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English invades Italian?! A collection of English words that are commonly used in Italian language on a daily basis. Can you think of any more?! Thanks for watching!✿ Check out our last collab, CANADA VS USA: 👏🏼 Thank you SO much for being here 👋🏽 💋 CIAO

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3leonora _
Ma se non sapete l'italiano che cazzo fate a fare sti video, che poi basta con sto \
But...in Italy we say Okay ahahhaha NOT OKAYA with the a! It's a stereotype ahahahah
Alessandro Cecconi
Hi Sofie! I recently discovered your channel and I gotta say this is one of my favorite videos among the ones you uploaded: it really cracked me up and, in all honesty, I found it very accurate as an italian who was born in Italy: if we just wanna go through it with a fine tooth comb, I'd say the only \
Alessandro Varagnolo
Hi girls! ... Congratulation for this funny video! :) ... In Italy we learnt so late to speak others languages. Many Italians don't speak a word of English or French or any other language that's not Italian. Many Italians don't speak Italian neither. In Italy, the most part of people speaks dialects. We have thousands dialects in Italy and this is the reason for we often pronunciate so bad the most part of words from others languages. We try to speak them the most correctly we can but our pronunciation is deeply influenced by the dialect spoken in the area where we live in. To get it harder, inside immigration caused the mix of different dialects, so we also have cases of dialects spoken with a wrong pronunciation. We have cases of hybrid pronunciation from different dialects spoken together. For example: My family is originally from Venice, so in my family we speak with a Venetian inflection. But I was born in Milan and when I was a child, dialect was so used in Milan, so I learnt Milan dialect from old people when I was a child, but I speak with a venetian inflection. At the same way I speak Venetian with a Milan inflection. Often people who hears me to speak thinks I'm from Modena, because the mix of Milan and Venetian inflections sounds similar to Modena typical pronunciation. Apart from this, in Italy nobody were used to speak English before the '80s ... Just a few people were speaking a good English. This's because before the '70s there was not the teaching of English to school. And all our old generation of English teachers were Italians, not English or American or Canadian or Australian ... So they were teaching us English speaking by Italian wrong pronunciation. I seriously learnt to speak a correct English when I came to USA in 1995, after the High School, and I stopped to live in New York City for 3 years long. Then I moved to Los Angeles and to San Francisco, where I stood one year in both. Last Summer I went to Canada (and I loved it so much!) where I was never recognized as Italian tourist because my pronunciation was the American one, not the Italian one. I'm sure if new Italian generation will learn English from teachers who naturally speak English as their first lenguage, they surelly will learn to speak as good as I did, when I lived in USA. Another reason for Italians don't speak correctly English is because of the wrong teachment they receive to school. Italian system to learn as English as any other lenguage from around the world is the main cause for they don't speak it correctly. To school we only study grammar rules but we are not used to improve ite speaking continuosly. We watch at the movies on TV and to the Theaters from USA but they all are in Italian, not in English like in Germany or France or Holland ... In these Countries they only see American movies in original language and this is one of the reasons for the have a most correct pronunciation of any single word. In Italy we are not used to watch movies in original language, we are not used to speak all days all time just English neither. I work for a famous international fashion brand. I know in all others countries around Europe people just speak English at the office, not matters in which Country they live. Not in Italy. In Italy people just speaks Italian. Or Dialect. No other languages are spoken in Italian daylife. It's natural Italians have a terrible pronunciation of English. They are not used to speak it.
Alice Alice
okeya \u003c.\u003c mai sentito davvero.. poi dai... voi con Versaci, spagheti, Guci, raviolli e mamamia pizeria ne vogliamo parlare? :'D
Amy N
Love both of your personalities, you vibe really well together :). Thanks for sharing Sofie !
ok ok, now listen me: vititi ci vi ni scià turnati a ffanculu di ddo at'ha vinutu!
Axel Paff
zoey is learning very fast the Italian accent very good
BunnyPride TV
Ma nooo noi non diciamo o occheia
Non ho mai sentito un italiano dire Ocheia! Non dite vaccate, plz.
Cynthia Waldrop
Along with killer, they have been using \
Davide d
In fact we say kreker so... krake is wrong
Dragonfly's Heart
I live in Sicily for more than 3 years now, but this summer I heard \
Mmm no direi che è meglio così\n\ntutto apposto \nfine settimana\nin linea/in rete\n?parola inesistente?\ncomputatore\namministratore\ncompravendita\ncorsa\nsalatini\nmescita\nadesivi\nquestioni disputate\ntramezzino amburghese\n?parola inesistente?\n?parola inesistente?\ntavoletta\narrivo/partenza \nriunione \ncondivisione dell'automobile\nspesa\n?parola inesistente?\n?parola inesistente?\n?parola inesistente?\nstiramento \nomicida\n\nAVTARCHIA LINGVISTICA\nA NOI
Elena Masoni
No, solo no, assicurati di pronunciarle giuste almeno
Eli PiNya
It's super cute how Zoey pronounces every R like it's a double R ahah\nI sadly never got the chance to talk to English-speaking people learning Italian, so I never realized how much our pronunciation may be difficult for you. I can get now why you sound like Super Mario ahah I'm sorry but it's just super cute XD\nBtw, since I've spent only short periods of time in English-speaking countries, my English pronunciation is a bit wierd, and I still can't tell the difference between a word starting with an A and one with an H (I just can't get it, and I make super silly mistakes because of it T^T)\nI really can get how difficult it is to learn another language and to get the correct pronunciation and I feel really pleased and honored when people start learning my language. I feel that any other Italian should be proud there are people spending time on it, instead of criticizing everything. \nI enjoyed the video a lot, keep it up girls!! :D
Emiliano Lorenzi
it's nasty. Usually comes from people with no english knowledge at all desperately trying to prove their fluency, especially in northern Italy business's environment. Italian is an ancient language and has no need for foreign intrusions, besides technology and few other fields.
Emmanuele Dalla Vecchia
You should do this kind of videos with an actual Italian at your side, so he can correct your errors in pronunciation
Ermenegilda Ostrogotti
i'm italian, we dont say 'okkeya' we say 'okkey' without the final a. dunno if in Rome they pronounce it in that weird way but here in the north we dont.. annnnd we dont say 'crachers' but 'crecher' (i'm using the italian way to pronounce, read it that way lol)
Francesca Cremascoli
if you don’t know the “Italian accent” don’t do this type of video bc you are sharing fake information.
Francesca Soricelli
Vi siete inventate molte parole in italiano e ci avete anche preso in giro. La tua pronuncia in Italiano non è male ma se dovessimo commentare tutte le parole che voi americani pronunciate male in italiano faremmo delle liste lunghissime. Un esempio? Spaghetti, gnocchi, pizza, mozzarella, Tagliatelle e tante altre. Tutto ciò per dire prima di prenderci in giro pensate se voi siete migliori almeno.
Francesco Bravin
Bellissimo video! :)\nPerò \
Hamburger come from german its a german word not a english. Italian say that right. English speaker say Hamburger false.
Georgie Oned
It was quite fun, but are you sure you're pronouncing those words the right way? I mean, I can tell you're Italian by the accent but in this particular video, you don't sound like one at all I'm sorry. Probably that's because you're listening to the other girl and being influenced by her way of pronouncing the words...
Giulio Iannella
what the hell is that okeya thing girls ahah love your videos!
Gulberto Duri
Il video è fantastico anche per qualcuno che vuole imparare l'inglese/anericano ma la maggior parte delle parole fanno parte della nostra fonologia e in italiano si pronunciano nel modo che tu consideri \
I Malvagi
Yep, it's that in Italy we use many English words that we pronunce like a \
Ilenia Grosso
fai un video sugli scioglilingua italiani?
Ilshim 34
Pay attention to the way they say \
The mix between Italian language and English language it's called \
Jacen Starheart
Wow I'm so excited, Sofie & Zoey this will be legendary! 💯
John Smith
Your Italian accent in spot on
John Travolta
La pronuncia di okay e weekend con la A finale io non l'ho mai sentita, secondo me è una pronuncia romana!\nComunque mentre vedevo questo video ho provato un senso di vergogna perché anche io pronuncio le altre parole nel modo italiano :D
Katia LaManna
You both are so much fun! Keep posting these awesome videos. You both should have a morning TV show. I suggest that those of you who have nothing constructive to say maybe not say anything at all?!
Le Big Mac
You look very italian tbh
Leila Salvoni
“Occheia” non l’avevo mai sentito😂 noi diciamo “Occhei” tante volte (intendo con la c marcata) ma “occheia” mai mai maii😌😂
Ok con la ah finale, mai sentito O.o
Lucy Mercurio
I’m Italian and I can talk English quite good, but I realized that I say this words in English in the Italian waaaaay!!! Ahahahahah so funny, I enjoyed this video a lot🤣
Luigi Botrugno
Forse non c'è ne accorgiamo però parecchie persone non rendendosene conto mettono la ah finale ahahah ahahahahah
Lupis Tana
si dovrebbero eliminare le parole straniere nel vocabolario italiano, siamo in Italia e parliamo italiano, basta stranierismi, siamo già strani noi con i nostri dialetti... con simpatia t l
Manfredi Di Salvo
Hi Sophie, I just wanted to say that there were a lot of errors in your video, for example we pronunce “okay” like “okkei” and not “okkeya” or “manager”, we just say “menager”.. and we don’t say “brainstorming” or some of the words you said but I appreciate your video, and thank you for your interest for our language-colture😄🇮🇹
in italian \
Per tutti gli italiani scemi che si offendono: È vero che pronunciamo una sorta di E, A alla fine delle parole semplicemente perché le parole in italiano finiscono quasi sempre con una vocale. Viene naturale aggiungere un suono che non è esattamente una A italiana ma è quasi come una A per un madrelingua inglese. Semplicemente voi non lo sentite quel suono. 😅 Take It easy😁
Miriam Romano
Noi italiani pronunciamo le parole inglesi con l'accento italiano perché se pronunciamo le parole con l'accento inglese sembra che vogliamo fare i prof. Non so se mi sono spiegata bene...😅 Comunque nessuno dice okeiya...?🙅🏽
Mr Gino
Mi fa morire che quando parlano italiano alzano il tono di voce 😂😂
Nicolò Bertone
non so da che parte d'italia vieni, ma non conosco nessuno che prononuncia queste parole con un accento così stererotipato come fai tu. sembra l'imitazione di uno italiano fatta da uno straniero che prende ingiro la pronuncia italiana
Most of these words are pronounced totally wrong, you are simply putting random vowels at the end of words following the stereotypical Italian accent which doesn't exist in Italy, and mispronouncing r's...\n\nthe only true difference between words is that vowels are read as if they were in Italian, and Italian vowels sound different (and some minor changes such as crackers that is read as if it was written crechers in Italian)
Fun fact: in France they have the Alliance Française, who (amongst other things!) try prevent the infiltration of English words into the French language. For example when the word ‘weekend’ started to appear in French, they introduced the word ‘vacancelle’, but it wasn’t popular, so to this day we have ‘weekend’ in French. ‘Computer’ was at first used in French, but the Alliance Française introduced ‘ordinateur’ which was more popular so it stuck :)
Notorious J
Just subbed! I saw you on Zoey's channel, so I had to!
Oliviero Orsi
È veroooo! Bel video, mi sono divertito tantissimo, anche se qui al nord non pronunciamo “okkkkeyah” ma semplicemente “okey”, più vicino all’originale. Hai dimenticato di menzionare la nostra pronuncia per la oarola TEA (“a cup of tea”, “una tazza di tÈ”).\nIo amo l’inglese americano e mi piacerebbe capire la differenza tra i vari accenti dei vari stati degli USA. Perché non fare un video su quello?? Ciao!
Outstanding Innovation
I'm sorry to say this but the way you girls pronounce the words in the Italian accent Is so annoying, I almost got a headache watching this. 😟 Nontheless, well put together video, just the annoying pronouciation.
Pa DiSa
Allora dico la mia: se sono con gente italiana per forza devo usare l'accento italiano, ma se sono con stranieri parlando inglese devo usare la parola correttamente in inglese :)
Paolo Luca B.
Siete le numero uno e mi fate un sacco divertire! L'unico appunto è che 'Hamburger' non è né italiano né inglese in origine. E' tedesco, quindi lo pronunciamo entrambi in modo non \
Paolo Sarti
Interesting fact: it is not known for sure where the word 'ok' comes from; there are many theories on that, but none definitive up to now. So 'ok' is not really american, or italian, or originally from any language at all, for what we now know.
Raffo's reviews
Can you say: ci piace spompinare nerchie enormi?
Riccardo Greco
I don't know any italian that add an \
That's so great! Girlssss you're amazing in front of the camera! I always enjoy watching your videos ❤️ keep it going xx
Sally Flame
Se voi pronunciate delle parole prettamente italiane fate la stessa figura di noi italiani usando la vostra lingua.\nOkkeya nn so dove l'abbiate sentito, forse in un paese remoto del profondo sud.. neanche a Palermo, mia città, pronunciamo OKKEYA.. 😨
Salvo Smith
You really exaggerate the accent too much , never really heard anyone to say okkeya with the final a like you do . Stretching sounded the way we do though , but many of these words are very much with a too much of a fake accent , you sound like the advert of dolmio sauce ... Not very Italian but very stereotypical .
Samr Fawzy
Saretta Giuliani
Comunque se parli in Italia con l'accento inglese quindi se dici \
Sem Yes
Mettono l’accento del sud in ogni parola noi del nord non pronunciamo così le parole inglesi
Silvia Crea
I can’t understand why people are being so mean in the comments. Okay, some words weren’t perfectly pronounced but al least they tried! Pointing out all the imperfections is not very nice. I think you did a pretty good job apart from “okay” and “crackers” perhaps.
Sofia M.
so annoying,you're nice girls but I can't stand that false italian accent, plus we don't say Okkeya or crackers but Okkei and creckers :)
SparklyCH Nabbo4Ever
Ma okeya lo dite voi Ahahahhahahahha
Stefano Movilli
Any Italian that hears for the first time a North American pronouncing “spaghetti” something closer to “spgedi” would be surprised just the same way. Not to mention “bruschetta”! Loanwords are often butchered to fit in another language’s sounds.
I’m italian, but i’m studying english and i’m learning to do the American Accent and another word is “Copyright”, here in italy is pronounced very strong and it’s so so funny!😂 and TV is pronounced TIVU and it’s funny
dipende tutto dall'accento, ci sono parole che dall'inglese Malaysiana a quello British, a quello americano cambiano totalmente pronuncia
Okay detto in quel modo mai sentito. Ma è una presa in giro questo video?c è poco da ridere per la pronuncia inglese degli italiani.mah.comunque tutte le altre pronunce sono davvero cosi!!
ma dai nessuno dice okeya
Tiziana Zuech
La cosa bella è che se parli con degli italiani e dici queste parole come andrebbero pronunciate ti prendono per il culo, se invece le dici in questo modo italianizzato orrendo allora tutto ok ahahaha
Troppo Sugar
SCUUUSATE ma il 1º non è assolutamente vero.
Ula A
I love italian \
Viola Amicone
In italian crakers it's simply \
Zoey Arielle
That intro was everything XP Lovedddd this Sof! Can't wait for more future collaboraziones \u003c- made that up ;-) xx
Vogliamo parlare di come gli inglesi pronunciano i cibi italiani come “gnocchi, spaghetti ecc”?😂😂
Gli italiani non dicono OkayA😂
antonio furlani
When you talk about Italy, your are more and more graceful.!
Prova a pronunciare zuzzurellone 😀
cool music
You two are looking poor, with all that good food over there , your both going to have to put on a hundred pounds each. 😄🍟🍔🍕🥖
Dovremmo limitare un po le parole inglesi nell'italiano. Certe sono necessarie ma alcune come ad esempio dire location al posto di luogo proprio no!
evin yang
great examples
giacomo santin
c'è poco da pigliare per il culo, le vostre parole, dette da noi, sono più belle e musicali.\nQuando parlate voi, sembra che mastichiate qualcosa, quando noi parliamo i suoni sono inconfondibili. Saremo anche delle capre a pronunciare l'inglese, ma l'italiano è la PRIMA lingua studiata al mondo, a scolo scopo personale di piacere. L'inglese non piace a nessuno.\nCiao belle ;P
giulia baudino
Ma okeya lo dite solo voi...\nNon ho mai sentito un italiano a dire okeya...
gwen chase
Okkeya? Wikkenda? Cracker? Ma sei sicura di essere italiana?
A little less emphasis on the \
Comunque noi diciamo tipo creckers no con la a
spaghedy invece di spaghetti? nessuno lo dice?quante parole italiane rovinano gli americani!?
as an italian i think that the way it works is that, since a lot of the words we use daily are english, not just \
Yes, but you're teaching her the romanesco-italian-english! ^__^
rachele cesaretti
The Italian people say \
roberto pirelli
I'm not so sure that you're so cute... Of course we Italians use English words and pronunce them like italin language.\nAh by the way \
Add \
Una delle certezze che ti dà lo studio della lingua inglese è quella, in un domani non poi così remoto, di venire abbondantemente perculato da qualche milione di narigiatti anglofoni... E sarai costretto persino a riderci sopra, magari masticando un \
simòn Roses
we don't say ekeyjah or weekendah
hahahaha, fantastiche !