ADOLESCENCE AND THE APOCALYPSE?! - Revolutionary Girl Utena review

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Tara reviews the influential classic anime Revolutionary Girl Utena, which tells the story of the girl prince who revolutionizes the world. This series has a lot of weight put on it as a part of anime history, but does it stand the test of time?Middle schooler Utena Tenjou was swept off her feet by a prince as a young girl, and was so impressed by him that she decided to become a prince herself! Little does she know that when her paths cross with a mysterious girl Anthy Himemiya, she finds her fate intertwined with the rebirth of the world. Host: Tara [email protected]/c/izanamiva★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆SCREAMING COWBOY SAIYANS! - Insanimania 6:★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★

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AB Make it Art Work
Finally! I can watch this video! For some reason when it first came out I couldn’t watch it because I’m in Guam atm
Aiden Frost
Great job on the review
Akuma Imayaruk
I have one question about this review. Why now? It has been out for so long I honestly am curious at why a review on this channel is only coming out now, also If you think the show by itself at a lot of interesting \
Alice Delgado
are you going to go into detail about the movie Adolescence of Utena?
Amber Maxwell
*Hurries on to watch it*
Angelena L
I love this sinking. Do u Guys know this series inspired me. The movie helped to. I got so much emotion I personally think this helped me develop more as a person and grow up.
Anthony Mendoza
Thank you I've been trying to remember the name of this Anime for years. I saw it once and was trying to watch it again.
Arturo Reyes Cortez
This anime is really deep! I haven't seen it, but I understand why it's a classic. Also, it's true that what we expect from adulthood isn't always good. There are challenges to face and we have to even rethink many things.
Thank you for doing this review. Utena has been one of my favorite anime for the longest time. This anime had a huge impact on me when I was younger, and helped me become who I am today.
Can someone give me a link to the image used in the thumbnail please? It looks gorgeous, and I'd like to see the whole picture
Black Rose
I was watching Overlord but I had to pause it to watch this.
Brandon Roberts
this show looks good
What Is This?
couldnt get into this series because the old audio and the old animation
I remember watching this as a child and how confused I was watching it. It's one of those animes that's scared into my brain.
Charlene Alyssa Ingram
The characters in Revolutionary Girl Utena would have less problems....if they had just stepped back in line. 😒
DJ Insanity
Well I feel a bit different about the review I do respect your words and how good the anime is. Thanks
Dana McCary
If someone hits us black girls, we go all out. I wish someone hit me, it will be done deal!
Danidiva21 Lovernotafighter
Yay!!! Finally you guys review this anime!!!!
David Romig
Wow, long time since I saw this. Great anime. I still sometimes sing parts of the Absolute Destiny Apocalypse that played nearly every episode.
your sound mix is a bit off the ending music nearly blew my earbuds out of my head :P
Dillon Gause
Go revolution girl power ways to have fun no matter what u partake in
Dustin Watson
Hi baby hahahahahahahha justkiding you really thought I was calling you a new born baby hahahahahahahha but sorry if this creeped you out I am just a joker who is a meme fanboy and loves mlg and YouTube and classic memes underpants memes ect I know I am very weird but hey I'll grow out of my odd phase anyway I like the video:)
Emily Broderick
Utena's major themes are more numerous and significantly more complicated than that, but still, good review!
Awww love
Folk Raven-Bear
For the longest time I wasn't able to finish this show. I would always start it and something would happen and I wouldn't be able to finish and by time I was ready to continue I had forgotten a lot and decided to start over and so the process began again.\n\nThree years ago I decided I was going to give it another go and binged it over a week...and now like Trigun, this is one I watch about once a year.
Francesca Stura
Utena and Anthy are one of my dearest Yuri OTPs
Gray Rook
I would note most anime involving the apocalypse usually involve adolescence as well
HOVE BrokenHearts
Have You Heard Of Mr.Anime He Needed Help And I Hope He Is Getting Some...
Hellbound Iscariot
8:58 Anthy also chooses her role, because she wants to protect her brother from his guilt. I was really annoyed by Anthy because she barely sticks up for herself and has everyone always be her prince. Does she need to be the victim?
James Bradshaw
Ah Utena\nalso known as the only show where every main character gets raped in some fashion
Jinx // Captain Pancakes
So I saw this and literally screamed, I love this anime so much and I'm so happy to see a review of it!
John Eisenman Jr
This is the creators of the Comic Dub series \
Jon D
So basically, this is the anime you would recommend to leftists and liberals to get them hooked onto anime. I could see it working. A previously unknown (no doubt in some cases, but obviously not all) entertainment medium that pushes the liberal agenda and condemns the traditional conservative values, all while saying, \
Julie Kersten
You missed the biggest part of Utena in this review. It's all based on Jung's theories of psychiatry. This is a really deep anime. I don't really think it's about love. It is about growing up, masks, deception, and betrayal. No body is who they appear to be in Utena, especially Anthy and Akio. She's as much of a manipulator as he is. You didn't mention that she is a the bride and take all that abuse as self sacrifice for her brother the prince. She represents self loathing as the witch. Akio as the prince is an unattainable dream, which turns out to be a sham. The whole reason they want the rose bride is so that they can get into the castle which they believe holds the key to revolution and making their dreams come true. Utena finally gets there and finds out it's not all it's cracked up to be. Utena leaving the school at the end is her growing up and moving past the collective hive mind of high school and society and when her act convinces Anthy to do the same, that's the revolution because it breaks the cycle. I'm not a really well versed in Jung. I know that he focuses on masks and what society perceives by them (Persona) as well as male and female roles (anima & animus) He also talked about introverts vs extroverts. Everything ties together in Utena, even the shadow puppets and the battle songs. My favorite battle song is Tainai TokeiToshi Oruroi, which reference the Astronomical clock in Prague. Utena is a really awesome anime with all of the symbolism.
You guys should do top traps
This anime was on my radar for over a decade and I finally watched it last year. It experience. I do appreciate what the creators were trying to do but I think they should have dialed back the weirdness some. As you said, it does take you out of the story. \n\nI don't know what to think of it even now, but I know it's not for me.
IRL people would have punched that green-haired fabio out on the first slap let alone the what 8th?
Compare Anthy to Keitaru from Love Hina. Girl got it easy.
1:22 Gotta correct you on this. Saionji denied ever putting the letter up. It is argued that it was Anthy who actually did it in order to propel Utena in the duels.
Didn't this also have a infamous betrayal moment?
Keith Thompson
Not arguing.
Kell Harris
This show is such a mind screw. Good mind screw but definitely one.
Kimi FW
And there seem to be people of color, which is very rare in anime.
Lady Arcane
You forgot about the tradgedy. Utena's ultimate act of love. Her sacrifice to save Hime, her friends and the world. It's all in the last episode.
Laura Bea
Wow I feel like this reviewer kinda totally missed the point of the show in many ways ... :S
Lord Sathien
Juri second best girl.\nAnd then there's the movie and the CYOA Saturn game with a secret Black Rose Duelist ending.
M. D. Mihaoru Soka
Good movie on its own, but hey, good review of a classic Anime.
I remember watching Revolutionary Girl Utena on the Cutting Edge when it was airing and I remember it along with Zoids, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing and Azumanga Dioh being my introductions into anime in general \u003c3 Loved the review as always Tara!
Congrats on the review tara!
Magical Cookie
Matthew Walton
I do not like the art style on this at all.
Maytal Acedo
It sounds like u hate it but it has a good story of adult romance
Melina Robles
I love utena
your ending remarks reminded me, i need to work on that time machine so i can go back in time and slap my self every time i said \
Mr Zilla
I've been waiting for this for a long time.
Nana Asmah
Utena is a really unique character and the show is DROWNING in symbolism, ESPECIALLY the movie. I remember spending days after finishing the show trying to figure out what I just watched. It was one of my first animes too so I wasn't expecting it to be so deep. The show is truly a rarity with great writing, even if it is hard to understand.
Nana Sandoval
Love this series ❤
Nightmare Troubadour
Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
Nipuni Vidyarathne
I'm disappointed this review is more of a summary of the show rather than an actual review. Remember how teachers will always tell you to make sure not to rewrite the novel in a essay? This is why.
Nyo Austria
Where can I find this
Priscilla C.
Love this anime but it's so messed up in the same time😂
RWBY Moon Rose
I got into this show when I was started to dive head first into non main stream anime and despite not always understanding, I enjoyed this very much. Utena to this day is still an anime that's one of favorites. Thanks so much! This review was awesome!
Rami Ungar
I will have to watch this series one of these days.
Sarah G.
The name butchering omg! This is one of my favorite animes so its horrible to hear a name I know so well get badly said.
Sebastian Macken
Chibi Tara is adorable
Feel bad about liking this video.... it was at a perfect 888
Shane Gilbert
SYMBOLISM! (Omg the nostalgia - watched this years ago - super neat to see it again)\nOn Point review - lots of good points made / more insight than I remember having XD\nHopefully someone sees this and goes and watched this series.
I will admit this was my first anime i ever saw as a teen my high school girlfriend gave it to me to watch and i am a guy and i well i did enjoy it
Skitty the Dictator
The incest wasn't there as a fetish thing, it was there to further emphasize messages about abuse (notice how , despite how it seems Nanami was, Touga turns out to be the incestuous one, not Nanami, who was just obsessed with the child's idea of a strong older brother to love and protect her, and how she reacts to catching Akio molesting Anthy.) and manipulation by authority figures and loved ones.
Sleeping Forest
revolutionary girl utena was my second anime that I watch after Sailor Moon and I love both of these an amazing very very very very much😀.
Sucky Wucky
I honestly love anthys development, and the the lengths utena went through just for anthy.
I was thinking of the movie, the Adolescence of Utena. \n\nThough would love to see a reaction from someone who saw the movie before seeing the series.
Tallia conner-flores
Well hot damn, I might have to watch this after all. I never really thought it be in my wheelhouse, but you drive a convincing argument for giving it a shot. Thanks Tara!
The Masked Mewtwo
First off: Wow!!! I have been waiting for an AA review of Utena for years now, and I think this really delivered. I really love your delivery, Tara, and I agree the symbolism in Utena is really strong and it's an amazing story of adolescence. I can't wait to see what you review next because I'm really loving what I see so far. Keep up the awesome work ^w^
Unless I'm mistaken isn't this Tara's first review? if it is good for you hon glad you got to review a classic such as this you did an excellent job can't wait to see more reviews from you
Tiger Lily
Thank you for explaining some of the context to me. This video is amazing!❤
Vachelle Velentine
A review should be more of a critical analysis of whatever you're reviewing, this felt more like a very lengthy and exhaustive recap of the series with a few comments added. It felt like you were going down a theme's checklist you found online and saying whether you liked it or not, saying nothing evocative or thought provoking. Critical Analysis can be something very difficult to fully grasp. Even your Thesis Statement for your review in the beginning did absolutely nothing but give a synopsis of the series. Think about what your overall plan is for this review, break it into smaller sections. Only give explanations of what happens to back up your points you want to make. Tell your viewers what you want to give them and then go for it-prove it with judgements made with evidence and give your review purpose.
WereOmni Shoutmon
Could you PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEE do a review of Future Card Buddyfight? It might seem like your everyday anime based around a children’s card game, but it’s so much goddamn more than just that. It gets absolutely insane as the series goes on. There are seriously multitudes of times where the one of the characters, at the end of the Buddyfight to defeat their opponent, uses a card that calls out a HUMONGOUS FREAKIN WEAPON OR MONSTER WITH A HUMONGOUS FREAKIN WEAPON/AN UNEXPLAINABLY MASSIVE AMOUNT OF STRENGTH THAT OBLITERATES THE OPPONENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So could you guys please review it? And I wasn’t exaggerating about the giant weapon thing.
Witecat J
What about the music? It had quite the iconic sound track. Featuring \
Wynn 01
Look at me.\n\n\n\nThis is all I will say.
Utena is possibly still the most confusing show I've ever watched.
Zach Rhodes
This anime is stupid iron blooded orphans it's still better I hate this show because it's stupid from Luna Hashima
Dear anime America,\nPlease do a top ten pilot/first episode in anime series. This would include anime's that have more than one episode like deadman Wonderland with a great pilot episode to really capture the audience for the rest of the series and/or capture what the series is about. My personal favorite would hands down have to be Sword Art Online.\nSincerely, Zeldicon.\nPS: Not Zelda, actually a villain named after these Titans of mountain faces called Zendikar or Guardians.
I had no idea what this was when I first watched it. This video....helped me understand some of its concepts a little better. :3
in the stuff
Please do a review of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie on Netflix
i just marathoned this series over hte past few days it was a truely wonderus feeling
I love utena!!!
You walked right past one of Utena's biggest clues; the school's name. Ootori is Japanese for \
moooshroomdragon king
not my cup of tea but i could understand someone liking it
I'm skipping through it to get to the point where the summary ends and the review begins and it just never happens. Go back to school, learn to write
otaku boy
what's confuseing about Utena, I'm surprised that it's made J.C.staff not shaft.
panda chan
This is was my very first anime, it inspired me, helped me understand things and made a big role of who I am today
vinod kumar
This was blocked in my country before anywau at 0:16 there is reimu from touhou project XD
Utena is saturated in christian symbolism. Akio even explains how his name is derived from the word for Venus, aka the morning star aka lucifer. \nSo while the growing up aspect of it is undoubtedly one way to take it. It was the toxic obsessions that caught my eye most. I have always had the theory that they were in purgatory... which is sort of like being a teenager.\nI do consider this anime to be one of the best, deepest, ever made.
youtubefan 101
screw women abuse if I see someone harming a female it's gonna be a ugly time
ϟ• _gryffindor _queen •ϟ
Finally! I am so happy that you finally reviewed this Anime. It is one of my favourites!