomi Banks
Marbles isn’t old the word old doesn’t exist in my vocabulary
OfficialTate Roblox
A wild marble has been spotted, this bizarre creature was found moving for the first time in 10 years, everyone is shook.
Pixi Stickz
Why does marbles look like Julien in dog form?
Pupper {your boss}
It’s not a real marble birthday without pooping in a store
Rosie Almanza
WHO ELSE CRIED WHEN JULIAN SAID “thank you for taking care of Jenna for so many years”
Samantha Leones
I literally wait every year for this video
Sarah Shae
When you thank Marbles for taking care of Jenna.. immediate tears in my eyes
Siera Show
Yay me and marble both turn double digits in 2018!
Sky Ratcliffe
When Jenna felt the pavement to make sure it wasn't hot I was so weak she cares so much about him what a great dog owner and inspiration to her followers \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Sonora Venable
marbles is revived BACK from the dead
Sunny Random
I'm watching all of these at the moment and I regret not singing happy birthday to my cat. She was turning 13, and that was unfortunately her last birthday with us... Happy Late Birthday, my sweet baby angel. I miss you. ♥️
This needs to be on a try not to cry comp and I’d finally loose
Sydney Lundgren
happy belated birthday marble, i had a pet rock when i was younger...that rock was more alive than marble will ever be. that’s why i love you marble.
He’s so tiny 😭😭😭😭
My chihuahua turned 11 this year she’ll be 12 in January but she’s been my best friend since 2007, unfortunately my other chihuahua who was her adorable lil boyfren passed away in 2014 I still miss him so much sometimes, Marbles really reminds me of him so it’s nice to see how much Jenna loves Marbles.
I LOST IT when you thanked Marbles for taking care of Jenna for so many years,, can Marbles please just live forever 😭😭❤
julien singing to marbles and marbles loving it makes me straight up cry
Trinitys_Art _Wonders
my cat will be 18 his next birthday
Tristan Rodriguez
My dad's labrador retriever lived till she was 25. Sadly she passed away in 2016 & my dad passed away in 2013. She was heartbroken when he passed! But she ended up getting buried next to him.
TropicalRebel 070809
This is the most life we’ve all seen in marbles 😂
Veronika Alcoba
I came back to this video to cry bittersweet tears 💖😭
Welde A
I cried through this and can't explain why. It's so sad knowing you have limited time with your pets, but also so heart warming how much love and happiness they bring you, and you them in return. You can tell how happy and loved Marbles (and the others) feel. It just makes me sob.
Yesenia Garcia
This video got me feeling all types of emotional :\
andrea celine
marbles is iconic. 10 years of beep beep boy. happy late birthday little dude. 🧡
have julien and jen had marble since he was a baby for ten years?
cry baby
Mr. Marbles is only a few years younger than me.
10:30 \
hello im tired
I literally cried when you said \
lightning mcgee
Marbles looks like a retired man in that shirt, I love it
mostly megs
Crying up in the club to a dog video
parker starling
10:30 AWWW
I only just realized that i’ve been crying through the whole video. My dog is ten years old and he isn’t slowing down just yet but i still worry about him every day. i love him so much
queenofmyths 13
Watching Mr. Marbles makes me so happy but also wanna cry. I lost my Chihuahua shortly after her 15th birthday and my birthday which was a few days before her's. I miss her like hell because she was my special little girl but it makes me happy to see Jenna friggin' spoil Marbles.
shawn steele
old boye
sophie helsinger
i need to know did anyone else start crying when Jenna sang the last part of happy birthday without Julien and start thinking about what she might be thinking about how far she's come with marbles and how much she loves him and that she got five seconds with nothing else in the world bothering her and it was just her and one of her best friends for just five seconds