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Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta official release video from Paris Mondial de l'Automobile. All 200 examples are already sold out. Subscribe to PistonHeads YouTube channel here:

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2jzandy s
Apparently, the new LaFerrari Aperta lets you downshift when you upshift!
I don't care what anyone says, I'll take a la Ferrari over a Bugatti, Lamborghini or a Porsche 911 any day.
Agelos Sofikitis
Good video
Aleksej Rockatansky
1:35 Schumacher's helmet?
Allen mclore Putin
My dream car
Arsya Alhiqly R
Sebastian Vettel?
I love the moment the driver approached to the car. This brings good memories as it was clearly inspired by SEGA's advertising for their \
Is this one a shorter wheelbase? For me, La Ferrari is one of the most beautiful car's I've ever seen in my life. Every angle is just perfect!
Ben Bellino
Was that Dick Trickle?
It might be amazing but even if I had the money I wouldn't take one! \nI would track down those few F430 with manual gearbox and have real drivers car!
Biprajit Sarkar
Lamborghini over Ferrari
This is how you make a launch video! Well done, Ferrari. I wasn't expecting it but I like this more than the coupe. One of my favourite cars right now!
Wrf paris??? Is BARCELONA
Candy Oktarina
go vettel my favorite formula 1 driver
Chef Boyardee
When its going like 50km/h but they make it sound like 250 XD
Claudio Chilosa
Vettel!!! :)
Crazy Tube
This is a car \nNo better cars\n1 LIKE =1 RESPECT FOR “FERRARI”
Daniel Leinad
Ferrari = 💩 :)
Italian do it better
Emerick Harris
Ferrari es caca!😬
Emi Mir
1:35 M.Schumacher :(
my favorite ferrari for sure
Fabio Pelagalli
someone knows the song in the video?
Felix Ruys
Is that seb. VETTEL.???\n\n\nOmg
Freddie Bluk
The music is horrible
Fun for all
It's a legendary car always.....
don't know you, but I think that it's pretty badly made for such a brand... (I speak about the commercial)
Been trying to type in the lyrics of the song in to Google over and over but it doesn't work... does anybody know what they song is called?
Honda civic Honda civic type
che auto di merda hahahaha auto merda Ferrari e poi auto italiana e su ce un tedesco ma dai vergogni italia
Ismail Si kaddour
some one knows the song please ?
Ivajlo IVAKA
Only the Italians know how to make sports car
Jagatjeethan Vallu
Super car
THE sexiest car in the world. My new dream car!
Jason De Pieri
it looks like an american car company super bowl commercial
Jiggly McSugertits
It's too bad the people who can afford these ,can't drive worth a shit.
Jobrill Hunter
Where is Kimi?!!!
Joe Marley
Will never be as cool as the Pennzoil commercials.
Jose Martinez
All cars were sold before they even knew what the car looked like............
My favourite car i 💟💟💟💟💟💟it
Komal Mehta
My dream car
Lambo Rghini
Lamborghini she's thé bes \n\nFollow me in pages lamborghini
Got to give it to Ferrari. They've got something, no other brand can have. A magical blend of timeless beauty, power and exclusivity found nowhere else.
Limitless Trading
Because we can all afford one of these 😂
Luke Cottam
1:17 - right paddle for the downshift?
Marcel Jimenez
Ese auto es precioso 🤟🏻💪🏻💯👍🏻😁
Mark Mejia
The sound never gets old and It is just amazing. Well engineered, beautiful, and very impressive for one of the most iconic brands throughout the world.
Mark Torres
Should have had Raikkonen driving a blue one pull up right beside Vettel! 🏎
Md.Owais Raza
Nice speed
Mikołaj Niewiadomski
forza Ferrari!! Grande Seb!
Mo-hammad Abunaser
They upshift instead of downshifting.. what the hell, Ferrari!
Mohammad Raga
Seb is reckless af driver😂
Mohammed alamri
Iam wondering why they still making an advertising for a car that only 499 made and they are very rare,and all 499 sold
Mr Ferrari Forza FERRARI
Nguyen Duong
I went broke just by watching the video
PEExDark 0425
2:05 song title ?????
Quantum singularity
What an amazing piece of art. Only Ferrari can produce such elegance and beauty together with raw brutality. Great commercial as well. Forza Ferrari!
f1? togliete 800/900 kg!!
Saibo 43
si un jour des extraterrestres viendrais sur terre et nous demanderais c'est quoi que nous savons faire de mieux, la réponse serait sans aucuns doutes FERRARI
Savage Activities
So satisfying 😎
Sebastian Hill
Tires gone in 10 minutes.
Shanine Shanizzle
Where's the f40 and the enzo
Simo Dena
Gli italiani sanno stupire la gente😌💪⚠
Simona Carpano
this is God,but the name is Ferrari
0:37 Gold digger detected
Forza Michael :') \u003c3
Enzo would be proud. #WellDone
What a Car and the sound is awesome...  ^_^
The truth that is hidden
Every supercar maker wants to be Ferrari...there's only one
Tiku Mankar
Ferrari always made bad design \n\n\nugly sports car
Tim Tursonoff
Just one, probably dumb, question:\nThis video probably cost $100k to make. The cars are all pre-sold long time ago. Why bother and waste money? I just want to understand.
Tsakturi pro
i love you ferrari well done Italy!!!♥♥♥♥♥
Usuario Desconocido
1:21 c'mon blue flags!!!
Vishal Sancheria
I wish i was rich
Vishnu Sharma
Now that’s beauty in the beast
Vittorio Molina
Ferrari should not do ads and commercials
B E A U T Y.\n\nGreat \
Woody S.
Ferrari you are amazing you created F1 you made the legendary 458 and now this\nWell done
Yathu prem
The best ad out there !!
Yavor Kapitanov
Yeah very good idea to stay on the opposite lane like that and crash your Ferrari. 1:21
Ok, ok, ok! We know that we should follow all traffic signs and laws! And just saying, the \
Zhafirul Zamanhuri
stewards will issue a 5-second drive-through penalty to vettel for speeding in the pit lane.
benjamin Renaud
cesare ottavi
Ferrari is Ferrari ... nothing comparable in the world
I love Ferrari
Quite fun to see people trash taking about Ferrari when they can not even afford Mondial
lilian Aparecida
Muito doido
That's what you call an ad
reesa beee
the V12 engine (963hp) is a sound track of its of own
0:24 nice reflection.
as they said in top gear, if they want to win f1, stop making awesome road cars.
snvff xxx
on the woman sunglasses i was excpeting to reflect \
Vai Seb!!!! 🇮🇹 Ferrari orgoglio italiano!
willie bennett
best Ferrari known to mankind
wong raymond
fire Vettel and Ferrari will win