Marcelito Pomoy - The Prayer (Celine Dion/Andrea Bocelli) Reaction

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Just Another YouTube Couple reacting to Marcelito Pomoy The Prayer he's singing as both Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli it's gonna blow your mind! If you enjoyed reacting with us LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE for more!! Original video:

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You guys have reacted to 4th impact and marcelito pomoy...i hope you react to morisette amon next...start with secret love song then rise up then her original song \
Afnan Wasi
Hi Sweet Couple\nhow you doing??\nLiked your channel and reaction too.\ni have a request\nplease do react on Coke studio song\nname of song is \n\
Albert Buted
Proud to be a filipino...
Anita Bonode
Please react Marcelito Pomoy Power of love and Listen thanks
Anthony Salonga
our very own, proud tobe filipino....
Babes Tan
Love your reaction & your chemistry! You need to watch KZ Tandingan in the Singer 2018! She is the Philippines Soul Supreme! Sad to say she defeated Jessie J in #1 spot in one episode of that competition where KZ sang Rolling in the Deep in Singer 2018. Can't wait to see you react to that! More power!!! (Then I will ask you to watch our QUEEN!!!) lOLZ!
Chan Xperia
I can't stop laughing when he said \
I pushed like the moment you said “Ya he’s had a lot of training” lmao
Dan T
Not only is he doing a duet he is also singing in English and Italian...and he is Phillipino.
Deborah garon
Ellen please have this guy on your show
Denita Baguso
Copying d voice of Celine Dion and Italian singer Andrea Boccilli, amazing
Dianne Adair
What some people don't know. He's completely self taught.
Divine Bonifacio
nice convergys shirt! I'm also working in Convergys Philippines! ❤❤❤
ETIVAC jonas
He Sing the same song in front of the Royal Family in Spain
Evangeline Vitales
Franz Pacis
Funganay Saliwan
Here in the Phillipines, we call what he's doing \
Galo Meliton
He did not have any formal training. Nor is he an alien. He only finished Grade 3. He was adopted at the age of 2. He and two of his siblings lived in prison with their dad who waa wrongly accused of a crime; his father got sick and was forced to have them adopted after being abandoned by his biological mother and eldest sister. He fended for himself on the streets by the of 8 to adulthood as he stowed away from his adoptive family early in life. Unbeknown to him, his favourite customer while street vending was his biological father. When he found his biological mother in the big city, he received a cold reception triggering him to join Pilipinas Got Talent which he won in 2011. The rest is musical history. Yes, where is his Grammy? The envelope please!!! He IS THE REAL DEAL. No one like him!!! Proud to be Filipino. Cheers from Toronto.
Garth Lopez
i suggest you start reacting to the Tnt boys little big shots UK and US singing Listen Morisette Amon KZ Tandingan rolling in the deep
Gerald Guinooo
This what happens when your duet partner didn't show up in your concert😏.....
Good Luck
That's right \
I Love Howl
He's an alien...😂😂 Marcelito is just so amazing...👏👏👏 Proud Filipino here...😊 Thanks for this reaction vid...
IMELDA Contreras
godbless marcelito...
Yes, it’s really his voice....! Filipinos did it again..., Philippine‘s is a country who have so many Talents esp. their country has full of Professional singers. God bless...
Ivy Gay Cabrillos
Marcelito is pure filipino and he won pilipinas got talent and that's his talent when he won..
Jane K
😲😢😍 he never had any voice lessons. Not only is he singing duet, he is also singing 2 languages italian and english but he is Fillipino. His parents may have deserted him but god gave him the voice of an angel
Jeff Rey
you may want to check out his power of love performance
JheR Parcs
check out his power of love by celine dion
Jojo Gonzales
arcelito pomoy with celine
Jonas Martinez
nope.... no vocal coach.... no coach.... no training whatso-freaking-ever.... just singing in front of the karaoke over and over until it sounds perfect.... and its quite common here.... oh and when \
Juliana Princess
When u don't have a duet so u did it urself
Kryptone Galaxy
beautiful reaction guys....thanks
Larry Clark
he won Philippines Got Talent in 2011 for singing a duet of the prayer a woman's voice and a man's voice in Italian love your reactions keep them up he is a Filipino 💓
Lyf for music
hahaha...funny you should say that... He has an album containing 5 songs or covers titled literally *Duet Yourself* .... You should react to his album, I'll give the link youtube(dot)com/playlist?list=PLC1F1A8AB97EEBA0B\n Marcelito is from the Philippines and he was the Grand Winner of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2. He also had No formal vocal training or primary education (only upto grade 3) whatsoever and he just learned it by hearing the songs on the radio or karaoke and practicing a hell lot! :D
Filipino don't lip sync. They just love Karaoke and singing. It's part of their tradition. Lol
MOI Playz
He is so gifted
Bro your reaction is priceless. You can't make that up!!!
Mariah Raisee Ador
Spain conquered Philippines for 333 years, that's why most of us have Spanish names and some still has their spanish looks and bits of languages.
He's filipino by the way, he didn't have any formal training of whatsoever, i may be wrong on that other filipino commenters may correct me on's just him and the karaoke box where he learned to sing by himself.
Marvin Dacutan
May Santos
☺️☺️he’s not an alien my friend, the fact is he is so talented indeed he is from Philippines 😍😍😍
I love listening to him sing , i actually think he sings it better than Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli .
Mercedes Bao
Im so proud of him... hes just only a balut vendor then won the Pilinas got talent ( singing this song) and now he popular but super humble...God bless u Marcelito
Michael Garcia
An illegal alien? Where's Donald..\n\nThe singer in the Philippines he doesn't live here. He won the Filipino Got Talent.\nThey can do that because they've got high pitched vocals to start with.
Michael Sabalvaro
please do a reaction to morriset amon on 107.5 wish bus. .tittled \
Muslim lil reese
React to best of Bigg k
Narisa Bolduc
Yes only from Philippines believe or not
Nevaeh Figueroa
Pinay Pinay
No!!! Hes notan alien,,,his a FILIP8NO
Proceso Abalin
God gift his voice
in the philippines, we don't need vocal coaches. we just love to sing
Rainier Esguerra
Very nice reaction video. I liked, commented and subscribed. Thanks guys.
Raul Bermudez
I was a member of the orchestra in a talent show in the Philippines where he first appeared. During the rehearsals, the orchestra stopped as the members were stunned to hear two voices singing. He was just so great. He won the contest. He also sang \
Raw2929 Will
Stop talk about what reach we have I am black Jamaican and this guy is great
Raymundo Monreal III
Hey guys! He’s from the philippines haha.. and he doesn’t have a vocal coach
Renz Karl Quimpo
He didn't have any formal training or whatsoever. That my friends is pure talent and is a filipino. It's actually pretty common here in the Philippines to sing in both registers but he's on a whole new different level.
Rin Cortez
Blackpeople always a goodfriend
Robertoseth Gadiano
hi guys please do a reaction video of Kz Tandingan covers, Rolling in the deep and Royals on Wish 107.5 bus thanks guys
Roel Gomez
the world should see this
Rogelson Zipagang
Blacks has the greatest reaction of all i admit!!!
Rosa Cepeda-Lazana
It’s live in the bus
Santiago Macahilas
Beautiful simply beautiful
Sarabia Rowena
Make a reaction video on marcelito pomoy power of love version:) you will be amazed again:)
Sel Tim
He's from earth Philippines ❤
Shehat Pro
He said, “he’s alien” \nI’m dead😂😂😂😂😂
Sherwin Macatlang
Philippines used to be Spanish territory that explains why names are so Latin.
Sibyl Almodovar
He was a guest in a show recently singing Endless Love ( another duet by himself). Check it out.
Silke Jakobi
no training at all he had.he asian
Silvestre Caoili
Try his cover of Celine Dion's \
A guy who grew up on the streets could afford a vocal coach?
Un allien! Un extraterrestre!\nMagnifique!
great reaction, one of THE BEST on YOUTUBE. WOW
Vadoseharpy 3025
Marcelito Pomoy is Filipino from what I remember he also did Pilipinas got talent
Ylenia Guerrero España
Zig of the North
liked, subscribed, clicked the bell.. awesome
akatzuki jumong
Marcelito pomoy is a alien hehehehheeh😂😂😂😂
albert erezo
yah... thats his voice... his a filipino.. he so famous here in philippines
watching seriously...then suddenly... *he's an alien*.. LMAOOO! I cracked sooo hard!
darien bancale
Pls react to Morissette Amon's cover of Never enough..thanks
dits mabale
eze rydolph
he did that and many can do duet song but he is the best. he won a singing contest in Ph
fatima bustamante
Hi marcelito is one of the best singer in philippines.\nthanks for reacting this video☺
fred 051125
He is not an alien, he is Marcelito hehehe
gentle Mac
Wish 107.5 FM bus is a running bus that exclusively for live performances.its in Vegas now.
jade triumfante
Hahaha! His an alien..😂😂😂
les cox
He had a rough childhood, his father was in prison. He was adopted but was not happy and left home as a teenager. He survived by selling food snacks on the city streets and developed this two voice technique to combat his loneliness. He won Philipinnes Got Talent last year. He is now married and has a child, he has at last had some breaks.
richie royong
Please do react also of marcelito Pomoy endless Love 👍
robert caracena
check him out at ellen
rodrigo cunha
react power music vídeo. litlemix. live summertime ball
Little Mix Power Music Video
yodel lcho
I just hope that.... just another couple turns into just another super hit channel... all love and support from India...
I just wanna say that most of the amazing singers in the Philippines did not grow up with professional voice coaches or voice lessons. We learned from the streets or from family members singing karaoke every weekend. :)