35 min - The complete ABC - learn portuguese

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Ali Osama
that awesome
A de AmeriCa E de Enchente e não de Dado! G de Garoto e não de Cenoura... I de Indio e não Indiano ... Pulou Y?
E. Mantay
is this european or brazilian?
Portugal \n\nPortuguese
Eboni Taylor
Can someone translate the beginning of what she says please...
Gadolium Nitrogen
Me thinking it was European Portuguese, but it was really Brazilian Portuguese.
Karine Mehu
Keep Rocking!
LJ TheBitch
Things I do for my boyfriend
Li F635
16:34 Whoever made this couldn’t think of any words with Y; probably due to the rare use of Y? They could come up with something for the rare letters K and W, why not with Y?
Lynda Sagandingan
Mari Oliveira
America isn't with K AMERICA C
Winston Bradshaw
How do you say y
You Have Claimed This Domain
Can you please change Portuguese to Brazilian Portuguese because it gets really confusing after a while
anderson bs
edison marcio
Engraçado é quando é sua língua nativa